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Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling Lite

by Skunk Studios, Inc.

(102 user ratings)


Download size: 119.75MB
Version: 1.3.1
Released: 2011-09-03
For ages: 4+


Do you have the Golden touch?
Play Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling and rack up those golden pins! If you're looking for a bowling game that will exceed your expectations, THIS is the bowling game to play!

A true bowling game with awesome graphics and amazing pin physics.
Clean & crisp throwing action lets you spin your bowling ball like a pro.
Golden Pins are earned for bowling well. Use them to unlock new alleys, bowling balls, 3 unique power ups, and customizable bowling balls.
Awesome Power Ups, including Da BOMB, The SPLITTER, and the INFLATOR.

Make your own bowling ball using built in textures and overlays. Increase the Speed and Spin! Change the color. Add your own photos. Make it shiny or dull. Make it reflective. Add Particle Effects. Attach one of 24 unique bling items.

• Incredible bowling alleys and fantastic bowling balls
House, Style and Effect bowling balls to unlock, each more awesome than the last.
• Customizable bowling balls. Add photos or choose from built in art. Apply a second layer with decals.
• Bowlers who spin the ball like a pro can earn up to 3x multiplier on their Golden Pins
• Game Center enabled with 8 Leaderboards and 40 bowling achievements

• 1 Free Lane - Retro!
• 7 Bowling Alleys to unlock - Vegas, Mineshaft, Barnyard, Cosmic, Lotus Lane, Ice Dragon, and Jungle
• Dozens of Unlockable Bowling Balls
• 2 Free Bombs, 2 Free Splitter, 2 Free Inflator Powerups!

The original Gutterball 3D bowling game premiered in 2002. It reached #1 on many portals and stayed in Real Arcade's Top 10 for an unprecedented 54 weeks. Gutterball 2 arrived in 2004 with all-new crazy bowling alley designs, much improved visuals and physics, and new features galore. And now, in 2011, Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling is all-new and ready to go! We think it's the finest bowling game on the App Store and we've played them all.

You be the judge... is this Gutterball the best bowling game ever?
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Customer Reviews

I did an in app purchase and yet you still spam the game with ads? I wasted $3.00 on that purchase! Deleted. It’s a shame I can’t get a refund...

🎳 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Loved this game since 02-05. One of the games from my childhood so thank you Skunk Studios for the new and improved return in iOS, especially with a free version without ads.


Fun to play and and easy way to pass the time


Never once. Slightly enjoyable game. But, good luck getting the ball to spin how it should.


Game rules

Used to love it

I loved it before iOS 10. I had many of the lanes and balls with no annoying adds. Now it has gone backwards to the lite version only with the option to rebuy every item and no ad removal. Newsflash, you can just do a little tweaking to the other game that was there before and nobody loses anything.


The best bowling game in the App Store. The paid version needs to be updated for 64 bit and iOS 11!! I've had this app and the paid version over 5 years. Please update!!


It’s a Very great Nostalgic game for those who played Gutterball 3D and Gutterball 2. The soundtrack is back. The mechanics are better than ever. Skunk Studios did an amazing job bringing the Game I grew up on. My only complaint is just it’s too expensive to get the full experience. But a great game.

Very realistic

My first job was a pinsetter in a bowling alley. I have always liked bowling but am too old to bowl now. This game makes me feel like I'm back on the lanes.

Love it

I could play Gutterball all day 🎳


Best game out, period.


Perhaps you need to update your game. I keep getting a message saying that my phone may not be able to support your software because it needs to be updated. Thank you.

Update app please

Please update this app. I just tried to open the app and got a message saying. This app may slow down your iOS device. The developer needs to update the app. I don't get this message on apps that were updated recently only apps that have not been updated in a while.


Nice! Best one I've played


It stinks that you buy the tilt steering and then you cant turn it off and have to delete/restart the game

Good game, but needs A LOT of work.

While this game is fun, there have been several times where after I throw the ball, towards the end of the lane the ball jumps up in the air and comes down and when you have a lot of spin on the ball, it most likely will go in the gutter. This gets annoying after a couple of times when you encounter this situation. Also, when the description said that this game is the best on the AppStore (or whatever it said), clearly you haven't seen the PBA Bowling Challenge app. The graphics are much better, you can control the ball a lot easier than this game, and you can play against the pros of the PBA. So please work on this game more and improve some of the aspects of this game.

Tilt steering doesn't work

Fix tilt steering and ads still show up even though I have bought golden pins.

Fun but needs work

Super fun like the old computer version. Only thing I'm having trouble with is hooking. The instructions aren't clear enough on how to do this and I've tried a bunch of different ways and can't seem to do it. Not very fun if you can't get strikes.

Great to pick up and play

I have been enjoying this for a few months now and love to just bowl a few frames here and there. The sounds are great and vocal cues humorous. One thing that bothers me is that the voice when you unlock the Cosmic lane sounds more like it belongs on the Lotus Lane. He speaks of zen and how you are one with the ball and universe. It's just, weird to have that when you're bowling in space above a planet with aliens hanging around. A robotic voice would have fit better.

Best Bowling Game I've Played!

Can't get enough of this game. I'm still trying to master the spin with the arc's swip and I'm happy they added a new alley theme in this latest update. They say the black screen issue and crash are fixed. I haven't had a problem and I've play about 40 games.

Fun time

Always a fun time, I lost my phone but had to put this one back on my phone again, thank you Skunk

Can't Play

I had this game in my iPhone 5 and loved it!!! Now I have a iPhone 6, the game loads then goes blank? I only get the ad at the very bottom of the screen. Can u please fix. I would love to okay it again.

Fun, but annoying

Ah, Gutterball… It's great fun on the computer, but insanely hard on iOS. While the idea is a great one, Skunk Studios falls short. Everything is really expensive, almost forcing you to buy their currency: golden pins. Also, the controls… not so great. This game needs work.

Black Screen on iPhone 6 Plus

I enjoy this app on my iPad 3-iPad Air... So downloaded on my 6+.. Total NO GO! Please fix?

Doesn't work on IPhone6

My dad has been playing this on his Samsung device for about a month. Finally decided to give it a try and it doesn't work for the iPhone6. When I open the app, it's a black screen with the ad running at the bottom. Please fix this! I would really like to play.

No screen

Since upgrade to I phone 6, I am not able to access the home screens or other screens. Screen is black.


The only thing that bothers me is the guys voice

Not working on i phone 6plus

Screen goes blank on my iPhone 6 plus bad work deleting it

Don't work on iphone6

Ever since I got a iPhone 6 it hasn't worked,but the adds still pop up,just s blank screen

Crashes on iPhone 6

I used to love this game, best of bowling games. Now it just shows a black screen on iPhone 6. Please fix.


It is fun but it keeps exiting out in the middle of games and when I'm doing stuff.

iPhone 6 black screen

Love the game on my other iOS devices. But for now iPhone 6 is a no go.

Same Thing

Just upgraded to iphone 6 and this app won’t work. Just a black screen with scrolling at the bottom. Worked great with 4s and 5s. Help.

What happened to my Gutterball?!

I have loved playing this game for many months, but since yesterday, I am being kicked out of the program as it is loading. I still cannot access the game. Why? Please fix this problem! Update: it was working fine over the past few months on my iPhone 4, but when I upgraded to iPhone 6, all I get is the ad on the bottom of the screen with the rest of the screen being black. I hope you can fix this...


Love it

It crashes

I got this game to play it not open it and pray it won't crash


Downloaded app a long time ago and it is a really fun game, but a few months ago, when I open the app it got about halfway loaded then would crash. They fixed it so it would work again. Since then it played great until today when I tried to open it several times it would load up until it was almost 100% when it would suddenly crash. I would give this game 5 stars if they could fix it..!!

Crashes for me also

Was one of my favorite games until I upgraded to iPhone 5S. Now it crashes on start up every time and has for months. :(


Don't download

Bowling game

It is really fun I like creating your own ball and the power ups are awesome


I thought I would enjoy this app I don't anymore it crashes when you open it, deleted.

Good Game!

This is most likely the best bowling app on the App Store enjoy playing it with my lil cousin.

Freezing up? Try airplane mode!

My daughter loves this app and plays it with everyone. I spent the extra $ and got her all the lanes etc. We were so disappointed when it began freezing up. Thank you to whomever inquired to the developer as to why. We put the iPad on airplane mode and she's bowling again! We hope you fix the bugs soon!!!

Good for awhile

Just started crashing on opening, now useless


I love this game & had this game for some time but recently have not been able to get on the game. It's been kicking me out. So I deleted it & downloaded it again but it's still kicking me out. Pls fix it cause its me favorite game to play!

Not good any more

Was good but now the game will NOT LOAD. deleted it moving on to other better bowling games

Crashing- won't open

Please fix


Have had this game for a while now, love it. Although it does take a while to load. But today, after several attempts, app will not open. Just crashes & goes back to my home page. Please Fix Soon, or I will find another one. It really is a cool game, If not for this. I have a iPhone 4. Would've gave it 5 stars except for this glitz. Thanks This is my 2nd "review". Please Fix your site.. Only gave it one star now, would've been 5. Bout to permanently delete this app. So if it won't even open I wouldn't recommend this for anyone. My granddaughter is 7 & is very upset


Since the last update this game crashes during loading if I have internet or cellular on with my iphone 5 or ipad.