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Hit Tennis 2

by Focused Apps LLC

(113 user ratings)


Download size: 18.99MB
Version: 2.19
Released: 2010-04-01
For ages: 4+


* Over 15 million downloads!
* Top Apps of all time in 69 countries!

Swipe your finger across the screen, just like you'd swing a real racket! Be sure to check out Hit Tennis 3 too.

Use your skills to move up the tennis circuit from Club to Pro by battling 4 FREE PLAYERS! You can even challenge your friends with 2-player split-screen mode.

What people are saying...
"I’ve been playing tennis for years, and this game is pretty amazing." -- Cuteboydenian
"This is the most fun game I have." -- Cent
"To tell you the truth, I don’t like it." -- the developer’s mother (Mom?? What the heck??)
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Customer Reviews

I am very disappointed they need a line judge or chase reviews I hit the ball in they CALL IT OUT. VERY DISAPPOINTING. Serena would be disappointed

Worth the money oh it s free

Easy and fun then challenging and tense

Great game: However!

The game/app is fun. It's very good as far as giving a novice a knowledge of the game. I thoroughly love the app; however I haven't figured out how to lob a shot and the game gives the advantage more often then not to the player pac. i.e. getting to the ball fast enough for return shots.... over all it's a good app. Thanks.

Might want to switch the names

This should be the original and the original should be number 2! Sorry but the graphics are terrible and are way better in the original and there is way more to do in the original.

Realistic and fun

This is a great game, one of the few games I have and actually play. I would give it five stars if it would automatically turn off notifications during play. In addition, sometimes my finger accidentally drags up or down from an edge of the screen and brings with it the notification screen or control center, which gets in the way of the game and usually causes me to lose the point. Really annoying.


Challenging for all skills

Great game

I have been playing this game now for sometime and i like when i beat bull!!!

Fantastic Game

I am addicted to this game. Always a ton of fun.

Hit Tennis

Great game!


Enjoyable energy outlet on a plane or at work !!😀

Hours of fun!

My finger gets a great workout! I play this game till the battery runs low!


This is an exciting game. I absolutely love it. It is almost like real play. The only issue that I dislike is that when you are at the baseline and attempting to return the ball, a up arrow or pause pops up and freezes the play mid swing. This causes you to lose a point.

Fun game, but....

The advanced players are impossible to keep up with. Maybe it's my fingers, but I can't see how anyone can beat those players. Otherwise, the serving and swing motion are very good.

Good Game

App slows down when not using WiFi. Otherwise it's a great game.

Tennis Fanatic

love this app and enjoy it so much it's the best but add new and challenging opponents . Would love another level of opponents

Game Freezes

Anyone else having problems with the game freezing during play and also just cancels you out of the game?


Best game ever no other compares Get it

Like real tennis on a phone

Good game for tennis lovers. Graphics are basic but gameplay is almost like real tennis. it's a workout too your finger will be flying all over the place. Being able to play humans would be nice

I'm downloading it

I play real tennis and ❤️ it but is it fun to play virtually. I mean the first comment I saw said it was terrible but some of them say it's amazing and never gets boring so I'm going to try it once it downloads I'll put another comment after I play and listen to what I say later because I'll explain every single detail. Everyone has a different opinion so let's see what mine is. When I rate it right now I'm going to give 3 stars cause I ❤️🎾 we'll see if those 3 stars change

Fun app!

When I got it, which is a few Years ago, it was addicting....... IT STILL IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Hit Tennis" is a miserable game, a lazily designed and created as a way of becoming a cash cow for virtual energy drinks. The game on the ground does not replicate the excitement and pace of real tennis. Instead it is an awkward, clumsy "b" or "c" list game that makes it impossible for the player to hit with a pace that can compete with the higher-level players. However if you are willing to fork over 20 and $30 at a time you can drug yourself into competitiveness with energy drinks that allow you to hit the ball hard enough to compete with the best players. The game never ever upgrades or updates probably because the designers are off to their next single hit wonder. Do not buy this game. I've tried playing it twice and have deleted it from my iPad both times. Instead try "Stick" tennis A game with a lot of humor that actually allows you to advance and progress. Run away from these "Hit" tennis courts and never turn back. This game is ANYTHING but a "hit".

Love it

It's Great!

Fun to play

I like it better than the 3D version

Hit tennis 2 is awesome

Great game! It is always fun and I never get tired of it! Best game I have played. I have beat Jack 3 times and I have beat the coach once.everyone should get this game.



Thank You

The Best Game Ever!

Tennis Pro

I love this game. I'm addicted to this game. I play this game on 2 of my iPhones and on my iPad.


Super fun !

Great exercise and you don't have to get up from your chair

Love this game! I have enjoyed playing this game for several years. As you increase your skill, you can play with more challenging opponents. It is a fun app and one I highly recommend.


Really enjoy this game! I play tennis rarely so this helps me pretend I'm still in the game!!!

My review about "hit tennis 2"

Wow! This is one of the best games I ever played! It's so much fun! If u didn't downoald this app yet you better do!


Super glitchy and bad not worth it at all!

My favorite tennis app.

Challenging and great fun.

Good game

Very good Game

Great fun

This game is a lot of fun when you have some time to yourself to kill!


This game is so cool Wont to lplay more

Great game

Very entertaining and challenging game

Love it...

Love it...

Best of the lot, room for taking it to next level

Best of the lot, room for taking it to next level

Fantastic game!

Challenging and a lot of fun!!

Bad response time

The concept of this game is fun, but it gets very frustrating when the player does not respond to my action.. It takes all the fun away..


This game is so stupid I mean people that like this game should jump in front of a truck

Incredible Virtual Tennis!

It's amazing how this app captures the feel of playing real tennis. You can shape your shots and have some great rallies. Playing different opponents and a rising skill level makes for fun competition. Hit Tennis 2 Rocks!

Hit Tennis 2

I have been playing Hit Tennis 2 for a year now and I still can not beat the top three players. Even though every time I meet one of these three players I get a little frustrated, I still enjoy beating all those other players. I try to improve my serves and my playing strategy with these players. I never tire of trying again. If you like competition, you will get it with this game. Manny from Puerto Rico

Awesome and fun game!

I love Hit Tennis 2! It is easy to play and very user-friendly. It's very addictive and you could easily play for hours at a time. It is even great for those who aren't tennis players. Very competitive and I like that you can practice and play different players at different difficulty levels.

I feel like I am The no. q 1 player in d world!

Yes indeed, it is great app once u get used to it. Every time that I play it, I feel like I am Rafael Nadal beating the williams sisters:-) and the rest of the World!

Very great game

Best game I've ever played , never gets boring. This is a follow up after 2 years. This is the best game ever. I don't like tennis in real life but the controls are excellent and though I've gotten bored at times, like with all games, I always come back to it. Still challenging and fun to play. Wish more characters were added and online play for this game against real competitors. I'd pay for that. These controls are better than hit tennis 3


The game is challenging and engaging. I play often.

Very cool game

Awesome game thanks for creating it. It provides lots of levels so you can pick smthing that you find challenging