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Letterpress – Word Game

by atebits

(125 user ratings)


Download size: 30.63MB
Version: 4.7.2
Released: 2012-10-24
For ages: 4+


If you enjoy word games then you will love Letterpress for its intuitive play and beautiful design. Two players take turns spelling words to capture the board. Player with the most points wins!

• PLAY words at your own pace.

• ALWAYS FREE and full-featured.

• COMPETE against friends, let Letterpress find you an opponent or challenge one of our Bot players.

• CHAT in real-time with other players.

• TRACK your performance with Statistics and Leaderboards.

• DICTIONARIES power real-time word definitions.

• Many more game features and customizations available.

For free support and answers to frequently asked questions, head over to http://www.letterpressapp.com/support.html. Follow us on Twitter @LetterpressApp. Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Letterpress. Play everywhere!

Letterpress is built in the USA by the team at Solebon LLC (http://www.solebon.com) where
we are dedicated to Sharpening Minds at Play.
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Customer Reviews
Good game, too many ads

Way too many ads.

Lost my favorite players when I updated :(

I know this person’s game name & it won’t show up. We’ve played so many games together, I hate losing her. If stilljonsgirl sees this, pls reply.

Good game

I enjoy the game. It would be nice if I could communicate with other player.

Good gameplay

Interesting gameplay. It's not just about making the longest words, like most people think at first. I also really like that a purchase/upgrade unlocks the full game outright, unlike other games that still have stupid currencies, cool down timers, and whatnot *cough cough ALPHABEAR cough cough*


Love this game, can play alone or with friends. Very challenging and fun! Favorite app!

Often hangs after submitting a word

Since the iOS update the app often hangs after submitting a word. I think the dictionary has gotten better.

Not just another word game

This is a genuine original, not merely another lookalike. Real creative thought went into the mechanics and design of this game - very impressive. So far I’ve played only against the bots. Bot 1 is pretty dumb, but Bot 2 requires thought, Bot 3 is hard for me to beat, and Bot 4 is probably unbeatable. I’ve had one game against a friend, but the bots are more challenging. One star off for the horribly intrusive ads, which sometimes can be dismissed only with difficulty, and the rather high price of getting rid of them completely, which is $5. I like to think I’m pretty good at word games. Of course I may be deluding myself, but I suspect that bot-based play will be too difficult for most people. Excellent app overall. I’m tempted to check out the creators’ other efforts.

Needs a Fix

I can’t connect to my game center name or account after re-downloading the app. The game says I can go into manage account to do so but it won’t let me change my name to my Game Center name or connect to that account. Fix this.

Mostly great.

Setup and finding friends is harder than it should be. Game play is very fun!


The game is fun. I'm amazed at the volume of words I can find. The ads are obnoxious. I'd like an option to pay to play without them.

Button to accept words

This is a great game. What would make it better is allowing players to accept words played by their opponents that are not in the letterpress dictionary.

Play This Fun Word Game Daily

I love Letterpress! It is a fun, challenging word game and can be fast paced. I get frustrated when people start playing then quit mid game when they are losing. I have had up to 25 games going at one time but maybe only 9 active games. I like the feature that makes a player forfeit after 5 non-playing days.

Strategic Word Game

Fun word game that also combines strategy!

Highly highly addictive and FUN! BEST WORD APP!

Once I got the hang of it, which took me awhile, this became my most addictive game. I Love the language aspect as well spatial component of trying to capture letters. Love playing it!

Not easy

This game is a bit difficult to pick up until the light goes on! I play WWF and have it down, but this is more technique than spelling prowess. My humble opinion lol.

Best invention since sliced bread


The greatest game ever

I love this game, and played it all the time with my wife while we were both at work. She has since determined I’m too difficult an opponent and lost interest in playing against me, so the (presumably recent) addition of bot opponents has given the game infinite replay value, even among the antisocial types like me who would rather not play at all than be forced to play against random human opponents. Letterpress was always great, but the bot opponents now move it firmly into the realm of “my favorite mobile game of all time”. Keep being awesome, Letterpress (and maybe continue to introduce more bot archetypes over time)!


No more identity problems so regular play has resumed.

Fun, challenging but need new dictionary

I just tried playing the word “prebilling” which wasn’t allowed (???) but in my last game the bot played “ Hakenkreuz” which is a German word meaning swaztika. How is that allowed?

Pandering for reviews = 1 star

Sorry, I love the game, but begging for reviews is bad form.

Best game I have ever paid for

👍🏻 love this ♥️


Very fun, auto matches match skill pretty well and there are not very many glitches, and a lot is customizable. Ads do not affect much as they are not every 10 seconds unlike SOME GAMES.

Ads are horrible... HORRIBLE!

The game itself is entertaining but after virtually every turn you must endure an ad. Recently, there is a 2 to 3 second lapse after you take your turn where the screen freezes and you can’t do anything until the ad plays. A few times I’ve unknowingly tapped the x to exit during this lapse and it automatically whisks me off to the App Store. Annoying, to say the least. I contacted their tech support who claimed they’ve made no changes to the ad format. Not sure I believe that. I feel this is a money making ploy, and I’ll be honest - I hate it. UPDATE: Today, May 14, I encountered a 30-second ad after one of my turns. It was a FRANKENSTEIN RISING HOUSE OF FUN SLOTS ad. Is this what’s coming now, 30-second ads? And of course there’s no way to click out of it, so we must endure it. Horrible. UPDATE: And I got it again 10 minutes later. UPDATE: you keep claiming the ad setup hasn’t changed but I beg to differ. Instead of continually claiming that, maybe more importance and attention should be placed on what players are saying. The ad placement and/or functionality HAS changed, regardless of claims to the contrary. Ads now have a timer on 5 second them, and occasionally longer than 5. They didn’t have a timer in them until recently. The fact that you don’t understand what I mean escapes me because I tried to detail exactly what I’m experiencing. UPDATE: I keep getting this scripted “not sure what you are talking about” response from the developer.

Fast and challenging

I play against the bots - it’s building my vocabulary. Slightly addictive, too.

Turns music off

The game is fine, it’s pretty fun and the app seems to work well. I’m giving this one star because the app turns my music off when I open it and frankly that’s stupid.


Enjoy the game but some words which are allowed for the robots are over the top and I was denied “waylay!”

Letter Press

My favorite & only game I continue to play. Love the upgrades!!


Good job but sorta boring I mean u can’t even win these days...😒 time waster 🕟

Enjoying it!

One suggestion: some of the words the “bad word filter” catches are truly not bad words. You might cause a young person to want to know why he can’t write “fairy” and other such innocent words. I’d rather not needlessly plant seeds in kids’ heads.


I am a regular. I play speed rounds to wake up my brain.

Letterpress fun but...

Fun game, great for connecting every day with a son who is far away! We both wish the notifications worked more reliably for our iPhones.

GREAT game

I just love this game. And glad it is not timed!!! Very challenging and I enjoy playing with the bots. The easy bot is too easy but the medium bot is so hard!! Thanks!!!


Love playing Letterpress!!!

I like the game but

For no discernible reason my in play games disappear and lately even my profile & avatar. The “bad words” filter is dumb. If you’re going to have one, check out the words considered “bad” a little more closely. “Knocker” is not really a “bad word.” And right now I am unable to submit this review because my personal nickname on this site is already taken (by me) and so is every other one I’ve tried so far. I’ll keep at it tho.

New version a disaster went from 5 to one- PUT IT BACK

New version has bugs that need fixing!

Love this game!

I’m a word person and most word games make me roll my eyes. But this one is challenging and fun. I paid a dollar I think it was for the full version because the free version limited me to 3 simultaneous games at a time. Now there are times where I’ve got 13 games going at once. Some players only take their turn every few days, while others are near instant so I always have a challenge available no matter when I pick up my phone.


This game is great. I’ve met some fantastic people playing it.


I like the game, and the new changes, but for the past few months, when I open the app it looks as if I had made the last move, although there had been an alert (before the app is opened). If I close the app and open it again the opponent’s game is there.

❤ this game

HANDS DOWN year after year & update after update LETTERPRESS IS SIMPLY THE BEST WORD GAME out there ✨🙌🏻

Simple but Deliciously Challenging

This is my favorite word game. I still play Words With Friends, but it’s gotten so gummed up with add-ons and hints that there’s less and less pure skill involved. This one is simple, elegantly designed, and free of all that. It’s also different; not just another Scrabble re-mix.

New owner is ruining it

This app is getting worse and worse with each new revision. The new owner does not have common sense. They logged me out of the app and won’t let me log back in again. I suspect this is because they didn’t like how Game Center keeps private user information like email address private. I guess they want to harvest email addresses. Usually companies do this so they can partner with ad companies to feed private user behavior and preferences into ad networks, for a payoff. Or so they can otherwise profit in some way from hooking into the tracking systems that are available to them once they get hold of the users email address. All this tracking is why Apple Game Center does not reveal the address to the game developer. I’d prefer it if Letterpress stuck with Game Center instead of taking this new route.

For real?

This game starts out fun...but enough with the made up and misspelled words when playing against bots. If you’re going to create a word game like this make sure it’s actually using real words that are spelled correctly. Thumbs down.


Relaxing fun game!

Just beautiful

This is one of the games you can play for years, and Letterpress is so polished and works great that it just never gets boring.

It’s great.


Just need dictionary update

Terrific game, but many words that should be accepted are not. If that were fixed, it would be fabulous.


Allowing words with no definitions is deplorable!

Ad are dirty

I get that the app needs its advertising. But do the need to be suggestive of sex and cheating? The latest version seems to have new ads focused on other games that lack moral values. That is why I dropped the stars to 3 of 5.

Boo to the ads between turns,

Letterpress has been my FAVORITE game since I purchased the app years ago. I had deleted it (needed space on phone to take pics), and today reinstalled it. I've been updating the app whenever they are available, but for the first time ever, I am being subjected to ads for violent, distasteful apps/games. WHY????? Usually when one pays for an app, there are no ads!!!! I don't expect to be subjected to apps in a game that I've purchased. Either the ads go, or the app goes!