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OTF Surfing

by DigitalDouble

(31 user ratings)


Download size: 15.08MB
Version: 1.1
Released: 2010-01-08
For ages: 4+


Please visit the DigitalDouble Website below to see a video of this game in action.

‘Over the Falls’ is the latest surfing game for the iPhone / iPodTouch and takes you on an epic journey through colorful locations - from graceful Long Boarding, through wave-tricks & big-aerial stunts, to high-octane barrel-riding as seen through the Surfer’s eyes.

On your way to becoming a Surf legend you will master theTake-Off, blend Surfing-with-Style, Tube-Time, BIG-Air and Acrobatics to complete a large number of challenges and earn credits (plus the respect of your peers).

Spend your credits with the ‘Shaper’ where you can design (and upgrade) your Surfboard. Changing the template, shape, fin assignment and graphics will radically alter the dynamic of the board in the water, allowing you to get just the right combination of speed, carving and stability you will need to progress.

The game is set within a full 3D environment and employs slow-motion and action cameras to give a cinematic experience. Both Male and Female characters are included. The game is also loaded with information on the top surf spots from around the world (courtesy of SurfingAtlas.com) and on the evolution of the Surfboard.

This is not a surfing simulation as such, the emphasis here is on fun, so expect devastating 'over-the-falls' wipe-outs, expect to pull loads of hyper-real board tricks, (grabs, flips, handstands, headspins, hang10’s, etc.), expect scene setting 60’s style Surf Music... Oh, yes, and expect shark infested water too!

To ease you in, this game starts slow, but gets really fast. As such it uses the touch-screen (rather than the accelerometer) as a control system - this puts the action at your fingertips and you in direct control of the board with the fastest response time - you will need it.

• Anyone will enjoy this game, but it was made by people who care about Surfing, for Surfers - something to do on the flat days?

Thanks for playing.

Independent Reviews:

“The surfing video game is fun again... ...While other surfing games have tried emphasizing an overly realistic surfing experience, or a childishly simplistic approach, OTF Surfing managed to take an arcade game approach and apply it to a realistic surfing experience...”
[dailystoke.com (ASP Addict)]

“There have been many attempts at making a surfing game and each one seems to top the previous title, OTF Surfing is no exception. This is a great arcade surfing game that I thoroughly enjoyed, definitely worth a pick up in my opinion”
[razorianfly.com (Damon)]

“Without doubt OTF is the best [surfing game] of the bunch, polished, engaging and above all LOTS OF FUN”
[slidetoplay.com (user review)]
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Customer Reviews
Very fun

Update with new features!!!


I love this game!!!! it has really good graphics compaired to other surfing games. Buy this game. it's amazing. Here's wat i think u can do to make it better. 1. Add a fishtail board. 2. Add a body board. 3. This one is the most complicated, Make it more realistic. make it to where ur sitting out in the water on your board with other surfers and you can decide wat wave you want to surf so u can turn and paddle for it or not. Great game though :)

Best surfing game on the App Store

Ok I've been playing around with it for a while and I must say this is very impressive. You choose your surfer, stance and name then just get straight into things with these challenges. They are a sort of tutorial that explains how to do everything. I have completed four of these and from what I'm gathering this is a great surfing game. To move the surfer you slide two thumbs (I found it easier with one) over the bottom of the screen to move the surfer and taking your thumb off the screen stalls the board. To get air you need to build up speed by carving then launching yourself at the lip. I haven't reached doing tricks yet but I'm getting there (hopefully) The camera angles work fairly well even though it proved a bit hard on the second challenge. The Angles and view change depending where on the wave you are. It all looks very smooth on my 1st gen iPod and should be even better on the newer devices. So far I would call this the best surfing game on the App Store, given that there is a good amount of gameplay which by the description there is. End verdict: Buy it

best game everr

i got it a few months ago and i finally beat it completely, got full points on every level :)


The best I have

Fun App.

I got this App on a promo code the other day, and I'm really happy with it. I like the looks and controls. Would be nice to have a free surf mode and not have to do challenges all the time.

Has great potential

After playing all of the surfing applications for the iPhone, I can say that this one has the best game engine. Having said that, there are two very obnoxious aspects of the game. 1st and most important to note - the camera angles are so frustrating that at times, it can make the game unplayable. For some reason the designers of the game thought that during certain points of a level, the camera angle should swivel 180 degrees from the POV of riding a wave to the viewpoint of an observer from the shoulder of the wave. Secondly, there are no right handers! Did they think that goofy footers wouldn't want to go frontside once in a while?


Visually Stunning!

Glad I didn't spend $3

Got this app for free with a promo code from Today in iPhone podcast. Great podcast and great app from Tii. OTF Surfer is awful. Loaded to my iPhone and the app crashed three times in a row while loading the game. I restarted my phone, tried other apps that worked fine, then went back to this one and sane thing, three crashes in a row. Thanks for the promo code, but you have a serious bug in your app.


really good stuff, lots of challenge types and options, graphics are cool, too. Starts out really challenging and load times could be shorter but besides that pretty cool =)

Love the game!

Video game surfing is fun again! OTF Surfing combines the best of the 3D realistic surfing games with a great arcade style format. The gameplay is easy to pick up and learn, but hard to master in a hurry. The challenges increase in difficulty as you move through the levels, but once you unlock a level you can go back anytime to try to complete all the goals. I love the graphics and the waves are incredibly well modelled. Definitely a solid addition to the genre, and a keeper worth replaying over and over. What are you waiting for? Buy it, kook! ;-)

beautiful game

The game looks really great. Takes a little while to get used to the controls, but once you do it's a blast to play. The only real complaint is that the camera can make it a little hard to see what's coming up ahead of you.

Not impressed

from all I have seen this is a frustrating surfing game. After the tutorial all you do is dumb challenges. Deleting now.

The real deal

I was pretty hesitant to get this since I haven't had good luck with surfing games on this platform. It seemed like surfing should be able to be realized on the devices, but they were all lacking to me. I'm glad I bought this. This is the first game that gives a hint of the feeling of surfing in a game. It's not a sim by any means, and doesn't purport to be, but it has the smooth, flowing fun factor any good surfing game should have. The controls are very good, but have a bit of a learning curve (that's not a bad thing). I've really enjoyed the time I've had with this, and look forward to finally getting past the sunset level...I'm always too berzerk to be conservative enough to get 80+% stability. Although there are some improvements that could be made, some of which have been mentioned (especially the post-wipeout period...it is a bit confusing what is going on) this is a full-fledged, fully polished (hate that word, but oh well) surfing game that I fully recommend.

Fun game

This is really a lot of fun. Haven't tried the other surfing games (visually they didn't appeal to me), but OTF is definitely a keeper. Nice graphics, polished interface, great controls. You can tell that the developers love the waves.