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Ultimate Word Search!

by EnsenaSoft

(2 user ratings)


Download size: 38.26MB
Version: 1.0.31
Released: 2010-02-18
For ages: 4+


Ultimate Word Search has 63 English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French word categories filled with fun word search puzzles. If you like Word Search puzzles, then this is the game for you! With great background music and 6 different themes including Newspaper, Christmas and Letter Soup to choose from, you can enjoy it the way you like.

Select the words by tapping on the start and then tapping on the end of the word you have found. When the correct words are found they are automatically crossed out. Find all 12 words to get a new puzzle.

English categories include: Vocabulary Words 1, Vocabulary Words 2, Vocabulary Words 3, Vocabulary Words 4, Vocabulary Words 5, Adjectives, Verbs, Animals, Christmas & Winter, Clothes, Countries, Elements, Foods, Fruits & Veggies, Human Body, Kings & Pirates, Plants & Trees, Sports, SAT I, SAT II, SAT III, SAT IV and SAT V
Spanish categories include: Vocabulary Words 1, Vocabulary Words 2, Adjectives, Verbs, Animals, Foods, Plants & Trees, Sports
Portuguese categories include: Animals, Christmas & Winter, Clothes, Countries, Elements, Foods, Fruits & Veggies, Human Body, Kings & Pirates, Plants & Trees, Sports
German categories include: Animals, Christmas & Winter, Clothes, Countries, Elements, Foods, Fruits & Veggies, Human Body, Kings & Pirates, Plants & Trees, Sports
French categories include: Animals, Christmas & Winter, Clothes, Countries, Elements, Foods, Fruits & Veggies, Human Body, Kings & Pirates, Plants & Trees, Sports

- 6 different themes to choose from.
- 63 word categories with advanced engine to avoid repeats.
- Find all 12 words to complete the puzzle.
- Helps increase both vocabulary and spelling ability.
- Dictionary lookup within app for English words from 6 reference sites.
- Great background music and sound effects.
- Fun and educational at the same.
- Auto-save when you close it or answer call during game play so you can continue where you left off.

We hope you enjoy Ultimate Word Search!
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Customer Reviews
No reloading

Enjoy the game when it worked but when I had to get a new phone it wouldn't download again though bummer

Enjoy Playing

Challenging and enjoyable game

Fun Game

I like the game but find the words hard to highlight sometimes. Entertaining enough to keep me busy and good brain exercise.

Word search

Fun but i waste a lot of my time getting the words to be selected or accept my word i just located. Either my fingers are too big or letters too close together. But really fun.


Plain & simple. Just as it's supposed to be. All those genius complexed people please, relax and simply enjoy the game. If it's too simple: move on to a more challenging one.

Lots of fun!

Great word search app! Fun and challenging! Love it!

Excellent game

It's fun to play and you get many categories to choose from. Appreciate no ads on the game!!


Good for the most part. But sometimes it won't line up when you circle the words. Also with my game center I thought you get to compete with other players. One it says welcome with my right user id, then it comes on later as a welcome back 126784536 or some odd number that does not identify it as myself.


Best option to read and find words is the 'newspaper' setting. The default 'soup' option is horrid. Music is pretty decent. I wish this was in retina display, larger in scale to fit iphone 5.

Fun and entertaining! By Blossom

This is by far one of my favorite word puzzles of all time! I love it and the variety of words. Sometimes I can spend hours playing this game. Love it!

Smart Fun !!!

Love this game. Keeps me sharp :-)


Great App. I can't put it down

Too easy

I love the hangman game by this developer. I bought this one because of the other. I've noticed there's a pattern to how the words are placed. Once you recognize the pattern, every game uses the same basic layout. There's always a word on the bottom line. Thee's always a word on the far right line and then another on the line just inside that one. There's always at least three words going through the center diagonally. You know exactly where to look.

Word search

Love it


I find it frustrating to not be able to pick the category by your own choice. Not by the games choice.

Great time killer

Good job

Word search

I love it! Keeps me busy for hours

Nice way to pass time

A lot of fun. like it!

Excellent fun

This game is challenging and helps to sharpen your mind. Keeps me nicely occupied.

Ultimate Word Search

Great fun....great app to keep grand kids occupied and sharpen their word skills.

Good fun...

Nice little app...searches are a bit easy, but good for kids

It's missing something

This a little boring it is missing something to make it a useful apps it can be used to put you to sleep at night

Fun game

My children and I like to raise each other in spotting the words. Good game for all ages.



Nice Game!

Great eye exercise..lol

Word search

Great game. I loved being time. Great way to increase memory.

Awesome game!

Always challenging to better my time!

Awesome fun

Great way to pass the time

Stretches your mind!

I love this... Makes your mind stay active, which is mentally so important!


It's really fun


It is lots of fun, but i wish there were more puzzles and i wish the garden one would not use the same words over and over again!

Great app

Really easy to use. Relaxing and small enough to not get frustrated.

Ultimate word challenge

Fun! Sometimes it is difficult to highlight the word. Otherwise, a great game.


Relaxing and challenging!

Find a word

Wonderful program. Great, calming and stress reducer. Glad to provide feed back. Enjoyed real game time. Challenge yet satisfying. Thanks



Nice App!

I like this App!

Like it

Good brain exercise!

This App helps to pass the time.

It's not a difficult word search, so anyone can enjoy it.

Great little word searches!

If this had some sort of option to "shuffle" word categories that would be great! Other than that it rocks.


Fun game! I really enjoy it.

Great game

Love it!

Great Game!

If you're looking for a good word search game, look no more.

Good game

Pretty good game, since I got it free. I like it.

Fun Game

Great way to pass the time. It's fun and it's free what could be better?

Great pastime

Lots of fun & very relaxing!

Awesome <3

Love it !!! Kill time !!!


Great puzzles! Love love love the soundtrack! Very peaceful! The whole experience is just great!

Ultimate word search

Having a good time.

Great game

Fun and keeps you busy