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Chakra Balance Meditation

by Hypnosis and Subliminal, LLC

(4 user ratings)


Download size: 114.69MB
Version: 1.800
Released: 2012-02-01
For ages: 4+

**Top Seller in US App Store**

Balance your chakras and feel aligned today!
Are you feeling out of alignment?
Does your aura need cleansing?
Would you like healing that balances your chakras completely?

Rachael Meddows is a certified hypnotherapist who has used her unique view of hypnosis to give people a better life, and now she has applied that perspective to the mobile applications world. Now you can use hypnosis to cleanse your chakras and feel better today!

This app features:

* Soothing, therapeutic hypnosis/hypnotherapy tracks
* High quality, state of the art recordings
* Optional hypnosis instructions that can be opted out of once you have learned how hypnosis works
* Your choice of a short or a long hypnosis induction
* Playlist function
* Unlock All for maximum savings
* Your choice of one of three different soothing, white noise background sounds to enhance your hypnosis, or none at all
* Loopable full-length featured hypnosis track
* The option to wake you up when the program has finished, or
* Use our built-in alarm clock to wake up at a particular time, or
* Program the app to allow you to remain asleep after completing your session
* Customized video options specifically chosen for their relaxing effects
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Customer Reviews
Purchased but not received/ unable to download

Hi team I purchased “Be patient parent” module last week it’s still not in my list, every time it shows downloading but it’s not in my list yet. I tried to check with other module by purchasing that worked but this one is Not getting downloaded. I was billed for it but no product delivered. I’ll share feedback on other product. (There is no option to reach developer - the link on app doesn’t work)

No update for ios11

I loved this app up until now, but now I can't use it anymore, wont work with newest iPhone update, I didn't even realize they havnt updated in 3 years!

Not compatible with iOS 11

It looks like the developer of this app quite working on updates. App no longer works. I want refund.


Awesome so far, I fall asleep rather quickly I sleep all night now and wake in a relaxed state/mood that stays with me all day

Voice is irritating to me

I can't take to the voice. It's not a relaxing voicing soothing voice. Even when I shut off the verbal instruction, there is still talking in the beginning.

Love this app!

I purchased this so I could relax and focus on balancing my Chakras. Ironically it has not only become a tool for relaxation, but a tool for helping me shut off the chatter in my brain so that I can sleep. Love this App!

I wanted to like this app

I couldn't relax with her high pitched voice. It was annoying to try and follow through with. There are other hypnosis apps with less choppy starting voices. I tried to like this for 3 nights and I will be deleting this.


I felt relaxed. Yet invigorated.

Same ol same ol

Disappointed in what you get for such a high priced app. One session?!?! It also says the same things that the free apps say. I would like a refund.

Sleep Aide

This App is very useful as a sleep aide. The breathing techniques and the calming voice take your mind off the troubles of the day and soon your drifting off into a peaceful slumber. I don't know if was intended for this purpose or not, but it works.

Absolutely love this

I just began chakra healing. I have used the hypnosis that comes with the app and bought more as well. They really do work. I sometimes use it with my crystal chakra healing meditation as well as when I'm going to sleep. I always feel much better after.

Same Same

I was disappointed that this is the exact same induction as several other hypnosis apps front this provider. It gets boring and monotonous after a few listenings.

Love It

It is really five stars but you can't make list to play them back to back.


Never slept so hard in all of my life! Can't remember anything but wake up in the same position I started in. This one is one of my favorites :D

Love it

I fell asleep with ease. Which isn't easy for me. Truly enjoy it highly recommend.

Always makes me sleep...it's scary

Love this. I never am awake past the steps no matter when I listen. Creeps me out a bit but love it.

I'm Using it every night

I'm Using it every night


Works like a charm!

Great app!

A great app. I started with just chakra but now have about 6-10 additional ones. I would recommend.


I fall asleep and have the most delicious sleep! Does anyone know if there's more than one hypnosis? I can only access one- but with different back ground options.

Great app!!

Very relaxing and effective. I've used it a ton and definitely gotten my money's worth several times over!

Huge Dissapointment!

I am sorry I wasted money on this app. It has no selection features -- just an annoying voice that is like nails on a chalkboard. As a Reiki Master, I know what chakras need attention. I want to tailor my meditation and healing for what needs most attention.


Balances out great

Very enjoyable

Helpful and very enjoyable.


I was feeling a bit stressed lately and this really helped. I noticed that I felt better, less tightness in my chest and more relaxed. I put this on for myself and my child in the evening when I feel the pressure and stress return. I thought there would be subliminal and background relaxing sounds but there is only talking suggestions but it definitely works. I fall asleep pretty quickly when listening. I have several of these subliminals to choose from and enjoy the variety.

Rough UI and Not Good Functional Design

Very rough UI for iPad users. Audio voice sound commending and not relaxing. Not really sure the designer himself knows about chakra or reiki.

I love this App!

I use this app every time I go to sleep, and the results are wonderful.

Life changing

I have been under a lot of stress lately and started listening everyday I am so happy with it


Great app I love it

This app is really buggy and doesn't really work

Playback stops for no reason. Many of the features don't work. I bought a few different guided meditations and they are really the same long intro with a few minutes of different imagery towards the end. I'm disappointed

Exceptional content but...

Not very relaxing when it shuts itself off every minute bc of autolock


Love this app!

Very helpful

So many options to choose from to help with all areas in your life


I have felt better everyday since using this. I think it works great!

Love it

Love it! It puts me right to sleep and I wake in the morning with a smile on my face.

Wonderful app

I've only used this four times: twice in the morning before work, once at bedtime, and once on my lunch break. Each time was useful and fulfilling. I've had hypnosis sessions with practitioners and this seems to be just as effective in clearing energy blocks and promoting feelings of peace and well being. I'm grateful to have found this app.

Great App

I have been using this app for almost a year now and I love it. It works and I feel great after using it.

Changed my life

This app absolutly works for me and helped me out incredibly with all the stress and frustration I was dealing with in college, after I used the different recordings I felt the results always and felt I developed a deeper connection with myself knowing what my mind is capable of :) thank you for creating this app!


I highly recommend this app

Great app for relaxation

The speaker has a very soothing and pleasantly accented voice that I find easy to listen too. App also has other kinds of hypnosis and meditation available for on app purchase. They help me sleep and relax.

Love It!

Just like a Healing Touch session. I have chronic nerve pain in my head. This app really helps me to relax. Thank you for creating this for me and so many others.

Amazing App!

I love it! Fabulous guided meditation app-best one I've found yet. I use it daily and fall asleep to it. Relaxing...

Very helpful

This app really helps me visualize the chakras and helps me feel well balanced. One if the better apps out here.

Hypnosis and subliminal, llc

Love it!!!


This app is very relaxing and centered on what is necessary. Voice was great. Need to use daily. It also helped to realize the effects throughout the day. Love this!

Chakra app

Great app that helps me fall asleep and relax!

Best app in the world

Hi, my name is Keagen I am 12 years old and live in NC. And I love you app it is the best in the world! That's all I have to say and thank you for you app Keagen Buckley

Definitely recommend!

Thorough and deep relaxation leads up to an interesting way of working on the chakra balance.


I usually use it at night to help fall asleep, but occasionally during the day. I like the versatility it gives you for that. Wish the background noise was louder/more noticeable.