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REI – Shop Outdoor Gear

by Recreational Equipment, Inc

(16 user ratings)


Download size: 108.3MB
Version: 7.2.2
Released: 2010-11-25
For ages: 4+


Shop REI from (almost) everywhere your adventures take you. With quick access to a huge selection of top-brand outdoor gear and clothing, our app helps you dream and scheme about what’s next. Find everything you need for camping, backpacking, cycling, climbing, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, fitness, and more—right at your fingertips—so you can get outside and do what you love. Whether you’re looking for men’s clothing, kids’ shoes, women’s apparel, or nearly any type of outdoor gear, use our shopping app to browse, purchase, or check availability at your local REI store. Browse our app to enjoy crisp product images, detailed specs, customer reviews, and product videos. In addition, you can find and register for classes and events near you.

SEARCH: Easily find outdoor gear and apparel on our shopping app.

SHOP OUTDOOR GEAR: Buy the gear you love right from your phone. It’s easy.

CHECK STORE AVAILABILITY: Use the app to find the products you want at a nearby REI store. Many items are now available for purchase in the app and can be picked up at the store within a couple hours!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR HOME SCREEN: Select the activities you love and see recommended trails, classes and events near you!

GET EASY ACCESS TO YOUR REI MEMBERSHIP INFO: Check your dividend, look up your member number, and save it for easy retrieval.

SEE OUR DEAL OF THE DAY: Save 50% or more on the best names in outdoor gear and apparel—but only if you know about these deals and act fast!

REGISTER FOR CLASSES AND EVENTS: Sign up for a class or event near you!

SCAN REI PRODUCTS: From inside an REI store, use our app to scan product barcodes to view product information and customer reviews, and to add your dream outdoor gear and apparel to your wish list.

LOCATE A STORE: Need gear or apparel while you're on the go? Use our app to find the closest REI store.

CONNECT WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE: Have questions? Use your phone as a phone! Call a friendly REI customer service representative with the touch of a button.

STAY IN TOUCH: Get notifications on REI sales events and other happenings delivered to a special REI message center on your phone.

SCAN A CREDIT CARD OR GIFT CARD FOR PAYMENT: When checking out, you can now enter in your credit card or gift card by scanning it with the app.

We recommend keeping your device updated with the latest iOS version to ensure the best REI experience.
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Customer Reviews

The REI app is great and it lets me find what I want quickly

Can't get pass the login screen.

I've recently changed my phone from Android to iPhone xs max and was trying to install the REI app from Apple store. After installation, I was prompted to log in and make choice of whether I want push notification, then the app just hangs.

none responsive UI

No tablet version. I guess they want you to use the mobile browser instead. Used to be a smooth native app, but not any more

Wants you passcode to enable Face ID

For some reason when I enabled Face ID it prompted me for my iPhone passcode, which I have never had to do in any other app. Seems sketchy to me.

Love REI... but the app should be better

The app still asks to use Touch ID (the last 2 generations of iPhone including mine have moved to Face ID do not support it) and then proceeds to ask me to enter my iPhone (not REI) password ...not cool. I feel like I’m at risk if I use this app. I love REI... please fix it and I’ll improve my rating.


Love REI, hate the app. Put 2 gift cards into the app for safe keeping, went to use them yesterday in San Diego and they read out as invalid. Took oven20 minutes for them to figure out what was going on. Sorry REI, stick to retail outdoors and stay away from technology.

Stuck at Account Verification

After logging in, the Account Verification shows up with no options on the page. Already checked email and spam folders to ensure there were no verification emails several times

Won't Open

The app hangs on the very first screen asking to accept notifications.

Can’t sign in

Asks me to verify account but takes me to a screen that doesn’t fit the screen so the button I need to press is off screen. Can’t login to saved lists etc so not helpful.

Check Out fails

The app is great. Except, that you cannot complete the checkout process. I am signed in to my account, I press check out in the cart, I verify my email address am I shipping address, etc. There’s no link to continue or to complete the checkout process. You’re just stuck right there.

Needs some optimisations

The app is not bad, but it needs to be optimised for iOS 12 and new screen sizes. Also adding Apple Pay as a checkout option would be so much less of a hassle!

Outdoor novice

Why does this app continually sign me out? This is a real pain, as in order to sign back in I have to go and look up my login information.

Inbox Won’t Load

Still can’t get my inbox to load, even after updating to the latest version. This has become ridiculous.

App is hostile to the user

It has a captcha on the login form. Not going to use while this is the case, it’s a pain in the butt, and the choice of outsourcing Google’s machine learning efforts to us users is frustrating, especially considering Google’s poor track record on issues of privacy; who knows what the Google libraries included in the app are phoning home about us.

Robot Verification Never Ends

When I try to sign in the Captcha just continues to challenge, I can never get signed in.

Account verification reCAPTCHA is too strong

It requires account verification by selecting pictures. I cannot pass that step.

8 Captia screens to log in.

Took me like 4 minutes to prove that I am not a robot. I forgot what I was going to price check by the time I got into the app. Amazon next time.

Horrible Capcha

If app developer's goal is to lock customer out of this app, mission accomplished. An endless loop of capcha.... pixelated images that are impossible to navigate past. I'll try backcountry edge instead. Nice work.

Account verification is broken

Why do you require a whole bunch of steps for login in addition to finger print recognition every time I try to use the app? The captcha is not working with an error "unable to load". This is so frustrating. Un-installing the app and will just use a browser.

Stupid captcha pic system

What a joke. That system is an endless cycle of tapping pictures of fuzzy scenes with cars and street signs. It never works and thus I delete the app. Thanks!

Don’t work

Doesn’t work, recaptcha tiny blurry images impossible to use. Won’t let me login so can’t use app. Had to uninstall will see if it gets fixed

Login captcha is obnoxious

As other reviewers have mentioned, logging in to this app is an exercise in frustration with the recent addition of a graphical captcha to prove you aren't a robot. The app is certainly secure now as even I can't get the captcha right sometimes after several attempts. I'm dumping this app, and likely some purchases, until this is remedied. It's that bad.

Can’t log in

Your app is so secure i can’t log in. I keep using the internet... Did anyone test that app at REI?

Can’t Sign In

This is the only app (other than my bank) that regularly signs me out. Like, CONSTANTLY. I wouldn’t mind, but when I sign back in, there is an aggressive captcha that forces you through many screens of verifying images to get in. I mean, like a LOT of screens. Today, it’s making me jump through these hoops and then it says, “Sorry, wrong info.” Seriously? I can get in just fine on the webpage – mobile OR desktop. Neither of them make me go through this nonsense. Just the app. About to delete it as it’s worthless if I can’t sign in.


The last two times I’ve tried to use the app to buy things on my phone, it has failed to work properly. The time before I had to call in and place my order Over the phone which consisted of six or seven things that required me to give item numbers and sizes then go through all my credit card information address etc. This time I was simply trying to buy shoes and the app wouldn’t confirm the purchase at the end. The very last step just wouldn’t show up. If I am going to pay more for items that I can buy at other stores online, I should at least expect to have a good app to work with. I’m not calling in to buy the shoes this time.

Password issue

You are unable to paste your password into the app to sign in.

Can’t finish checkout process

I’ve never experienced this before, but I’m now not able to finish the checkout process on the app. I can verify shipping address and edit products, but I can’t pick a payment method and place the order. I’ve reinstalled the app and still have the problem. Anyone else having this problem? I love the app otherwise, but would love to figure this out!

Robot screening on log in is ridiculous

Cannot get past robot screens

Pretend you want to purchase something

… And the app asks you to login. Now pretend you have to prove you’re not a robot for five minutes by clicking on pictures of buses and street signs and store fronts and more store fronts and more street signs and more buses. Wait a minute… Why was I clicking this app to begin with?!

Everything is good but captcha

Anti robot test or captcha is extremely annoying in this app. Every time I sign in I have to thru 6! SIX! captcha tests. My banking app doesn’t have it! One captcha verification should be enough for this app.

Capra is too small

Creating a web interface where it is gender specific when the items are unisex confuses the customer. As a customer and member for 20 years - I’m confused with the products I’m being offered even in the store itself. Predominately labeled as a women’s sleeping bag and then later being told that it’s unisex. Why am I confused by the employers and management when all I’m trying to do is provision myself for 3 seasons of gear and I can’t find XL jack sets, sleeping gear, or a sales persons who had to tell me something is unisex when it is not. I no longer will shop here.

Web Relic

App experience is dull and slow. You can easily tell this is a “We should get an app, everyone’s doing it” product. Resorting back to mobile web.

What have you done REI

I have used this app for years not it get stuck in verifying I am not a robot. After the five page of clicking street signs I am done.


One can browse and shop but still the link to track shipped items is broken. Not unreasonable to want to know where my merchandise is in transit. Also, the app is unable to locate a store near me either by GPS or by typing in the city state or ZIP Code. Ordering to store therefore is not possible. Moots the point for the app.

ReCaptcha must go ...

I will Miss REi. One of best places to buy gear just became inaccessible... I guess if I stayed inside and honed my video game skills I’d be able to persevere logging in; but the idea of using the app to find items so I can place orders through customer service seems cumbersome ... The website has the same never ending stream of image matching that blocks sales, too. So I’ll be curious to see how this plays out; but curious enough to keep subscribing to emails promoting items I couldn’t buy if I wanted to. This is the first time in 10 years I’ve looked for a store that sells camping gear. LLBean, Dicks, Amazon, Backcountry and Huckberry all seem promising especially given the barrier free buying.

Good for browsing but not buying

Scanning a gift card didn't work. Can't select loaded gift cards to use for a purchase.

Great company. Terrible app.

The problem is that the app crashes. All. The. Time. Considering that, does anything else matter?

Informative but useless

Pros: . Good pictures, good descriptions and reviews. Easy to navigate. I like that you can search per item or per activity. Cons: . Won’t let me view my cart (shows 0 items in my bag but when I try to add an item it tells me my cart capacity is maxed) won’t let me see my dividend or past purchase. BUT most importantly won’t allow me to checkout my items!! REI HELP! I want to spend some money!

Cannot sign in

When I enter account name and password in this app , it redirects me to a page that saying I’m a robot. Why? I’ve got no idea. Please fix this problem.

It Was Good Until...

How many times do we have to re-login during the day? Every time we close and open the app? Annoying.

Cant submit reviews in app

Attempted to write a review and the review would not submit. Repeatedly got a error message that i needed to correct something, but the error was not called out. Also, the review fields contain a “received free product” question, however instead of it having three drop downs (no selection,yes, no) it simply says “no selection, yes) and you are not able to indicate that you did NOT receive the product for free. Very irritating as i use reviews to make my purchases and now wonder what info isn't getting recorded that would be useful.

It’s a shopping app ffs

Ok, why do I have to spend 10 mins logging in after I use my fingerprint to prove I’m not a robot?! This is a shopping app!! Not a bank app. There is truly not much more annoying than the apps which are totally unimportant thinking they need insane security to protect people from seeing my shopping history.

Could be Better

REI need to make this app usable in the landscape mode. I never use my iPad in profile, therefore, I avoid this app. Come on REI, free the app! Let it rotate!

No registry info??

I downloaded the app thinking it would be nice to manage my wedding registry from my phone. Unfortunately the REI app doesn’t have anything about registries on there. I tried adding products to a registry, I tried looking at wish lists, I looked at my account etc. Nothing worked. Overall very surprised and disappointed that such a nice looking app doesn’t have something as fundamental as wedding registry information.

Back button from product detail page doesn’t work

Screen flashes black and doesn’t go back. Can’t shop the anniversary sale!

Just needs work

EDIT: the issues with the reviews seem to have been resolved so I’m changing from three to four stars. Pictures are still slow to load. The layout and most of the app as a whole is great. It’s easy to use and I can find what I want. However, there are some very frustrating issues: -Often, product reviews don’t load. There might be a rating based on six reviews and when I try to open them to read, it tells me “There are no reviews for this product.” -Pictures sometimes take a ridiculous amount of time to load. I click on a picture, place my phone down, and when I pick it up minutes later it’s not loaded. This is very frustrating. -Reviews for products aren’t available from the REI garage. If a product is from the garage, even if it is a regularly purchased and popular item and has been reviewed many times, reviews just don’t show up from te garage side unless they’ve been purchased there. This is very frustrating because I buy much of my gear from the garage and can’t read reviews without exiting and opening the “other side” of the app. This seems like it should be a simple fix.

Can only read reviews 20% of the time

One big reason I look at product listings on the app is to read user reviews. When that doesn’t work, which is most of the time, it is annoying.

Photos and reviews load slowly, if at all

This used to be a good app until recently photos and reviews won’t load or will partially load. It’s very frustrating to shop and review items.

Reviews not working

Error warning comes up continually and says reviews are temporarily unavailable. Have to use website to get reviews which is annoying on a phone.