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Swell Info

by Swell Info

(28 user ratings)


Download size: 5.92MB
Version: 1.6
Released: 2009-08-24
For ages: 4+


Global Surf Industries and Swellinfo.com have teamed up to bring you - Swell Info, the complete surf report and surf forecast tool for your iPhone.

Swell Info has full seven day detailed surf forecasts, current weather, tides, and buoy data all in a sleek, super easy to use interface. This is an app you will use for today's surf session, and planning your surfing week.

Swell Info currently offers forecasts for the entire US (including Hawaii), Mexico, Central America, and Puerto Rico. New locations will be added in time. All locations available on the app are available free on the Swellinfo.com web site. Please check the web site to see a lit of all our forecast locations.

Launching Swell Info brings you to the main forecast screen providing a summary forecast for the morning and afternoon for each of the 7 days, conveniently color coded using green (clean), blue (fair), and red (choppy). You can swipe back and forth between your 5 favorite locations, and when you want the details, you can click on each day to get the detailed text surf forecast, tides, and hourly wind and swell data. The Swell Info app, also includes current wind, weather, tides, and buoy data, updated hourly at the top of each main forecast screen. This is the crucial information that notifies you on what the surfing conditions are right now - what the tide is doing, whether the sea breeze has kicked in, or if the new swell has started to show on the nearest buoy station.
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Customer Reviews
Crushing it

Usually the south is very accurate and helpful for surfers. Lately it has been crashing hopefully the developers will solve. Surfers don’t give up use the web site on safari

App Crashes Now

Came to the review section to see if others were having the app crash when trying to log on. Been happening for the last two weeks. Other than that, really quick and accurate way to get data and compare spots. Needs a more complete update for the future for it to be worth the money.

Help another bro out! Fix it!

Same problem as the previous review by similar title. Was one of the best wave forecast mobile apps and I have been using it for years. Not the most detailed but the most important info, fairly accurate and easy to navigate and compare spots. Now it’s broke. Please fix!

App failure

What’s up with the app

Stick to the website

Website is awesome and accurate. The app doesn’t have the same info and is bulk. Waste of money

Help a bro out

I’ve had the app for many years. Always worked for me and helped with narrowing down the surf forecast. Over the last few days I go to open the app but it goes to open and then completely shuts down and disappears. Wouldn’t be as mad if I got it for free, but tables turn when I paid for it and sent emails but got no support or contact back.

The website is MUCH better

The app only shows super basic information and you can’t see the maps! The basic info is available in many free apps so what’s the point? Why charge $2.99 for such a basic app? To me, what makes the Swellinfo site awesome is the swell maps — they need to be in the app!!!

Simple and great

Please update for iPhone X. Would really use the app more

Don't waste your money

App does not work at all

My location is not listed

Wasted $3. Would have been nice to know my area wasn't included in the app before I paid money. How can I get a refund??


Total rip off. $3. No camera. Use the web browser on your phone for free. I feel robbed.

Waste of money

Worst app There are only 5 spots in south FL Nothing in the keys or Bahamas Save your money!

Need map and more forecast days

Need forecast map and more forecast days ( 10 days minimum ) to be a 5 stars , very precise forecast

Never updates!

Always fails to update. Occasionally works but fails more often than not

Fix the App

The app is crashing and it's not working and you know it. I paid money for this app and I want it to work!

Not worth the money

Spent $3 on this with barely any info and a limited amount of 5 spots at a time. Go over to Magic Seaweed which is free and has much more info.

Buggy and inconsistent

This app regularly fails to update the current conditions. Fix your issues, people paid money for this!

Too many technical issues

This app would be fantastic if it didn't stink. The message "update failed" appears constantly and the reports get stuck on days old info. The only solution is to delete the app or area and reinstall. Cellular or wifi connection doesn't seem to matter. This happens on a weekly if not daily basis.

Never updated

This app is complete garbage and if I could get my money back I would. They never update the app and the forecasts also do not update from within the app. Every time I try to pull up a forecast for my local break it says 'update failed'. Complete waste of money, do not buy. You've been warned.

Never updates when refreshed

Not gonna complain about a free app, but I wish this app would update when refreshed. It seems to update at will and never when I need it to. Other than that the forecasts are at least as good as any other service.

Good app

I have three surfing apps installed. Surfline for the cams, swell info for overall info and magic seaweed for better by the hour breakdown. I access swell more than any of the others. To get a 5 It needs more favorite save spots.

Jersey left in the dust

Why does the jersey forecast always fail to load?

Needs an update

Pretty good app but hasnt been updated in awhile


This app constantly gives me false information

Poor forecasting

Poor forecasting and reporting plain and simple. Try other apps.

Can be much better

- only 5 spots limit - no graph - no spot map

Don't get

This app is the most consistently wrong app out there. I think there must be some drunk guy just putting in just some wild surf reports and hoping he is right with his made up forecasts ( it will say 4-5' and be 1+ at best). Get it together swell info!!!!!

Not recommended.

Not good. One report for the state of RI. Come on! Free apps give you individual beach reports. Don't buy it. Not worth a lick.

Terrible forecasting

It was calling for 1-2 overhead at frisco but heck no drive an hour for some cheesy little shin snappers. this report is normally spot on but a lot of the time it will change at the last second. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER together then maybe I will consider re downloading this

I'll make it 5 stars if you add the graph

Please add the graph and let us scroll over it like on the website.

Love this app. & helpful!

We have been using this app for 2-3 years and always recommend!

Good interface, poor forecasting

I've been seeing excellent days when they call it poor and poor days when they call it good. I appreciate the user ability, but check the surf elsewhere before checking their forecasts. (For example, Rincon was blue today, but in reality pretty epic)

Love it!

But please make it so you can have more then 5 top spots!

wont download

bought it and it doesn't let me download it on iphone 5s

It's alright :/

Has been consistent and runs easily for me but until lately the report has been off, especially the winds.

Not good...

Weak attempt at best. No local breakdown that I can find and not easy to navigate.

No chart¿!

Please put a chart in please

Very useful, but very ugly

(Latest version update: You must delete all your locations and re-add them.) The UI desperately needs a redesign. Ugly buttons that are too small for a touch device. Text that overlaps its borders, is misaligned, and lacks padding. Cheap, amateurish graphics. But it does work. Check the website to see your areas coverage before you download the app and realize your favorite breaks are missing.

Update fix

I was having problems with updates, but if you delete the spots on your list and re-add them they will update.

I'm sure it'll be fixed soon

Has been the most consistent app over the last few years for my home break. I'm sure the guys are working like crazy to get this fixed after the last update. I do wonder what kind of QA testing went into this release. Update 12/3 - just downloaded new version. The first location on my list of surf breaks will now update, but the rest all fail to update. Tried LTE and Wifi with no luck, turned off the iPhone and no luck. Seriously, do more than 5 mins of QA when you release an update.

New update

When is this thing gonna get fixed?? The last update does not allow the report to be updated!! Switching to SNN

Use it all the time

Same problem here after the update. Hope for a fix quickly, when it does works its really helpful. Might not always be right on with the report but its enough to give you an idea of what's happening if you know how your local break works

Still not working

The app says the forecast was updated, but it really isn't

Wont refresh!

Before november 27 update it work just fine. It has been useless ever since.

Was good

Does not work any more update fail fix it.

Fix please!

Before the november 27 update the app worked perfectly. Now it does not refresh.

App will not update!

This app does not work after the latest update. Please fix.

What is goin on

Great app before New app update will not update surf reports!!! Refreshing says update failed every time...fix very soon please!!!


Great app