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Line Surfer

by Robert Szeleney

(868 user ratings)


Download size: 12.6MB
Version: 1.5
Released: 2011-05-17
For ages: 4+


★★★★★ Surf beautiful designed waves, perform incredible stunts and use all your skills to avoid obstacles and execute perfect landings. ★★★★★

★ From the makers of Wingsuit Stickman, Rope'n'Fly 3 - From Dusk Till Dawn, Stick Stunt Biker, Stickman Cliff Diving, Line Runner, Line Jumper and more….

★ Line Surfer is #1 app in various countries! Thank you guys so much, we will of course continue providing updates and adding new features!

• Beautiful designed dynamic waves
• Simple "one touch" and fast paced gameplay
• Uses accelerometer for agil stunt control
• Various game modes
• Time modes, Stunt modes and Free mode
• Free mode for 'Just for fun' surfing
• Online and Offline highscores and leaderboards

• fixed jump off bug where surfer flickered and stayed on ground
• adjusted jump height
• improved performance
• added social elements
• added fishes
• new icon
• updated more games with line birds

• Changed gameplay
• Changed modes
• Swipe to steer the surfer
• Increased tilt sensitivity
• Changed some graphical elements
• Added clouds
• Reduced crates count
• Changed rating labels
• Changed score system
• Surfer does no more slow down now if the landing was bad
• Jump off is rated instead of landing
• Bonus for mega & hyper jumps
• New tutorial
• Landing must be more exact
• Added hints if surfer jumped off in time
• Corrected rotation while drowning
• Improved performance
• Added some small water effects on the waves
• Decreased jump height difference on up wave
• Added ingame tips
• No more crates directly at game start

• Easier controls: Touch to jump, optionally hold to reduce speed and optionally swipe down for faster landing

• Now compatible with new iPad

Touch and hold while in air to slow down / brake for perfect landings.

Feel free to post your ideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible
Thank you very much for all your support and interest in our games! We would love to hear your suggestions!
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Customer Reviews
Needs updates

This game is good love the music on the main menu but how about keeping the music while playing the game with more ocean wave sounds. Also says it may slow my iPhone down and that developer needs to update the app. Don't make the update to crazy like all of these apps now a days keep it simple man.

Awesome game

The best game ever.


I could play this game for hours. This game is so funny the waves are huge!!! You do flips and stuff it's fun

Crap on iPhone 6

Please update for iPhone 6 please please please

Line surfer

This game is awesome and I just got it

Not bad 😊👍

It's great

Love it!

This game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iPhone 5 Support

Please optimize 'Line Surfer' for the iPhone 5.

Boring fast

Rope & Fly is way more entertaining time waster. Also devs, if you're gonna put a giant ad on a game I paid for, don't. But if you do, make the stupid close button big enough to get that piece off the screen and let me play the darn game I paid for! Not cool!

Best game ever!

this game is so fun I love it so much . The jumping is the best part! You should come out with line surfer 2!

the best

this game is really fun . it is also very intertaning. i think you shoud buy it!!!!!!!!

Great but ad

Great game but an ad keeps popping up and freezing my game. Its really annoying that i paid and still get an ad.

Love it

I really like this game it's amazing I just think it needs some power ups u can get to make it more interesting :)


This is an awsome game, p.s.Plz add another update! with different modes!

Line surfer

This game is freaking awesome you should come out with line surfer 2

Line surfer

Love this game!! But doing flips are hard sometimes

Addicting as Doodle Jump

Love this game. I love the physics, the aesthetics, the subtlety...everything!


Its FREAKING awesome i lost my ipod and "i need line SURFER!" i wish i could put 6 stars!


I love this app I mean it is hard at first but when u get the hang of it it is super addicting

best ever!!! put as a 3.99 game plz


I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:|


I want my money back

This was a was of my time and money.


Noone will beat me this is history

Ads in a paid app???!

Really? You put pop-up ads in an app that I have to pay for? This just makes it not worth buying. The pop ups are near impossible to close due to the tiny "x" in the corner. DON'T BUY THIS APP!!!

Surfs up

Great but uhhhh it's awesome


Hard to control I almost put tocontrol wich made me think of toccos. LOL


The best game ever


Can't put this game down I was a big fan of line rider . This game kills thanks.

Line Surfer # 7.6.99

Awesome :D


I have played it on my friend's iPod. I believe it is better than my iPad. But still a good game overall


Music is awesome and the game is really addicting. This app it is AWESOME!!!


This game is really fun but it gets annoying sometime becuase I'm not really good at this but overall this game is pretty fun so I would like to give it three stars

Really addicting...but

I REALLY love this game but unwise it had more surf boards and upgrades to speed and ect. Otherwise you should totally get it!

Fun Times!

It makes me smile when I smack my face in the drink! Hafta try harder next time. Can I fly the plane, too?


Can't play for more then 20 sec before being kicked out to a screen to buy their new game. Game is completely broken, please fix as it looks to b a fun

Seriously .

Ok so a $1 right ... I'm not gonna cry but I'd rather throw a dollar into the wind and watch it blow away then play this game. The designers parents should be proud of them if they were 2 years old and made this. This is nothing remotely that resembles surfing. Bought 100s of Apps this is my first review. The kook that made this should be embarrassed ...

Cool game

This game is fun and I like the clouds


I like it!!!


Its not AMAZING but you just wanna play it over and over again

Short, ok

It doesn't have much content, there are a lot more free games with more substance but its fun and addicting to a certain extent




Omg best most adicctive iPod/ipad/iPhone gameEVER!!!

line surfer



A like it but.... It's not that good.

Amazing game

I like the game amazing flips.

Fun I guess.

Fun game but seriously impossible. Could be way more fun if you could last longer.

Cool app

It's a really cool app,my ps3 name is BACKSTAB-_-KILLA,stay cool people


It is the Coolest game ever!!❄❄❄


My best game addictive