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Word Jewels®

by Boy Howdy Technology LLC

(1 user ratings)


Download size: 70.9MB
Version: 1.21
Released: 2012-07-19
For ages: 4+


"Terribly addicting! ••••• I have refused for years to ever get into a single game app, and it was always easy until I found Word Jewels. So fun, so quick, I can't say enough about how much I enjoy the game!" --Jordan SC

Word Jewels® is SUPER FUN and 100% FREE!

••••• "This is such an addicting game. I absolutely love it!!!!!!"  --hb9202010
••••• "Love this game on my phone for all those 'waiting' times in life." --NannerBanner
••••• "I absolutely love Word Jewels. I hope to keep playing this game for a long time. It is never boring. Thanks for making it free!" --2011bulldog
••••• "I like word games with friends, but get tired of the timed ones. It's really relaxing to take your time and strategize without racing the timer. And with a choice of five games I can play different ones and switch back and forth" --Jllew333


• One-minute tutorial that teaches you how to play!

• Make words in any direction with just a swipe!

• Your goal is to make words that use up all the red jewels, but you only get a few "moves" each level to make words… You can do it!


• Start with fan-favorite Word Jewels word-finding without the frustrations in Endless Mode!

• If you're daring, you can try Classic Mode where if you fail a level you have to start over!

• Want a super-hard challenge that's not for the faint of heart? Try Challenge Mode!

• Got ten minutes? Try Rally Mode to play ten levels of patterned jewels that are just like the multiplayer game Word Rally, but solo!

• Or try Blitz Mode! In just one level, how high can you score? Use the multiplier jewels and see how high you can get! Bet you can't just play it once…

• And NEW is Wordzing adventure mode, with lots of new challenging goals to pass each level. Collect certain color letter jewels! Connect a path of words across the board! Collect stamps under key letters on the board! Your word-finding adventure awaits!


• No timers, so take your time and find the best words

• Beautiful graphics and animation

• Relaxing sound effects

• Listen to your music while playing


• Score summary shows you how well you did

• Compare your scores with the world using Game Center


• Huge English dictionary included to verify words even while not connected to the internet!
(Word Jewels uses the YAWL word list, which has 264,097 words! Valid words must be 3 letters long and NOT be proper nouns, as is typical for most every word game.)

• Automagic letter balancing, to help from getting trapped with a big ol' pile of consonants with no vowels, or with too many duplicates of the same letter in a group!

• Magic auto-save - go ahead and quit the game, take a phone call, send a text - when you come back, your game will be waiting for you! Works on both old and new iThings!

• 54 Game Center Achievements to earn!

Thanks for playing Word Jewels!
Come see us at http://boyhowdytechnology.com

WORD JEWELS is a registered trademark of Boy Howdy Technology LLC.
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Customer Reviews
Tons of fun

Like the variety of games

Word Jewels 2

A wonderful game that encourages learning new words!

Word Jewels

I love word games, this is one of my favorite's!

Game Review

Word Jewels is a wonderful game for Senior's as it keeps their mind sharp. It is easy to play but is a challenge at the same time. While playing you learn words you have never heard until you played the game as you move your finger all around in hopes you will find a word. My husband is almost up to "three thousand" games without missing. I however am not as lucky as I have only gotten to two thousand and ten times.. Thanks for making this game whoever did it.Their is one thing that I think should be changed. When a person gets very high on games played and then misses they should be able to have a higher number then 25 to start over. When you are up in the high hundreds and make a dumb mistake and have to go all the way back to 25 is heartbreaking. Example : over 300 or 800 or even over a thousand! Please consider putting a higher number to go back to which will make us stay with this game. With the technology today you should be able to do this, hopefully. 10-12-18. I play this game because it good for my memory and brain. I will turn 80 next year and need to keep my brain sharp. There is one thing I feel you should do that will bring you many more people than you have now. People like myself who play on a regular bases and get up in the upper 90's or thousands and then miss should have the privilege to start again at a much higher than the 25 that we have to go back to. Having to go that far back is depressing time after time. You should at that point give us a "pat on the back" for doing a really good job, especially your younger players and senior citizens.

Love the App!!!

I thoroughly love the game! I play it each night for relaxation. There have been a few times where I have played two or three games in an evening! Please don't take away this game!! Thank you.


Favorite game, but, breaks down at times; or it would be a five star.

Word jewel

Fun game plus learning words the entire time

Cool Word Game

More of a thinking game than the rest.

I love a game that makes me think

A real mind worker

Word Jewels is a Jewel!!

The Word Jewels games have been our favorites for years! They tease your brain and make you think, strategize, and just feel driven to beat yourself! Wordizing is my newest addiction. My husband has been playing the Endless mode so much that he is number 50 something out of all the players! Thank you for these awesome games!

Absolutely hooked

I have played all the different Word Jewels games, but now am hooked on Blitz mode, where I'm just playing against myself. I've gotten pretty darned good at it. I just sent Boy Howdy a suggestion, and they responded in just minutes, great service. Only negative, I agree with the player who complained about the high incidence of odd letters, all the Qs, Js, etc. I have played many word games online, and tired of them all, I never get tired of this one. One of the things I like best is the very rare use of archaic or medical or scientific words that no ordinary player would know, most other games abuse this option.


I relax playing.

Playing Lots of Boy Howdy Games!

I recently realized how many of the Boy Howdy games I’m playing. I like word games, but also have always been a mahjong (and similar games) fiend. Keep up the good work, the customer service is unparalleled!

Awesome !

I really like how there are so many different variations to chose from in the free version! The ads don’t pop up taking over the whole screen. I like that too!

Word Jewels

Word jewels very challenging and fun , play against self which is great competition😊

High praises for word jewels , except for one thing....

I love word jewels! I play it more often than I should..... like at work! The customer service is great. However, I find the word game called, “wordzing ” in which the player is supposed to make words using 11 purple, 19 green and 13 blue letters ( for example) in 8 moves to be frustrating and demoralizing. I’d like to skip that game because I’ve had very few successes. It’s a real buzz kill!

Great game

I have to make myself quit playing!


I like the new Wordzing game but some of the screens are too small.

Great game

A fun game that keeps you vocabulary expanding. Excellent!!

Fun until it hers too difficult too quickly.

It starts off easy.

I could play all day!

Omg. I play this game more than any other games. There are games within the game. I play other word games so much better because of this game..ok I gotta go and play some more.Addiction. ? Yes..lol. I have been playing for years. Upgraded is always a plus.

Fun but not perfect

Have been playing this time-filler for two years or more, enjoy the mental exercise. But: frequency of unusual letters in the English language makes the play frustrating, illogical and stultifying. The letters QXZYLPWVK and J occur FAR more frequently in this game than they EVER occur in any other medium. If a random letter generator used real-world frequency of consonent occurrence to populate this simple 6 X 6 matrix, the number of 3 and 4-letter word solutions would

Great games

I love this and other games by Boy Howdy. The idea of Word Jewels is that you make words out of letter “jewels.” There are several variants within Word Jewels Plus, so you can challenge yourself with different versions.

Great app!!

Addictive to the max!!!


Both word jewels games Word Jewels and Twist keep freezing. Please fix. Have tried reboot and open and close. Help! Love these games. Working great again. Thank you very much.

Many ways to enjoy

This is several games in one. Very fun. Just the right amount of challenge.


I like the endless Word Jewel. I believe that it helps increase my vocabulary. See if you enjoy it as much as I do.

Great Word Game

I do the endless game - up to over 32,000 level. I’ve learned to do a lot of combinations to use up Zs, Qs, etc.

Wordjewels 2

Great game. Perfect balance of difficulty. Seems there's always a way to survive. Challenging but doable.

Quick fun

A great word game that allows me to "dip" in, play for only a few moments or a long time and keep my brain engaged. A literate alternative to so many time-wasting word games in ther App Store.

Uses a LOT of battery power

Great game however uses a LOT of battery power!!!

Check don't work

Had this game for some time and now the green check mark does not respond but the red x does. Deleted and reinstalled several times over time to see if it had ever been fixed and so far nope. Fix it please.

Best game ever

Great idle time game


I downloaded this app and within 5 minutes a pornographic ad with FFN popped up.

Several options

Like that there are several different ways to play.

Good game but could be improved

I really like this but wish you could have more tries before you are out. Great brain training.

Word Jewel

Outstanding game. Challenges all users.

Great game. Very addictive

This is a very addictive game. At times it bogs down and responds slowly, but that can be corrected be restarting the app.


I wanted to make a better word by using a few more letters than the ones given. I thought this was the point of the game. It wouldn't allow it. If you can't create your own words, what good is it? I deleted it. Sorry. Thank you for the response. I will reinstall and try that out.

Fun game--makes you think!

Great as both a time killer and as a a fun, non-mindless game. It would be great if for the classic mode there was a highest average score leader board added.


Enjoy this game it really makes you think and remember words. Trying to use jeweled letters to make the longest words possible.

Fun game to play!

I travel and enjoy playing Word Jewels while I'm sitting in airports. Great way to pass the time.

Wow Word Jewel

Looking for a game to pass time and work your brain, this is a game for you. Lots of fun and challenging trying to find words.

Endless Possibilities

I love words and these games get all the neurons firing for answers. I've downloaded a number of apps that make it fun to find and use words, but I'm addicted to all the Word Jewels games. Not only are they challenging but the customer support is beyond reproach: I emailed them about a problem and had an answer and a fix by the next morning! Five star games with five star service. You just can't beat that combo.


Absolutely addictive.

Fun and addictive

This is a great app!!!! I am always trying to get to the next level and I've improved my language skills in the process. 5 stars!!

Love it!

This game is challenging and fun!

Word Jewels

Love the relaxing game

Great App

I find this game very addictive in a fun way. You find words you didn't know existed. God clean fun.