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Word Wall - A challenging and fun word association brain game

by MochiBits, Inc.

(51 user ratings)


Download size: 14.69MB
Version: 1.0.8
Released: 2012-12-10
For ages: 4+


Give your a brain a workout with this fun, addictive, and challenging word association game.

Be prepared to think outside of the box and associate words you normally wouldn't connect.

If you love crossword, word search, word grid, or hangman, you will love this new word association game.

5/5 "Great game, first time playing and can't stop playing it."

5/5 "This game will make you say ohhhhhhh many times. The word associations we take for granted and the ones we really have to think about are all in this wonderful word game"

Frigid... Fiery.
Laugh... Giggle.
Apple... Sauce
Dog... Cat.
Surf... Wave.

Words can be antonyms.
Words can bs synonyms.
Words can be compound.
Words just have to be related!

Be careful though! A word can have multiple correct associations so you'll have to get the right combination of matches to complete each wall puzzle and solve all 16 pairs of words.

Take your time and enjoy associating each word, or push yourself and get 3, 2 or 1 stars based on how fast you complete each puzzle!

Compete with up to 2 different people with built-in local profiles. No need to register online.

Word Wall comes with 40 free wall puzzles, and you also have the option to buy more wall packs as In-App Purchases.



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Customer Reviews
Word Wall

This game used to be fun and challenging. Some of the word associations do not make sense to me. A couple examples are: fourth/wall, shy/lock. When I get almost all of them there are some remaining words that, in my opinion, do not associate.

Challenging & fun!

I really enjoy this word game! There are oftentimes a few different word associations possible, which make the puzzle quite interesting, if not outright frustrating. That means it has the makings of a great app! The only negative comment I'd make is that it does crash occasionally & I must try to remember what word association decisions I'd already made before the crash. Anything you can do to stabilize it would make this a 5-star app!!


I want to like this game but... It's a nice idea, but as others have said, you can't have a word association game that won't accept very obvious associations but does accept completely obscure ones ('con' & 'cord' was one ridiculous clue), but won't accept 'guide' & 'dog' as associated... and this happens way too often. I'm still baffled by the connection of 'legendary' & 'barney', but not accepting 'barney' & 'argument' - maybe that's too British English as an association?

Fun but NOT free

Enjoy this game but if you want to play you have to pay. EVERY new wall costs .99 to play. And there's no package deal so you have to pay each time u complete a wall...if you still want to play. I'm sick of paying so no longing playing. Lame

Not Accurate

It didn't recognize so many associations that the game, for me, was unplayable. "Bar" and "prevent" were not recognized, even though the word "bar" means (among other things) "to prevent passage". "Passage" is literally IN THE DEFINITION, but it didn't think they were connected at all. There were many others that the game did not recognize, but this was the most striking. If the purpose of the game is to help you make those creative connections, it needs to be able to make those connections itself.


I can't even get on anymore!! Please fix this!!!

Puzzle Glitch

Unable to complete Level 39 of the White pack. Anyone else having similar problem? Other than that glitch, has been a fun game.

Great Word Puzzle

I have always loved this kind of word puzzle. Love the way it makes you think about words and what we associate them with other words.


This would be a five star rating if I could only play it. It crashes before I can even begin a game. CRASH CRASH CRASH!!! AAAARGH

Word wall

I really love this game, but it crashes constantly. I would buy all the add -ons. Hope they can fix it:)

Wish I'd read the reviews.

Deleted the game because of the religious overtones. No thanks.

Weirdly religious

So many Christian references (bible, rejoice, kneel, pray, sinless) that it feels like religious propaganda. Too bad! Kind of fun otherwise.

Please Fix!

As soon as I select a game it crashes. Please fix!


I really love playing this game but, it seems, half way thru, it crashes and I have to start over. Ohhh, so disappointed! Please fix this.

Another great word association game!

The graphics are really clean and puzzles really fun and hard. I recommend it to anyone who likes word games! :)


Absolutely loved this game till the last update. Now it crashes as soon as you choose a board to play. Please, please fix this ASAP! I miss playing it!

Crash n burn

Crashing after I purchased a new wall to play. Fix it and it'll be 5. Please?

Love this game, hate how it crashes

I would've given this 5 stars. I purchased all of the add-ons and find them well worth the price. But since the new update, this game crashes often and it's frustrating. Hopefully you can repair this issue and I will revise my review to 5 stars. :)

Used to be great

This used to be a great game. It was very challenging at times. Since the last update, it crashes whenever you select a board to play. Please fix this!


This has been great occupational therapy for me as I recover from injury.

Fun frustration!

Difficult at first, but then you catch on. A mental workout for sure. Very additive!

Really fun, and challenging

I really had a lot of fun playing this game. It's not too easy. It is a great game, thank you!

Good game not propaganda

This is a fun and sometimes difficult game. The word associations are just that...words that are related in some way. These people who are offended by an association that happens to not be from their belief system are just looking for something to complain about. Ridiculous. I am not Muslim but would not be offended to see an Islam/Muhammad association or Buddhism/ reincarnation association. Grow up people, and realize the world is not all about you. Enjoy this game for what it is...a well thought out, well put together, challenging word association GAME.


Some words on the wall don't have matches at all. If I select a word and then meticulously tap every other word I should find the match right? Doesn't work. Deleted after less than 24 hours of frustrating non-play.


I can't even try it out. It will not only open. I click on the app to open it and load it and before it will even load it kicks me out. I would really like rip give us a shot. By reading other reviews of it it sounds like a great game. But I can't try to know.

Missing Walls

Can only get 40 walls out of 120. This is the case with Calendar and other WALL PACKS. A discouragement to buying more.

Not working!!!!

This app was great until it stopped working. I've emailed tech support and have only received an email saying they got my email. Please fix!!!!

Word wall

Fun game but frustrating as if I choose to pause the game, I have to start it all over. No exit and save. Sometimes a person has to put it down and do something else, ya know. Needs "exit and save game" option.

Christian Propaganda

This is a pretty fun game, but I'm regularly annoyed at the blatant subliminal messages to Christian beliefs and topics. Oh, the answer to the puzzle is "Jesus" paired with "Saves"? Really? If this game is intended to be enjoyed by everyone, leave your religion out of it, please, or else advertise it as a Christian game so we know what we're getting into.

fabulous way to exercise brain & have fun

I love this game because it exercises the part of brain that uses words... Plus if you repeatedly play one Word Wall to improve your time, then you're also exercising your memory. And it's fun too.

Pretty good

The game is a lot of fun, though some of the associations are really odd. I don't always see the connection and sometimes there are better choices. The reason I took a star off is because there are some spelling errors that cause trouble with the associations. I don't want to elaborate here because I don't want to spoil it for folks who haven't gone through all of the puzzles. If an editor would go through the association lists, that would help. I don't use the hints, because they're far too expensive to purchase, so I can't comment on that.

Good but needs timer-free version

I like this game so far, but I'd rather play a relaxed version without the timer and stars.

Great game

Great game, keeps you on your toes!

Great but a few issues

Great game! So many words should pair up but do not! A little frustrating when they obviously are associated with one another!!!!

Word wall

Love the game very addictive. The fact that after you really get into it you find that it's going to cost money to keep playing irritates me. Oh well that's just me.

Love game

It's a simple format but challenging for the brain to complete. I really enjoy it. I would like to have a way to compete/play with others. Would make it even more fun!

Fun challenge

Challenging & fun. Fun game, that stimulates the mind, and I can use the hint when needed! ; )

Word Wall

Very addicting, and does work the brain! I love these word games and that Facebook & Twitter don't need to be involved, plus I can take my time. It really helps my corpus callosum!!


Challenging but rewarding

Word Association

Great game. Love to play it.


Dis game so gud boyfiend luv it brings us closen so! much rly gud game u guyz 14/9 bes game bed gam

Word wall challenge..

Very brain challenging... Keep you on your toes.. Love it..

Fun fare

Love this word game!

It's SO fun!!!

This game is REALLY fun!!!!!! But sometimes it's aggravating because u can't find the what goes to what...it's also addicting. I have it on my tablet too!

word wall

good mind entertainer!!


Get rid of the time feature or at least make it optional. Very distracting.

Fun game

Fun and challenging.

I'm pro choice

I'm a pro choice "woman" the developers clearly are not. On level 11 two paired words are "choose life" & "love Jesus". I will be deleting this app.

Word Wall

Fun game