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Action Bowling Classic

by Kronos Games

(41 user ratings)


Download size: 332.35MB
Version: 1.11.4
Released: 2009-01-13
For ages: 4+


Action Bowing Classic (previously Action Bowling Free) - the best bowling game on iOS. Now with over 40 million downloads!

Game Review:

Kronos's Action Bowling Rolls a Perfect Game...

There are several bowling games in the App Store...none is in the same league as Action Bowling, from Kronos Games. It’s about as close to real bowling as you’re going to get on the iPhone and iPod touch.

- AppCraver.com

Action Bowling is the best and most feature packed bowling game on iOS. It is the only bowling game in the App Store that features :
• 10 outrageous bowling locations
• 72 unique custom bowling balls
• State-of-the-art 3D physics engine for real pin action
• Explosive ball-on-pin collisions.
• Professional straight, curve and hook shots.
• Pass and Play Mode so you can bowl against 3 friends
• Practice mode so you can set up a custom rack to practice knocking down those tricky splits
• Detailed stats tracking
• Bowling alley, bowling ball and pins built according to PBA regulation specifications
• Stunning 3D graphics
• Full music tracks and robust sound effects
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Customer Reviews
Ruined it useless app

This was my favorite game until they changed it a few months ago. I do not play it anymore. I check here once in a while to see if they fixed it.

A good Classic

I remember this game years ago. I still play it today and I also like the fact there is a second version in a separate app. Usually I don’t see that a lot but it’s good. One classic and one that is newer

What happened

This new version is terrible I had the original action bowling I tried the free version I like it so much that I purchase the payed version I loved it it was great I played and opened up all the different lanes and had most of the different bowling balls in my game. Now that version doesn’t work and the new one doesn’t transfer anything to the new app. I tried contacting the developer But none of the links work and they don’t seem to respond to all the low reviews. I wish they had not disabled the original version I want to play it again. I don’t play the new version at all. I tried it and don’t like the controls for the curves and other changes.The game play Isn’t fun anymore. Give us back the original game or make the new one more like the original and give me back all the extras I earned over the years. Please respond to our concerns.

Ruined the game

I’ve had this app for years, used to play on occasion to unwind. Glitch free, fast, fun. This new version has completely ruined that. Monumental lags, terrible responsiveness, just heavy. Sadly have to delete it. Just unplayable.

Latest version

Sad to rate game one star. Full version was paid for, when needed to update to new version many ads with option to purchase cosmetic changes. Disappointing changes I think.

Update is bad.

The action is lost in this game where the pins act like sand bags. Or it’s like bowling with a 2 lbs. ball. It was better the old way before the major update.

Older Version Great

This version is terrible. 7 pin will not go down even with a perfect shot. Have about quit playing the game. Played older version all of the time. Getting about ready to delete.

App won't open

Used to love this app new app is junk not fun at all

Update Ruined It

I loved this game until the recent update. Nothing but splits and the pin action is now so unrealistic. Why did you mess with it! Just deleted it.

I hate it

Used to love the old game. You ruined it with the upgrade. Too bad - was fun to play.


Use to be a good game, I even bought in app purchases. Now it’s worthless with the update. Original was awesome, now it’s just something a toddler would like bc of the cartoonish design. Also no more photos on the bowling balls.

Hate new version!

Before the update I played this and loved it. I’ve had several 300 games with the old version but with the new version I barely break 100 most times. Now I hate this game and won’t play it anymore.

Old game far superior

I had the original Action Bowling Free. I loved this app and played for years. When I upgraded my iPhone iOS recently this app was part of the upgrade. What a mistake and major disappointment the new game is. The original game gave you the ability to customize the delivery of your ball both in speed and curvature. Now you choice between “ straight” or “ curve” already set. It also offered a set of free balls to use in addition to a vast number of purchase balls. Now there isn’t a free set only purchase. Last but not least the “action” in the old game was far superior than this new version. The new version seems cartoonish. Bad tech work guys

Ruined a favorite

I’ve played this game regularly for at least the last 5 years. The new update is awful. It’s not the same game. The spin doesn’t work very well, it feels almost impossible to get a decent score, and I hate the overall feel of it. Really disappointed that a game I’ve played for years is essentially gone. Won’t be playing this version.

new update ruined my favorite old game

I’ve had your app on my phones for years now. Always pick it up here and there and play a game. Was still trying for a perfect game came real close 11 strikes and then 9 out of 10 last frame... heartbreak. So if that’s heartbreak this is the death of an old friend. The new update is like the other game you released which I did not care for. I don’t understand why you would not have made a new game or tweaked your other bowling game. It’s your game and your decision just very disappointing and not worth playing anymore. Thanks for all the good years.

U ruined it

The free was better. Don’t need all the options. Can’t get anywhere near the scores I got with original game. Probably going to delete this app and be done with it. Why do programmers always mess with what works? Goodbye!!!!!


This was the oldest app I had on my phone. Used to love it now I’m deleting it. It’s HORRIBLE! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

When it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Sorry, but the newly updated Action Bowl just isn’t doing it for me. The action was fairly realistic with the previous version but not so with this. Fortunately, I was able to turn off the extremely annoying music and sound effects.

Why the change?????

What where you guys thinking????? I used to love this game, but now can’t stand it! You changed the mechanics, the ball positioning, and made the touch mechanics too sensitive, should have left the game alone, been a long time player since I my got my iPhone2 back in 08 I am seriously thinking about deleting you’re app????

Fun game

Works perfectly on iPhone 6+. Curving the ball seems to only work one direction - left to right. The pin action violates the laws of physics on occasion. I think it's impossible to hit the pocket and take out ONLY the 1,3,5,&9 pins. 🤓

Action Bowling 1

Something has changed in this game. In the past, I bowled a perfect score all the time but Now, not even close. Also the ball curves on occasions and now there's more ads. So now I hardly use it.


I love the game but it is causing my phone to run slow when I have that game open

Great AP Most of the Time

Sometimes when I get a strike instead it gives me a zero for the frame. I was just cheated out of a potential 300 game! Please fix this terrible bug!


Would like to have the ability to choose a lane.

This is disappointing

I downloaded the app and now it won't let me play this game. What happen???

Needs updated

Paid the money to upgrade I expect to have updates be included in the price. Please update


Will NOT work on my phone!! Opened right away then closes. If I could give NO STARS I would.

Crashes as opens

I haven't been able to use this app for over a year. Whenever I try, it crashes upon opening. A major fix is in order. I'm giving 1star only because I really enjoyed the game in the past.

Not working

Please work on this bowling king game it will not open. Thank You

Jack Avery problem

The action bowling game free app will not work on my phone can you please fix it for me I will appreciate it mainly because something is not working right with that cause every time I click on it and then off the game and it will not let me play it at all. Can you please just work on to make it work better please and thank you

Crashes... Can't open anymore

I would give it 5 stars... Love the game... Ever since I installed the new iOS update... Crashes every time I try to launch... Give it a two...


action bowling free is not working on my iphone please fix the app please and thank you very much.

Was great now won't open!

I loved this game and it worked fine on my iPhone 5, but won't even open on 6S plus with same iOS! You need to fix this pronto.


Crashes upon open on my iPhone SE please fix


This app stinks all it does is crash and you can't even open it. Please fix these bugs

Crashes at start up

This was a really fun game until I downloaded it on my new iPhone 6 Plus. Crashes right away. Please fix this soon and I'll change my review.

Not worth the price (free)

They claim that no other bowling game is in the same league as them and they are correct, this might have been the worst game I ever downloaded. If I could ask for a refund of my time, I would.

Are they fixing this app

Are they going to fix this app for the iPhone 6s Plus will not open

Can't open

I love this app can't open awith iPhone 6s please fix it

App crashes in iOS version 9.x

I've been playing this game since my first iPhone on a 3GS. Love it but found it crashes on iOS 9.x. Please fix so I can continue enjoying this game.


Love this app before switch to iPhone 6s Plus. It keeps crashing every time I open it so Bye-bye


I have the iPhone 6s Plus and the game crashed twice upon opening DELETED ;-)

Can't open this

I would give this a five star rating, but I cannot open it on my new iPhone 6s.

Can't open

I love this app but whenever I open it it crash. Please fix the bug


This game stinks! I rather watch justin bieber

Once good game, down the toilet

Like many other reviewers, I used to think that this game was great. Then the update happened, and it turned upside down. But I still played it. It was still kind of fun. Now though, when I switch to practice mode from a regular game, the lane comes up empty...I mean no pins and an empty pin arrangement schematic. And it just stays that way until I delete the game and reload it. This happens every day, I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Why the hell should I have to reload this game EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! UPDATE: I have tried to stick with this game despite the negative aspects, on which I have previously reported(see above), but I have to say that this is one of the most poorly managed game sites on the Internet. All of the above negative factors still exist, but also, the ball and directional indicator line becomes very loose, to the point of not being able to control the placement of the ball before you release. Also, and unbelievably annoying, the practice mode still goes dark(and unplayable) when you shift between it and regular game mode, requiring you to have to delete the app and reload it. I have emailed App Support over and over regarding this issue, and never get a response. This doesn't happen every single time you switch modes, but just try switching two or three times back and forth, and it will occur. And I mean every day! This review will probably not make it to the site, because my previous reviews have not been posted, the developers obviously don't want negative reviews, but, in case it does, I just want everyone to be aware of what they will be getting into.

Change bowling balls

Love the game I will give it five stars but could you please change the bowling balls they still are Christmas... It's Valentine's Day,,, it's time for Santa to rest... Hohoho


Great app


Best bowling game out there