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Conundra: A Brain Training Word Game!

by Sarah Pierce

(28 user ratings)


Download size: 8.02MB
Version: 2.0
Released: 2010-12-08
For ages: 4+


~ A quick & easy word game that's great for your brain! ~

Conundra is a simple anagram game that is easy to learn, but hard to put down. Solve anagrams that are from from six to ten letters long. See how your performance varies over time and by time of day and day of the week. A great way to find out when your thinking is sharpest!

Conundra is a fantastic way to improve your performance in games like Scrabble, the jumble, cryptic crosswords, and countdown. (We're not kidding about this--try it for a week and see how much your Scrabble scores improve!) It is also great for improving spelling and vocabulary. It takes some serious skill to get a perfect game, but that is what makes it so addictive!

• Three free levels
• Great for building vocabulary and spelling skills
• Perfect training for games like Scrabble, the jumble, Boggle
• Tracks your scores over time
• Shows how performance varies by time of day
• Paid levels with longer words for those who need an extra challenge
• A fun mental exercise to keep your brain sharp!
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Customer Reviews
I love this app!

It opens and relaxes my mind to help me find words in chaos. Develops skill better than cheat apps.

I like the app.

What I don’t like is that sometimes you have to hit a letter several time before it takes. Otherwise I think it’s great.

Too loud!

Love this game! My go to when held hostage by doctors, etc. However, when a new game is started, the ads blast out! Can’t get them to stop - touching the “x” does nothing. Not what you want in a quiet setting. Why would I be interested in downloading the AirBnB app while playing a game? Please turn down the ads!

Overall good game.

Not flashy. But a good thinking game. If you want to race the timer you got that, or take your time while having brain farts in practice mode. Interesting stats to look at afterwards too!


I have quite a few word games and love playing them but I’ll come back to this one just to sharpen my skills. I only play the practice, easy and medium levels which is perfect for me. The practice is great because it isn’t timed, and the medium is just difficult enough with just enough time to figure it out.

Enjoying it.

I'm enjoying the challenge. It's amazing how the mind gets stuck with a pattern at times and then you go omg! Why didn't I think of that! 😊

Honestly, it's too difficult.

I was looking forward to this game to help sharpen my brain and skills like it suggests. However, on the very first word I couldn't even figure it out. And that's on EASY MODE. Actually managed to figure out the other four words in that set. Started it again and the first two words AGAIN I could not figure out. I know that I am not illiterate. I have a decent IQ level. I am highly disappointed in this game. 😰😢


Pleasantly challenging.

Challenging and gets your brain going

I love this app because it is one I struggle to solve. Scrambled words are usually easy to solve but the medium setting on this app can be difficult.

Love it!

Challenging game, but not impossible or frustrating! Love it!


Gives you enough time to work things out, but throws some difficult words your way. I like it!


Such a challenging game! Great also for a brain teaser. Love it so much!

Ads on Upgraded Version

I've played this game for years, but have recently started seeing ads in my paid, upgraded version. Ruined a great game for me.

Not too easy!

Good way to pass the time and get smarter at the same time

Great game!

This game is turning out to be one of my favorites. A good word game is hard to find, and this one really hits right on target. It is an entertaining challenge and I find myself coming back daily.

Need a few fixes.

On numerous occasions, I have had the word correct, app does not recognize it and then it comes up with that word as the answer. I thought, am I not paying attention, but after this happening over and over, I was a litte ticked. So, if you are using the app, do not get too upset. Not your fault, it is the app.

Needs Bug Fixes

Game is fun, but this app is unstable and crashes regularly - for example, if you try to Reset your game stats, the app freezes up solid and you cannot make it work at all after that. Suggest you await a future, hopefully more stable, version.

Lovin it

Sometimes rockin' it, sometimes low and rollin' in it, lovin' working on it!

Needs bug fixes

This is a good and challenging game. However, it needs to be better maintained by the developer. There are several bugs that need correcting. For example, words verified as correctly spelled are not recognized as such by the app. Also, words that are really not commonly used and somewhat architect should not be included in the Easy Play mode. This is a good game with much potential but please provide more regular maintenance updates. You may also want to include new words to the play dictionary as the same words are often repeated.


This app makes my 1-hour subway ride feel like 15 minutes in addition to greatly improving my word formation skills. Great app!

Great fun while training

Worth the effort.

More options

There should be the option of picking your own sized word, category, etc. other than that it's great fun!

Improves with age

At first I was not super impressed with this, but as I advanced my word jumble skills, it became lots of fun. And while I still may not be a stellar scrabble player, I assure you I am a word jumble pro.


This game is awesome.

Great fun!


Really fun but...

I really like this game, but too many times it does not recognize the correct word when you unscramble it. So far, this has only happened during the practice mode, but it is discouraging nonetheless. Otherwise, it is a quick, fun, easy-to-use game.


Better for my brain then crushing candy :)


Addictive! Would have rated it a five, but there were a few words that I spelled correctly and in time but were not recognized as correct! Other than that, I love it!!

Fun but difficult

This game is very difficult if your grammar is not up to par, but it is still very interesting and entertaining!!!!!! :)

Great app, scrabblegrams for fre

I like this app a lot. I used to get scrabblegrams from the newspaper, this app is better!

Love it

Great way to practice spelling. If you are a scrabbler great way to practice and to be fast at unscrambling.

Adrenaline rush

This game is such an adrenaline rush. You cannot put the game down as you always want to keep beating your previous score or time! No ads and that alone is awesome:-)

Mr. Manse

This is a challenging and engaging game. It's worth the download.

Great quickie

Fun, easy, and useful for passing the time while waiting.

Simply fun

Easy level is still a bit hard for me. Hope that doesn't mean I'm stupid.


I love word games, it keeps you on recognizing easy words!!!!

Love it!!

I truly like this game. Something to keep your mind busy. Great job guys. Thank you.

Fun Anagrams !

Great game. Very addicting! Can't stop playing.

Great game

What a great way to wake your brain up! Love this game, very challenging


This game is addictive & delightful! :)

Makes you think.

It's cool


I love word jumble puzzles, and this app is fun to sit and do in a few spare moments. Not a big time occupier, which I like.

Wish there was more to it

Nice game. Wish it had a little more...something.


Have patience. You will get better at this game with practice.


Fun game.


"8-10 letters" used to be free. Now with the update you have to upgrade & pay. Bs..


Challenging scrambles, gets the brain working.

Great Mind Workout

However, it needs to give you 40 seconds to complete the medium words.

Love this game!!!

Love this game. It really does train the brain. I wish it would keep the word list so I could go back and see what I did.