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by Electronic Arts

(3,028 user ratings)


Download size: 175.29MB
Released: 2008-07-11
For ages: 4+


CONNECT WITH FRIENDS. PLAY WITH WORDS. Get a game of SCRABBLE going with just about anyone – or play solo against the computer! Plus, now you can play SCRABBLE in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese.

• Challenge friends via Facebook and more
• Find an instant opponent with a single touch
• Play solo against the computer to improve your skills
• Get numerous games going at once – more than any word game on the App Store

Connect to Facebook and share your best scores. You can even talk a good game with enhanced chat and notification features.

Become a SCRABBLE master with the exclusive “Teacher” feature - see what your best word could have been after every turn.

Use the in-game word list, built-in official SCRABBLE dictionary, or the exclusive Best Word feature to see your highest scoring choices.

Want to recreate the feeling of a real-time in-person game? Try the new Speed Play mode where you and your opponent agree to 2 or 5 minute turns. If words aren't played in time, nudge and forfeit options are unlocked.

View every detail on the board with HD-quality graphics made to maximize the Retina display.

Ready for the first and last word in word games? Don’t accept imitations. Just say, “LET’S PLAY SCRABBLE!

Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement.
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Customer Reviews
Scrabble for i phone

It now seems to work with ios 9. Hoorah. It still is a little flaky on IOS 9 but it works. It is a wonderful game that I have been trying for number of years

Good app, but invasive privacy policy!

Scrabble What a tone deaf, weak response from the developers! Yes, we know players have to accept *your* terms before playing. How “nice” of you to encourage everyone to read them first! The problem is that your terms are incredibly intrusive, invasive, and violate privacy in fundamental ways! There is no reason for them save unalloyed greed. Tracking = cyber stalking and the amount of information you gather is well beyond what is needed and what most apps do! You also know full well that most people never read terms, so you share a responsibility to make them fair, non-invasive, respectful of users and their privacy, and consumer-friendly. Here are the particulars! ————————————— The app is well designed, and fun to play. However, Electronic Arts is gathering so much information on what you are doing -- even collecting all the *private* games you have played *OFF LINE* -- that we cannot recommend this app. It gathers location data, device ID, plants tracking cookies, and shares information with third parties! Worse, it does that even if you don't sign up for its on-line services or "play with friends". There is also no way of opting out of most of this data collection -- of course, it should be opt-in to begin with, but EA has no business exploiting users' info, habits, and browsing this way. We highly recommend reading their privacy policy. *You* may be comfortable with such data gathering, but we are not! See later on for some of the details. -------------- There are also a couple of game-app flaws. 1. Music and sounds are turned on by default. It woke my partner up when I first launched the game. Suggestion: have it off by default and simply have text on screen -- silently -- saying you can turn it on sound effects and music! 2. One is forced to go through a tutorial -- and it is irritating. There is a skip button (discovered later) at the beginning, but no way of exiting once you are trapped inside the tutorial. Suggestion: here, too, just a brief message saying tutorial available. 3. The game gets stuck at the end when player and computer have nothing to play! You have to go back and forth *three* times before it will finally conclude the game! 4. The app plays many unusual, even questionable, words and that detracts from the enjoyment. Suggestion: The dictionary should include definitions! That way, users could learn something along the way. 5. The Best Word feature is fine, but the animation is distracting and gets old fast! PRIVACY POLICY NEEDS OVERHAUL Cannot believe all that Electronic Arts is gathering! Here are some statements from their privacy policy -- that's a misnomer, in any case -- it's more like a "*Lack* of Privacy Policy"! Exclamation points added! "If you play a game offline, this data will be stored on your device and transmitted to EA when your device connects to the Internet." !! Can you believe that?! That's none of their business! "We collect other information automatically when you use our products, including: IP address; !! Monitoring you. Mobile and other hardware or device identifiers; !! Identifying your stuff. Browser information, including your browser type and the language you prefer; !! So, collecting data in your browser preference, but on your language! Is EA part of the NSA?! Referring and exit pages, including landing pages and pages viewed; !! In other words, where you are browsing! "Platform type; Information about your media, device, hardware and software," !! "your hardware settings and components," !! They're really being invasive! ... "Details about what EA products you use and your use of them;" !! "Use of them"?! and "Device event information, including crash reports, request and referral URL's" !! (Note error: it should be URLs.) Then, the coup de grace: "We also may collect and store information locally on your device, using mechanisms like cookies, browser web storage (including HTML 5) and application data caches." !! "We use cookies and similar technologies to help us understand things like what web pages, features or ads you view and what games you play." !! In other words, EA is tracking you, which is akin to stalking. NO THANKS!

Can no longer add players

I have played this since 2011 and have recently purchased it for my daughter. I can not add her to my player list from within the iOS version or through EA’s site. This has become very frustrating and needs to be addressed. Same issue on iPad version. Please fix.


User friendly and fun.

Notifications not working

Don’t see a feedback option on the app. Game is no longer notifying me when it’s my turn to play.

What's the point?

What's the point if I can't add someone via an EA account? I've gone through 'Play a Friend' and when the option comes to look for somebody I can't even type in a username. Either this is a glitch or the most useless app I've ever downloaded.

Needs some fixes

I have noted many times that the end score is not right when playing against the computer. I play my last tile and the computer has not gone out but no points are deducted from opponent score. It has happened many times.


Really need to update the “English” dictionary not sure what version you use but it’s definitely not anything close to Webster or Wikipedia.

Good app, could be even better

I would like more control over the vocabulary of the "computer” when playing against it or using “best word”. It frequently uses words college grads have never heard of. How about an option to limit the computer to the most common, say, 5000 words in a collegiate dictionary?

Scoring problems

About every third game it scores incorrectly. I will be the first to run out of tiles but the cpu will get the points for the remaining tiles and I will get subtracted points for tiles I don’t even possess. This is a bug you need to fix.


I love the game but can’t invite my friends to play and they can’t invite me. Why??! I bought the $8 version!!?! Ugh!!!

Completely dead

I haven’t been able to play in ages. It’s forgotten all my games and won’t allow any new ones. Type in a name, you say? How? No keyboard appears! No friends appear! Nothing at all! Absolute rubbish. And this was expensive, too. Please fix it!

Use to love it. Latest update broke it

Used to love this game. The last few updates created a major issue. The game ends before all the tiles are gone. It would be OK if it was designed as a free/preview of the game. But I paid for this app. It’s so annoying that I don’t play it much anymore. Disappointed.

Often accepted words make no sense

“Requote” That wasn’t allowed; yet, I know I’ve heard that phrase used a lot in the business world. But on the same day, my iPhone entered “F—khead” Yes, it was OK for Scrabble to use vulgarity but not a word used in the business world. I always play “expert” level so I do not expect frequent winning. My goal is to beat the expert 50% of the time, but, while I haven’t formally checked, my guess is more like 25-35%. Still, the dictionary often is quite inconsistent while at the same time the app forces me to play with combinations such as three “i”, two “o” an “a” and a “u”. Love the game, but sometimes it really really irritates me. Really “f—head”? “Shinings” isn’t good (yes, I’ve heard that term used in real life) but “f—uckhead” is? (Ok I’ve heard that one in real life too. Still).

Just awful. Still a wreck.

Still Buggy. Freezes frequently after a game. Need to clear the game to continue and sometimes it fails to register may play. I lost a game or two due to that. Electronic Arts should be embarrassed the sloppy, inattentive and incomplete work by their scrabble team. Don't waste your time and money until this game is fixed and stable.

Love the game!!

It stimulates one’s mind in spelling words.


I used to play all of the time. But in the last two years I haven’t been able to pull up friends that I have played with in the past.

Can’t log in with an ea account

Can’t play my wife.. pointless waste of 8 dollars.


So fun great game modes! A+!!!!!!!!

Why cheat?

I have been playing this for a few years and when set on expert the cheating begins. There are times when it goes 15 straight starts with using all of its letters. Now that’s some good odds. There is no such thing as random and chance.

This was a great game...

Until the ads came AFTER EVERY Word that I played! Then it became a chore, so I uninstalled it. I had tried to purchase it but couldn’t figure out the points/coins system and realized that I had stopped caring.


Been playing 2 years online. The programmers just can't ever seem to get it right. Frustrating to delete and reload program over and over....

More secure than my bank app

I’ll boost my rating to 2 stars if they remove the useless “remember me” selection from the login screen; since it has no effect. I’ll boost it to 4 stars if they add a Touch ID feature. I’d boost it to 5 stars if they would simply make the “Remember me” feature work! Frankly, of all the apps I have, this one lies right at the bottom of my list of security concerns. Making me login more than once, ever, is absurd. Every day is beyond the pale.

Tiles are too small

Back lighting is too dark.

Don't update

Frustrating. One star from me. Cant see my friend's icons or user names. Everyone is now a numbered guest. Really?! Get an IT department will ya? Maybe test before releasing? I dunno. Love your game, hate your SW.

Love Scrabble, hate the gatekeepers on friends.

Despise having to have either a FB or EA Origin account just to play with friends. If not for that, I’d give it 5-stars.


Love playing against comp and I like the teacher!!! I have been having trouble getting my games to load .I'm using Facebook log in and games just disappear. I like WWF better overall

Statistically bad

I cannot tell you how many times I get three or four of the same vowel. I don’t trust EAs algorithm. Deleted app. There should be a second screen where you drag tiles from a “pile” - just like the real game. Will not be playing this game until they make that change. When my wife and I play the real game I win a significantly higher percentage of games. With this version I win only about 20% of the time, about half of what it would normally be. Zero stars.


This game is SO slow! It’s aggravating.

Lost all game info

Been playing for years. A few months ago I was locked out out due to a continuing “problem connecting to the server.” Finally had to recreate my account and lost all my previous stats. Great job EA!

constantly have to keep redownloading

i love the scrabble app but it keeps logging itself out of FB & the only way to get my games back is to delete & redownload the app :(

Convenient but that’s it

I like playing online Scrabble with distant friends; it’s our day to day communication and ongoing competition. The app is convenient for this except for the many times it’s on the fritz or doesn’t notify us of our turns. Very glitchy. I also wish that the dictionary could be turned off so we can go back to old-fashioned play where suspicious words can be challenged. The Scrabble dictionary is full of nonsense words that we ignore by common consent, but some every day words or new pop culture words are blocked automatically. A challenge option where loser removes word and loses turn would be preferred. The chat option is nice (when working) but the censorship of “naughty” words is ridiculous. These comments are not public so why worry? If a better product is produced elsewhere as an app or website I will gladly delete this app!

great but needs a dictionary

great game overall but needs a dictionary to learn new words.

So so

Annoying that program often misspells words and seems to coin words

It’s great!

A lot of fun

Playing with more than one friend

I can no longer set up games with multiple FB friends. This hasn’t worked for months. It’s very annoying.

So frustrating

Scrabble is a great game but the app is a pain (I have the ad free version on my phone and free version on my iPad). Regularly finds new ways to annoy - sometimes just doesn’t work at all. The current PITA is insisting on logging in over and over. I’m sure it will get fixed but the bugs are tiresome.

Bring Back Philology!

In centuries past, this lovely allegorical lady represented the best of word study—learning language and vocabulary was the gateway to wisdom. The wisest students of language have long praised English for its capacity to absorb the words representing key concepts and major preoccupations of other cultures, thus both enriching our language and adding a familiar note for those who find an echo of their native language already present in the new tongue they are struggling to master. The words accepted and rejected by the dictionary built into Scrabble online do no honor to this ancient scholarly tradition. I wonder if behind the Scrabble dictionary is a cabal of geeks trying to create an artificial intelligence device—and succeeding only in giving users a Frankenstinian monster, devoid of familiarity with the way that language lives and grows, locked in a rigid universe, unable to behave in a way other than mechanical and unyielding, and lacking any capacity for true thought. As a result, in the world of Scrabble language, Anglo-Saxon or Old French root words are accepted without change. The other day, “boeuf” was accepted without cavil. But in the Scrabble world, such a lovely root word might also be awkwardly grafted onto a suffix or distorted into an adjective regardless of whether the resulting monstrosity makes sense. I recently played a game in which “cunit” was offered as a “best word.” But my online dictionary said there’s no definition for that word. Meanwhile, whether they be new or quite antique, additions from other languages (especially non-Indo-European) to the English word-hoard are unrecognized in Scrabblese, or are rejected as “non-English,” despite regularly turning up in native English speakers’ usage for months or years. I haven’t yet tested the online board for words from Arabic, like “niqab,” “fatwah,” or “hijab.” I’m not feeling sanguine about the prospects that all three of these recent arrivals will soon be accepted. The ancient Egyptians had a word, “maat,” that denoted the universal harmony enshrined in the afterlife of the Pharoah and his virtuous subjects. In our parlous times, I can imagine people who might chance to learn the word and the concepts behind it introducing it to their friends and acquaintances, and thus starting a conversation of the sort that helps our language grow through time. But, alas, the alternative strings of letters that pass for feedback in the Scrabble “Dictionary” will do nothing to nurture such growth. Instead, the “di BCurrent feedback blocks player learning and improvement. I’m back again to gripe about the narrowminded, capricious, obsolescent dictionary. I thought I saw in some recent literature regarding the online game that a choice of dictionaries would be allowed. But no such choice has emerged in the gaming system. And there’s no way to override the computer’s capriciousness. The reincarnation in the digital world of this great old game hasn’t benefited its players as it might. One gets better at scrabble and at using language by learning new words along with their meanings. But the digital tutor in the game is useless in that regard. It’s no help at all when the tutor smugly says, “Not bad! But here’s how you could have made the best use of your rack,” and then deposits a string of gibberish on the board, with no definition. I’ve got a pretty good vocabulary from my training in English literature and medicine, and I have too much respect for this language to accept as a word a string of letters with no discernible etymological pattern—a string that could have been typed by a chimpanzee for all I know. If the “tutor” function is to be useful for players to improve their skills, then any words in the tutor’s database have to include at least simple definitions, which the player can access with a command button. Perhaps the whole dictionary issue needs to be reviewed. Our language has been open to the incorporation of new words from before the Norman Conquest. Not to accept a word such as “squaw”—used in English for centuries—is to erase a time in our history when English speakers were trying to make connections with whole civilizations of which they had not previously even dreamed. And It is infuriating when, say, a medical word of Latin or French origin, which has for years been used and continues in common usage among English and American medical speakers, is rejected as “not English.” I wonder what the tutor would do with “roux-en-y.” A lucky player with 2 blank tiles to use as hyphens should be allowed to play the word. I’ve not seen any sign of a choice of dictionaries being listed as yet in the game’s introductory material. The “official Scrabble Dictionary” is probably stuck in the era of the game’s invention, in which case it stand now as a monument to a dead language, which now exists only within the borders of a dying game. If Scrabble is to survive, its dictionary of record should be the Oxford English Dictionary, which is constantly being updated. But the software should also contain a mechanism that allows the players to use their consensus to override the game from time to time. Only that way will the game grow and adapt along with its language. ERHmd ———————————— ———————————— The following unsigned review was present on my screen when I went to “Scrabble” in the App Store to write my own review. I didn’t write the following review, and no one but I has access to this device. But I certainly endorse the writer’s complaint about the rejection of “squaw.” ERHmd “Revise the dictionary” The PCU, vs. which I usually have been playing, has a weird idea of the English language. I laid down the letters for the word "squaw," which certainly entered our language early in the colonial period, only to have the word disqualified. Meanwhile the CPU put down the word "Flotel," which the keyboard resists and of whose meaning I'm ignorant--I'm imagining a smelly student hostel on a back street.

?? What????

It seems that often words used, when playing the computer, are not in the dictionary

Love my Scrabble, but...

I use the chat a lot and you definitely need many more emoji!!! Please...

Perdy good stuff ya

Larnin words make me super smartly Very bigly smartly


After years of updates, you still cannot highlight text, move the cursor, or select text in the dictionary or chat text box fields. This worked years ago, but has been broken since then and is really annoying. If you type a word and want to delete it, you have to tap the delete key for each letter. This shouldn’t be hard to implement and as I said, it worked as it should many years ago.


This version of scrabble will not go into landscape mode on my laptop. Also, I hate the fact that it zooms in when placing a letter. The other version was much better as you could see the whole screen all the time. Either correct or bring back the previous version.

What happened to GOY?

I love this game. I play daily against the computer, and with between 6 and 10 friends. My only complaint concerns words that have been removed from play, such as GOY. Some of the words that are no longer recognized by Scrabble may be considered profane (i.e., SHAT), but others are puzzling in their removal.

Feeney Gizelle

This is a brilliant game. It is well planned, thoroughly entertaining. Love it !

Dictionary for iPhone not the same for iPad

I really enjoy playing scrabble, but I’ve stopped playing it on my iPhone because it won’t accept many of the same words that the iPad version does. Drives me crazy. I’d give a full five stars if this was not a problem. Please fix that.

Reply to eatgrps78

If I understand your issue with the (last) word being rewritten after you check out a word in the dictionary, try this... Click on “options” at the top of the screen (within Scrabble). Then turn off the option to “show opponents last word”. I hope that solves your concern.


I love playing Scrabble except the ability for someone to nudge you when you haven’t played in 24 hours. The game then can end the next day if that person decides to. Personally, I play almost every day but I do have a life... If a nudge didn’t result in a game’s end that would be OK but I feel you shouldn’t be able to nudge someone that quickly and it result in a game end if you don’t respond. People go on vacation, become ill, etc. please consider not allowing a nudge until after several days have passed.

Just like scrabble with friends

Love being able to play against computer and people. Love the hints and teacher. Don’t need Monty anymore. Phone goes everywhere.


This version of scrabble is great While watching TY I luv to play Or just lunging around It’s the game for me