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Word Search Unlimited Free

by VirtueSoft.com

(42 user ratings)


Download size: 7.73MB
Version: 4.1
Released: 2009-02-27
For ages: 4+


WordSearch Unlimited is the best word search game in the App Store.

Play unlimited high quality puzzles, with themes you like. WordSearch Unlimited is the one you are looking for.

- Unlimited puzzles: each puzzle is unique
- Three game levels
- Word lists from popular categories
- Word lists with foreign words
- Customizable Themes
- Auto save game state on exit
- Local scoreboard
- Email to friends

- Pencil on paper
- Chalk on blackboard
- White grid & Black grid
- Custom theme: customizable color and background

Word Lists:
- Basic, standard English words
- SAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT vocabulary
- Animals
- Food & Drink
- Fruit & Vegetable
- Family
- Boy names
- Girl names
- Body parts
- Clothes
- Colors
- Sports
- Top Brands
- Music & Instruments
- Transport
- Weapons
- Weather
- World countries
- German words
- French words
- Spanish words
- Italian words
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Customer Reviews
What Happened

I loved this app then something changed this week. Now the words to find at the bottom of the screen overlaps the last row of letters. Makes it impossible to finish.

Please update the app

This is one of my favorite apps and I want to play it but iOS 11 screwed it all up! :( Please please please fix this!!!


Please update this app for iOS 11. Thank you.

Please Update

Please update to work with iOS 11

Not iOS 11 compatible.

I’ve had the app for some time now. After updating to iOS 11 I receive a window that says the app developer needs to update it. Other than that this is a great interactive application.


Doesn’t work now because it’s not updated! Disappointed!!


Please update your app to iOS 11!

No IOS 11 support

Failed to innovate

Can’t play anymore

Please update Word Search

No longer works

Loved it the 1st 2 mo. Now since I updated to 11 it no longer works 😲😫


Need ios 11 update

Update this app

I enjoy the challenge of this app and try to beat my best time, which was 36 sec. please update or suggest an updated alternative. The iOS11 has comprised many of my apps, which I just deleted. I would rather not have to delete this app.

Please update!

This has been one of my "go to" games for relaxing at the end of the day. Please update?

IOS 11 update very needed

Right now, I cannot even open your app to play it!! I just get an error message stating that it needed to be updated by the developer to run in iOS 11. I really enjoy playing it and would like to continue. Please update!!!!


I ordered the paid version. Can you please the app so I can play?

President Obama

Please allow former president Barack Obama's propaganda to continue running while on the word search

Won't Open

As soon as the instructions appear it closes. The game never opens.

I'm enjoying the game

but only one issue- a lot of ads

Too Ad hungry

As soon as the app launched for the 1st time it tricked me into clicking on an Ad, then while starting a game for the first time there's another Ad in game-play. I didn't even bother trying to play on, its too Ad hungry. This might be a good app but i'll never know as the early insight into their hungry Ad policy stopped me from finding out.


crashes a few seconds after opening. can’t play long enough to see if there are any other problems

Only one issue so far.

The name "Nia" was repeated twice in a puzzle. When I selected one of them, nothing seemed to happen, so I tried selecting it several times only to later find out when I looked down the word have been crossed off the list. Later on while searching for another word I noticed there was a second placement of the word "Nia" and it had been highlighted. Other than that, I'm enjoying the game.


Could we please NOT have Obama propaganda banners pop up while trying to play the game ?

My favorite wordsearch

Clean, classic. Look great on my iphone5.

Extra ads:(

Don't like extra pop up ads. Very annoying. Looking for another app.

please improve

good game but crashes many times

Don't Mind Pop-Ups But Achievements Don't Update

I really don't mind exiting out of a pop up after a game... Better than those annoying banner ads that flash stuff across the screen the entire time. If I minded the ads I would pay for a game instead but ever since the latest update my achievements don't update. I've done all of them with the exception of Mania and it's been stuck at 84%. Lame! Not only that but I can't find any way to contact GameJoy about it other than here, which is super annoying and the reason for the low rating. Please correct the issue!


Ads are fine. Happy to see them when they support a free app. Ads that MOVE and flash are just plain rude.

works...sort of

game crashes after a few minutes of play time...has great selection of puzzles tho...hopefully they fix it!


Updated app and it stopped working in my Iphone 3G. I should have left the old one. You should have sent a warning that it was going to stop working.

Great game to kill time!!!

It's really cool. I hope that there's a future update that will include a list of categories to choose from, and an achievements page that we can look at to view our best times.


After the update the game crashes iPod generation 1


I don't see anything wrong with the game. It's fun and a great game. There weren't very many adds so... That didn't bother me.

Was my fav...

This used to be my favorite app but after the last update it doesn't even work anymore. I wish I could go back to the older version


Thanks for the update that won't install. Useless.


Got to 68% hint-free and then updated it-now it will not start a new game. Very disappointed.

What's with the new ads?

I don't mind the banner ads that have been there "forever", but the last update to fix minor bugs also now includes a full ad after every game. Shame on you. Don't go to Version 3.3!!!!! Hate this.

Was good - not anymore

I've been enjoying this game for some time but, today's addition of pop up ads will have me deleting it

I hate ads

I'm ok with the banner ads I guess, but I hate pop up ads. I just updated as requested for "minor bug fixes" and now I am getting a pop up ad after every game. It wasn't just for minor bug fixes, but to also change ad functions. Not cool.

Missing games

Lost games I had when I first got game. Must have happened when updated. Done playing this game. Thanks.

Update missing games

There are fewer options with this new update. Please reinstate missing ones.

Fun and easy

I love this game it is so fun it also can be easy or challenging !!!!!$$$$

Word search

Crashes right after opening. Started after last update

why not test first

Stopped working after the up date and having to go back to the old one. It is nice to play but now the update killed it.


Have not been able to update this one game. Seems to freeze. Love this game. Hope it is fixed soon, otherwise looking for something else.


My wife has loved playing Wordsearch for years on my iPhone 3G, but after your latest update, just the screen with [New] [Hint] & "I" (for info) is on the bottom of the screen. Pressing New or Hint does nothing. Pressing Info gives the option screen, but it's all screwed-up also. On-Off selector slides are "on-top" of game option words! Try to fix please. Peace


It's a good app. I've read some of the other reviews, and I can't make a call on whether or not it works after the update on my phone. (There will possibly be a review for that when I get it.)

Bad update

Just updated and it doesn't work. I want the old version back.


The letters won't show up I can't change to new or anything. Please help

Stopped working since update!

After having recently paid for the full version, I was upset to discover that the recent update is no longer working on my iPod Touch 2d Gen. The board no longer appears, just the background. The game itself does not start. This obviously needs a major fix.