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Word Jewels® 2 Wordsearch Crossword Puzzle Game!

by Boy Howdy Technology LLC

(909 user ratings)


Download size: 48.09MB
Version: 1.14
Released: 2012-07-19
For ages: 4+


"Terribly addicting! ••••• I have refused for years to ever get into a single game app, and it was always easy until I found Word Jewels. So fun, so quick, I can't say enough about how much I enjoy the game!" --Jordan SC

Word Jewels® 2 is SUPER FUN and 100% FREE!

••••• "This is such an addicting game. I absolutely love it!!!!!!"  --hb9202010
••••• "Love this game on my phone for all those 'waiting' times in life." --NannerBanner
••••• "I absolutely love Word Jewels. I hope to keep playing this game for a long time. It is never boring. Thanks for making it free!" --2011bulldog
••••• "I like word games with friends, but get tired of the timed ones. It's really relaxing to take your time and strategize without racing the timer. And with a choice of five games I can play different ones and switch back and forth" --Jllew333


• One-minute tutorial that teaches you how to play!

• Make words in any direction with just a swipe!

• Your goal is to make words that use up all the red jewels, but you only get a few "moves" each level to make words… You can do it!


• Want classic Word Jewels word-finding, that's even better? Try Classic Mode!

• Do you love making it to high levels, but get frustrated when you get snookered by a Z in the corner and have to start over? Try Endless Mode!

• Want a super-hard challenge that's not for the faint of heart? Try Challenge Mode!

• Got ten minutes? Try Rally Mode to play ten levels of patterned jewels that are just like the multiplayer game Word Rally, but solo!

• Or try Blitz Mode! In just one level, how high can you score? Use the multiplier jewels and see how high you can get! Bet you can't just play it once…


• No timers, so take your time and find the best words

• Beautiful graphics and animation

• Relaxing sound effects

• Listen to your iPod music while playing


• Score summary shows you how well you did

• Compare your scores with the world using Game Center (iOS4/5 devices)

• Post your scores to Facebook and Twitter to challenge far away friends


• Huge English dictionary included to verify words even while not connected to the internet!
(Word Jewels uses the YAWL word list, which has 264,097 words! Valid words must be 3 letters long and NOT be proper nouns, as is typical for most every word game.)

• Automagic letter balancing, to help from getting trapped with a big ol' pile of consonants with no vowels, or with too many duplicates of the same letter in a group!

• Magic auto-save - go ahead and quit the game, take a phone call, send a text - when you come back, your game will be waiting for you! Works on both old and new iThings!

• 54 Game Center Achievements to earn!

Thanks for playing Word Jewels!
Come see us at http://boyhowdytechnology.com

WORD JEWELS is a registered trademark of Boy Howdy Technology LLC.
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Customer Reviews
Check don't work

Had this game for some time and now the green check mark does not respond but the red x does. Deleted and reinstalled several times over time to see if it had ever been fixed and so far nope. Fix it please.

Best game ever

Great idle time game


I downloaded this app and within 5 minutes a pornographic ad with FFN popped up.

Several options

Like that there are several different ways to play.

Good game but could be improved

I really like this but wish you could have more tries before you are out. Great brain training.

Word Jewel

Outstanding game. Challenges all users.

Great game. Very addictive

This is a very addictive game. At times it bogs down and responds slowly, but that can be corrected be restarting the app.


I wanted to make a better word by using a few more letters than the ones given. I thought this was the point of the game. It wouldn't allow it. If you can't create your own words, what good is it? I deleted it. Sorry. Thank you for the response. I will reinstall and try that out.

Fun game--makes you think!

Great as both a time killer and as a a fun, non-mindless game. It would be great if for the classic mode there was a highest average score leader board added.


Enjoy this game it really makes you think and remember words. Trying to use jeweled letters to make the longest words possible.

Fun game to play!

I travel and enjoy playing Word Jewels while I'm sitting in airports. Great way to pass the time.

Wow Word Jewel

Looking for a game to pass time and work your brain, this is a game for you. Lots of fun and challenging trying to find words.

Endless Possibilities

I love words and these games get all the neurons firing for answers. I've downloaded a number of apps that make it fun to find and use words, but I'm addicted to all the Word Jewels games. Not only are they challenging but the customer support is beyond reproach: I emailed them about a problem and had an answer and a fix by the next morning! Five star games with five star service. You just can't beat that combo.


Absolutely addictive.

Fun and addictive

This is a great app!!!! I am always trying to get to the next level and I've improved my language skills in the process. 5 stars!!

Love it!

This game is challenging and fun!

Word Jewels

Love the relaxing game

Great App

I find this game very addictive in a fun way. You find words you didn't know existed. God clean fun.


I am ashamed to say that I play Boy Howdy word games even when I am supposed to be doing something else, no matter how critical the "something else" may be. I have always loved words and assembling words with the Boy Howdy games is a great joy to me. My sisters and I trade words on line in a friendly competition, always trying to outdo each other. What could be better for this than Word Twist?

App freezes!

I recently updated to the latest version and now it stops working after a few words. It's awful, I never had issues prior to this upgrade!

Loving it.

This game is my all time fave

Great new options

I love Jewels 1 but this one has 4 different games and even the rules to the original game have changed a bit. I'm glad I downloaded it.

Great game!

Challenging and enjoyable!

So much fun!

One of my favorite word games!

Love it

One of the best word games since the first crossword puzzle! I truly would be lost without this game; it's my morning wake-me-up, and my midday pick-me-up.

Great game.

Being fair though, there should be at least 2 more restart levels between after level 25. I've reached level 52 once or twice but when I have to restart, I can't get past level 46 without having to do it all over again. Also, more words need to be added to the puzzles. I've gotten so many of the same words in different levels, it gets boring and my app has been crashing quite a bit lately.

Love it

I'm a word game kind of person and this game doesn't disappoint :-).

love this game

really fun and keeps my brain active!


Love this version. Allows longer playing time.

Word jewels

Wouldn't be a day if I didn't challenge myself with this addictive game

Awesome follow up to the first!

I can't go back to the basic app because this has so many more fun elements and options. It is great to just be able to pick up where I left off and mess around with when I have a few minutes.

Fun and Challenging!

This is a great game...very addicting! Love it!

I love this game!

Playing this word-find game is a great way to keep my brain sharp. It's one of my guilty pleasures, with cognitive benefits. I love this game!

Fun, Addictive, challenging

Have been playing this for a couple of weeks now, and I'm glad I decided to try it. It's a game that makes you think and if you're not careful, it will improve your spelling! Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Word Jewels2 = Addicting Fun

Love this app! Plays similar to the traditional "Boggle" game, but much more rewarding. I really like having 3 Power Jewels that let you 'swap' letters, have an extra turn, or re-scramble the letters. If you enjoy word games, you will love this game.


I enjoy the challenge.


This game is educational and enjoyable. I spend many hour at it. It is also excellent for passing the time on a long flight.

No spare time since I found word jewel 2

I am totally addicted, playing every spare moment. I think the game is fun, and creative. So glad I found it!!!

LOVE this game but it needs more rewards!

This is my go-to game on my subway trips to and fro. Maybe there should be a way to win Power jewels.

Word Jewel

A very awesome brain exercise for an elderly like me. Love it!

My favorite word game

I've been hooked on this app for about 3 years. Since it's not timed, you can puzzle over your options until you're ready to commit. Love it.

Love It

One of my favorites. I have enjoyed it for a couple of years now.

We're addicted!

My daughter and I have been playing nonstop every time we get a moment for the last three months! Great job, great game!

Excellent Word Game

This is one of my two favorite word games and I play it just about every day.

Lots of fun!!

Lots of variety. Lots of challenges. Enjoyable.


Love this game. Makes you think!

Great Word Game

Really enjoy this word game it gets harder the more you play, so it's always a challenge.

Word Jewels

I really like the game, but have a couple of suggestions. When you win the game and have extra turns leftover, the player should receive extra points for the unused turns. Also, when a player goes multiple games without using any of the help jewels, they should earn extras. Maybe every 3 games without using them earns 1 each extra help jewels. Great game! Thanks

Great game

I enjoy word games a lot, so I really like this one. Starts out easy, but don't let that fool you. Gets more difficult as you go along.


Great game; fun way to pass time now & then