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Words With Cheats For Friends ~ The best word finder & dictionary for games you play with words and friends. (HD+)

by SKH Apps

(1,010 user ratings)


Download size: 4.01MB
Version: 8.301
Released: 2010-05-27
For ages: 4+


Get all of the answers to popular word games.
Reads New and Old Words With Friends' boards and shows all answers.
Now view your opponent's rack and word options!
Easily solve any word game or puzzle.
Cheaper with more than the "free" apps. Win now.

Words With Cheats For Friends shows you where to put your tiles on the board to get the highest points and can now even show your opponent's rack. It also gives the answers to many word games. Start winning as soon as you download. Works for all devices!

Win at Words With Friends, LetterPress, Hanging With Friends, Hangman, Crosswords, Word Jumbles, Textropolis, TextTwist and many other word games right now! This app makes it too easy. It shows you every possible answer.

---> Download and start winning immediately. <---

This is Words With Cheats for Friends - The BEST Word Finder and dictionary for ALL word games! If you need help at any word game, then this is the BEST app for you!

Words with Cheats for Friends includes:

[Solver] A Board Solver for Words With Friends
-Import your game, No typing
-Shows where to put your letter tiles on the board
-View your opponent's rack with the new Rack Hack feature
-Choose from hundreds of word choices per turn
-Use all of your letter tiles, get the highest scores
-Uses the exact "Words With Friends" dictionary

[Finder] Word Finder to cheat/help on many word games
-Enter your letters
-Get the biggest, highest point words
-Works with all word games that involve creating words from random letters.
-Create the biggest words in Hanging With Friends and more…

[Hook] Advanced Word Pattern Matching
-Enter a pattern like W?NN?R and get the word WINNER!
-Enter W! and get every word starting with W.
-Works great to solve hangman, crosswords, word jumbles and more
-Choose letter placement, suffixes, prefixes.
-Tell it to only use certain available letters.

Import a screenshot of any game to view while researching.

All sections include one tap definitions. Define any word with only one tap.

This app is checked and tested daily!
If you have any questions or problems, please email: support@skhapps.com
We will help you as soon as possible.

SKH Apps ©2010-2015

The creators of this app are in no way affiliated with any word games mentioned in this description which includes Words With Friends.
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Customer Reviews

I feel bad about cheating, but the web site is awesome!!!

WWF Cheat

Love this app still 6/28/2018


On FWW...2...some words aren't accepted...maybe update...to work with more than 1 app!

Doesn’t work

Has not worked in a long time (over a year) due to it by being updated like words is updated. Waste of time and money.

Great app but could use support for iPad Pro and iPhone 6

So I've had this app for a while and it worked fantastic on my iPhone 5, but now that I've got the 6 the solver functionality has stopped working. I’ve again upgraded my phone to an iPhone 8 Plus and the solver functionality still is not working. Also same can be said for the iPad Pro 12.7" and 10.5” screen(s). If you could fix these issues then I'll change to 5 stars

Doesn’t work

When you import the screenshot it says it can’t be in zoom mode. Useless app.

Great app

I love this app!

This app needs fixing

This would be a great app but when screen shot is taken it keeps saying take screen shot in portrait mode will not read it fix it then it’s a great app otherwise it’s garbage


Very enjoyable time with friends.



Doesn't work

Does not work at all

Fun, but not very fair

Fun game but too many "words" that aren't words, allowed. And when it is the computer playing - they get to use crazy words with no definition, but when you try to use that same word - it's not allowed and the game says it is not a valid word. That's b.s.


It has stopped working right! I gave this review a while ago. It should be fixed by now. Still doesn't work right!😳

New iPad

So sorry I can't get in with my new iPad...seems the portrait part stumps me.

Needs update

Hasn't been updated in years. Not compatible with newer iOS

Awesome app


Greatest app

I love you app but you continually ask for reviews. It's so annoying that it ruins the games I'm playing. Thus the two stars.


Love this app. Very user friendly.

Nancy Rob

Love this app. Use it when I can't find a word to play. Great help.

Word cheats

Great help!

It doesn't work!

When you import your board ALL the letters are incorrect. Useless.

Used to work.

I used to love this app until I updated my phone to iOS 11. Now when I import picture, all the letters are gibberish and it tells me error: game zoomed or not WWF HD. All I can now use are finder and hook.

Tweaking needed

It's fun and easy to play.


Useless, I can't see what I'm typing! Can't do this blind! Why did you change this? Bit of info for you, elderly can't see blue/green print.

Best word game ever!

Great app. Fun challenge, too! Loved this game from the beginning!


Love this app. Easy to use and has many word choices.

Thanks for all the help!!

This app makes games more fun and challenging. Very heplful if you figure out what letters are available on the board and put them with yours to make plays. Thanks and keep on playing!!!


The solve feature does not work with IPhone 6

Almost perfect

I like the app. It's easy to see what words I want to use. The only thing I don't like is that I can't put the curser on any of the letters and just remove that one. I have to start on the right and hit the arrow until I get to the letters I want to remove. Then reenter the letters I removed but wanted to use.

Word Finder is great

Although importing a screenshot hasn't worked in very long time. I use Finder & it's cumbersome to switch between apps to enter letters & words. If Important screenshot was working I'd give 5 stars.

Great app

Fantastic apps does everything it needs too. Continue the good work.

Please fix

Love this app.

No longer works with WWF

It is not importing letters correctly. Screenshot is good, but import is garbage.

Very good help

Very good help but I wish would be a little bit more word variation.

App does not work.

The app is useless in the state it is in. Until it is repaired do not download it. It does not work. Letters that are on board in the game are not imported correctly. The app is useless!!!

Importer does not work

The import function is faulty. It incorrectly aligns the letters on the board making a correct solution impossible.

Clear and concise

Concise way of listing possible word choices with clear, easy viewing.

Very helpful!



Great app

Love it

Great connection with friends near & far!

No support for current version

Doesn't work anymore. The author isn't interested in maintaining the application. It should be delisted from the AppStore.

Not a happy camper

Doesn't switch to landscape view. When you import it changes the letters!

Good but not foolproof

It does what I need it to 90% of the time. Some non-American English terms get past it. Even though I've done this review, I keep getting a pop-up asking me to do another one. Frustrating.

Fun game

Love the challenge, plus keeps me connected to friends.


Love it. Meet great people. Great fun!


Great app...now stop insisting on a review.

Cheating is fun

So far it has done everything I've needed it to do....loads of continuous fun...I like the new look...sync it and you're the best

App dosent work

This app says it's zoomed in game when it's not.

Import not accurate

Love the concept, but the import feature never gets the letters right.