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Letterpress – Word Game

by atebits

(62 user ratings)


Download size: 23.85MB
Version: 4.3
Released: 2012-10-24
For ages: 4+


If you enjoy word games then you will love Letterpress. This Apple award winner is loved for its intuitive play and beautiful design. Players take turns spelling words to capture the board. Player with the most points wins!


• PLAY at your own pace. Notifications signal your turn.

• ALWAYS FREE and full-featured.

• COMPETE against friends, let Letterpress find you an opponent or challenge one of our Bot players.

• CHAT in real-time with other players.

• TRACK your performance with Statistics and Leaderboards.

• MERRIAM-WEBSTER powers the word lists plus real-time definitions.

• Many more features and customizations available.


“Letterpress combines the fun of Boggle with Risk. It's a great two-player app for word game fans.” — Macworld

“The interface is packed with delightful interaction elements at every turn.” — The Next Web

“It’s quickly become one of my favorite games on iOS.” — MacStories

“Letterpress is a painfully addictive word game, earning its place on my home screen and sure to win the hearts of people in bathrooms everywhere.” — iMore

“Simple and Awesome.” — Touch Arcade


For support and answers to frequently asked questions, head over to http://www.letterpressapp.com/support.html. Follow us on Twitter @LetterpressApp. Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Letterpress. Play everywhere!

Letterpress is built in the USA by the team at Solebon LLC (http://www.solebon.com) where we are dedicated to Sharpening Minds at Play.
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Customer Reviews
Get rid of Amazon Prime ad

There are a couple of ads, one of them the Amazon Prime ad, that won't go away when I click the X. It just stays there, and will not go away until I close the whole game and then reopen it. They won't get a better rating than a three star from me until they fix those things. FIX IT!! Update I’m somewhat enjoy the app but I’m getting a recurring ad that won’t go away after several clicks. Who screens the ads? Whoever he/she is, they are on my sht list. Why does the chat version constantly crash? It crashed yesterday after only 11 messages between my opp and I.

Word variations are a problem

I thought that the game wasn’t supposed to allow word variations but that’s not true and plurals aren’t allows. The rules are not consistent.

Fun and Challenging

——————- Old Review: New Features are a Treat The simplicity of the word checking makes a great game even greater. It makes the game even more fun. Also, I've upped my speed.

Good Game!

Thanks for the updates

Thanks a lot!

Just received an answer to my complaint (see below). You are correct that app ads do not appear when you are playing the bot, but I am still getting a popup after every online turn. If this is not supposed to happen, please tell me how to fix it. Thanks. The latest update brings me to a possible app download after every turn. So annoying! At least Spider, and other games only do that after you have won. Please consider removing this annoying "feature." I am guessing there is a pay version that does not do that, but that's kind of a mean turn after providing a very nice free version for so long. My four rating will be downgraded to two stars if this is not changed.

Better than ever!

I love the bots to play games with. It's good practice and faster than waiting for people to take their turns. :D

Now with bots!

Adding bots were a great idea! No more waiting for people to move, and you can choose the difficulty you want to play against.


Can't stop playing after years. Great way to challenge and relax my mind!

Fun game with great playing action

I've liked this game for a long while, and now that they've added bots to play (so you don't have to wait for people to take their turn) it's moving back into my top playlist.

Fun game, but doesn't update

I've enjoyed this for a while. It's very different from other word games, and requires a new strategy. My one problem is that it doesn't update correctly. I get a notification (from the app) that my opponent has moved and it's now my move, but when I open the app, it still shows the game before my opponent's move. I have for close the app completely and reopen to get it to show properly. Mildly annoying. Update: the problem has (mostly) been resolved. Excellent customer support!

Excellent idea, excellent programming and code, poor dictionary

Any word game can have good graphics. The critical thing is a well integrated dictionary. Letterpress checks the box completely in regards to the application end of the spectrum. On the dictionary side of the house, it is lacking. The app links directly to Merriam-Webster for definitions, but sometimes the game will accept words that aren't even in the dictionary, yet at the same time, won't recognize or accept words that Merriam-Webster does list. TL;DR Fun game that occasionally will make you want to chuck your phone and/or delete the app. Nothing like getting beaten in a word game by word that doesn't exist.

Favorite phone game


Great game

Lots of fun!

Letterpress impresses

Thanks so much for the improvements. Love the bots as it's a quick play til finish. You enable chat and asking people to play. Finding out whether you have a playable word is way simpler. The responsiveness is much faster. Have been enjoying this game for years. Kudos to the redesign team!

Fun, addictive and just challenging enough

Best when I find an evenly matched player, and I've found quite a few. Then this is a fun brain teaser, just hard enough to be interesting but not so hard that it's frustrating. I love it.

Love this game

I've been playing it for at least three years now and haven't gotten bored yet.


Fun game

This Word Game is a Keeper!

Word games come and go. Letterpress, though, is like Boggle + Risk. Challenging rivals, riveting matches, and deceptively simple rules make this an instant classic. I've been playing daily since it was first released. Play me: LetsPlayASpell

Beautiful game

This is the only iOS game that has held my attention for more than a couple months. Indeed, I've been playing for a couple years. Beautiful simplicity. Light yet seriously strategic. Familiar yet fresh. Good for all literate ages and abilities. I love this game. Latest updates have made it even better without compromising the simplicity of it. Thank you!


Been playing back and forth with my wife for years now. The only puzzle game we've ever been evenly matched. Great for the little time we have these days.

So Fun!

I love the strategy you have to employ to win! I'm not sure if I enjoy winning against someone who doesn't get the strategy of it more or someone who does and it takes forever to beat them lol - either way, a smart, fun game!!

I agree, totally addictive

Have been playing nearly daily since 2012. Great for a quick break at work to clear my head. Love the graphics. New features continue to improve play. PolyBot is great for quick, challenging play; EvilBot thinks he's so smart but I love to out-strategize him. Love this game.

One of the best Word Games on iOS

I love this game. I am a huge fan of word games, including crosswords, but this game is my goto. New updates are fantastic - just realized there are bots! Excellent for word freaks!

Bots are great fun

My young son can beat the easiest one, while I’m leveling up to the monster.

A good game, a great patch

Love this game.

A great word game

Easily-to-play, straightforward rules, with a little strategy beyond vocabulary.

What happened was a great game

Ever time I try to play, I get a Game Center error bad suggestion to close and restart. Doesn't help. What's wrong? Addendum: Love the upgrades. Works all the time

Easy fun!

It is easy. And fun.


I still love this game, after all these years.

Better and better!

I'm loving this game more and more


Love this game. Thanks for adding chat! I've played for years and now I can meet my player friends! Thanks for new add of new board without resigning!

Bug fix

The game stopped Its weird "freezing up" -it has been smooth as silk lately.

Bots are awesome!

I've played this game for years and I'm so excited about not having to wait for humans!!!

A lot of fun!

Challenging game to play with friends!

Enjoyed for years

I've enjoyed this game for years and it just keeps getting better. Love the upgrades, especially the quick link to word definitions. Thank you!

Fun Game

Just wish more people played it.

Much better

The game changes in the new updates have made this game so much better! Totally worth a second chance!


Many words became unplayable with the last update. Isn't there already a bad word filter? Even non-swear words like "fart" were deemed not real words. Takes out the fun from the game.

Love the game!!

Best word game!

Great game!

Just discovered the bot feature. Having a great time playing against them.

Great game

Play every day that I can, always fun and interesting!

Great additions!

The new features are great! Hope more people get into this fun, unique, and challenging game

Actually improved again!

Refreshing to see another improvement in a new version--usually apps just get cluttered with ads and bugs in new versions. This is actually "new and improved"...AGAIN. Still no distracting ads. I had beat polybot 9 games to 0. First game with EvilBot it was really close i only win 13-12.

Awesome update

This game has been great since the beginning, but love the addition of bots.

Gets better every update

I've been playing for years and this game keeps getting better.


I have played this game every day for many years and it is the only game that has held my interest this long. It is stimulating, engaging and challenging - as complex and difficult as you choose it to be. If you find an opponent who challenges you you can continue inviting them to play till you've had enough! Love it.

Best word game ever!

...Well except for the now defunct Wordscape/Blocktionary! :-( But this game is AWESOME!!! It has components of chess, Scrabble, and "Sorry!" all mixed into one. It's got not only the challenging word aspect, but also the strategic aspect of gaining good board positioning... What I don't like about so many other words games in App store is that they reward Quantity over Quality... That is, volume of small words in a timed setting versus a slow paced "find the longest word you can" type of challenge. Also what is great is the skill to luck ratio... This game is very much skills based. The only luck is which opponent you'll get and which board he or she selected to use. (Not a big fan of triple J boards... LOL! ) But even that adds more strategy and challenge to the game. It's just an almost perfectly conceptualized game. The only thing that might make it a bit more fun would be the option of each player getting to use a "wild card." Maybe a preference like the clean words only option... BRAVO Letterpress!!! Two Thumbs up!!

Love it!

Addicting and fun! Don't get this if you already don't have time for things....

Thumbs up

Great game. Still my favorite after almost a year. Thanks!

You never know what you're going to get!

I play this game daily with my fellow wordie friends. Each board is different and challenging in it's own way. Just when you need an "e" you realize you don't have one. Love it!