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Word Warp

by MobilityWare

(496 user ratings)


Download size: 13.65MB
Version: 3.2.2
Released: 2008-07-11
For ages: 4+


“Word Warp is my first go-to game when I find myself out of the house and not doing anything. Every time you see me sitting on the train or in a waiting room I am listening to music and playing some Word Warp”  - AppCraver.com

“Its sheer simplicity combined with its quick playability makes it great to play when I have a few minutes of downtime. “ -  Examiner.com

Word game fans rejoice!  If you’ve enjoyed countless hours playing games like TextTwist, Word Scramble, Jumble, Boggle, or Scrabble, then Word Warp is the game for you!

Similar to Text Twist, Word Warp is a challenging anagram type of word game in which you try to form as many words as you can out of the six letters you are given before time runs out.  You will receive points for each correct word you come up with, but in order to advance to the next level you must come up with at least one word that uses all six letters.

Stumped?  Word Warp has a Warp Button that will rearrange the letters for you so you may recognize some words you previously missed.  There is also an option to change the allotted game time to give yourself more time - or make it more challenging.

Once the level is completed, you are given the list of all the possible words and you can tap any of the words to see its definition.

So if you want a fun and addicting game that keeps your brain sharp and builds your vocabulary at the same time, then definitely give Word Warp a try!

Follow us on twitter. http://twitter.com/MobilityWare

What our customers are saying:
- “This is probably the most played app on my phone”
- “I loaded it and started playing and never put it down the rest of the day”
- “Fun for the whole family!”
- “Thanks to the developer for a quality, brain enhancing app!”
- “You will NOT regret downloading this! It keeps your brain sharp and quick”
- “Very addictive!!!”
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Customer Reviews

Please update

Great App - Too bad new O/S incompatibility

I love this app, but just updated to Apple IOS 11.22 and can no longer run word warp. Please update the app so it will run with the current IOS.


Needs an update for iOS 11


Challenging yet fair. It's a great word game. Cheers


I've been playing and enjoying this Word game everyday for years. Hope it gets updated for iOS 11. I would hate to give it up.

Update for iOS 11?

Need to update to work on iOS 11

Update please!!

Please update for IOS 11!!

Wondering when the update will come out!

Love this game word warp👍🏼

Needs update

iPhone keeps telling me this app needs updating in order to work with the new iOS. The free version seems to work, but I paid for this version and mobilityware refuses to update the app.

Please update for 11

I love Word Warp. Please update so I can keep playing! Thanks.

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

I love Word warp and have enjoyed playing it for years. I am so upset that I upgraded to apples new iOS because I can no longer play this game. I hope the makers of this game will update it so I can play at once again, but I understand this is not their fault. If it’s possible, please update this app so it will work with iPhones new iOS.

Please update!!

I miss this game so much. Why won’t you update for iOS 11? It’s straightforward, easy and fun we are waiting for this.

Needs to be updated

Love this game. However, I no longer have access to it because Apple says it is no longer compatible with IOS 11, and needs to be updated by the developer. Developer please!😥 Interesting that the game WITH ads will play on IOS11 but not the game previously purchased without ads. An obvious move for $$$ while throwing those who previously paid for ad-less game under the bus.🤧


I’m addicted to this game I have >4 million points, Apple update killed it. PLEASE FIX!!


Please update this app to iso 11.0. Miss playing this game

Update please

I love this game. Please update it to be compatible with iOS 11 so I can get back to playing it.

Needs update for iOS 11

Please update this app.

11.0 update makes Word warp unusable.

Will this be fixed or should we delete the app as it’s currently obsolete?


Please update so we can keep playing!

Needs updating

I really enjoy this word game but currently can’t use it with the latest iOS update. Come on folks let’s update ASAP

Pleas Update

Love the game, but can’t use it with iOS 11. Would most appreciate an update. ~Thank you

Needs update

Great game! I have been taking it with me any time I think I may have to wait....doctors’ offices, car wash, etc. Very addictive. However, until they update it to work with ios11, I can no longer play it. Hope they don’t take a long time to fix this.

I love Word Warp

Word Warp is my absolute favorite word game. You can play it anytime and don’t have to wait for someone to take their turn. Unfortunately I can no longer play Word Warp because the developer is about 7 versions behind and IOS no longer allows Word Warp to on upgraded newest version of IOS.


I love this game and played it all the time. Dear developer please update so I can continue to play. I miss it!!!! It won’t work with the new iPhone 11 update. Thank you.

Please update for iOS 11!

I love this game. I play it every day. Please update it so I can download iOS 11! I can't update my phone until I know this game will work on it.

PLEASE update your software ASAP!

I play this EVERY day to stimulate my brain since my heart attack and open heart surgery 2 years ago. I have memory issues due to oxygen deprivation from flatlining 3 times. I just updated my iPhone and now I’m unable to play because of incompatibility issues since the app needs to be updated.


Word Warp is my FAVORITE distraction. I can play for hours a week. At one point I had well over 2000 consecutive wins. I would love to see this made compatible with iOS so I can continue my obsession. I hate to delete it from my phone.


Please update

Loved it til I updated my phone.

My purchased app won't work on my newly updated iPhone. It says developer needs to update the app. Please fix it!

Does not work with new iOS 11!!

I downloaded the new update for iPhone (iOS11) and this app will no longer open. 😢😢😢 PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP!!!!!!!

Update to ios11

The Wordwarp that I love will not work unless the developer updates it to work with ios11 for iPhone.

Needs an update!!

I love this game. But it hasn't been updated and won't run on ios11. I'm going to miss it!!

Word Warp

This app needs to be updated. I can’t play it anymore and I love it!

No iOS 11 support!

Can’t even start the game. Please make compatibility updates and I will update my review

Love this game, but...

I’ve lived this game for years, but it won’t work with iOS11. Any update on the horizon??


When is the update for iOS 11 coming?


When will you update this app game for the IOS 11? I’m unable to play this game now until it’s updated. 😕

Need to update this APP

Will no longer work with the new iOS 11 update. PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP!

Zero support for iOS 11

Thanks for nothing

Doesn’t work in iOS 11

Does not work in iOS 11.

Not Compatible with OS 11

Just updated my phone’s operating system and Word Warp is not compatible.

Please update for IOS 11!!

App does not work!

Please update for iOS 11.

Love this game, but now can't play. It needs to be upgraded to work with iOS 11. Hopefully soon.

Years of use just came to an end

This is a plea to the fine author who has yet to update this app to work with iOS 11. I look forward to changing this review to reflect WordWeb’s true 5 star worthiness.

Needs update

I can no longer access my favorite word game. IOS 11 will not let me play WORD WARP until it is updated. So no stars today. It’s been two years, way past time for update.

Ad version updated, but not paid version?

I love this game, and was disappointed that it had not been updated for iOS 11. I was going to reach out to the developer, and when I went to the App Store to do so, I was surprised to see that the ad version had been updated—complete with annoying ads—yet this version remains untouched. Don’t buy it until it receives an update.

Please update!

Why has the free version with ads only been updated? Please update the paid version also!! I paid to remove ads already, but it's not compatible with iOS 11.


Please update this app, its been 3 years since the last update.

Enjoy this game!

Please update this game. It's fun & addictive! Have enjoyed Word Warp for a few years now & would be very disappointed to lose it.

Excellent pastime

Loads of fun and very addictive. One of my favorites