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FlashLight X -Multifunctional LED light in pocket-

by newforestar co,.ltd

(1 user ratings)


Download size: 18.32MB
Version: 2.8
Released: 2010-07-07
For ages: 17+


FlashLightX is a lighting app with various functions using flash LED for camera.
As well as turning ON/OFF quickly,
Blinking function which can be finely customized and SOS...
There are many functions useful for survival such as disaster and rescue.
FlashlightPro boasts the light startup speed and power saving performance at the highest level among all lighting applications. (When using power saving function)
Dark night is safe in this!

○ Please choose 4 modes:
"Real FlashLight Mode" , "Simple Mode" , "Browser Mode" , "NotePad Mode".
○ The gesture function (Shaking ON/OFF)
○ Flashlight ON startup
○ SOS mode
○ Blinking mode equipped
○ Setting of blinking speed
○ Blinking is quickly switched by pushing of the power switch long.
○ ON/OFF Timer
· LCD brightness minimum only during lighting (power saving function)
○ Battery information

**Possible Multitasking Features while torching Flash ( for old iOS ) **
① Web browsing (At the Browser Mode)
② Note pad (At the Memo Mode)
③ Mail Sending (At the Memo Mode)
④ The back ground iPod musics.

Your feedback is reflected in the next version up. As much as possible.

※Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.
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Customer Reviews
Does Not Work

Works for about 2 minutes and then crashes.


Works great, when it works. Constant bugs and crashes. How many programmers does it take to turn an LED on? Even worse after last update lol

Love this flashlight.

I have used this app in so many ways !! It is great to be able to have the handy flashlight with me at all times!!

Does not work

This version does not work and even does not launch on iPhone 4 (fw 5.1.1)

This is app is so cool

This app is so cool you can send emails on your phone with the flash light still on that is so cool so I am going to give this app a five star rating.

Needs work

Needs to stay on when screen is locked. App is almost useless when trying to shine in a hard to reach spot because the touch screen turns off the light or switches it to flash mode


The flashlight runs for a short bit then shuts off, or , like right now, it jumps into settings page and won't let me out. Practically useless.

Why rated 17+

Decent flashlight app...but why with this update is it rated 17+? Violence and crude humor? It's a flashlight app...

No good

I turn the app on and the light comes on only for a few seconds then turns off or the whole app crashes. I can't access the settings anymore either. (I did the first day I ha the app) seems to have major flaws.

Was great…crashes now

Just started crashing within seconds. Was great before that.

Great app!!! But just started not working. Please fix!

App began shutting off 5sec after opening app on both iphone 4 that we own. Pwrd dwn- same results.


This app freezes when you need the light the most. It also always goes into blinking mode whenever you don't need it to blink

Contains porn ads.

Was using the flashlight at a clients office and a full page porn ad popped up. Must warn in advance!

Inappropriate ad

I've used this app for some time with no complaints until tonight. An inappropriate ad (graphical sex ad) popped up which I feel shouldn't be there without some kind of warning. Too bad, love the app.


Sorry i have to give this a 1 to review - its a 0 Once you enter the menu options, there is no way to get back to the flashlight. Unfortunate or just incredibly dumb, but an unusable app. A zero.

Hit and miss.

Worked great at first but never works when I need it.

Good app

I use it often.



Stupid blink mode!

At first I really likes this app no problems at all, but lately every time I use it, it reverts back to blinking mode. It's driving me nuts! The first time it happened I couldn't figure out why it kept turning off on me until I went into settings and realized what was happening.

so so

it definatly has issues & it needs to be reworked !!!

Great utility

I keep this App on my home screen top row. I have found it so useful and so convenient I would not want to be without it.


Does exactly what it needs to - no more, no less. That's why it's a fantastic app, no unnecessary features that cloud up the interface.

A Stellar Free Flashlight App!!!

Full-featured app you have to try to believe. Want simple? It does simple, with an on-off button. Want fancy? Take notes while the LED flashlight is illuminating the subject and then send save or send as an email. Bring up a map and create your route home, and locate yourself on the map. Use the blinking or SOS modes to be seen in an emergency. No functional problems. I use a 4 phone and don't use a lock code. The browser mode needs a little clarification or set of instructions, but it is not a mode you are likely to use in detail. Get this app and try it out. You will be impressed!

Does the trick!

It works as expected, and more enhancements continue to be added. Can't complain!

Great free app!

Great free app. Very handy. Use it all the time!

Great App

Great free app, thx!

Fix it!

App crashes right after opening... Please fix the problem!

Was the best, now it crashes

This used to be the best flashlight app, now since the last update it crashes as soon as it opens, fix this please.


After update it crashes after a few seconds every time!! I am deleting this app!

Still crashes

Was a great app, now it crashes after 2-3 seconds.

Still Closing After Update

This is the second update with the same issue. The app closes after 2-3 seconds on an iPhone 4. I'll give one more chance before moving to another flashlight app.


This app is easy to use, free (really free, they do not try to sell you anything). It is an ideal portable flash light for any occasion. Should be at the top of the ratings for free apps. Well done!

Great App

This is so simple to use & nice icon.


Exactly perfect. Quick startup, easy to use, and a good looking icon.


Highly recommend


Works just perfect! I love it and I use it very offten!

Don't expect to find better

I love this light! So simple to use!

Fastest Flashlight app

I just reviewed 16 free LED flashlight apps (iPhone 4 only). This was the fastest app from when I clicked the app to when the light came on. Well done.


Its free and does what it says. Update: Current version includes ads. They are iAds, so hey, you can check out iAds. Or something. Yah. Ads are lame.

Does exactly what it's supposed to.

It serves it's purpose well and comes with extra features.

Fantastic App

The new Features are Great really deserve 5 stars

best flashlight app

Well designed app & free too.

Great app already, Now better.

Great app already, Now better. One suggestion, add % battery to the battery level. I still give this 5 stars for being useful and free. I would gladly pay $1 for this app. Above and beyond as far as i am concerned. Thanks

A must have app!!!

Thank you so much for creating this app!!! It works just how it says it should!!! I've been waiting for this!!!

Shows ads

No mention of this anywhere.

Apps this simple shouldn't freeze

On/off works fine (not pretty but acceptable), but the app froze 100% of the time after clicking the blink on/off button. There are too many flashlight options out there to put up with that.


This is better than the other free flashlight apps bcoz it looks exactly like a flashlight! It loads fast too. I downloaded the others and erased them immediately after

Not instant

Not great, takes a while between pressing "on" and waiting for the light to come on.


Just good enough, the best so far