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World Cup Table Tennis™ Lite

by Skyworks

(67 user ratings)


Download size: 22.42MB
Version: 4.7.1
Released: 2009-05-02
For ages: 4+


World Cup Table Tennis Lite, the #1 Table Tennis game on the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, and a #1 Game worldwide, just got even better! We just added a Speed Slider to dramatically increase ball speed for even more exciting game play!

Are you the master of the paddle? The ninja of the backspin? Do you have balls of fury? Then World Cup Table Tennis Lite from Skyworks is the app for you!

“Quite addicting.” - Macworld
“Ball-bashing Fun for All…” - AppScout
“World Cup Table Tennis by Skyworks is the addictive classic game in 3D and great new addition to world of sports applications. This game will test your reactions…” - Product-Reviews.net
“Having spent some time playing the game, I applaud (Skyworks') efforts as I had a blast playing the game.” - NineOverTen
“Skyworks Interactive cranks out another hit with World Cup Table Tennis!” - SlapApp
“The game really tops everything else and brings realistic sounds from your garage to your iPhone.” – AppBite

Grab your headband, matching track-suit and paddle and represent your country’s colors in some classic table tennis action with WORLD CUP TABLE TENNIS™ LITE from Skyworks®, creators of the best quality and most fun sports games on the iPhone/iPod touch! It’s the fastest sport on a table, and now it’s right here on your mobile device. Feel like a pro, concentrating to catch the corners with each shot. Be precise, even the slightest mistake can lose the game and let down your entire country.

And check out our new Speed Slider which allows you to slow down or dramatically speed up gameplay, making World Cup Table Tennis Lite even more exciting!

WORLD CUP TABLE TENNIS LITE has just been enhanced. We just added a Speed Slider to dramatically increase ball speed for even more exciting game play!

If you like this game, UPGRADE to the full version of WORLD CUP TABLE TENNIS™ and get:
- 40 countries from the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East
- 20 paddles, each with different physics and game play, such as the 'Reptile', '90 Grit' and 'Crunch'
- Trophy play in quarters, semis, and the finals in Tournament Mode! Choose which country you represent.
- Gold Cogs, which are earned with each win in Career Mode or with each tournament win in Tournament Mode. Use the Cogs to unlock more paddles and countries or to “power-up” existing paddles. Gold Cogs can also be purchased.
- 35 achievements in Game Center
- Local and global score boards
- Ability to play your Music from your iTunes play list
- Ability to challenge friends via email
- Facebook connectivity

If you like our games, show us some love on Twitter (@SkyworksGames) and Facebook (World Cup Table Tennis)! Thanks, and get to playing!
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Customer Reviews
Official Ratings

This game is not good.


This is horrible why is the other person winning automatically and then when I deserved to win the other person wins and I just had zero points and the person had like 500, this this is fake.

Bugs & Glitches

Ever since the last update in 2016, the game runs poorly. Even playing in career mode the opponent (computer) can’t even serve the ball properly. Trust me, move on and find another app.


Every time i went to hit it it would hit on its own and give the other guy a point

Don't play

If u want to have fun don't play this game

Great game

It's a great game


Solid. Nothing plays like a Skyworks game!

good game of pong

good graphics fun physics and great variety.


Decepcionante compre la versión de pago compre piñones 500 y me cobraron y nunca recibí mis piñones desgraciados ladrones se dan a conocer x 1.99$


Graphics are Terrible. Don't waste your money


Horrible game in general. You flick the paddle and it doesn't move. You go to serve the ball and it doesn't serve the way you want it to. This game is frustrating and has been deleted from my phone.


It won't work my paddle goes through the ball

The best

I like this game a much but I want full version for free any idea. Why don't you put this on the giveaways. Thanks.

Simple and fun

I don't get too ambitious or demanding with the game, and it's perfect for that!

Feb 29, 2016: Pinging that Pong!

I do like this game a lot, and have earned and seen the "SPINNING PADLE" more than 20 times, but sometimes in the 3rd matches the game does cheat and calls shots that have hit the table out. It only does this against me and not for me.

Ping pong

I like and play with the game daily, but the top banner that comes and goes at the beginning is very annoying and cover the screen and stay for a while. It has no instructive meaning. Would you please remove that top banner. When I bought this game it had no banner. How can i resume that feature.

Oh ya awsome game

I love this game recommend it very fun but it would be better if you could choose your countries

Need to fix bugs!

This has the potential to be a fun game but there are several issues that seem to go ignored by the developers. The computer almost always misses the table on serves! This is highly annoying and could easily be fixed. There are also scoring issues where I hit the table and it calls it out. Last thing I will complain about is the limited tournament options. If they can fix some of these issues it would be a much better game!


I can't even tell u how bad this game is but it should be considered a war crime


Should be taken off the AppStore. Horrible

It's fun

Yeah it's pretty fun

Best Table Tennis Game Ever

Everything is awesome but their has to be a multiplayer option through Bluetooth..Please...I'm out peace out✌️😂😂

I hate this game

I hate this game so much😡😡😡😡😡😡

I just won

I just won I am so great I just one


Well done


The only reason I'm not giving it one star is because when the ball's in play, it's actually quite fun. Good gameplay and you get a lot of control over the ball. However the ball is hardly ever in play. Conservatively, 50-75% of the computers serves go off the table. It's ridiculous, you'll be in a tight game and all of a sudden the computer serves it off the table 6 times in a row. It's almost impossible not to win every game with how bad they are at serving. If they do get it on the table, the game is enjoyable and challenging. But once you get any skill, the fact that the computer is so incompetent ruins the game.

It cheats

Worst game ever the computer rigs the other team so you always loose I would rate it zero if I could

This game lies&cheats!!!

Game or app, whatever, is ok, for the most part, however, it lies and cheats because during most critical times of games when points matter, I swipe my phone to return service and hit ball back to opponent, and dude doesn't even swing back, just stands there and takes point away from me completely. Thus, I obviously swipe and return and it doesn't even do anything!!!! Highly frustrating!!!

Unfair scoring and loss of points

The game is just unfair. The computer gets the point but you obviously have won the point in some cases.


It cheets, period!!!!!!!

So unfair this game

At first I start good then at the end the game gets so complicated that the computer gives you a massacre this isn't good but I have no choice but to stick with this useless app how disappointing is this:(


It's a good app it's just my fat finger is in the way😂😂...lol....

Mpoints vanished with update

Pretty disappointed in the company of this app for not telling us that all our saved mpoints would disappear if we clicked on the update.

Fun game

Well done.

Top Notch Game

This game constantly keeps you on your toes(sort of speak). Playing it on an iPad mini, while using a stylist pen as a paddle, makes you feel right there within the action. Just a superb game.

Muy bueno

Esta especial este juego


You make a point but they count it as the other team so don't download this app

Table tennis

Of all the games I played this is the worst! I don't think anyone else should play it. It's that bad!!

Awesome Game

Totally addictive


Nice game

Best table tennis game

My son has tons of fun playing this game.

Still works good

Still works well for me but alittle lag when switching serves. Overall very good.


Fun game, but why can't i play in portrait orientation? It would be so much better then.

Ping pong

Is the best game of ping pong

Buenisimo Gane juego que logre ;)))


Great game

Best app around


Enjoy it even the sample version

Table tennis

Great game!


Thank u & keep up the nice work!