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Word Jigsaw: A Jigsaw Puzzle for Word Game Lovers!

by Sarah Pierce

(1,000 user ratings)


Download size: 35.69MB
Version: 2.0
Released: 2012-01-12
For ages: 4+


Word Jigsaw is a simple and addictive word puzzle game!

A list of words has been broken into jigsaw pieces. Can you reassemble the puzzle and figure out all the words?

Word Jigsaw is awesome exercise for your brain. It combines verbal and spatial reasoning, and it's a great way to improve your spelling and vocabulary. Six levels make it perfect for both beginners and those who are looking for a serious challenge!

Be sure to check out our new Daily Crossword feature! There are three free Daily Crossword Jigsaws every day. Can you conquer all three?

• Six levels (three are free)
• Unlimited puzzles using 30,000+ words
• Great for building vocabulary and spelling skills
• Tracks your averages, times and records
• A fun mental exercise to keep your brain sharp!
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Customer Reviews
Decent game

There are enough variations for many games and challenging at the middle level. So a decent pastime.

Word jigsaw

Great past time!

My Favorite

The daily puzzles are my favorite. It deserves five stars for that alone.

Love It

Love this game. Challenging & addicting.

Great game for a stressful day!

I love to go into this app & play a few games when my day gets bad. It helps me realign my thoughts & go back to the stresses with a calmer attitude.

Daily Puzzle

I typically only play the daily crossword puzzles, so I wish there was a way to play more of those particular puzzles each day. I really enjoy that part of the app!

Love this

Like I read on a review. It’s hard to put it down. I’ve had this for about a month now and I play it several times during the day and night. It’s good especially for the elderly. Helps to keep the brain working.

Alwaus fun and challenging!

I’ve been playing this game for YEARS and I still love it! It provides just the right level of challenge and I love the balance of intellectual engagement and easy entertainment. So fun!

Love the challenge!

It is fun to try to break my personal best time by puzzle type!

My favorite for many, many years

I NEVER get tired of it. It is the perfect de-stress app. It always works, never has bugs, and I learn new words as I play that I look up. I only play Giant. My record for that is 1:11. That took years for me to achieve and I’m rather proud!!


Can you add the word meaning without having to leave the game? Could play the daily jigsaw all day. Thanks for allowing us to be able to play again. However, would be great to have its own stage. Something addictive about playing a new game. Why is it that my NOTIFICATION is set to on, but thee puzzles only load if I’ve opened the game? Is there someplace I can go to retrieve missing puzzles? Muj

Word jigsaw

Great. I enjoy doing it every morning.

What fun!

Keeps the brain going and lots of fun. Enjoy😄


Unique word game.

Lots of fun at all levels

Choose your level, enjoy a few minutes of mental challenge and enjoyment. Beginner or have just a minute or two to play, choose a small puzzle....more time or skill, go bigger. But whatever size puzzle you choose, you will find yourself focused and immersed, playing again and again.

Don’t change a thing!

This is one of the most relaxing apps. The game is pretty simple, the instructions are straightforward, the controls do what you need, and the interface is a clear depiction of the game. Period. Please don’t change anything. Don’t take the joy out of a clear game by adding unnecessary menus and levels and locks. This is one of those situations where less is THE BEST!

Great Game!

I love playing this, challenging enough, basically always finish-able without hints. Addicting! Good game!

Word Jigsaw

Love the challenge, I just prefer to not have automatic hints, which for me are annoying.

Relaxing especially for retired people.

Keep going.Love it.

Thoughtful and Challenging

I love this game. The new design features are great. I think this will be my new favorite. This game combines the fun of word building with the grit of puzzle solving.

Absolute favorite freaking app!!

Clean and uncluttered. No crappy ads popping up. Great to play in bed when trying to unwind. I’d give it 10 stars if I could!!!


You can spend hours playing this and it never gets old. Quite a challenge sometimes! Try this, you'll love it!!!

Great fun...

Love it!

Addictive fun

So addictive.

Love this game!

This is addicting. Only downside is that it blocks playing beyond “medium” level.

Love it

Only bad thing so far, other than the harder ones are $$, they only give three daily crossword puzzles and I need more!

Quick challenge fun!

Takes some thinking but not enough to kill the fun!

2 -4 - 1

Get two games for one and both challenge your mind. Keep brain active. Start your day with these apps. Great challenges.

Fun game with added bonus

This is one of my favorite word games and I love the added daily challenges. Never get tired of it!

Great !

I really enjoy this game it goes from easy to really difficult but is always satisfying.

Love it!

Great game - love it!

My favorite game app!

Can’t say enough positive things about this app. Fills spare moments with easy to hard word challenges. My favorites are the hard crossword puzzles. You don’t have to earn the hints; they just patiently sit there until you decide you need help. The most fun is when you finish without using hints at all! Great app!

Love the crossword puzzles best. More!!!

Love the crossword puzzles best. More!!!

Daily crosswords

I love the daily crosswords.

Great game

Not meaning to sound like I’m putting the main game down, but I love the crossword puzzle a lot more than the regular game. Especially the hard levels.

Love It!

Sometimes the puzzle solves quickly, and other times it’s a real challenge. It’s good for the brain and enjoyable. Glad I have it!

5 stars for the Daily Jigsaw Puzzles

I don’t really enjoy the main game on this app... I find it kind of boring and that is why I only gave it 3 stars. However, the Daily game is awesome. It is one of my favorite games. If I could download just that part of the game I would want to give it 10 stars. I am bedridden and so I really need some good games to take my mind off things and the Daily game is fun and engages my mind. It is one of my go too games on hard days.


I really enjoy this app. Wakes my brain up. Combination of word scrabbles against time. I'm competitive and keep trying to do it faster.


Great game! Keeps my mind active. 😄


Great fun for all ages

Word solitaire

I am at level 337. Is there a secret to opening all the letters before you start building words? Question: Perhaps you should invent a game where all the letters are in a frame (not visible), and as you select letters they turn over and can be placed into word columns to create words.

Addicting Game

Been playing this for a long time. Very fun and addicting. Challenges you to think.

Fun and challenging

This is a great app. I like the 3 different levels. It’s fun to try and complete all levels without using the hints.

Go to game

I’ve been playing this game for 3-4 years, never gets tiring. U can fill in time with it if u have a minute or a lot of time.

Challenging and fun

I do the daily crossword jigsaws (all 3 levels) every day and absolutely love them. The other part of the game doesn't interest me, though. An app with just crossword jigsaws would be great but way too addictive...

Challenging Fun

Puzzles are challenging. I love the daily challenges.... It does help to have a wide vocabulary. Enjoyable game with no need to spend money. My favorite game!


This is just challenging enough, & you never run out of new puzzles to do. After doing the horizontal puzzles for years, I just noticed the daily crossword-style puzzles (are they new, or am I that unobservant?!) and they're great too. This is one of my favorite apps for word games. I'm adding to my review, months later, to say that I love the daily crosswords more than ever, three new ones every day-- one easy, one medium, one difficult. I do them all, I look forward to 5pm every day, which is when the new ones appear on the east coast of the u.s.!

Lots of fun and challenging!

This is lots of fun and easy and keeps you involved. I love word games that make me think a little and this is perfect! This game is fun and I recommend it for everyone!

Great games

One of my favorite games to play!They are all very exciting and very challenging for the mind!