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Flipboard - Latest Stories

by Flipboard Inc.

(249,639 user ratings)


Download size: 119.27MB
Version: 4.2.77
Released: 2010-07-21
For ages: 4+

Genres:NewsSocial Networking

An award-winning app that curates news and information for all your interests. With thousands of national and local sources, as well as magazines with stories curated by the community, Flipboard is one place to stay connected to the stories that matter every day. You can personalize it for the news you care about; follow business, health, tech, sports teams, cooking, travel and more to get up-to-the-minute developments as well as insightful longreads and inspiration.

You can also collect stories you like by using the + button to add them to your own Flipboard Magazine. Make your magazine public to share ideas and insights with your community.


- Keep up on the latest stories from the world’s leading publishers, including The New York Times, National Geographic, TIME, The Atlantic, BBC, and thousands more.
- Follow Local feeds for updates on COVID-19 as well as other regional news, weather, commute, sports, and dining.
- Create personalized news feeds based on your interests in “Smart Magazines”
- Curate stories to share with others: Use the + (plus) on any article to add them to your own Flipboard Magazine to collect for yourself or share ideas with friends.
- Enjoy expertly curated collections from our editorial team, including The Daily Edition, 10 for Today, The Tech Digest, The Tastiest, and more.


- News & Politics: The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Politico, Axios
Technology & Science: TechCrunch, Wired, Fast Company, Popular Science, National Geographic, ReCode
- Business & Entrepreneurship: The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur
- Wellness & Lifestyle: Brit + Co., Self, Greatist, Prevention, Women's Health, Men's Health
Entertainment: People, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, PopSugar,Hollywood Reporter, Variety
- Food & Cooking: Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Food52, Serious Eats, Eater
- Travel: Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, Budget Travel, AFAR
- Sports: ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, SB Nation, Bleacher Report
- Home & Gardening: ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, Dwell, Remodelista, Gardenista
- Style: Vogue, Refinery29, GQ, Elle, Glamour, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar, W Magazine
- Outdoor Adventure: Outside, Bicycling Magazine, Runner's World, Snowboarder Magazine, Powder Magazine, Canoe & Kayak

And many, many more...

For product updates and the latest from our blog, including tips on how to use Flipboard, follow us on:

We’d love to hear what you think! Reach out to our support team under Settings > Help & Feedback. For any other technical issues or questions, contact us at http://flip.it/support.
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Customer Reviews
A Front for subscriptions

I really use to like this app. Not so much now. Too many articles are just bait to subscribe to news sources. The smell of scam is in the air.

Long time user since 2015, it gets worse with each update

Used to be able to curate what you see, now the front page is just garbage news that I can’t control. No rss support anymore. And this latest update this past week doesn’t scale the app properly on my iPhone so with every update I’ve been kore and lore disappointed.

Closes all the time

I like the app and have had it for years but I keep getting kicked oof it now since the last few updates. I’ll be in the middle of reading an article and it’s gone. Just closes. Please fix

Just Another Biased News App

I used to like this app far better than Apple News because you could mute the publications you didn’t want to see. Now, for everyone you mute, another one you’ve never heard of shows up. All biased nonsense. And now you can’t mute what you want. Moving on.

Stop hijacking links

I would give this app 5 starts, but every single time I send a link, I have to first send it to safari and then to whoever I actually wanted to send it to in the first place because Flipboard makes all links flip.it links instead of the actual site. I literally never want to send a flip.it link.

Too many ads

Not able to read content .. over half of the page with same repeated ads

Fake news and adds!!! That’s it!

Fake liberal news and adds!!! That’s it! Not much more.

Supports Dark Mode

Switching from Apple News which doesn't seem to support dark mode, so can't read news at night. Flipboard can.

Is this Optimized for iOS?

Is there a reason why certain articles don’t load properly? Some, if not all, CNN stories with videos will not load unless the video is viewed first. Only then can you tap back and view the article. Indeed, some videos have no connection to the article. Secondly, To avoid the extremely intrusive ads, READER VIEW is also problematic because the entire page must load before READER VIEW can be engaged to display properly. Both issues will display a white screen as if trying to load. Update: Crashes constantly, now. Pages are not stable when they do old and the Reader View is still an issue. I’ll be deleting & look elsewhere

Too many ads disrupting the flow

Flipboard used to be elegant and one could get immersed in the topic with a smooth flow across the pages. Now the ads pop, slide, cover and worse yet it is the same ad repeated over and over. Even on my iPad only a few lines of the article are visible behind the annoying ads. At the very least offer an ad-free subscription. Moving to other apps.

Waste of time

I have been unable to log into my account. It requests that I use the change password link, which is unavailable. I tried multiple times. Deleting app and moving on. Waste of time.

Gone Wrong

For the first couple of weeks this was my favorite app. However, something has now gone wrong. When I open an article, the screen keeps reloading the page over and over. It is if it is reaching out to get advertising content and as each snippet of content arrives the screen goes black and then reloads. Sometimes it finally settles down, sometimes the app just shuts down and closes, and as of today a error dialog box pops up saying there was an error loading the page and asking if I want to continue in Safari instead. Most disappointed as the app is now unusable on my iPad. Going to see how things go on my iPhone before abandoning all hope.

Go f yourself

Ads that trap you on a page or cannot be closed - you should be ashamed of yourself. Such a greedy and dishonest way of operating should earn you a special place or hell. Do something useful and helpful with your business rather than just being evil.

Not sure what Flipboard does about fake news.

No ideas how they handle fake news

Articles not loading, crashing

Not sure what was happened with this app, use to be my go to news app. Articles are just not loading consistently to the point I am seeing a white or black blank screen more often then I care to see. Really disappointing.

Still some bugs, but mostly works.

In spite of the multiple spammy ads it’s an efficient clearing house for news. The interface is still a bit buggy though. Sometimes it only renders to half the screen. And the only way I’ve found to fix it is to restart my phone.

Comments are useless and infuriating

I used to enjoy Flipboard, but the commentary has become much more demented. That was the part of Flipboard I enjoyed the most. Additionally, I had to finally mute CNN. I’ve never seen such a negative news site.

Crashes constantly. Waste of time

I used to love this app. Now I spend a third of my time rebooting it.

Used to be the best

Now it’s seems like a majority of the articles are subscription only.

Crashing my iPhone 11

Flipboard has been hard freezing up my iPhone. Did it 3 times this week. The app needs a serious update. Install at your own risk.

Stop asking for reviews

Stop asking for reviews

App crashes a lot

I have been a daily user of clipboard for a couple years, and this latest update is the worst. It crashes ever couple of articles, refuses to display some pages, and seems to refresh (to apply some dark theme) in the middle of pages, which makes me lose my place because it has scrolled to the top. Please fix this ASAP, and do lots of beta testing before releasing.

Best Resource in the interwebs today

Valuable content customizable that is one of the most visually appealing apps and it was (is) called Flipboard because of your ability to “Flip” through curated content. I’ve been a loyal fine since the early days of Flipboard and now should be called “scroll board” it has, unfortunately, lost its distinction with the UI, and is almost Facebook-like. Although the curated content is still valuable the new UI (designed by an intern?) is less unique and now feels more routine and average. Sorry to see the ‘Flip’ in Flipboard go

Not working well right now...

The June 2020 Flipboard version is unstable. Advertising seems to be the cause as it continually either refreshes the page or repositions the text one is reading. Also I need larger text and their accessibility features are lacking at best. One can get a text only version of many news stories, but text size after that is not adjustable (as near as I can tell).

Leave my clipboard alone!

Stop being so nosy! If I want to paste, I’ll paste. Otherwise it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT I HAVE IN MY CLIPBOARD!!!

Giant compilation of click-bait

This app used to be good. Lately every article in there is click-bait and worthless.


Used to be nice - Poor Support: App keep crashing; contacted support no answer.

Getting worse

Used to really enjoy this app. It has become so buggy over the last year. Trying to flip pages and it stalls, loading excessive video ads and it tracks what you read into Safari. Sad, as it used to be so user friendly.

Yet another poor update.

Every time they update, something is messed up... the now every other story that won’t ever load, the ads that crash the app at least once a day. I’ve been a daily user almost since they started but this update and the one previous have made one of my fave news apps too unstable for the hour a day I allow my self to wallow in the worlds angst.

Awesome news aggregator but violates privacy

Don’t get me wrong, this app is awesome and presents the news in a very fun way. The content is pretty great too. I like the way it operates with your social networks as well. I don’t like that when I copy something, the app knows I have something new in my clipboard and suggest for me to paste it onto Flipboard. This is not something I am conscientiously sharing with Flipboard and don’t see how to block them from being able to do this. This is not ok!

Penny Horder

Can we just change the name of this app to Penny Horder Board?

Crashes constantly

Flipboard is constantly crashing on my SE2 with 256gb storage. My phone only has about 79 gbs of space used, so I know storage is not an issue. Using iOS 13.5.1. I’ve deleted and reinstalled a couple times, and it is crashing earlier now. I usually only get into 5 minutes of reading before it happens.

Use Everyday but...

I use Flipboard everyday and it is really great. However, but the latest version no longer includes links when sharing using Outlook mobile but does with stock Mail app.

Great until latest update

When trying to open an article it either ends up with an all white screen or crashes. It’s now unusable. Please fix the bugs and return it to the wonderfully helpful app that it was. Update: offloading the app, reinstalling it and a hard reboot of the pad seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks to the developer for the quick response and suggestions to correct the issue. Love the app. Wish I could customize it a little more like blocking certain providers and adding others not included in Flipboard.

Good app for news, crashes, tracks you

Good app for news and following your interests, the app does crash a lot if you are using dark mode and a restart of your Apple device gives it a new life for a time. Also, anything you are reading in your Safari browser magically appears in your news feed so this app tracks what you browse.

Far to liberal

Flipboard has unrealized potential but due to excessive liberal content that potential will never come to fruition.

Too many irresponsible stories allowed

I always like this app but I finally made the decision to delete it- the journalism is like the wild Wild West - no rules -no integrity- and fake news - not all articles are poorly written or irresponsible but many are - the need for a filter to weed out fake news and irresponsible journalism is definitely warranted -stories and articles that have been fact checked should be a policy put in place so much race baiting and trouble making people who call themselves journalists are so irresponsible and write completely false narratives - they should actually be penalized -and or fined for writing half truths and completely fabricated stories - the type of journalism allowed on Flipboard has caused so much destruction and turmoil

Ads are horrible

The longer I use this app, the worse the ads get. It used to be every maybe 4 flips. Now it’s nearly every other page, sometimes they take up more than half the page or float over the flip so I can’t even read it! And about every 10 flips is an unmarked paid ad disguised as an article. These combined with the fact that the sources I’ve liked and followed are consistently pushed later or never shown at all in favor of some pretty sketchy articles and/or just constantly CNN, makes this app very unpleasant to use. Honestly, probably just going to aggregate my headlines on Twitter.

I used to love Flipboard

In the beginning it was great, now there are too many advertisements and too many subscription offers. I am about to delete the app.

Unusable - too much advertising

The title says it all. Constant redraws while new ads load. Content usurped by ads. Pop-ups, pop-outs, pop-overs, pop-downs. Avoid!

Please update

This used to be one of my favorite apps. Recently I’m getting “ no content “ and it will not load pages. I have to keep uninstalling and installing ... then it’s empty again. That’s a shame as I used to LOVE this app. Also.. they need to edit better. The article will be named Michael Jordan but they show pictures of Lebron James. Misinformed in regards to the pictures they are showing.

A Little Qwerky, But Oh So Convenient

I have enjoyed Flipboard since, well, maybe the beginning. The email feed with selected articles leads me deeper into my favorite subjects. In my daily routine, this added efficiency exposes me to info I am interested in (after all, I did specify the topic categories) without having to hunt it down. Flipboard showed me the good writing in a big city daily paper and I now am a digital subscriber to that publication. This broadened my reading horizons. My biggest complaint is linking to articles that I am not a subscriber to read, and I just cannot buy memberships and subscriptions to everything that Flipboard does not offer specific article links for free.

Major problems

This app is showing me articles that are many months old even after I let the app refresh. I see some recent articles then I come across stories that date back many months. I emailed support and sent them screen shots at their request. They then closed the ticket without explantion. The problem continues unfixed.

Intrusive video/ recorded media

I have always loved Flipboard from the beginning. Received an email from them as always and click on one of their links. Now it plays an annoying voice media story while trying to access my stories. I cannot find a way to stop it. I am erasing their app due to this breach of privacy.

Waste of time

Apparent “customization” capabilities are clearly designed to thwart your efforts to try to filter the news you’d prefer to see. After a thousand “see less of this” and muting specific media sites, I am bombarded by 99 % of the OPPOSITE of what I’d prefer the read. So, IF there’s any attempt (questionable) to customize your experience, it’s clearly offset by Flipboard’s “preferred customization” of the experience they’d prefer you to have. fake Media is fake tech, it’s all under the same agenda-driven mantra to force a narrative down your throat, while hiding behind the very protects of a system that they despise.


Very good program to have

Was good until it got too political

Seems like it used to be mostly unbiased. Now it is clearly pushing a political agenda. I just wanted news. EDIT: To devs, I am aware of how to follow content. The content I follow did not change. The political leanings of all the stories that are now recommended has.

Down hill big time

This app was once a bastion for a variety of news sources, but not only did they betray the design that made the app popular, but now the app is riddled with terrible ads and news sources that require a subscription to view the article. It was great before, now it is crap.

Nice but frustrating

Lately, a couple times a week I get some pages that come up with an error that the page didn’t load correctly. The options that come up still won’t load the page correctly. Restarting the app doesn’t fix the problem. The only thing that helps is to restart the tablet itself then it will work fine for a few more days until this starts up again. App and tablet are fully updated. Latest trend, black screens and missing pictures