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REI – Shop Outdoor Gear

by Recreational Equipment, Inc

(12 user ratings)


Download size: 81.49MB
Version: 7.0.1
Released: 2010-11-25
For ages: 4+


Shop REI from (almost) everywhere your adventures take you. With quick access to a huge selection of top-brand outdoor gear and clothing, our app helps you dream and scheme about what’s next. Find everything you need for camping, backpacking, cycling, climbing, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, fitness, and more—right at your fingertips—so you can get outside and do what you love. Whether you’re looking for men’s clothing, kids’ shoes, women’s apparel, or nearly any type of outdoor gear, use our shopping app to browse, purchase, or check availability at your local REI store. Browse our app to enjoy crisp product images, detailed specs, customer reviews, and product videos. In addition, you can find and register for classes and events near you.

SEARCH: Easily find outdoor gear and apparel on our shopping app.

SHOP OUTDOOR GEAR: Buy the gear you love right from your phone. It’s easy.

CHECK STORE AVAILABILITY: Use the app to find the products you want at a nearby REI store. Many items are now available for purchase in the app and can be picked up at the store within a couple hours!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR HOME SCREEN: Select the activities you love and see recommended trails, classes and events near you!

GET EASY ACCESS TO YOUR REI MEMBERSHIP INFO: Check your dividend, look up your member number, and save it for easy retrieval.

SEE OUR DEAL OF THE DAY: Save 50% or more on the best names in outdoor gear and apparel—but only if you know about these deals and act fast!

REGISTER FOR CLASSES AND EVENTS: Sign up for a class or event near you!

SCAN REI PRODUCTS: From inside an REI store, use our app to scan product barcodes to view product information and customer reviews, and to add your dream outdoor gear and apparel to your wish list.

LOCATE A STORE: Need gear or apparel while you're on the go? Use our app to find the closest REI store.

CONNECT WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE: Have questions? Use your phone as a phone! Call a friendly REI customer service representative with the touch of a button.

STAY IN TOUCH: Get notifications on REI sales events and other happenings delivered to a special REI message center on your phone.

SCAN A CREDIT CARD FOR PAYMENT: When checking out, you can now enter in your credit card by scanning it with the app.

We recommend keeping your device updated with the latest iOS version to ensure the best REI experience.
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Customer Reviews
Cannot sign in

When I enter account name and password in this app , it redirects me to a page that saying I’m a robot. Why? I’ve got no idea. Please fix this problem.

It Was Good Until...

How many times do we have to re-login during the day? Every time we close and open the app? Annoying.

Cant submit reviews in app

Attempted to write a review and the review would not submit. Repeatedly got a error message that i needed to correct something, but the error was not called out. Also, the review fields contain a “received free product” question, however instead of it having three drop downs (no selection,yes, no) it simply says “no selection, yes) and you are not able to indicate that you did NOT receive the product for free. Very irritating as i use reviews to make my purchases and now wonder what info isn't getting recorded that would be useful.

Still Buggy

Inbox messages still will not load after the latest update.... Hard to give an app a good rating when it’s core features do not work.

It’s a shopping app ffs

Ok, why do I have to spend 10 mins logging in after I use my fingerprint to prove I’m not a robot?! This is a shopping app!! Not a bank app. There is truly not much more annoying than the apps which are totally unimportant thinking they need insane security to protect people from seeing my shopping history.

Could be Better

REI need to make this app usable in the landscape mode. I never use my iPad in profile, therefore, I avoid this app. Come on REI, free the app! Let it rotate!

No registry info??

I downloaded the app thinking it would be nice to manage my wedding registry from my phone. Unfortunately the REI app doesn’t have anything about registries on there. I tried adding products to a registry, I tried looking at wish lists, I looked at my account etc. Nothing worked. Overall very surprised and disappointed that such a nice looking app doesn’t have something as fundamental as wedding registry information.

Back button from product detail page doesn’t work

Screen flashes black and doesn’t go back. Can’t shop the anniversary sale!

Just needs work

EDIT: the issues with the reviews seem to have been resolved so I’m changing from three to four stars. Pictures are still slow to load. The layout and most of the app as a whole is great. It’s easy to use and I can find what I want. However, there are some very frustrating issues: -Often, product reviews don’t load. There might be a rating based on six reviews and when I try to open them to read, it tells me “There are no reviews for this product.” -Pictures sometimes take a ridiculous amount of time to load. I click on a picture, place my phone down, and when I pick it up minutes later it’s not loaded. This is very frustrating. -Reviews for products aren’t available from the REI garage. If a product is from the garage, even if it is a regularly purchased and popular item and has been reviewed many times, reviews just don’t show up from te garage side unless they’ve been purchased there. This is very frustrating because I buy much of my gear from the garage and can’t read reviews without exiting and opening the “other side” of the app. This seems like it should be a simple fix.

Photo Coming Soon

Did you guys f'd up the app? I don't see photos of the products anymore. Most of the items shown with the message "photo coming soon".

Can only read reviews 20% of the time

One big reason I look at product listings on the app is to read user reviews. When that doesn’t work, which is most of the time, it is annoying.

Photos and reviews load slowly, if at all

This used to be a good app until recently photos and reviews won’t load or will partially load. It’s very frustrating to shop and review items.

Reviews not working

Error warning comes up continually and says reviews are temporarily unavailable. Have to use website to get reviews which is annoying on a phone.


The review feature hasn’t worked for well over a year so you have to get on their regular site to actually see what people like/ dislike about their products. I thought surely it would be a quick fix for them but now it’s been broken for nearly 18 months since I first noticed. Who does your app? Def encourages me to buy from other sites where everything is consolidated. Running ver 6.0.2

REI playing politics

I'm an REI member that's spends a lot of money there before going on humanitarian and medical aid missions out of the country, fighting wild-land fires in socal, responding to natural disasters in the US, and of course local recreation for hiking, snow boarding ext. But when you start playing politics and banning companies that support NRA or gun rights, I'm out. I'm definitely not conservative, but being various parts of this country during disasters I know the value of gun rights. Stop playing politics and I will shop at rei again

App died

*update: the app works again! Now it's pretty good, but reviews never work, and that's a huge part of why I end up buying off other sites. Recent update now fails to fully install app. Wish I could go back, but I can't, so it's unusable.

Where did the reviews go?

This app is actually great-love sewing if the product is already in the store, it’s got a terrific layout, and it even updates you on your dividends as a member of REI. But!...I can’t see the reviews customers leave anymore with the latest update. They’re all blank when you want to read the comments.

Photos not loading/Reviews missing

Since getting the last update, the photos of items aren't loading properly. Hit or miss on certain products. Also can't read reviews in the app anymore. It will show "4 stars, 14 reviews", but then when I try to read them there's nothing there.

Awesome app

I use this app frequently. I love having the info for gear all in one place. I don’t have to go to each manufacturer’s web site to find the descriptions and specs for the gear for which I’m looking. Seeing if my local store has an item in stock is super handy, too. The UPC scan feature is very helpful when I’m in the store searching for gear for my next adventure. Overall, a great app! Thanks REI!!

Reviews Missing

I love the app other than when I look at the items in the bulk view I can see that they have reviews. Once I click on the item it says that there aren’t any reviews. This is incredibly frustrating.

Lack of reviews

I love REI, and I like the look and layout of this app, but the reviews aren’t working. Reviews are very important to me, so the fact that they don’t show when you click on a product really decreases the usefulness of this app. I see other people have said the same thing and that the issue was fixed. I just downloaded the app and the review issue is still present.

No specs?

*Edit: Rei has fixed what I was unhappy about. As a through hiker I need specs on everything. Weight is a critical factor for everything I purchase when planning a PCT trek. Since I can’t access that information using the rei app, I’m getting that information from rei’s competition. I spend thousands on backpacking equipment every year and this will be the first year in a long time that rei isn’t getting a penny. Better get this fixed, REI! I’m done with my shopping for the next year and a simple glitch in your app might have cost you a customer for good.

Reviews missing

Overall i think the app works pretty well. I love how all their products are visible as well as availability at stores. However, it seems like every few months or so, i find myself logged out and need to enter my password, even when i have touch id enabled. And on the page where the products are listed, say after a search result, there are all the products with their star ratings based on various reviews. But when you tap on the individual product and try to read those reviews, many times, there are no reviews submitted, even though when you go back one page, the product has a star rating with the number of reviews submitted within parentheses. Perhaps this is some kind of bug. I hope these issues get sorted out thanks for listening.

Good, but

Overall I like the app and use it frequently. The only issue I have is with the reviews on the products. When browsing products it will give stars, but when I go to see the reviews it says no reviews. This seems to be a recent issue with the last update. Otherwise I like the app.


Woke up to read the news that REI is banning camelpak because they are owned by some company that also happens to sell guns. Going to take my business elsewhere.

The app is broken

When I go to “Account” and scroll to the bottom the app completely freezes and becomes unusable. Close out and restart the app and the same result. Locked out.

Decent app / not interested in politics

Deleted app and membership. REI felt the need to get into politics without facts, so I’m tapping out.

No Camelbacks?!?

What kind of an outfitter doesn't sell Camelbacks?!? Get a clue.

Not great anymore

What happened to the old REI iPad app? While this one works on the iPad, it is just a scaled up version of the iPhone app. Less features than the old app that was iPad enabled.


Web links don’t open in the app. No Apple Pay. Product on site not available in app - “UA Base 3.0 Crew”

Ugly Home Screen without Location Svcs On

Why do you insist we turn on battery hogging location services? Instead, just let us input our home store and then it will populate from that. That’s why 3 stars. Otherwise great app.

Violates privacy settings

I’ve turned off all permissions for this app, have WiFi and Bluetooth antennas disabled, the app closed/not running in the background but it always pops up with a notification if I’m within close proximity to a REI store. Seems to me the app disregards my preferences to not be tracked. Uninstalling this now.

Well designed app and functions well.

Well designed app and functions well.

Fast response from developers

Reviews were broken after 6.0 upgrade. I noted this in my app review here and received a message within a few days that it was fixed, and indeed it is. Great job, REI!

Liking it so far...

So far I'm liking it but I wish I had the option to edit/add/view wish list notes and comments that I entered for my wish list items on the desktop version. I use these notes to keep track of weight, value and other stiff which helps me compare items quickly. Otherwise a good app overall.

Good shopping app

Good app. It’s a bit slow when trying to load the store. I wish it uses amazon’s method of filtering - select all the filter items first and then reload. This would help with the slow loading times.

I 2nd Good ! Not great !

Bought a tote bag with wheels. On sale for $190.00/ I am disabled and need wheels to help me with a carryon. I’m sorry but it’s been used for a 4 day visit to a dear friend of 40+ years and she laughed her a** off at the quality and how a 50 minute flight, on my lap while I was in the wheelchair at both airports and on the extra bed where I was staying. It looks like I’ve been traveling for a year or so with the way this tote bag looks. Really, I don’t think I’ve ever been so mad at myself for such a horrific purchase I have made in my life. The years I recall, I have a nickname I’ll share “Elephant lady “. It’s because of my life long very detailed memory. Sorry it’s not been a blessing for everything, nor everyone.

Reviews doesn’t work

Every time I try to read reviews, the app automatically shuts down. Please fix.

App crashes everytime I click to read a review

App crashes everytime I click to read a review. Please fix!

App Crashing

App keeps crashing whenever I try to look at reviews. I’m on an iPhone SE with iOS 11.1.2.

Opening reviews crashes it

Please fix


Not too sure about the new App layout.....

Wedding registry

Terrible. Not user friendly at all.

IPad version???

Hey REI, how about a landscape version for folks with an iPad???


Can’t even see my purchase history and it won’t let me add my membership card to Apple wallet :/

White on Black menus

Specifications tab has been fixed. Still no way to avoid the white on black menus.

Idea is good but buggy

On latest version - 5.5.2, but Specs tab still doesn’t work for REI or REI garage products.

A bit glitchy

Trying to click on deferent parts like Specifications in new update and it won’t work. Please update the app. In order for the new fixes to be applied I had to felete and reinstall the app.

Great app, however unable to see specs

Been using this app for years and it’s been great, however the latest update broke the specs tab. You are unable to see weight, size, and other in-depth information. This is a 4 star app when that is fixed and a close to a 5 star app whenever Apple Pay is accepted.

Works great!

With the new 5.5.2 update, the specs can now be accessed to any of their product. An annoying bug that I am glad they fixed.