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Fooducate - Nutrition Tracker

by Fooducate, Ltd.

(1,123 user ratings)


Download size: 42.94MB
Version: 5.24
Released: 2010-11-04
For ages: 4+

Genres:Health and FitnessMedical

Lose weight and keep it off. Eat tasty, healthy, real food. Track your calories, macros, exercise, sleep, hunger, and mood. Get motivation from the most supportive community in the world.

+ A meal tracker and so much more
+ Track your food intake and exercise
+ Seamlessly integrated with Apple's HEALTH App
+ Track the quality of calories
+ Track your macros: protein, fats, carbs
+ Track your sleep, mood, and hunger levels
+ Add your recipes and instamagically see their nutrition value!

+ Scan over 250,000 product barcodes
+ Get a personalized nutrition grade (A, B, C, or D) for each food
+ Get suggestions for healthier foods based on what you scan

+ Free health & diet tips from nutrition professionals
+ Free weight loss tips
+ Motivation, love & support from the community

Fooducate analyzes information found in product nutrition panels and ingredient lists. Scan to discover things manufacturers don't want you to notice:
- added sugars
- artificial sweeteners such as aspartame
- trans fats
- high fructose corn syrup
- controversial food colorings
- GMO - genetical modified organisms (premium feature)
- additives and preservatives
- and more...

• Apple's Best of the iPhone Health & Fitness category
• 1st prize - US Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge
• Media praise: USAToday, NYTimes, Dr. Oz, Oprah, WSJ, ABC, FOX,. . .
• Recommended by doctors, dietitians, fitness trainers, and your friends

***** “I lost 55 pounds with this app!"
***** "Eating healthy is the easy way to lose weight. Thanks Fooducate!"
***** "I love love love the free health tips"
***** “I am learning so many helpful new things about healthy eating.”
***** “Makes healthy food checking a breeze"
***** "Fooducate is undoubtedly the best weight loss coach I ever had."

- age, gender,weight, height, activity level
- desired weight loss rate
- carb control
- health conditions (low cholesterol, pregnancy,...)
- dietary goals (non processed foods, vegetarian)
- avoid MSG, HFCS, GMOs and other ingredients
- Gluten free and other allergens
(Note: some personalization features require a premium account)

Health App integration:
- import your exercise info from other apps and devices
- export your meal nutrition data - calories, carbs, and more

Get the most out of Fooducate with these premium features:

* Pro
—> Low-carb diet
—> Paleo diet
—> GMO warnings
—> Weekly health & diet tips
—> Priority support
—> No ads.
Subscription options: monthly auto-renew, annual auto-renew, one-time purchase

* Gluten & Allergies
—> Gluten-free diet
—> Uncover gluten and allergens in your food
—> Choose allergen free alternatives
—> Includes gluten, milk, lactose, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, and shellfish
—> Priority support.
Subscription options: monthly auto-renew, annual auto-renew, one-time purchase

* Diet Kickstart
one-time purchase

* Pet Food
one-time purchase

Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. When your subscription ends, you can still use the app, without premium features

Our terms of use: www.fooducate.com/terms
Our privacy policy: www.fooducate.com/privacy
Our website: www.fooducate.com

* Requires iOS 9 and higher
* Product grading is only for US products
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Customer Reviews
Love Fooducate!

This app has really helped me on my food journey. I used to think I was a pretty healthy eater, but Fooducate helped me see all the detrimental additives in the foods I was eating. I scan products when I’m shopping and replace poorly rated ones with healthier alternatives offered by the app. Over time this has significantly improved my family’s diet. I recommend Fooducate to everyone who wants to eat better and avoid harmful additives in their food.

Buyer Beware!

I paid more than $30 to try most of the functionality of this app and I am regretting it. The graphics are poor, finding a food to enter is so time consuming, this app has less than half of the options that pop up when you use My Fitness Pal. Maybe less than a quarter. Then, to add insult to injury, I have emailed support three times over seven days and have yet to get a single response. A total rip-off.

Is EVERYTHING extra???

You asked for a review less than 5 mins into me signing up and right now I’m not happy. Everything that is of use seems to involve paying extra. Maybe my impression will change after I have had more than 5 mins.

Food ratings

I love the food ratings, explanations, and alternative features. It would be great to have a history of the foods you looked up though on the food finder option.

need more info on whole foods

new user, but not finding a lot of info on whole foods - foods without a bar code.


A good platform to learn about food

Two small problems

1. I’m not good with watching my food intake and this powerful app isn’t making things easier. 2. The July newsletter contains soft porn which ain’t good at all. The woman sitting on the sand with the see-through covering wasn’t necessary or appreciated. Please ensure this doesn’t happen again. Thank you.

User Friendly

It seems user friendly, so far.

Problem in Measurements

The app does not support Metric system only imperial system

Not vegetarian friendly unless you upgrade

Pointless to make people pay for vegetarian recommendations.... can’t use this app

Free the gluten free!

This is a wonderful app but if you’re allergic to anything (which is not and individual’s choice) you are required to purchase an extension. I was diagnosed celiac 10 years ago when gluten free was basically unheard of. It wasn’t until a few years ago I was able to order a pizza that wouldn’t kill me and I didn’t have to make. There is so much to share in the celiac world. It’s unfair to force someone to buy a ticket to get help eating and losing weight with a food allergy. This should be a free feature. It’s a marketing game that I don’t wish to play.

This app is great!

I downloaded this app expecting it to be another cheap health app with ads every 30 seconds, but it's not at all! It's a great, simple way to keep track of what you eat, and the nutrients in it. I also really like that the app doesn't force you to buy the pro version to get anything worth it, and it doesn't ask you to upgrade all the time. I believe the features on both the free and paid version are fair. Overall, I highly recommend this app.


Many of the foods I eat are not in the database. Many of the foods that are in the database have the wrong nutrition information also. This has messed up my information, but now that I realize I double check the nutrition label and enter the nutrition information myself. When entering the information Vitamins A and C cannot be included in the nutrition information because there is no place for them. It would be helpful to include vitamins and minerals in the nutrition information. Apple HealthKit does not update when you delete something it remains in there. It would be nice to be able to see the carb count and other nutrition information per meal instead of and/or in addition to the total amount per day. A new day begins at 12:00 EST and ends at 11:59 p.m. EST, but the app does not adhere to this as it remains on the day before calling it today when it is well into the next day. The ability to print a report from “All Time”, 90 days, 1 month, 14 days, and 7 days would be helpful. For privacy the app should allow for a passcode on the iPhone app.


I feel like I can’t do anything without upgrading. I will not spend money on an app that may not work for me. If I knew this app would work I would have no problem but idk and I literally can’t do much of anything.

Weight loss

The most best weight-loss helper helping out the other ever

Very easy to use

This app is very easy to use and works if you stick to it

More than just a diet app

This app has all the bells & whistles and if you upgrade to premium for a minimal monthly fee the extras seem way worth it!!

Food tracking needs more detail

The scanning via camera of foods is awesome, but this needs more details when it comes to food logging. For example, one can only log on a mobile device. The option to log on a desktop would make this process faster. Also, different serving units should be included. For example, one should be able to enter food as units of weight and volume, with both imperial and metric measurements. The amount of food consumed shouldn’t be required to be relative to service size. For example, I had 1/3 of a cup of oatmeal, but I was forced to say how many multiples of 1/4 cup that was. That’s a pain if you care about precision. Finally, the nutrition reports should also include vitamin and mineral reports. This could be particularly useful for vegetarians and others who need to be more vigilant about iron and other nutrients.

The birthday does not work so I am deleting this app until this is fixed


Awesome app

Love the scanner and the reviews.

No search capability

Can’t find beer nutrition info w/o looking through a long list. Want to search by name.

Biased, incomplete, vague

The information provided beyond the label info is biased, incomplete, and doesn’t seem well informed. It’s like Weight Watchers style thinking - less calories must be better than actual nutritional value. Use it for browsing label info, but don’t rely on it for your ultimate choice.

Losing weight

I luv this app!! Keeps me updated, helps me know what to eat and what to look for on foods!! I luv how u can check on calories in everything u eat!! I also like that it tells u what to do if u want to loose more in a certain area and how to do it!!!!




Just starting this app sooo let’s see!


This is an amazing app! It works well for me and has a wealth of information! I highly recommend it!

Helps identify MSG in foods

This is one of the few apps that easily show if MSG is in the food. The explanations about food items have taught me so much in a very short time. I love seeing the grades for foods, it is very motivating to keep eating clean. I learned that just 3 of my favorite breakfast cookies are 40% of daily sugar. That makes it easy to switch to something else. I paid for the premium, but the free is still great. Very easy to use. I also like seeing alternatives for foods.

Great potential app

This app has a great potential, the visual interface is very nice, all my food activities pop up whit pictures and colors. I really like it. The user database is extremely limited. It has a long way to MyFitnessPal food day base.


Has a good system if you are looking to lose weight and shares recipes as a weight loss community, and facts about food that I never knew

Ur mom

This app is crazy trendy!! I love it with all my vegan heart! #swaggy #makeamericagreatagain

Great app!

Long-time user. I use Fooducate all the time while grocery shopping. Best nutrition app!

Program vs App

Fooducate is an excellent program and the app is extremely helpful but as far as the app being user friendly goes do not believe that aspect of it was very well thought out. One of those apps that was built by geeks for geeks IMHO.

Love this app

Great way to keep track and see what you're eating whether you're trying to lose weight or just improve your diet

I love Love Fooducate

It is my “go to” app. Before I even consider buying a product or food I check out Fooducate. It’s keeping me healthy and stops me from even thinking of eating something that I shouldn’t because I know I can find an alternative that would be healthier for me. Fooducate never disappoints with its clear rating system and providing alternatives.

More Food Options

I would love to see more food options. At times I am not able to find the food or food substitute for the food products eaten. Otherwise, I love all other features!

I love it

Very informative and helpful for people who want to know more about what they are putting in their bodies.

Love the app

I love this app; the color coded grades for foods really help me to eat better; easy to use format. Nice breakdown of nutrients. I just wish that there was a whole week’s breakdown of average calories and exercise and nutrients n stuff. It would also be great if u could make ur profile private and if you could pay extra and have a diet coach. If those things were adjusted, it would be a five star app.

It’s not free

I thought I could keep a food diary. I am a diabetic looking for tools

Can’t log in

I have downloaded the app and re-opened my old account. I can’t get past the login screen after multiple attempts...but I don’t get an error message. Frustrating.

Have only been using it for a few minutes, so kind of early to ask for my feedback

One problem with my first impression: the options for purchase of a premium feature, like gluten-free and allergies, is shown as $2.99 per month automatically renewing. But if you sign up for 12 months at a time, it states that it reduces your price to $1.43, non-automatically renewing for one year. When you choose this option, the screen shows a total of $19.99 for you to approve the purchase. But when I did $1.43 times 12 months, the total comes out to only $17.76. Not a huge difference, but still, not a great first impression of transparency, since it’s a lot quicker to just purchase for $19.99 than to do the math and see that it’s not equal.

Not reliable for what is “healthy”

I read through a lot of the reviews and saw there are a few who recognize that the creators of this app cannot be depended upon for what is truly healthy. It is surprising to me how many people will believe someone just because they say so. People, do your own research! Learn about what you are putting in your precious body. For example, no differentiation between rBGH or rBST-free butter and those with hormones. In fact some with hormones were higher rated than those without. There is so much controversy in the medical and nutrition fields. Look at all the cancer and illnesses today and learn for yourselves. This app cannot be depended upon.

Not worth the money

Rarely finds the food I scan. Much better programs for much less that do better. What good is an app that you the one paying for the app has to input half the stuff you look up. Overall decent but not worth the money.

I love it

I always check here before getting snacks for me and my kids. This helps me pick the not so bad ones

Good app!!!!

I feel like this app is easier to use and it keeps me on track more than the fitness app or the under armor app. I also enjoy the articles that are available on here! Helps me grocery shop! And I like to scan my food and see what grade they are! I’ve always been a teacher’s pet!

Get the grade

Like how quickly it finds and rates the various food items...explains how it meets the grade.

Conntroling my sweetness

Interesting read about fake sugar. I had been thinking about replacing my sugar for my coffee to fake sugar. This convinced me to not switch. I eat mostly chicken. Fish, eggs and vegetables. Stay away from processed food with exception of tortilla chips. I drink coffee in the morning and use sugar. That is about it for added sugar. I was going to convert to fake but after this I am sticking with sugar. My thinking still remains, stay away from processed and chemical intake as much as possible. Thanks

Tutorial available?

Heard about this on TV cooking show “The Kitchen” Anyone have recommendations for ease of use?

Not very helpful

Pay money for what? This app is useless

Helped me lose almost 20 pound so far!!

This great app is so easy to use! I just love it! It helped me lose weight because it is so simple...after years of Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and other incredibly expensive programs that never work in the end, this app is the BEST because you eat what u want and you learn to control your eating habits by yourself- in a way that works for you. Plus, even if you exercise only a little (such as walking slowly for 1/2 hour or 20 minutes) you can record the effect and it’s VERY encouraging 😎 TRY IT and good luck!!


This is such a good app if your looking to loose weight you can scan your foods and it tells you if it’s good for you or not