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Word to Word: Search & Connect

by MochiBits, Inc.

(322 user ratings)


Download size: 96.28MB
Version: 3.0.3
Released: 2011-09-08
For ages: 4+


Challenge yourself with this fun and addictive word association game.

If you love word puzzles, riddles, crossword, word search, or hangman, you will love this new twist on word association.

5/5 "VERY addictive! Good daily brain food"

5/5 "I love this game. It's totally addicting. I keep saying that I'll just play one more game and then many more games later, I'm still playing. Great fun game."

You can choose from 6 different games. 1000s of puzzles to enjoy!

Download now and get free gems!


-Team MochiBits
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Customer Reviews
Minister Goston

I Love this fast paced challenging word game, great for brain memory,hand and eyes coordination.

Fun game, but.....

This game is fun but you can only get so many gems before you have to buy. After the the 2 free levels, you also have to buy the other levels in order to play them. It's not worth it to be honest.

Shyan 4

This game helps to keep my mind alert, great!

Awesome but....

Creators got greedy....

Pretty Cool

This is great to keep the brain sharp


Great game!

New game for me

It keeps the brain sharp and improve vocabulary.

Love it

Love it

Very challenging!

Loves a good challenge


Lots of fun 😊

Why charge

This is great fun. Would be perfect if you didn’t have pay for additional games.

Love this game!

Gives the old brain a little workout!


This is an amazing game but you have to purchase the higher levels

Time killer

This game certainly kills time between work. I'm loving this game

40 free

Loved the challenge of the 40 free puzzles

Money 👀👀👀

I like the game it challenges you in many ways. I do not like the fact that you play the game without earning at least 100 gems to enter the next level. You must purchase your gems in order to continue on each level. Well I will delete it today because I don’t feel the need to purchase another level when the app itself doesn’t share gems.

Terrible game

I rarely ever leave bad reviews but this app deserves it...Levels 11, 12 and so on, are not able to be completed cause words in lists do not have a match..that’s very frustrating and I am deleting the app. If all lists are able to be completely matched it would be a good game. Definitely need work.

Really fun! Works without internet.

It works without internet which is super nice for traveling! It’s also getting me to think.

Fun but not spending money to play

This is a really fun game, but I wouldn’t spend money to play more. I’ll watch ads to earn more gems. The levels should be cheaper, too.

WACK game

I wasted my money buying the game because now you have to keep buying all the games in order to continue to play we have to continue to buy these gems!!!! It is just utterly ridiculous not really fair at all


Makes you think

Word to Word

This is a fun game for those that want to Test their skills

Star 5

Very challenging. Helps with understanding and learning. Great game!

Fun game

I really love this game it’s so addicting!!!!

Good word game

Great game until you have to purchase levels!

Love it!!

Lots of fun but definitely addictive!!


Fun but should barely be considered a free game.


Do not waste your time on this. You will go through the free part really quickly and then to continue have to pay for the rest. So really it is not a free game!

Cool game. Makes you think

Nice progression of difficulty.

Good vocabulary builder

Keeps me thinking. Good for students.

Good but...

Fun game! Helps to fill the time! Hate you have to purchase packs to continue! If this is a free game it should remain free for all around play!!

Great game you’ll love it..‼️

This game is awesome....I love it‼️


Love this game. Really fun to play

Word to Word

A lot of fun but definitely tricky!!!!!

Love so far but

Once I have to start paying I will delete


This game is one of my new ones that I use to keep my 71 year old brain in good shape. If you don’t use it you lose it!!!

Fun & Challenging

Like this game. Keeps me interested and teahes

Almost Perfect

I enjoy this game but I agree with previous review—I won’t be buying additional levels. I will stop at that point and find another game.


I just ❤️LOVE❤️ games that are fun to play but, at the same time, actually make you smarter!! Thank you to this game maker... you kick *ss!! Amber Ponticelli & Ladybugs (my baby girls!!)

Addictive but....

Love this but tons of purchases needed

Love it!

I needed a new word challenge so I thought I would try this and it’s great. Very enjoyable!

Word to word-fun

Fun game. I hate that each round completed in a game doesn’t earn you gems to go to the next package. I don’t put my account information out there to be hacked.

Love love love

I love this game it's so fun and challenging. I'm not the worlds best speller and most of the games make u spell stuff but I have a great vocabulary so this is the game for me!!!

Great for ESL

Great game, something I would use with my ESL students for vocabulary building! Highly recommend it!


It is great but like all the others it can get EXPENSIVE

Great fun!

For word people like me, this is a great game!

Great App

Fun to pop in and play a few games. Addictive!!!

Fun and Relaxing

Just started playing. It was just the word game I was looking for. Love it.

Fun and challenging

I was surprised by how challenging this word game can be. It is a very enjoyable way to pass the time and exercise the grey matter.