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Descrambler - Word game cheat

by PBJ Studios

(35 user ratings)


Download size: 60.31MB
Version: 2.11.6
Released: 2010-02-04
For ages: 4+


Do you love the SCRABBLE crossword game? Do you struggle sometimes to find the best word to use? Don't worry, it's a common problem to be linguistically challenged. Let Descrambler come to the rescue! Whether you're a tournament pro wanting a quick word check, or just a rookie looking to hone your skills and learn new words, Descrambler is the ultimate resource for players of all skill levels.

Enter your 7 tiles, and optionally the board tiles you'd like to include, hit Start... and presto, all possible word combinations are displayed in addition to the word score. We can even output the words in tournament format if you're so inclined.

Descrambler also can track complete games! Enter your opponents words as they are played, enter your tile rack, and presto - you can see ALL PLAYABLE WORDS for your turn! This is the ultimate word game learning tool... you can see hundreds, if not thousands of words on each turn!

Descrambler uses a standardized dictionary of almost 180,000 words, so if a word isn't in here, then you're out of luck as far as the game is concerned! Descrambler uses a proprietary lookup mechanism to ensure that your searches are blazing fast. And no internet connection is needed unlike those other guys. You can use our app even when you're stuck on a deserted island! ... playing Scrabble I guess, while waiting to be rescued...

Descrambler also comes with a word check function where you can easily verify that a word really exists. This is great for settling disputes when your know-it-all partner invents crazy words and pretends they're real!

Descrambler also is a great tool for players of Words with Friends, Wordfeud, Boggle, Literati, Crossword Puzzles and all sorts of other word games. It can also be used to find Anagrams.

Go ahead and try it out. We think you'll find it an indispensable resource while you're playing the SCRABBLE crossword game. Plus it's FREE, so what do you have to lose!

Note: Some people seem to be missing the 'Start' button in the Descrambler tab. You must push the start button to start searching for words.

SCRABBLE is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc.
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Customer Reviews
Get rid of that damned ad!

I bought the app. Then upgraded it to NO ads. All was good... until about a day or so ago. The ad is bad enough, but contacting app support has been turned off! One week to fix it or I am using and buying another app!!!!

Paid to remove ads

Now they are back up! Tried to connect to developers, but not available! Rip off!


I purchased this app quite some time ago. I shouldn’t be seeing *any* ads, yet lately I’m seeing a Citibank ad all the time. I tried contacting through the link in app, but it doesn’t go to a valid email address. The link to visit your site here in the App Store ends with a dns page - so this is the only way to contact you. You switched ad providers - good for you, bad for those of us who paid to not have to deal with the ads. Please fix this!!

Annoying Ads with Ad Free Version

I’ve always thought descrambler was the best word finder, but in the last week, annoying ads have begun to reappear in the ad free version. I’ve tried emailing support, but get no response. Hopefully this will be read by the developer.

Ads in Paid Version

I own the full version of the app and recently if I hang out on the word list page for several seconds, my screen flips over to an ad screen. What’s up with that? I expect that in free versions, not full, paid versions. Otherwise it’s a great app. AND, there don’t seem to be any available nicknames to post a comment.

Annoying ads!!

I purchased this app 6 years ago and never had any problems. The past couple of weeks have been so annoying with the same ad taking over!!! It closes easy enough, but still a nuisance.

Annoying Ads

My app has been ad free for a long time - like several years. But for the last two weeks annoying ads have been appearing. Please fix this problem. It’s very frustrating. 👎🏼

Love this app!!!!!

This is a most helpful app. I use it all the time. Oct. 15, 2018. I’ve always loved this app works great. However, the last few days I’ve been getting a credit card ad and I’ve purchased NO ADS I don’t understand. I’ve restored purchase but still it continues. Please fix this

Ad pop up

Bought the version to avoid ads and expand tracking but lately the Citi ads pop up constantly. What is up with that?!?!

Adds are back and annoying

I purchased the upgrade and have had a couple years of uninterrupted play. Now adds are back. This needs to be fixed so advertisements go away. -------------------- Support Info Device iPhone10,6 iOS 12.0 --------------------

Purchased without ads, but have ads now.

For years I have purchased this app to have no advertising, successfully. but recently ads are getting through. You have to click something to go back to your screen, but something is definitely wrong and hopefully they will be fixing this ASAP. Once they do that again, I’ll be able to recommend this app if your the cheating sort. 😜

Don’t bother to purchase ads free version

They take your money and the adds get worse

Descrambler Ads

I, too, purchased the Descambler App, but I continue to get pop up ads. Please fix and I’ll rerate five stars.

Excellent tool BUT

Now it keeps jumping to a blank internet screen with a Citi bank ad at the top. Plus I paid for ad free and I have an ad on the main screen. Too frustrating.

Black screen

I have been using your app for a long time now and within the last two weeks when I type the 7 tiles on top then go to bottom and type 1 or 2 tiles (board tiles) press the blue start button, my phone screen goes black with only the word “Install” on the screen and everything freezes up. Please can you fix this? Thanks!

Love the app but.....

Please fix!!!! I paid for the ad free version. Why can't get I rid of these ads?? I've made this request for help numerous times. Can't get thru to apple support!!


I love this , but I’m now getting ads! How do I update this To get rid of them. I did pay the extra money not to have the ads!


Get the pop up ad off here! !!!!!!!!

No way to close an ad now

The new ads have no close button, so I have to keep quitting the app to get rid of them. Annoying.

Thanks for the update! *****

I’m so glad that you pay attention and that you quickly fixed the ad problem. It’s working great again the ads are gone! This app is well worth a few bucks to buy also worth it to upgrade with the ad free and dictionary with the longer words as well. Love your App! Best descrambler in the App Store IMO ;) Over the years bugs and problems have been minimal.

Fixed ad bug but still behind on wordlist

They fixed the ad bug. The wordlist is still out of date it seems to me.

The program has glitches

I purchased the program: yet I still have ads popping up. So I purchased it again because is the glitches, ads and pop-up. Plus the program freezes up while I'm playing.

Descrambler - new update has FLASHING ADS!

Used to love this app. Latest update now has plunked FLASHING and super-distracting & irritating & annoying ads at bottom of screen. Actually gives you a headache. Super distracting. And, I PAID FOR NO ADS! What gives with you guys? Fix it fast or you will kill this app. As is - I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS APP!

Paid for ad-free now have ads

Used to love this app until latest update when they inserted ads even though I paid for ad free. Do NOT get this app. Developers can’t be trusted.

Paid version now has flashing ads

I was perfectly happy with this app until the latest update. That’s when flashing ads started appearing at the bottom of my screen - which is annoying enough for me to want to delete the app. I’m here at the App Store to see if they’ve fixed it yet, but don’t see another update available. I’ll give it another week, then sayonara.

Ads flashing

I too, paid for no ads and the whole combo package upgrade and suddenly I have flashing ads at the bottom of my screen. I contacted support to have these removed immediately especially since I already paid NOT to have them. No response. Very bogus. Why would this be allowed? Major major blunder.


I’ve had the ads free version for years. This latest upgrade has ads flashing annoyingly at the bottom of the screen. Restoring purchases won’t get rid of the nasty things! Other the. That the app is still great.

Not impressed

I’ve purchased the ad free version twice (paid twice too) and there are still ads.

Love it

Love this apt. I purchased the upgraded version of this apt a long time ago. But now it’s showing ads at the bottom of my screen. This started recently. And it’s annoying. But other then that this apt is Easy to use! Very helpful when you need it. Works real good.

Update has bugs

I paid for NO ADS and the other upgrades. The update does not recognize previous upgrade purchases. Please fix this or give me my money back!

Not ad free

I paid for ad free, as of the last update, ads are back. Looking for an app by another author.

Used to be great...

This app used to be great. I paid for the combo to avoid ads, but now have ads of spiders crawling on the bottom of my screen. Tried to contact the developer, but no luck... server appears to be ‘unavailable’.

Latest version removes features

The latest forced update removes features. You must pay to get them back. This is ransomeware.


Too many ads now very frustrating

Zero ⭐️s

Why pay for the upgrade when you get an advertisement every 5 seconds! This app is a piece of GARBAGE! Save yourself the time and money, don’t download & don’t pay for the upgrade! GARBAGE GARBAGE GARBAGE!!!

New update crashes Word. Video control panel keeps popping up (paid for no-ads).

With iOS 9.3.5

Not as good as before.

Since the last update, it will no longer let you enter a ? For a blank tile. Frustrating. use to like it.

Crashes + ads

Fix it please!!!

Upgrade Ad is OBNOXIOUS!

I have the purchased version of this app, which is supposedly ad-free (the only reason to actually BUY it...), yet EVERY time I open it, I am bombarded with ads for something called Rheo, which I neither want, nor need. I would never buy that app simply for the reason that it has been shoved down my throat so obnoxiously!!

Since 10/7 update...

...there is the inability to enter the ? Into the board to indicate a blank tile. Thank you.

Failed update

Since update on Oct 7, 2017, I'm unable to get into the descrambler game to see my boards, continually crashes on iOS 10.3.3..I'm playing 28 games...needs a fix quick..please..

No longer working

I have used this app for years to help with finding words.... I deleted & re-installed. Still nothing. What is going on?

Update: love it again. Old: Used to love it.

Update: they actually listened to their reviewers and fixed the issue!!! Old: Had to change rating as the app no longer works since the iOS update to 11. Frustrating.

Upgrade crash

I just downloaded the upgrade and the ap stop working Iphone 11 ios. It starts up then crashes! Needs quick fix please

iOS 11 killed this app

It won’t display boards after update I hope they fix this I got the paid app and would like to use it

Update Please!

I like this app, but it needs to be made IOS11 compatible. It crashes every time I’ve tried to use it since the IOS update.

Crashes in iOS 11

Crashed in ios11 when I hit the track option.

I did love this app...

This app was great when it worked but they haven’t updated to the new IOS 11 update so now I can’t use it. I’m so frustrated!

Annoying Ads

Why would a good app run such an annoying ad as that Rheo ad? It takes you offsite if you so much as breathe on it. Are you trying to make me STOP using Descrambler? It worked!