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Word Search Party

by Lightwood Consultancy Ltd

(51 user ratings)


Download size: 19.94MB
Version: 1.94
Released: 2010-10-07
For ages: 4+


Word Search Party is a polished and fun word puzzle game which lets you challenge your friends or find opponents online using Game Center.

It's the first ever competitive multi-player word search game, and the best looking and most playable word puzzle on the App Store!

Game features:

- The first ever competitive multi-player word search game!
- The best looking, most playable word puzzle game on the App Store
- Unlimited puzzles - it's different every time you play!
- Track your progress using Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
- All features and game modes are available in the free app
- Upgrade via in-app purchase to access more word lists, or create your own
- Unlock "hidden words" mode for an extra challenge!
- Supports accented characters for non-English word lists - use it as a study aid!

iPhone/iPod touch Features

- Play solo, head-to-head or online against up to 3 opponents in real time!
- Game Center integration: invite your friends or find random opponents online
- Stunning retina display graphics with a choice of six colour themes
- Three levels of difficulty
- Play using any word list from the Word Search Party library
- Quick Play option gets you into a game in seconds
- Brag about your victories to your Facebook friends

iPad Features

- Designed with teachers and classroom use in mind
- VGA/HDMI output for connection to a monitor or projector (on all versions of iPad!)
- Multi-touch enabled, allowing groups to play collaboratively on one device
- Several users can play together without interfering with each others actions
- Play head-to-head against another nearby iPad, iPhone or iPod touch user
- A fourth "extreme" difficulty level, exclusive to iPad
- Game Center integration (requires iOS 4.2 or later)

Our word list is constantly growing, with contributions by gamers using the iPhone app and teachers using the free WordSearchParty.com web site!

At the time of writing, there are word lists covering the following topics:

- Vocabulary
- Spelling Lists
- Mathematics
- Science
- TV & Movies
- Music
- Sports
- Lifestyle
- Geography
and many more...

If you have any questions or comments please send an email to support@lightwoodgames.com We cannot reply to you if you leave messages in your reviews, so please contact us first if you’re having any problems. Thanks!
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Customer Reviews
Only ads

This game was unplayable. The ads navigated to app store and web sites and trying to get back kept redirecting. After doing this several times one of the ads timed out and left me on an empty word search screen.

Word search party

When I try playing multiplayer there is no connection only spins while searching ...

Not great

I had ads pop up randomly closing me out of the game and unable to go back into the same game. Other ads caused it to be stuck on one screen and not allowing to start a new game. Overall the game itself isn't terrible, other than the way it looks, but the ads ruin it. Deleted after one day.


I like this game. Hate that very few games are entered daily. Despise 30 second ads after working a word game. Why 30 seconds? Most games have 10-15 second ads. Please add more daily game puzzles that are at no extra cost. And lessen ads time.

My opinion

Great game, has been keeping me busy and

word search

Since the last update this is just crap I'm thinking about deleting this app it is constantly sending me to the app store and I don't like having to go back to the game. You need to fix this problem or I'm gone


A fun game that keeps your mind sharp.

How do I play without buying a category?

How do I play Word Search Party? I click on a category, it takes me to the App Store and says I have to buy the category for $1.99...how do I play this without buying a category?

Sends me out of the app

Every time that I play it send me out of the app and to the App Store while I'm in the middle of a word search

I love it a lot


Great Game

Very enjoyable!!!

Words Are Fun

Like that you can make it as challenging or not as you like.

Grammy of 5

Very addictive..Love it!

Great game

Great game

Great Game

Makes you think it's fun and by golly it makes you smarter

Unlock the puzzles again!!

I love this app but I just wish you could play more then a few puzzles a day and have unlimited access to all of the puzzles like you use to.

Never been so annoyed with ads!

Ads for additional apps literally open up every 5-20 sec! I can handle ads every few min or after completing a puzzle but this is so annoying it's not worth playing. Just started with last upgrade. If not corrected I'll probably delete soon.

Word Search

I love word search puzzles. They are fun.

Problems after last update

I have always LOVED this app until the latest update. I purchased the upgraded version & in the middle of my "searching" I get pop-ups for other apps! Happens after I find a word. It will also crash! Very sad! Please fix these problems!!!!

Overboard with ads

This app is fun if you can past the constant barrage of ads -- even during a search! The game is fine if you can click out of the ads fast enough. I also wish more people were available for multiplayer games. I'm uninstalling it.

Word search Party errors

After updating for iOS 8 the app stops working when you complete the game. It does not recover when you choose to leave the game. This is on an iPad mini running 8.3. Must have been a temporary glitch. All is fine now.

Great Word Game

I love word games. This is a good one!


Love the app!!

Word games

I enjoy this word game very much.

Download it

This is a very soothing game I know it may sound weird but it's true! I love it can't get enough of it!!

Rating the game

I love the game. I love word searches!

Word Search

Great game. I have really enjoyed it. I really like Word Search. I have played so many times that im afraid i will run out of puzzles. Is there a way to get new ones?

Fun word searches

Great game to relax playing.

Brock Johnson

I have had this game for a long time, & I do the epic word searches every month, but would it be too much to ask if in the future there would be more freebie packs and no annoying adverts scrolling across the bottom of the screen? I mean, no one likes the adverts, especially me, and it's ridiculous to not be allowed in-game purchases unless you sign up for it. I have never liked the adverts, especially for war games.


I enjoy the game but every time I open it, there are a lot less actual words to find than what is listed initially under "view words". The result is that it's a short game and not as satisfying. I wish they'd fix that part.


Great game

Annoying Features

This game has not been updated in over a year and now with iOS 8 it crashes repeatedly or deletes a game in process. The game is interesting but unless the bugs are fixed it's worthless. The game also constantly hassles you to upgrade to the next level for $$ via push announcements.

Decent but tries to steel your money

After the first word search that you complete it asks you to press a remove ads button saying that that is all that is necessary to remove the ads. It doesn't say how much it would cost or that it was going to take you to the App Store for approval. Not a fan of this way of trying to make money.


Fun game

Word seek puzzle lover

Great app to play and pass the time when you're bored and want to work ur brain


New puzzles everytime


Great puzzles. Relaxing solving them.

Great With One Downside

I like it, but I don't like that you can't do puzzles with every single word in the list.


I really like this app but wish there was a way I could play it (solo) when my iPad is offline. If this was an option, I would rate the app 5 stars.

Inappropriate adds

It's a great app and I'm glad that you can choose the category but please remove the inappropriate adds!

Too Jesus-y

What is with the 1950s Americana, nuclear family, Jesus stuff??


I really like this game! Lots of fun

I ❤️ Word Searches

I think this is my new favorite word search app because I'm so addicted to it, since I love word searches(there my favorite type of word puzzle)! I like how the app has tons of different puzzles & new ones get added once people create them!




Like playing game. Great way to pass the time while waiting for appointments.


It's all good and lovin' the game. It is my latest guilty pleasure. Only problems are that it is very difficult to put words on the two side columns! Very frustrating!! Also when you return to pick up another game it takes you back to beginning and you have to do a lot of scrolling! Other than that I am addicted.

Game Center friends

I am unable to add friends from Game Center app. Needs to be fixed

Lousy support

I liked the app but was annoyed with the advertisement. So I paid for removal of advertisement, and to my dismay, I'm still bombarded with ad. Emailed to support and no reply. Bad.

Review requested

Fun for a few minutes of brain workout without complications signing in. Thanks, Paula