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Fooducate Nutrition Tracker

by Fooducate, Ltd.

(6,523 user ratings)


Download size: 44.47MB
Version: 5.16
Released: 2010-11-04
For ages: 4+

Genres:Health and FitnessMedical

Lose weight and keep it off. Eat tasty, healthy, real food. Track your calories, macros, exercise, sleep, hunger, and mood. Get motivation from the most supportive community in the world.

+ A meal tracker and so much more
+ Track your food intake and exercise
+ Seamlessly integrated with Apple's HEALTH App
+ Track the quality of calories
+ Track your macros: protein, fats, carbs
+ Track your sleep, mood, and hunger levels
+ Add your recipes and instamagically see their nutrition value!

+ Scan over 250,000 product barcodes
+ Get a personalized nutrition grade (A, B, C, or D) for each food
+ Get suggestions for healthier foods based on what you scan

+ Free health & diet tips from nutrition professionals
+ Free weight loss tips
+ Motivation, love & support from the community

Fooducate analyzes information found in product nutrition panels and ingredient lists. Scan to discover things manufacturers don't want you to notice:
- added sugars
- artificial sweeteners such as aspartame
- trans fats
- high fructose corn syrup
- controversial food colorings
- GMO - genetical modified organisms (premium feature)
- additives and preservatives
- and more...

• Apple's Best of the iPhone Health & Fitness category
• 1st prize - US Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge
• Media praise: USAToday, NYTimes, Dr. Oz, Oprah, WSJ, ABC, FOX,. . .
• Recommended by doctors, dietitians, fitness trainers, and your friends

***** “I lost 55 pounds with this app!"
***** "Eating healthy is the easy way to lose weight. Thanks Fooducate!"
***** "I love love love the free health tips"
***** “I am learning so many helpful new things about healthy eating.”
***** “Makes healthy food checking a breeze"
***** "Fooducate is undoubtedly the best weight loss coach I ever had."

- age, gender,weight, height, activity level
- desired weight loss rate
- carb control
- health conditions (low cholesterol, pregnancy,...)
- dietary goals (non processed foods, vegetarian)
- avoid MSG, HFCS, GMOs and other ingredients
- Gluten free and other allergens
(Note: some personalization features require a premium account)

Health App integration:
- import your exercise info from other apps and devices
- export your meal nutrition data - calories, carbs, and more

Get the most out of Fooducate with these premium features:

* Pro
—> Low-carb diet
—> Paleo diet
—> GMO warnings
—> Weekly health & diet tips
—> Priority support
—> No ads.
Subscription options: monthly auto-renew, annual auto-renew, one-time purchase

* Gluten & Allergies
—> Gluten-free diet
—> Uncover gluten and allergens in your food
—> Choose allergen free alternatives
—> Includes gluten, milk, lactose, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, and shellfish
—> Priority support.
Subscription options: monthly auto-renew, annual auto-renew, one-time purchase

* Diet Kickstart
one-time purchase

* Pet Food
one-time purchase

Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. When your subscription ends, you can still use the app, without premium features

Our terms of use: www.fooducate.com/terms
Our privacy policy: www.fooducate.com/privacy
Our website: www.fooducate.com

* Requires iOS 9 and higher
* Product grading is only for US products
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Customer Reviews
Renal restrictions

More about potassium for kidney diets.


Have used this app for years!! Love it!!

Disappointed for an app advertised in a government site

All the food features are premium, don’t bother downloading unless you’re planning to subscribe to a plan


When I “okayed the purchase, it said $3.99/mo. I’m charged $39.99! Not okay!


I liked the app haven’t used it for a long time. I think I quit when they started charging.

So helpful!

Great service in that you can upload foods they don't have and they promptly provide feedback. So many foods I thought were healthy were proven to not be. Thanks fooducate for helping clean up my diet!

Great Tracker, Hard to Use

I really like my ability to add whatever I eat on the tracker to keep track of my calories and nutrients, but it’s a lot harder than it should be to add food. Every time I select lunch, it sets me to 1:00 PM. I eat lunch at 11:30 every day, so I’ll often forget to change PM to AM then I have to go through everything later. I’d prefer that the time didn’t change when I put a meal down. Second, I can’t update my own recipes and I instead have to redo everything from scratch. Third, the calories burned through activity are much higher than they should be. Running for 30 minutes burns around 275 calories, not 500.


When signing up you are prompted with the following message: “Fooducate” wants to use “Facebook.com” to sign in. This allows the app and website to share information about you. Cancel or Continue? Not sure what “share information about you” means exactly. Share with each other or post things on my behalf on Facebook?


Love this app it gives you everything you need to know about your health and you can look up things you are eating and gives you a average on wether if the food is good to eat or not!!!!!!!i LOVE this app❤️❤️

Love this App - gives you a solid food rating with explanations!!

5 star quality

User friendly

At the end it too me to buy premium packages. It would not let me pass. Almost as to force me to subscribe

This app changed my life

For years, I had all the intentions of buying and eating healthy food - but I was mislead by the “healthy” brands. When I realized that you need to check the labels and read ingredients - I was frustrated that it takes long time and learning (eg, more than 20 names to sugars are used just to hide the fact that a product contains lots of it 🙁). With Fooducate, I just scan the label and get healthy scores, and tips. It also offers alternative product which is similar but more healthy. For example, it helped me replace all the junk heavy sugar cornflakes, with low sugar alternative - and oatmeals. The main feature of the app is scan food. You can also personalize recommendations, based on your diet goals. Using this app was the biggest and easiest improvement in my health habits...


This is really great and losing weight is always better, when I’m living my dreams also I found this format to write a review.

Incredibly comprehensive !

I’ve use the weight watchers app before and this is even better my favorite feature is that they give you better options for the choices that you made and they tell you why so that you’re educating yourself as you go! Which amounts to Constant improvement In your nutrition choices!

Great app!

I use this app all the time. Wealth of information on all things eatable. It tracks points, calories and so much more. The food database has expanded to where I rarely scan a product that is not available. I’ve even assisted in uploading a few through the years. Hope you find it as useful as I have.

It’s ok

A bit cumbersome to use. I had for two days and deleted, I like other apps better. To upgrade is too expensive. It does have some good information and parts but I just found it cumbersome

Easy, quick. Love this app.

Extremely educational but not overwhelming. I get periodic information and like reading it. I did the Weight Watcher app and it was $$39.00 a month. I think this app was that amount and only a one time fee! I like this app a lot better. I am making progress too!

Cool app

Cool app

Great resource

I love this app. I’ve found this to be a great resource to help pinpoint some questionable brands that include ingredient that are bad for you or your pets.

Not sure I like it

Just started to use it and not sure I like it. How do you delete unwanted products that you accidentally entered twice? Also, when I try to enter panorama grass-finished organic beef, I was given all kind of other options but I didn’t need them bc it won’t be what I ate. So, then what is the point of calories counting?Thanks

Interesting and helpful

Besides being easy to use I like that the app rates foods and explains why a food got a certain grade. Helps differentiate between good and empty calories and gets me to make better choices.


On my first use of app, it seems other users have posted a lot about wrong information. And even some items state "wrong or missing information". And the photos appear to be uploaded by users, sometimes creating duplicates of same item. I'm not sure this is a site with valid data to guide nutritional eating and food choices. I certainly would never consider a paid version based on this initial experience.

Really great but needs GMI GMO

This is a fantastic app!!! But they really need to go back to having the scanner and food input on the FIRST screen. Really annoying to have to click click click click to get to the food scanner and input meals. Home-meals calculations could also use some streamlining.

Very surpised

I had never used an app to help me manage my weight, bit I am son glad I found this great app. I know it will help me reach my goal. I want to get from 130Ibs to 104Ibs!!


Informative and accessible

I love this app

This app is outstanding, and I use it all the time. The rule for my house is something must have a B or better rating for me to buy. I will only break this rule if a lower rating is because of a little too much sugar or salt content, neither of which I have to monitor. . But when it comes to artificial ingredients, dyes, etc. I really appreciate how this app makes it easy to avoid these harmful substances and choose wisely. Great app and I would rate it higher if I could.


Love the upgrade to Pro! It fine tunes everything for my petite height. I cannot have the same caloric intake as a taller person. This Fooducate Pro app makes it easier because it has the additional information that I need. I keep coming back to this app because it works.

Essential lifestyle app

Have been using this app for years! Still current and I still love it! This app is worth all it's accolades. I shop the super market perimeter for minimally processed foods. The best diet is the one where excess calories/ empty calories do not make it past your mouth! Bravo!

Cool App

Very cool app. Love the database and information offered + suggested alternatives. Wish the app told you if a product was GMO but that may be a legal thing. Didn't give 5 stars bc the scanner is a bit tricky sometimes. Otherwise great app.

Love it

It’s a great app that I recommend everyone getting and using. I am already a healthy eater, but I’m a guy with a fast metabolism that is trying to gain a little bit of weight, so I use this app to make sure I’m eating enough calories for the day. I love the Newsletters and all of the other info I get from the app as well. Download and use now!

La mejor app de su clase

Me encanta




If you are vegan this app hates you


I have been using this app off and on for about a year now and it’s very user friendly. Exactly what I needed!

Love this!

Love this app! It keeps me in check. I use it whenever I’m at the store. I try never to eat anything that doesn’t rate at “B” or above!

I wish you’d grade vitamins. ☹️

I wish they would grade supplements and vitamins. My mom takes so many medications and I’d love to get her off of some. Taking a good quality fish oil could be beneficial but I don’t know which one to recommend. I come to this app for advice. I really wish you could help with this too. Thanks. Jenni


This app tells me what I need to know to eat healthier foods.

Stop asking me to review!

The key to a successful app is ensuring the user experience is fantastic. And yet the designers of this app have seen it necessary to drag me out of the experience to solicit feedback twice in the first 10 minutes of use. Stop it please! I can't experience the features of this app because I'm constantly being harangued to review the darn thing!

Great compliment to a healthy lifestyle

I've been using this app for a couple years now. Helped me eat more consciously, while being aware of ingredients I'm sensitive to and was a great resource when I became pregnant so I could have more peace of mind with what I was eating. I would like to see more consistent units of measurement so I don't have to guess with oz, cups, tbsp etc., would like to see my historic data in longer ranges, and see more ingredient options when viewing historic data charts. These features I'm sure are in the works though:)

Let’s see what happens

First day

Bought lifetime subscription just to help support it

I don’t use any of the advanced features that require a premium subscription. However, I rely on the ability to easily grade foods so much for so many years now, I decided to buy the lifetime subscription just to help support and and show my appreciation. Thanks!

Great help and quick educational guide

Love the bar code scanner!


Fooducate is a great way to get in shape, keep in shape, and live a healthy lifestyle.


Very helpful. I love the app!

Great, but a few problems.

I love this app for tracking my food and water intake, as well as my calories burned. The scanner and grader for food is my favorite. However, I wish it was easier to send in new food. For some reason whenever it asks me to send in a product it won’t let me hit send on the email draft it makes.

Love the Grade

Love that I can see the “grade” of the food I consume which allows me to make more informed decisions!

Long time user...

I’ve used this app for a long time (2013) and I love it. Easy to use and keeps me on track!

An Essential App

Truly useful and one of my most used apps.

Not bad for free!

I like the app. However, it seems very few of my food items are listed. It takes quite a while to enter all this in by hand. However, my diet doesn’t vary by that much -only by how much and what time of day I consume it. On the other hand, you get what you pay for and this is no exception. It is not possible to advance to the next day without signing up for a premium account. $3.33 a month seemed excessive to me for what I was getting. The program would only be worth about two dollars a month to me. I don’t use it for anything more than counting calories and I eat pretty much the same food every day.

Favorite Food Diary App

I love that this app gives you explanations of why a food is healthy or not, in addition to tracking calories. The ability to add your own recipes and calculate the nutrition is a really great feature. Perfect for those who are interested in living healthier in addition to watching your weight!