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Letris Power: Word puzzle game

by Ivanovich Games

(27 user ratings)


Download size: 86.35MB
Version: 2.3
Released: 2012-03-15
For ages: 4+


Letris Power stems from the same simple and addictive gameplay which has turned Letris into one of the most played word games in the AppStore, adding a new strategic factor: 3 different powers to be saved in order to use them at the most convenient moment and thus be able to clear more levels.

Each game proposes a different mission, which in addition to providing variety of missions you are awarded if the mission is accomplished, being able to load more powers at the beginning and therefore able to beat your own record.

ICE! Freeze the game so you can make a long word without pressure.
FIRE! You’ll see the first row of letters burn.
TIME! Makes time go slower for 10 seconds.

There are two different modes specially designed for multiplayer which are available onLine by Game Center and on a shared screen for iPad.
1. DUEL: The letters of the words you manage to type in will be shown to your opponent in real time. The fastest wins!
2. ENDURANCE: The two players competing with the same letters individually. The one who lasts longer wins!

Universal app with retina graphics and HD. And now you can use iCloud to seamlessly switch between the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch without ever having to restart your game.

57 achievements, 11 leader boards and online multiplayer are waiting to you.

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Catalan and Portuguese.

* HD graphics specially designed for retina resolution.

Join the growing community of Letris enthusiasts in our official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LetrisFans
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Customer Reviews

Love it!!!!

Good variety,good challenge,good fun.

Buy it.


Best game this side of the mississippi!

Great game

Especially for teachers on vacation

Multilevel fun

Fun, and interesting. Play alone or with others, at the level of difficulty you choose.

Very good game

Fun and interesting to play

Great APP!

Fun game, addictive and challenging!


Both challenging and addictive. Perfect.


Challenging my personal best! Thank you!

Letris Power

Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!! I am a habitual fan!

Wat the 

Love it. Put more power ups and try to put in more tournaments. Make an update to have challenge modes like "more than  letters" or "no power ups" again luv the game

Lots of fun

I love this game...would have given it 5 stars but sometimes it does not recognize words that are legitimate


Love this game! Great for word game lovers! Still a favorite but the update gives explanation of errors right over the powers while the game continues to run, so the player cannot access the powers! Argh!

Love it

If you like word games, you will enjoy this.


Mind challenge

Super Challenging & Fun!

Love it. The best Letris game yet! Very addictive. I love the quests. If not for those, I probably would have given up by now since it gets so difficult past level 10. Just enough challenge so far to keep me coming back for more punishment!


I agree about the congratulations bar making it impossible to hit the freeze power and keep the board from filling up! Another problem just encountered this morning. Suddenly the game is not accepting any words no matter how common they are. I'm on mission 97, am a 3-star Legend and the game seems to have gone kaput! Yes, even under normal conditions it doesn't accept SOME words that are legitimate. But now it is only taking one in ten words.

What's the point.

There doesn't seem to be any way to keep the level one has attained from game to game? The graphics are 50's looking and ugly...too bad because I love word games but not this one!


Very fast paced and challenging game!


Fast paced - gets the blood flowing in your brain!

Letrus 2

Great game. Like how speed changes and the powers. Great concept!!!!


love the challenge but I have difficulty getting online to play with other players

The Best

The Best

Love it!

This is a fun, fast word game! Totally enjoyable

Letris PW Addicted

Enjoy playing, this is an awesome word game. Give your brain some exercise.

Challenging fun

Addictive, easy to learn, easy to forget how time passes when you play...


Fine word game


Just writing this so it stops telling me to send a revoew


Entretenido e incluso desafiante cuando cambias de nivel. Recomendable.

Super fun and challenging.

Thumbs up! I love word games and this has proven to be one of the funnest.

Awesome game

I love playing this game. Am trying to get through all of the missions so much fun

Great game. Hard to keep up with the faster levels, but lots of fun none the less!

Love this game!!!!

Love it!

Awesome app keeps me busy for hours!

So fun!

I keep playing and I keep getting better! Haven't tried a tournament yet.

Cool and fun

This game teaches me new words and the meaning of them. AWSOME game!

Lovin it !!!

One of my favorite games! I love the challenge!

Tough & challenging

Difficult but addictive


This is my "go to" app for a fun, challenging game. It is not as simple as you initially think..there is always another step to achieve. I am hooked!

Juego mal..

Pensé. Que era un juego. Bueno que decepción. Es lo contrario. No. Se pueden dar cuenta de los errores. Analicelon. Fue una mala compra

Love it

Tetris and scrabble perfect mix ... Love it!!!!!


The game is quite fun. Good way to keep busy when bored

Luv it

Find it challenging and fun. On the higher levels you need to develop a strategy to get the 9, 10 and 11 letter words.

Mentally Stimulating

Love the game. Would like to have color options, though!


Good game!!!!!

So fun!

So much fun


Fun way to waste time!


Muchas horas de diversión ofrece esta App y es muy adictiva

Great game

I love this game. It is so addictive!


Enjoyable and challenging!