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Liftopia Lift Tickets

by Liftopia

(19 user ratings)


Download size: 32.73MB
Version: 3.6
Released: 2011-12-15
For ages: 4+


Save with lift ticket deals at hundreds of ski resorts from global destinations to local favorites. Book ahead and save off the window rates at your favorite ski resorts!

[5/5] "Essential for skiers!"
[5/5] "Excellent tool for discount lift tickets!"
[5/5] "Best ski app out there"

“Low prices are combined with easy in-app booking, letting you plan your skiing vacation without stress” -- Tom’s Guide 2016

Discount lift tickets are just the beginning. Discover nearby resorts, find the latest snow conditions and ski reports, and book lessons.

Main Features:
* Exclusive LOW PRICES ON SKI LIFT TICKETS, ski and snowboard lessons, and equipment rentals at over 200 ski areas

* SKI RESORT PARTNERS include: Mammoth Mountain, Squaw Valley, Mount Snow, Copper Mountain, Arapahoe Basin, Big Sky Resort, Grand Targhee, Hunter Mountain, Alta, Snowbird, Mont Tremblant Solitude, Attitash, Deer Valley, Sun Peaks Resort, Whiteface, and many others.

* FAST AND EASY bookings straight from your iPhone easily pick up your lift ticket with your voucher on your phone.

* Detailed SKI RESORT INFO including ski & snow report, snow conditions, ski resort information and amenities, terrain park details, location-based driving directions, ski resort photos, and more

* Store your FAVORITE SKI RESORTS and get special offers and information such as latest snow conditions at a glance

* Discover new NEARBY SKI AREAS and DEALS via your phone's built-in GPS

How can we offer such awesome deals? Because our customers book date-specific lift tickets, lessons and rentals in advance, ski resorts give us access to exclusive prices. From hidden gem ski resorts like Mad River Glen in Vermont to world-famous destinations like Aspen/Snowmass in Colorado, it's never been easier or more affordable to hit the slopes.

Send us feedback: support@liftopia.com
Become a fan: https://www.facebook.com/liftopia
Follow us: https://twitter.com/Liftopia
Call us: 800-349-0870
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Customer Reviews
Can’t log in

Can’t log into the app. no problem logging into the web site. Customer service said that there is a known problem and it will be fixed. That was 6 months ago. Please fix!!!!

Great App. If you follow the rules!

Please understand you are buying a ticket for a specific day. It is 100% your responsibility to get there on the day you bought your ticket. If for any reason you don’t get to the mountain on that day, you forfeit your ticket. That’s why they are discounted. Some people won’t go, some can make it, sometimes roads get closed. That’s the business model. As long as you know the rules it’s a great tool for getting discounted tickets!

No credit card goes through

Good concept, terrible execution. I even called 2 separate banks to see why my CC won’t go through and was told it’s the system of seller that’s rejecting the transaction. Hoping for a better competitor.

Use, explore and save

Explore new mountains, follow storms to mountains with the most pow.

The best!

This does everything I need and more! Best app ever!

Like it!

Easy to use and manage. I love that I get to see conditions and deals at all my favorite resorts. Also like the nearby feature--may try out a few that I didn't know--they are closer than I realized. One issue is that they don’t always seem to show conditions in real-time. Can be a lag.

One stop

Easy to find conditions for all my favorite spots and lookup specials.

Gold grommet

Perhaps a little delayed in reporting/ forecasting accumulation. Overall very useful. Some services in an area misrepresented/ erratically updated. Dependable when used in concert with weather apps/ direct contact with area web site

Great for those looking for snow fun.

Great app. Very helpful.

Love Liftopia

I use Liftopia and their app all season long. It’s a great one stop shop for researching resorts, viewing trail maps, and reading reviews. There are some solid lift ticket discounts to be had too! I wish all of the resorts would use Liftopia.

Great prices!

Liftopia has the best prices if you're looking to buy early. Do yourself a favor and get this app and you'll never have to search for lift tickets anywhere else ever again.

Easiest way to find discount lift tickets

When searching for lift ticket discounts, I often get to having 30 browser tabs open and never find anything better than the prices listed on Liftopia. The app lets me quickly check the prices and conditions of all the nearby Tahoe ski resorts.

Convenient + great prices

Easy to buy lift tickets on the go with rates lower than you'd find at the resort. Buy earlier to save the most!

Password Problems

Password works fine on the site, but won't work in the app. Deleted and reinstalled- still having the problem. I can use the website but it would be nice if the app worked.

Can't log in the app

Can log into the website through computer but cannot log into the app through phone with same credentials.

Save money on the slopes

Use this awesome money saver each season. A must have.


It great when you want to ski and you can find all the nearest hills and there conditions

App is broken

Doesn't allow you to log in to your account.

Can't log into account

Just downloaded this app for our trip. It will not let me log into my account. I have an account online and thought the app would be convenient for showing my purchase when I get to the mountain. I will just print the barcodes and delete the app.

Can't log into account....

Liftopia works great on my computer, but I don't know what the Hell's going on with this mobile app. It will not let me use my existing account, or create a new account with a different email without throwing a warning back in my face that this account already exists. Fix your app :(

Login issues

This app use to work seamlessly. Now, my email and password only work on the liftopia website. It no longer works with the iPhone app. Pls fix soon.

Love the idea but Super unintuitive

I've gotten great deals before but too hard to find them at their point.

Buyer beware

I purchased a ticket and selected the optionto be able to change my date one time. I read the fine print, but misinterpreted it. The customer service representative literally laughed at me when I asked to change the date and was very rude and explaining to me the error in my interpretation. Deleting the app. Not worth the savings to support a company that treats it's customers that way.

Liftopia for info

The app is fine for providing information, much of which I already have apps I am using for. Big disappointment is that I can't sign in on the app to access ticket purchases I have made. So, it's not user specific, and is not linked to purchase account.

Great App

I always check for deals here before I go boarding.

Easy to use - good app

Easy to use- good app

Simply Works

I'm not sure what I would do to improve this app.

Love it!!!!

Great Deals & Sweet App

Pretty good app

I haven't had any technological/ service issues with the app, but I have found better deals in other places. I will give the app the credit that it is convenient, and they are normally just falling short of the price I can find through work by about $10.

Decent app

Needs to be updated for larger iPhones, which have been out for over 2 years. Also cannot update order history unless you log out and back in. Needs to be updated to support higher resolutions.


Awesome app and way sweet deals!! I've never had any issues with the app.

Unable to login

Created account via browser and purchased several lift tickets. Downloaded app for ease of use and access to passes but their app is not working. Called customer support and they said mobile app is broke and being updated but won't be fixed for another week.

Great website and service horrible app

Love liftopia and its services but this app is garbage. It doesnt let me log into my account and when contacting them there isnt anything they can do. Great website horrendous app.

Can't login on app

Can login fine on the website, can't login on the app. No option for password reset within the app. Did that via the website and then still couldn't log in on the app, but website was fine. Now my purchases from today for my upcoming ski trip don't show up in "my passes" online, but they do show up in my order history. Looks like I'll have to print and bring my confirmations.

Easy, fast, all the best ski areas

Love trying resorts all over, super easy buying and redemption. Save by purchasing in advance.

Can't Log In!

On the computer, my login works fine, but I cannot log in from the app. Contacted customer support who said they're working on a fix- rating will stay 1 star until resolved.

Login Issues

I can login to the website just fine but the app won't let me. ☹️

Horrible App.

Worst customer service on the planet. Don't expect any recourse if anything goes wrong with your purchase.

In Love With Liftopia!

Best prices, great stats. The only bummer is that they only offer great prices for a super short period of time. Still worth using though! You just have to be diligent in planning ahead😎

Pretty good app

Good app for getting the most recent conditions. Haven't been able to try any deals since the nearest ski areas have them listed as "out of stock ".

Great for snow conditions

I use it all the time to see which resorts have the most snow depth and fresh powder. I also like it to find new resorts that I was unaware of.

Stopped updating

Used to be a great app. Since this update the app stopped updating the daily conditions. 2 Stars UPDATE......Conditions are updating again on a daily basis. Great App.

Love this app

Excellent app always use it to get my tickets and very easy to use keep up the good work guys thumbs up.

Needs to be updated

Daily snow levels are not updated nor are trail maps current. Use to be a great app. I hope the developers correct these probs.

Better deals at the resort

No refunds. Better deals at the resorts.

Feels like the best ski report app standing

As I've been reloading all the ski/snow resort report apps I've used in the past, this one seems to be the best one still providing current stats.

PW fail

It use to be good but the app won't recognize my password anymore...keeps on telling me my credentials are incorrect...book marked the internet page but would be nice if the developer fixed this issue.

No good deals

Pretty much no good deals and only a small amount of deals available

Looking for something better

Trail maps don't zoom in and doesn't report resorts weather forecast. It's ok but gotta be something out there that's better.