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REI – Shop Outdoor Gear

by Recreational Equipment, Inc

(9 user ratings)


Download size: 86.83MB
Version: 5.5.2
Released: 2010-11-25
For ages: 4+


Shop REI from (almost) everywhere your adventures take you. With quick access to a huge selection of top-brand outdoor gear and clothing, our app helps you dream and scheme about what’s next. Find everything you need for camping, backpacking, cycling, climbing, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, fitness, and more—right at your fingertips—so you can get outside and do what you love. Whether you’re looking for men’s clothing, kids’ shoes, women’s apparel, or nearly any type of outdoor gear, use our shopping app to browse, purchase, or check availability at your local REI store. Browse our app to enjoy crisp product images, detailed specs, customer reviews, and product videos. Not sure what to buy for your favorite outdoor enthusiast? Be a hero and purchase an REI gift card on the app.

SEARCH: Easily find outdoor gear and apparel on our shopping app.

SHOP OUTDOOR GEAR: Buy the gear you love right from your phone. It’s easy.

CHECK STORE AVAILABILITY: Use the app to find the products you want at a nearby REI store. Remember, you can ship any item for free to an REI store near you.

SCAN REI PRODUCTS: From inside an REI store, use our app to scan product barcodes to view product information and customer reviews, and to add your dream outdoor gear and apparel to your wish list.

LOCATE A STORE: Need gear or apparel while you're on the go? Use our app to find the closest REI store.

CONNECT WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE: Have questions? Use your phone as a phone! Call a friendly REI customer service representative with the touch of a button.

GET EASY ACCESS TO YOUR REI MEMBERSHIP INFO: Check your dividend, look up your member number, and save it for easy retrieval.

STAY IN TOUCH: Get notifications on REI sales events and other happenings delivered to a special REI message center on your phone.

SEE OUR DEAL OF THE DAY: Save 50% or more on the best names in outdoor gear and apparel—but only if you know about these deals and act fast!

We recommend keeping your device updated with the latest iOS version to ensure the best REI experience.
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Customer Reviews
IPad version???

Hey REI, how about a landscape version for folks with an iPad???


Can’t even see my purchase history and it won’t let me add my membership card to Apple wallet :/

White on Black menus

Specifications tab has been fixed. Still no way to avoid the white on black menus.

Idea is good but buggy

On latest version - 5.5.2, but Specs tab still doesn’t work for REI or REI garage products.

A bit glitchy

Trying to click on deferent parts like Specifications in new update and it won’t work. Please update the app. In order for the new fixes to be applied I had to felete and reinstall the app.

Great app, however unable to see specs

Been using this app for years and it’s been great, however the latest update broke the specs tab. You are unable to see weight, size, and other in-depth information. This is a 4 star app when that is fixed and a close to a 5 star app whenever Apple Pay is accepted.

Works great!

With the new 5.5.2 update, the specs can now be accessed to any of their product. An annoying bug that I am glad they fixed.

Wrong Charge

I applied my dividend to my order through the app, however it did not transfer over when I completed the purchase. I was charged full price and it took it out of my PayPal account. Now I have to file a claim with PayPal. I just wanted 1 item.

Not Screen Reader Accessible

All menus and options are not accessible using VoiceOver on IOS.

Specs Tab Doesn’t Work

The updated app needs work. The specs tab doesn’t work, I found this tab very useful in the past and now I’m unable to access it.


What happened to specs in app?

Gift Registry

Wanted to use the app mainly for easy access to my gift registry. The app only has Wish List accessibility.

No specs

Spec button does not work!!

Specs section doesn’t work

I use the specs tab a lot when shopping at REI. However, it is not working in this version for me.

No specs?

As a through hiker I need specs on everything. Weight is a critical factor for everything I purchase when planning a PCT trek. Since I can’t access that information using the rei app, I’m getting that information from rei’s competition. I spend thousands on backpacking equipment every year and this will be the first year in a long time that rei isn’t getting a penny. Better get this fixed, REI! I’m done with my shopping for the next year and a simple glitch in your app might have cost you a customer for good.

Something happened...

Cannot view the specs on anything in the description and details tab of any item.

Specifications now dead link?!?

I’ve been happy with this app, until the latest update. The specifications tab no longer works. I can see the description, but without the specs tab, it makes shopping via the app a bit pointless. I really hope this gets debugged soon. It’s what would take 3 stars back up to 5 for me.

Tweaks needed

I like having the app -/ it’s much easier to search on than the moving site. However, there are glitches that need attention. For instance, when I click on Description and Specs, I can see the description but when I click on the Specs tab, nothing happens. Inability to see the specs of a product is a large frustration.

Not sure iOS update , app or both

Very slow loading thumbnails. Happened after recent iOS update

Shopping became easy

I’m relatively new to online shopping from stores. I prefer to buy products (especially specialty equipment) locally. That being said this app makes researching and buying new gear a breeze. I really like the option to save items in my cart for purchase at a later time, allowing me to research products and refine my shopping to fit my tight budget. This has easily become my most used app on my iPhone next to mail and safari.

Good, not great

Needs work. One super annoying thing is their over-integration of Google's "captcha" nonsense. You have to deal with it over and over to navigate the app. Also, fonts are minuscule, guessing the designers are about 19 years old. When you finally get to actually use it, it does have some bright spots. Pics of items in purchase history is a nice touch, TouchID integration, etc. I used to frequent REI quite a bit but lately random employees at several stores have been overt a**holes unprovoked, which leads me to believe this company is feeling the pinch of this "boom" economy and is taking it out on their regular customers. Still, the bones of REI are solid and they mostly have decent employees to deal with, hope they crack down on the outliers as they are costing them dearly. So far, complaints to customer service give me a middling feeling anything will be done about them.

Keeps signing me out

Seems to be a common trait of store apps. Waste of time.

Ok for IPhone

Come on R.E.I. Spend some of my money on a dedicated IPad app. It would be much easier and faster for me to spend more of my money with you.

Some items won't ship to me or my nearest store in Alaska.

I like my recreational equipment. The app will not let me ship seemingly random and unrelated items to my address or to the nearest store in Alaska. Namely, headlamps and jet-force avalanche bags. Unsure how to proceed in giving you money in exchange for goods.

Locator needs significant improvement

When I am away from my home area and trying to find a store or I find an item and want to see if it's in stock somewhere, all I get is an infinite 'loading' compass. Please consider 'timing out' and perhaps search by zip code. It's frustrating 'waiting'...

App is Frustratingly SLOW!

Selecting an item from the list of items for info is no problem, but the pictures of different colors and views of the item take a frustratingly long time to "materialize", and forget selecting a picture for a larger view of the item, you'll have gray hair by the time it opens. First a blank white square pops up then eventually you have one larger view, but swipe for the next larger view same white blank square and more waiting for anything to show up, and so on more & more waiting with each swipe. ☹️

Good but needs some tweaking

I have no problem with the overall design and content of the app. I think it's very good. But I moved last month, and my billing address changed as well, and I tried to update both in the app. Every time I saved the changes, the app crashed. Every single time. I had to make the changes on the website instead, and then sign out of my account in the app and sign back in just to update the changes. Plus, it's a little annoying that the app has to automatically sign me back in every time I open the app, although if that's the worst thing about the app, it's no big deal. Just fix the problem with changing one's personal information in the app so the app doesn't crash.

Good App!

I haven't had any real issues with this app. It's very helpful. I just wish that they made an iPad version, or at least a version that allows landscape mode. If you want to browse the catalog while using a keyboard on your tablet, you can't. The view won't rotate. I suppose that's what the website is for though...

Are genius?

I love the trail recommendations. Give me more if this!

Never had a problem

App has worked great for me. Easy to use.

App died

Recent update now fails to fully install app. Wish I could go back, but I can't, so it's unusable.

Doesn't install

Enough said.

Constant notification on lock screen

Latest version shows an REI as nearby on the lock screen, constantly. Even when it's nowhere near.

App won't update

I retried many times. I deleted it and retried. Still doesn't download.

Doesn't support LastPass

..and paste into password field is disabled, so you're unable to copy from a password manager like LastPass.

Lost app with recent update

Sure my phone is "old" but my iphone 4 is running iOS 9.3.5 and the system requirement is 9 and newer. The update failed. I deleted the app and but the next download failed as well.

Update Doesn't Install

Update keeps reloading. Only solution is to uninstall.

Update won't install

The update won't install on an ipod touch ios 9.3.5 device. Apparently the attempted install deletes the previous version so I don't have the app on the device.

Update error

It won't update for me! It gets stuck updating and even if I delete the app and try to reinstall it, it doesn't work. Ugh!!

Update broken

The latest update is broken and won't install. It makes the application completely unusable. I hope whomever is in charge over at REI gets this fixed immediately.

Update will now update on iPhone

The July 31, 2017 update will not down load. I am getting a message that the "Update can not install now. Try later." I have tried 3 hours apart this morning. Same results.

Won't install

The app won't install. It's about to get deleted. Wasted data trying at least a dozen different times.

Update not working

The new update won't download

Love the app wont open

I love the app nothing bad to say, only that ever since i updated my phone, and the app, the application does not open. And i have no clue as to what to do

Add filter option

Could you please add an option in the filter menu to narrow results to in stock (or sold out) at a local store? Its irritating & time consuming to click on products that I'm interested in just to find out they aren't sold at my local store. I'm currently shopping for some running shoes and a lot of the results, after filtering for size, best use, features and so on, aren't available at my local (Greenville, SC) store. I'm not one to order online without seeing a product in person nor do I enjoy running from store to store hunting for products. Please let me know if I'm missing this feature. Thanks, Kevin


Installed app, searched for product, read review, crash. Repeat 3 times. App deleted.

REI Libtards

REI has chosen to go down the road of political activism. App deleted. #MAGA

Reviews don't work

Any time I try to read the reviews for an item, a blank screen comes up.

GPS doesn't work

Every time I unlock my phone it shows an REI is nearby. I've disabled most notifications, and it still pops up. Update: REI was quick to respond with a solution.

Not possible to cancel orders

Once an order is placed, it can only be cancelled via phone or chat. Chat live support said usually an order cannot be cancelled after 30 minutes.