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by Electronic Arts

(6,137 user ratings)


Download size: 175.29MB
Released: 2008-07-11
For ages: 4+


CONNECT WITH FRIENDS. PLAY WITH WORDS. Get a game of SCRABBLE going with just about anyone – or play solo against the computer! Plus, now you can play SCRABBLE in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese.

• Challenge friends via Facebook and more
• Find an instant opponent with a single touch
• Play solo against the computer to improve your skills
• Get numerous games going at once – more than any word game on the App Store

Connect to Facebook and share your best scores. You can even talk a good game with enhanced chat and notification features.

Become a SCRABBLE master with the exclusive “Teacher” feature - see what your best word could have been after every turn.

Use the in-game word list, built-in official SCRABBLE dictionary, or the exclusive Best Word feature to see your highest scoring choices.

Want to recreate the feeling of a real-time in-person game? Try the new Speed Play mode where you and your opponent agree to 2 or 5 minute turns. If words aren't played in time, nudge and forfeit options are unlocked.

View every detail on the board with HD-quality graphics made to maximize the Retina display.

Ready for the first and last word in word games? Don’t accept imitations. Just say, “LET’S PLAY SCRABBLE!

Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement.
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Customer Reviews
Awesome game!!!

I💙this game, is like dominos but with letters I have had this game for awhile now and I don’t play the game for about a year but when I start playing it again I get hooked so bad, I even play it in the bathroom on my iPad or on my iPhone when I am out I have the board game but this version is the best, try it if you like word games. You can play with the computer, friends or your people on Facebook. Good Luck🍀

Disappointing upgrade and doesn’t fit the screen on iPhone XS

Liked the old version much better. Nee version is too cumbersome and convoluted.

IPhone XR - score not visible

Great game but requires exiting to see the current score when using an iPhone XR in portrait mode. Lots of empty space between the score and game board but the score is at the top of the screen where Apple chose to put the speakers etc

Still Waiting...

Hey there Hasbro, it SURE would be nice if you could get around to updating the Scrabble app for the iPhone XS Max’s screen. When playing a game vs. the computer/single opponent the scores are OBSCURED by the notch of the XS Max - I’m tired of having to go into the multitasking app switcher, or rotating the phone to see what the scores are... The XS Max has been out for nearly TWO MONTHS with no update in sight, no bueno...

Can developers fix score appearance for XR iPhone?

Love this game but the scores are hidden behind the notch now on the new iPhones. Can this be fixed ASAP?

App needs minor tweaks w/ new ios

Experiencing freezing issues with rotating screen. It’s required to rotate the screen to see the score on iPhone X because the screen formatting is off and blocked by microphone.

The Notch

Since I already have the premium version on my iPad I thought that I would also get the premium version on my iPhone as well. What I did find out however is that the iPad version is specific to the resolution and specifications of that device and have to buy another edition for the iPhone. Not a big deal, or so I thought to buy another liking of the game for my phone. I didn’t mind paying for this edition as well either until it downloaded it and discovered the big problem. That problem is that it is not optimized for the iPhone X and the notch. The problem here is that some of the most crucial components of the game are covered by the notch itself, most specifically the score and names of both you and your opponent. Coming through forums about this topic just confirms that EA is doing nothing about this as this has been an ongoing issue for iPhone X users for as long as the iPhone X has been out. The amount of negative posts about this game just shows that EA doesn’t care about what it produces. I paid $7.99 for this game for the sole purpose of not having to deal with ad’s like I did for my iPad and what I get is a game which is pretty much pointless and frustrating to play as you cannot see the most important game details. I had chatted with EA support in hopes of getting a refund. While they did say they they would speak with the senior development team, no refund was given.

Better, more stable platform but...

Scrabble premium needs an update since ios 12.0. Your display at the top interferes with the notch and players cannot see the score. 10/29/18: still haven’t updated this app to be properly configured with iOS 12 update! 11/9/18: still no updated Scrabble to allow viewing scores at top of screen. Currently blocked out by iPhone X notch. Terrible non-response/ action by Scrabble. 11/14/18: horrible response. Still no Update to fix the bad screen display for the iPhone X and iPhone XS Max.

You CAN’T SEE THE SCORE while playing on an iPhone XR, because the Notch on the screen hides it.

Please reformat the screen to accommodate the notch on the iPhone XR without loss of functionality. Just leaving a black band at the top would be preferable to the current situation, which is...bad. Also, it’d be awesome if we had the option to see a definition when a word is played. (The old palm pilot scrabble had that feature)

The Notch

Who would have a game where on most phones, the scores are obscured by the black notch? It’s irresponsible to have not been fixed by now.

Does not work with IPhone XR. Let’s get this fixed!! Doesn’t show the score

Doesn’t work with iPhone XR. No scores. Fix this please

Not updated for iPhone X after a year???

Why is the “notch” taking a chunk out of my game? Come on, y’all. Really lame. Please update this game so it works correctly on newer phones.


My new iPhone is not compatible with premium scrabble. There is a bar at top of phone that obscures the score. And a bar below which obscures options. It is a SX max. The free scrabble works but the ads are annoying.

scrabble has it’s super cool things

I love scrabble because it lets my brain to work hard and it makes me think more about words that I have learned in life and it is just creative and fun and exciting.


This is giving me nothing but trouble. Perhaps the developer can help with the following visual problems I’m experiencing: 1. Cannot display horizontally. 2. Every time I place a letter the screen enlarges. At this point I actually prefer to play the free version with all the repeating ads. It’s actually a better use of my time. I’ve never regretted an app purchase before. Any way to return this and get my money back?

iPhone X

Can not see score at top of screen on iPhone X, Xs or Xr.

I want to see my score!

Great game - but I can’t see my (or opponents) score at the top of my iPhone X-r. It’s hidden by the phone speaker shroud. Needs some sort of fix so we can keep track of the score during the game.

Not formatted for new iPhones

Although players can still play, the app does not take into account the notch or ever-present home bar on the screen. Thus, players cannot see the score or easily choose options on the bottom of the screen. Scores are viewable only the app's home screen, i.e., not at the same time as when viewing the board.

Current version still working good.

Current version still working good.

Scoreboard cut off

The scoreboard is cut off with the iPhone X!!! I can’t see the score when I play. I’m a huge scrabble fan but without the scoreboard it is very difficult to play and enjoy. Please fix!!!!

Please update for iPhone XS!

You can’t see the scores or the top of the app on the new iPhone. Please update because I love this game and play every day!


It’s incredulous that I could not get an A on any of the 4 boards I play. I took photos of 13 game starts with no letter A. That went on for days across all 4 boards. In fact, I rarely got a consonant that wasn’t an I. How can it be that 4 boards draw very similar letters? How can it be that a player rated 2140 beat me - @ 2086 - and I lose 14 points off my Elo??? This has been going on for days now, incorrect tallying. Geezus, I wish there was just ONE PERSON that was on the ball at EA!

Luv scrabble

This new version does not let you get rid of teacher. I always play against computer but this new update is a problem. The game keeps locking up. I have to delete app and reinstall. This is a pain.

Please fix app for iPhone X - cat see scores due to notch

Please fix app for iPhone X - can’t see scores due to notch.

Terrible app

Puts up so many ads that on many cases require watching entire ad. Doesn’t allow actual logins to social media to be customized. Waste of time. Could be great if the developers weren’t such novices :(

Well done!

So easy to use that my 85 year old mom plays this every day! Update: My Mom asked me if there was a way to play the game even when we are apart. I tried to connect us using EA and Origin, (because my Mom is not on Facebook), but it doesn't work. I searched the message boards and it just appears you don't really want people connecting. I'm deleting my app because I can't make my Mom an opponent.

Teacher Is Too Nice

Earlier versions of this stellar game had a teacher who would frown in disgust if you scored meager points. Sadly, the politically correct everybody wins crowd voiced their collective opinion to the developers, and teacher's harshest critique of your skills is now a small smile and a "good job. Here's how you could have scored more points!" This happens even if you settle on a 15-point word but could have gotten a 70 point all-letter extravaganza. The earlier teacher in that instant would be so horrified at your word choice you'd experience a gut wrenching feeling of having done something horribly wrong. Now you get a gold star for mediocrity. Don't get me wrong, the whole game is awesome. Before it had an edge and you tried hard to please or even best the teacher; now you play to win and want to just flick the teacher in the head for being so complacent. Maybe allow an option in settings where you could set the teacher to "task master" or the current "mediocrity promoter."

Please fix!!!

I loved your game on my old iPhone. I got the XS yesterday. Now I can’t see the score—it’s in the notch. Also it is too hard to get the tile to the right square—way too tiny! Please fix—ASAP! Thanks!

NOT updated for modern iPhones.

This app still does not account for the notch in X, XR, and XS iPhone models. The notch actually cuts into the UI. Other than that the app is great, but they should fix this ASAP, and a more modern UI in general wouldn’t hurt either.

No iPhone X support

I’ve been patient long enough. Since I got my new iPhone I haven’t been able to see my score without physically turning my phone to change the orientation. Cause if I don’t, the speaker area on the top of the screen completely covers the score. It’s really annoying and I think it diminishes my play because I am not constantly being reminded of the scores. It’s been over a month since the phone has been out and this is such an easy fix. Fit it now please!!!

Scrabble flaw

I love this game, but, on the newest iPhone, you cannot see your score. It is obscured by the black strip on top of the screen. Super frustrating.

Update for XS Max

Fix the keyboard! We should be allowed to use the stock iOS keyboard. It autocorrects. It's so much better than the one you give us! This has been a problem for a LONG time! I can’t see the score because the notch is in the way. I can see the score when I turn the phone, but half the time when I turn the phone the app freezes! Please update!!!

Scrabble- premium

Frequently closes or freezes and needs to be reinstalled. Has forced advertisements that cannot be skipped between each play.

No Facebook friends

I lost all my FACEBOOK friends and can’t get them back.

Hate new update

Screen is now smaller than iPad absolutely hate it

iPhone XR hides score

Cannot see scores at top of screen on iPhone XR yet there is lots of blank space beneath. Please adjust app so scores are viewable


It drives me CRAZY that I don’t have the option of stopping the zoom in, zoom out feature when I am placing my tiles.


Your update is horrible. Every time I try to use it Guest becomes the player or the person I am playing name continually moves. What did you do. Why do you not make sure an update works before you release it? I agree your update is horrible. You have changed the size on the page. What idiot did this.

Occasional bugs; needs iPhone X update

I’ve been playing Scrabble using this app for 4 years. There are occasional issues with connecting to Facebook and needing to restart the app. Just upgraded to an iPhone XR, and the top portion of the screen, where scores are displayed, is cut off. App needs to be reformatted to display properly on the iPhone X/XR/XS.

Poor interface

On iPhone X and XA the score is behind the notch. How is apple allowing such poor UI? The graphics are not polished and unlike the other word play app it doesn’t show if a word is valid real time on the board. You have to “ploy” to figure out if the word is valid.

Unable to see score on iPhone XS. Blocked by notch.

The score is completely blocked by the notch and the user can only see the scores on the game list! Since we’re talking about the actual score of the game which is critical to the experience it’s a major issue. Hopefully we’ll see an app update soon.

iPhone X incompatibility

The interface hasn’t been updated to optimize the larger screens since the iPhone 4. Now, the notch in the X, XS, Xr and X Max obscures the scores and the app just plain looks ridiculous and dated on a modern display. It’s been over a year since the X came out. Can we expect an update?

Needs updating for iPhone Xr

Score at top of iPhone Xr screen is not viewable as it was on previous versions of iPhone.

Embarrassing issue of the week

Playin on my iPhone this week has been a challenge. Every once in awhile an ad pops up after a move that takes you to the App Store automatically. You can’t get out easily. My wife was NOT happy when one of the apps that popped up was the Ashiley Madison app. You know the app if you want to have an affair. I found that I had to get out of Scrabble, delete it from memory and re-boot my phone to get back to the game.

Needs update for iPhone XS Max

Scores hidden by notch in portrait mode. Please update this app to fit the iPhone XS Max screen.

Doesn’t work with iPhone xr

Notch covers scores

Loved the old one, hate this version!

The last version was fine, why did they mess with it? The board is now smaller, the silly animation looks like a children's game. I miss the facial expressions of the old teacher guy. My one opponent, the only person I've ever played, now appears as "guest" instead of by name. The dictionary is more clunky; everything is slower. I keep getting silly reminders to play. I paid for this game to avoid getting stupid messages. I really miss the old colors - it used to look like the classic Scrabble board, but now it just looks gaudy. It makes me think that Scrabble is trying to be more like WWF. But why? Scrabble should stay the serious, classic word game that it was. Bring back the old version. 2018 - I could not log in on iPad for years, then suddenly it began working again. This only lasted about 4 weeks, and now cannot log in again. Can’t they fix this for once and for all?

Connection to server issues

I am currently very disappointed with this app because I’ve had issues connecting to the server for 2 days now. I have current active games (4 or 5 games total) with online opponents that I am unable to access, and will be forced to forfeit due to inability to access, which will lower my player rating I’ve worked very hard to achieve. This is not the first time I’ve had connectivity issues with the server. This same thing happened last month. It’s not an internet issue on my end because I have internet access to everything else on my iPhone, all of my apps, etc. This is an internal Scrabble server issue that is costing your patrons their player ratings. I am getting notifications about opponents nudging me to play, but can’t even see the games when I open the app. You guys need to fix this recurring issue. Completely Inexcusable.

Dictionary Update

I still can’t play words that have been newly adopted like EW and OK . Can we please have more frequent updates of dictionary? Thanks