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Baseball Superstars® 2012.


(283 user ratings)


Download size: 73.85MB
Version: 1.0.11
Released: 2012-01-26
For ages: 4+

Genres:GamesEntertainmentRole PlayingSports

Baseball Superstars® 2012, Ultimate Smart Baseball Experience

"Baseball Superstars 2012 is engaging in all the right ways. The core gameplay mechanics are incredibly easy to learn, but not so easy to master." - (4/5 Stars) Toucharcade.com

"There is literally something here for everyone in Baseball Superstars 2012." - (4/4 Stars) Slidetoplay.com

"It’s a very nicely executed freemium title that offers a ton of gameplay without having to purchase in-app upgrades. Baseball fans will love it." (4/5 Stars) -148apps.com

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Step up to the plate for the best baseball experience on the App Store, now looking better than ever before in crisp HD! The sky's the limit with level restrictions unlocked, upgraded batting and pitching moves, endless customization, new super players and more play modes. Whether managing a team to the championship or training a rookie to the Hall of Fame, you're in control of it all.

Join the series that's been downloaded over 30 million times by players worldwide with Baseball Superstars® 2012!

See more, play better – Enhanced details and clarity make an eye-opening ballgame optimized for Retina displays.

New gesture and tilt controls allow intuitive pitching and batting. Smart AI teammates make exciting baseball plays, split-second catches and laser-precision throws.

Customize your team logo, stadium, uniform and equipment. Recruit, combine and level up players to assemble the best team.

Train to earn skill points, new special moves and stat-boosting nicknames as you rise from rookie to Superstar.

Go up against other users' teams around the world in PVP matches.

Meet the challenges of new super players to have them join your team. Go after the multiple story endings and over 30 Game Center achievements.

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YouTube http://youtube.com/gamevil

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Customer Reviews
Amazing Series! Sad they haven’t made a new one.

Great game, the controls are easy to understand and the gameplay is pure addictive fun. If you want a game you can play anywhere, this and 13 are the ones. The game has a great storyline and a few endings for you to discover. The game is well balanced and very fun. I highly recommend this game.


The one thing I wish is that when you are the pitcher you actually the starter pitcher and pitch for couple innings

I enjoy it

If you can get past the difficulty and the outs then the game is enjoyable as a whole. Getting a bad grade isn’t all bad. You retire at 10 years. If you spend money on any in app purchases please note it does not carry over after you complete 10 years or reset. Even if you get permanent perk it ends after 10 years. Overall it’s fun, I have played these games for years and while it’s no Baseball Superstars II it’s better then 2013. No ads. Fun gameplay. Don’t rage, or let the outs and fouls annoy you. It’s not easy but very satisfying once you get the hang of it.

Best Game Ever



Played the game during 2013. Re-installed and I still have fun with it.

Almost flawless (G-Points way to expensive!!!)

If they made it a little easier to earn G-points or didn't make a lot of the stuff cost so many G-points then it would be a five star app... But to change the hair style or hair color of your player it's like 8000 G-points per change! That's ridiculous!!! You should be able to choose between using G-points (300 MAX) for a hair style change or using salary you are paid per season (3000 MAX). 8000 G-points for a haircut is just flat out stupid and so is the person who designed the game that requires you to pay that much for a hair cut... Give me a break...

Love game but...

I love this game but it is truly starting to show some age with glitches you can easily notice now but not when the game was released. But my biggest issue with glitches is that it would crash every time I tried to play my pitcher I deleted the save files for my pitcher gave the game a rest but nothing worked eventually I deleted the game and reinstalled, and had to lose my save data on my batter including the yomi, bora, and leoney endings just so I could finish the endings in my pitcher. If you can please fix these bugs so hopefully nobody else has to delete all their progress. Besides these bugs the endings and stories from the characters are amazing there are lots of items to buy and unlock and if you can even play my team to control everyone instead of just one like my batter and pitcher


This game is the dumbest game I have ever played in my lifetime, producers your the dumbest thinkers ever!

Game freezes

This game will hijack my husbands phone and complete freeze. It won’t turn off or anything, he has iPhone 6. The only way to get the phone to respond is to call it. So I WOULD NOT recommend this game. It happened twice today and he deleted it.

Great game!!!!

Game you can keep playing fun and challenging! One of my Allllll time favorites!!!


It’s really great and I have no idea why I didn’t get it sooner 😁

Love it

I really love this game. Keep up the good work guys

Very Fun Game

This game is awesome I’ve been coming back to it for years now

Love it

Love this game

Don’t download this🤦🏽‍♂️

This game will literally drive you insane! This computer is basically unstoppable 8 times out of 10 and the super pitchers are basically impossible to get a good hit on. They start you off doing good for the first season but after that it goes straight downhill.


This game is amazing!


Ok game

Hey I love the game

I hope you do a 2017 one

Great game until last update

One of favorite games. After the last update the AI no longer swings at the balls I pitch. The only time they swing is if it is an error. I can easily pitch a no hitter every game. I haven’t lost in a good while because of the fact that don’t hit the ball anymore


Good Game


Well I was playing My Pitcher Mode and the game ended. My coins I wanted to collect, the game boots me out! Please fix this

Fun time

Great game that is all kinds of fun

Good game

If your like me, and you love baseball, you don’t care how bad the graphics are and all that. But the graphics here are actually decent. It’s a great game and I seriously recommend it. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because of three things. 1.) The Super Pitchers for the My Batter mode are super overpowered and almost impossible to hit off of. 2.) Sometimes, the players will run extremely fast to make an amazing diving play to get you out an steal a hit. 3.) After you are robbed, sometimes multiple times a game, your coach will give you a grade and it will almost always be a D if you go 1 for 4. There’s also small glitches that go against the rules of baseball, but they don’t effect the “game” and they’re minor. I seriously recommend this game. Be ready to celebrate but also be ready to rage.

This game is trash

This game is awful the graphics are bad and when you hit the ball in the out field they catch it every time never got this game it’s so trash

So cool

Love this game

Doesn’t work with iOS 11

Please update the app to be iOS 11 compatible. This was one of my favorite games, but now I can’t play it.


Please update This game to iOS 11 i like so much this game but i didnt like the 2013 version

What’s going on?

Why can’t I get it anymore 😞



Update the app

I love this game so please update it

Does not work with iOS 11



Update it please!!!


Update to iOS 11 please

Please please please update to iOS 11

Please I’m begging you


I used to play this game in high school, and I would love to come back to it if you updated it for iOS 11


Great game; just wondering when a new update will happen for this app. 😫

Please Update





please this game is my favorite game and I need it to survive

Need to be updated

I know this game is old but this needs to be updated for IOS 11! This version was so much better than the 2013 version!


I love this game and it's elements.

4 years playing

Excellent game

It suks

It suks

Waste of my time

Literally almost every single hit barely makes it past the pitching mound. Some times they'll give you a home run hit every few games to keep you playing but this is straight trash.

Frustrating -2011 was much better

First year you do great. Train, buy upgrades, train, stats go up.... then season 2-10 your player never really gets better (actually gets worse). Terrible. 2011 version was fun. This is awful.

In a purchase / still love the game

How do I restore my in app purchases?? Any help appreciated, thanks

On 9th season

Trash! If you like the computer winning everything then this is your game.


Regardless of your own personal skill or the batter you use in games hitting, or power level batting results seem fixed as to where ball will go and most of the time it goes right into a fielders mitt. Unless you plane on spending real money to buy power this game is a joke. And it gets worse, some of the "special"pitchers are un-hitable (special dork powers). As for win/loss you can go hitless and your team wins. You can score lots and team loses. Everything about this game seems almost preordained. Definitely not for players over 12 years old.


It's like when I hit the ball I might never come out for air

The most frustrating game on the App Store

Impossible to time up the pitches and leads you to want to throw your phone.