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Blood Type Diet®

by D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition®

(42 user ratings)


Download size: 25.29MB
Version: 2.4.0
Released: 2010-07-06
For ages: 4+

Genres:Health and FitnessMedical

This is the only official Blood Type Diet® app released by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, international best selling author of the Eat Right For Your Type® book. Whether you are new to the Blood Type Diet® or a long time supporter, this app provides the food lists that are Right for Your Type® at your fingertips. It’s convenient when shopping, traveling, dining out, or simply when you are at home and don’t want to check the Eat Right For Your Type® book. The Blood Type Diet® app lists the beneficial, neutral, and avoid foods for all four blood types. You can easily search for any food by its category such as vegetables, fish, and beverages or by the name of the food itself.

This is the basic entry point for Dr. Peter D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet® based on Right for Your Type® food lists. It's a great way to keep the Blood Type Diet at your fingertips - a quick, concise, and easy reference.

Blood Type and optional Secretor Status selection
Food Lists
Shopping List - choose your own or combine family list for multiple blood types
Email Shopping List directly from the app
Family Food List - combine common foods for multiple blood types. Now with icon indicator.
Information about each Blood Type
User Guide
Latest food updates
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Food Search
Convenient Recipe Access (Note: Internet connection required)

We do support our app and encourage you to ask a question if you need help - or maybe just tell us what you like (see More, then Feedback or email appsupport@dadamo.com). We do want the app to work for you.

If you are new to the Blood Type Diet®, you can visit the www.dadamo.com or www.4yourtype.com websites to learn much more.

Available in four languages (each sold individually):
English v2.4.0
Updated versions to follow in Spanish, French and Portuguese.
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Customer Reviews
Has potential, but fails

This app contains inaccurate information that contradicts the book and many of it’s functions do not work (e.g. Shopping List).


I love this app already and just got it! I’m a big believer in #ER4YT; however I would love to see this app get even more detailed by adding your genetic type food list (explorer, teacher, hunter, etc).

Bugs, is Secretor a secret?

Since this app is not free - I expected to use it to its full extent, that’s not the case. Each time I click to learn more about “Secretor” it kicks me out. I’ve done this eight times. Terrible.

Needs to be updated!

Not matching the food lists on the revised 2016 edition of the book.

Great App

I am type B and have been on this diet for six months. So many of my IBS, Fibro, and pain symptoms have subsided. I can actually handle cow milk again so evidently my lactose issues were remedied by eliminating other things. I bought all the books associated with this diet but having this app makes it so easy when at a restaurant or grocery shopping. I would be lost without it!! I miss tomatoes, chicken and corn but am learning so many new choices. Different blood types will have different food choices. The shopping list feature is real nice and you can even print it out.

Phenomal App

Dr D’Amano ND did us a serviceable life enhancing work to provide us this handy app.

Some inaccurate information

I've been using this app for 5 months. It's great, however when I went to download the book I saw that "some dairy" and eggs were suppose to be neutral for O blood types but on the app is says all dairy should be avoided. This is really disappointing because I love eggs and have turned them down.

Wrong information

I realized this morning that the APP food lists do not match the book on everything. I assume the book is accurate. For example the book says blood type O should avoid black pepper. The APP does not list black pepper to avoid. I think the APP is awesome if the information were accurate.

Best App EVER!

Was hoping to be able to put a shopping list together and this was the answer to my prayers. Not only for shopping but for eating out as well! Extremely helpful. Great recipes. Makes this BEYOND easy!

Great App, Read 'Live Right 4 Your Blood Type'

I use this app for a few months, then I ignore it for a while. I always come back to it. When I do return, I'm always interested about what I have permanently incorporated & I always find interest in incorporating more.

Worthless app

This app is not user friendly. I tried to save some recipes to a "favorites", but that function does not exist. So, I picked out 5 recipes for the week, but when I went to cook them, the recipes were gone. I can't believe I paid money for this app. With a little effort, it could be great, but it's worthless as is.


I use this app all the time to stay on task with eating by my blood type. Would love to see the genotypes included as I do follow that more. Well worth the cost! Thank you for providing this information with an app!

Life changing diet

My 49th year of life has been my happiest and it's just because I feel good (not depressed, content, energetic and more confident). I've been following this diet since November 2015, about nine months. I haven't lost weight but I haven't gained any either, which for me is miraculous. I am O type and felt the results of the diet in the first seven days. I currently eat primarily sweet potatoes, rice and steak. I am now convinced that when I went away to college in my 20s and switched from a rice-based diet to a potato-based diet that was the beginning of weight gain and the bouts of depression that plagued me for the last 30 years. Anyway, I hope this diet gives you the same awesome results it has given me. I never let a white potato touch my lips and I no longer crave french fries. yaaaay!!

Love This App

This app is very helpful, especially when grocery shopping or meal planning. I feel so much better since following the blood type diet and this makes it easy to avoid the foods that aren't as good for my type.

Thanks for adding more foods.

The new version is more intuitive. The user interface is friendlier, and background support information is more accessible. Thank you for your continued improvements.

Works great.

I've found all the options to work great and have not had any problems. It's been a few years since I read the book, but I used to be really into this for a time and everything seems on track. The user guide is not difficult, and the recipes seem to come up two ways: you can select your blood type and then scroll down for an alphabetical list, or you can search recipes--I think you can even add some. The option to email a shopping list works also.

Not user friendly

You are instructed to read a user guide before using. In 2016 no one will read a user guide. Recipes don't filter properly. I put in my blood type and it included recipes for other blood types. Don't waste your money.

Need a serious revamp

This app need a real refresh look it's 2015, you know??!!

Fix inconsistencies between book & app!

I'm very upset that I've trusted this app. I've been drinking two oz daily of Apple Cider Vinegar because the app says I can. Other inconsistencies are that Cayanne is neutral but the book says beneficial. The books says to avoid cinnamon but the app says neutral. The book says avoid beer but app says beer is neutral. Until these inconsistencies are fixed I'm sticking to my one star rating. Other inconsistencies are sardines& cucumbers. Wow, what else is there?

Love this current version

Has made knowing what I can eat and shopping so much easier.

Will not work on iPhone6+

I love this app, but it is now useless to me, since I upgraded to an iPhone 6+.

Version 2.3 crashes

Just purchased the updated version 2.3 and it crashes as soon as it opens. Using iOS 6.1.3. I would love to be able to access the app seeing as it has secretor type options.

App Won't Open Since New Release!!!

After new update, my app won't even open, and I paid for this app! The flash screen comes up for a second, then shuts down... I have iPhone iOS 6.0.1

Love it but want to see swami integration

Hi love and live this tool especially when at store. Now that we completed our swami and secreter testing, those need to be integrated so I can use one app.

Needs to be updated.

Does it work on newer iPhones? Yes. Does it fill the whole screen? No. So, it will work. It just shows that no one over there cares enough to update the app to current iPhone standards.

It helps me to do better!

I love it! I have had it for over a year or two. It does what it is advertised to do. I appreciate that it shows non-secretors food value too. It helps me to make better food choices! I like the family feature for times I need to know what is good to cook for multiple types joined together. I have used it to share with friends too. I love this App! It is very organized and easy! 🌺

I need my money back

This app does not contain any "new" information that isn't freely available from the web site. Do not buy.

Patti Weiss, LMT

I read this book in '99, altered my food intake a bit and I have taken maybe 3 allergy pills since!! I started the MEDS in the 7th grade. I am of 'a certain age'. I am a prolific evangelist if the book to all my massage clients and friends. Maybe it won't work but it's worth the weight loss !

Working great on iOS 8. iPhone 6

I was reluctant to get this app since there hasn't been an update since 2013, but did it anyway and it works great. It's simple, easy, and looks beautiful. Just enter your blood type, then you go to the list of food types (meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy, etc.) and it has a long list of foods in 3 categories. "Beneficial" "neutral" and "avoid". There are also recipes, shopping list, family food list, and dietary supplements (that they sell.)

Waste of money

This isn't anything I can't google. I regret downloading this app and have already deleted it.

Need improvement

- we need an update to suit the iPhone 5 screen. - improvement is needed to avoid a full site. - there are more ways to make it more sussesful.

Love it❗️

Easy to use, clear & nice! Using everyday

Handy but a bit limited

Love that I can look up other blood type foods (not just my own) and compose grocery lists that take multiple blood types into consideration by listing their overlaps! Very handy. But, for the price I wish the food list was less basic. Missing are several foods I encounter regularly (though admittedly not exactly "mainstream" given I live in hippie/alternative Boulder, Colorado) such as: chia seeds, hemp seeds, and ume vinegar. I still recommend the app but would encourage the creators to expand the food list! Thanks!

Eat right 4your blood type

Wish I did not purchase this. It was not helpful for me. Wanting to sell me MORE products. Not worth the $$$$ or my time to read it

Doesn't work

It says 'waiting'. It never completed whatever has to happen for it to be usable. I try to open it, it won't open. My bank account shows that I've been charged for this. I've tried to contact iTunes, and gotten no answer on this matter.


I am an advocate of Dr. D'Adamo's work. I really want an update to this app to make it behave as such: I should be able to TAP on a food item and get a POP-UP window telling me EXACTLY WHY it is "beneficial" or "avoid". Otherwise, the app only slightly more useful than the pocket guides. It also has a clunky and outdated interface. iOS 7 is out now, guys. Perhaps an update is in order? I'm sure many will agree with me on these ideas!

Love it!

I have a iPhone 4 & Love this App. Will be getting the iPhone 5 & hope I don't have any problems with this App.


We have iPhone 5/5s already. Update?

An incomplete thought

As a reference this is an okay experience but it's one small part of the larger picture. What would be truly helpful is an app that consolidates all of the recipes across the various Eat Right cookbooks and allows the user to filter recipes across blood types. Every household is going to have multiple blood types and until an experience is offered that accounts for this the diet is, and will remain, a logistical nightmare. Ex. My wife is A and I'm B which means we need two separate cook books PLUS this app to check ingredients when we go shopping. The Whole Foods app is a great reference point. It allows the user to sort recipes by dietary restriction, and generate shopping lists that can be shared via email, text, etc. My fingers are crossed for a blood type app that truly delivers such as this.

Better than the guide

Bought the guide and then realized I could have bought the app which is up to date. I like the search function,shopping cart and food list. Easy to use and quick reference. Could be made better by tracking other diet options like calories, food database, and the ultimate would be to scan a barcode and have it tell you if the food is good or bad. That's beyond what the intention of the the app.

Bad design

Most of the content is links to non- mobile formatted web pages. Not useful to an iPhone user. Requested refund.

Diet works

When I follow the diet faithfully my allergies disappear, I have no pain, no indigestion, no sinus. It really works.

Very helpful app

I use this all the time. I find it very useful. Please add vitamins and supplements to each type for cross reference. Thank you!

New update

Still no list of protocols? The protocols are the most helpful part of this diet. You would think for the money I paid they would offer remedies that don't look like a storefront.

It works!

This app allows following the Blood type Eating Lifestyle more accessible and practical for anyone to use anywhere! Thank you so much! In the first three weeks of my blood type B diet I lost 13lbs. Now 50 years old its been years hovering around 180lbs As well I noticed how calm happy and unstressed I've become. To the point of not recognizing my ever transforming personality. Ive better sleep and lots of energy all day long. Im now able to pursue more physical and exercise activities.


There are several foods listed as avoid on the app but as neutral in the book. I was in search of a grocery list assistant for the diet so I will use it, but knowing which foods I can have will cause me to by items listed as avoid in the app.


I have the main book and this is an awesome component! Great app!!!!

Love this app

My husband and I love this app. We use it constantly, whether checking foods in the grocery store or at home when we are planning menus. So much easier than dragging the book out every time we have a question. This app has made following the diet for our food type (luckily we have the same blood type) so much easier that I find we are following the diet a much higher percentage of the time than before having the app. Thanks for a great app!

Simply the best!

Love this app. I have been a fan of the blood type book for years. This is a very convenient way to shop. New foods are updated regularly. Ie. because of when it was published, coconut oil is not in the book, but is in the app