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RhymieStymie - the rhyming word game

by Jay Bacal

(49 user ratings)


Download size: 24.33MB
Version: 1.74
Released: 2011-10-12
For ages: 4+


We've released a new game! "Chain of Thought 2 - Pyramid Power!" It's free to try so please help us celebrate by downloading "Chain of Thought 2 - Pyramid Power" today!!

Rhymie Stymie – the new super fun rhyming word game.

*****Selected App of the Day by Pocket-lint.com*****

"A simple but addictive word game for everyone to try...a fun concept that gets the old gray matter ticking." -- 148Apps.com

"Great word game...We'd whole heartedly recommend giving this a look."-- Pocket-lint.com

"This is a fun and challenging word game" -- iPhoneAppCafe.com

"simple but very fun" -- Crazy Mike's Apps

"Fun, addictive and free!" -- PlusOneApps.com

"Not only the game is easy to understand, but also the application itself is extremely easy to use. So, if you want to be entertained and to have some quality time when playing an application on your Apple device, I recommend to play this one, because as the developer himself says, now it’s time to rhyme!" -- iPhoneKicks.com

"will challenge you and make words fun again" -- iAppGuide.com

We give you a short clue like “swine toupee” and you have to come up with a two word rhyming answer that means the same thing … like “pig wig.”

Easy peasy, right?

Can you figure out the two word rhyming answer for “criminal crustacean?" Think the Godfather meets melted butter and a seafood bib. That right! The answer is “mobster lobster.”

Does a word game have to be visually boring? No way, Jose! Hey, even word game lovers deserve some visual bling. And we’ve got your bling right here, baby! The more puzzles you solve, the more cool firework displays you unlock—from soaring sunflower fireworks to frisky fish, from erupting volcano fireworks to exploding super novas.

Collect tons of achievements and improve your rhyming rank. Can you go from “Poet and don’t know it” all the way up to “Freakin’ Shakespeare?”

There are 11 different puzzle packs (1 FREE pack plus 10 in-app purchase packs) to tease your brain and tickle your funny bone. You can choose from “Animals” to “Food” and from “Celebs” to fictional “Characters.” There’s even a brain busting “Challenge” pack for all you super savvy wordsters out there.

So if word games FLOAT your BOAT,
don't be TARDY to this PARTY...
It's TIME to RHYME!!
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Customer Reviews
Excellent, but Needs One Tweak

I absolutely love this game! I've never encountered another came like it. Please arrange the keyboard in the standard QWERTY layout, or at least make it an option. My times would be faster with the standard keyboard option! Outstanding game, though!

Really like it

Is a cool app. I like it a lot. But I can't see my trophies always says no data available. But I still play it

Fun brain twister

I'm not much for games. I try to stick to writing and rhyming. But when I'm burnt out on just plain writing I still like to train my brain to find more rhymes- this is super fun once you "get it"! Thanks a bunch!

Even easy is hard

good game app. good brain drain- HA!

Another awesome game!!

Keep up the great work!

Haven't played yet...

But... I know this game. I started playing this on a radio show called loveline with dr drew and psycho mike, they call the game 'Stinky Pinky'. Lol great game. Can't wait for it to finish downloading so I can play! 5 stars all the way!

This is a fun app

I love this app ... No clues to buy ... Just another 100 tries ... Not a buster at the end of a day!! Love this corny app. Thank u whoever thought of this!!!


The game is fun, but is very glitchy and closes itself almost every time I try to play it.

Marine Latrine

Hey just let you know a Green Beret is Army not the Marines.. But fun app!

Fun, but you have to purchase new levels

It was fun, but I completed the first level in less than 24 hours. Now it's worthless unless I purchase more levels. Kind of a rip off in that sense.

Can't get enough of this rhyming stuff!

Totally worth the 4.99 for the whole enchilada of Rhymie Stymie Plus. Play with friends & fam.

Full Game Priced Stratospherically

Is it fun? Yes. But, if you're good at this and want to play the full range of games, you have to be prepared to pay $11.00!!!! I think that's outrageous! No word play is worth that much money considering what great stuff is available for free. Rhymie Crimey.

Nice time killer

Fun game so far, but you move thru levels quickly so not sure how long the fee pack will last. I take that back. I spoke too soon. The higher numbers in the level make you think more.

Rhymies not stymies

Rhymes are toooo easy.

Super Duper

I remember this concept as one of the most creative Jeopardy! categories, and this game takes that premise and runs with it major big time. It's so much fun when the solution dawns on you, always makes me smile. Definitely gonna be purchasing the full version, can't get enough.

Great game

I love this game except for the fact on the second game of some packs. It gives me two stymies and takes away 5 hints. Also an option to pay $4.99 should pop up. I have added games and would have paid the full price.

Really fun

i also enjoy its sister game, chain of thought. However, I wish we had an option to turn the animation off as it distracts me. Besides that, it's a fun, creative word game.

Fun game

Pls add an option that a timer can be turned off as we can have extra time to think. This is pretty good.


Just got the game and started puzzle #1, right when I put the last letter to make the words, it freezes for a sec and then shuts down. Every time! Can't wait to play, looks fun but can't get past first words.. Is there a bug?

Ha ha

Love this game. Fun, and you don't have to think tooooo hard :-). Good for older kids too. Comes with a starter pack of 85 phrases to guess, and other packs available for .99 Very cute really.


It was fun!


This is a refreshing change to the typical word games. The only thing preventing me from purchasing the full version is the game does not rotate so you can use it landscape on the iPad. If they ever fix that, I will definitely buy the full game.

Fun game

It's a fun way to pass a little time. Kind of like rhyming hangman.

Fun Game

Fun game. Very enjoyable. Would be nice to have the option of changing the keyboard layout to 'QWERTY'.

Great game but

Are there any plans to offer a 'one price gets you all current and future levels'? I love this game but I can't afford $1 for every single additional level. I'd pay $5 to get all current and future, but as it is I'll probably sadly remove this game after I finish the starter pack. Sadly because it's creative, unusual, and great fun. But it's also too pricey at that per-level cost for something that I'll breeze quickly through. Eta: much as I feared, I finished the starter pack in a little bit of play in two days. If there was a more cost effective option like a flat fee to get all current and future packs, I would do so. Also the lack of a one-button replay is annoying. I'd like to play through the puzzles again with my godchild but it's too annoying that we can't restart with puzzle one.

Love this game ... But ....

I finished all the levels and want MORE ... Where are new groups?

awesome its Liam

Amazing fun and awesome kept me entertained for days and the graphics are really good

Rhyme Stymie

NOT TOTALLY FREE! They hook you, then you have to pay to play.

Totally addictive

This game is so fun and addictive for when you need a distraction. Cute graphics too!


& smart.

Fun challenge

I especially enjoyed the exploding letters. It made me stay engaged, alert, and happy.

Great Game

I'm having so much fun with this game!!!


Awesome graphics and sounds. Entertains many ages!

Great Game

Rhymie Stymie is a fantastic game. Fun, funny and makes you use your brain. I loved the game's design and graphics (the different fireworks and achievements are a great touch). The puzzles are fun and frequently hilarious. You really get a sense that the game's designer had a great time in creating the game and that is reflected in the user experience. Overall, Rhymie Stymie is one of the best word games that I have played for iPhone/iPad. Highly recommended!

Awesome game

It's definitly going to become popular. I was entertained for 2 hours straight.

Great game

Very nice game