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Big Mountain Snowboarding

by Golden Hammer Software

(0 user ratings)


Download size: 100.57MB
Version: 1.27
Released: 2009-12-17
For ages: 4+


Realistic snowboarding and controls made by real snowboarders. 16 huge unique trails let you jump off cliffs, bomb down chutes, and head to the park.

The controls include snowboard carving, skidding, and switching between goofy and regular whenever you want. Jump off 1,000-foot cliffs. Use downhill momentum to go up ramps. Tuck to bomb down the mountain. Explore different paths down the slopes and have fun.

The 1.24 update gives you two ways to control your snowboard. There's the traditional tilt control with touching the screen causing you to stand up and turn faster, and new touch steering controls. If you pick the new controls from the options menu you can drag your thumb around to turn, add a second touch to stand up, or swipe up to start a jump. There's also an option to stand by default and touch to tuck if you preferred the old controls.

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Customer Reviews

It was so awsome I couldn't put it down


At .99 this game was a rip off!

I love this app!

Glitches up sometimes when im next to a mountain but its really fun and i recommend for you to buy it :)

How stupid are these developers?

These guys just put out an update simply saying that the app no longer works on 3G phones without any explanation of a fix with this update. I have a 3G phone and checked to see if the app is still working before downloading the update and it was still working. I went back to the update and downloaded it and then the app stopes working. In short, these developers made an update specifically for it to stop working on 3G phones. What complete idiots!

Fun and Exciting

I am neither young nor much of a game player, but this is intuitive. You can enjoy it the first time you try it and from there it is a bit like riding a bicycle, you will get better and better at it, hardly knowing exactly how you are acquiring these skills and while enjoying the jumps and downhill runs.....as if it were real. I do recommend playing your own favorite music on your iPad or iPod, it will play right through this game automatically once you turn it on.....this game is a joy to play with Beethoven or Mozart, but suit yourself

Excellent value!

The price alone gives it a great entertainment value! I've updated this rating as the app is a lot smoother now. Yes, the graphics are rough, but the physics are excellent and the control is very good. If it had smoother (anti-aliased, higher resolution) graphics then it would cost $5+. If you want a good snowboarding app which challenges you and costs a buck more than nothing then pick it up.

Great game

Admittedly there are some changes that could be made to improve this game, but all in all it's pretty good. The accelerometer controls are much more user-friendly than other iPad apps, which really add to overall gameplay. Get. This. App.

Not for iPad

They just took an iPod game and made it bigger obviously no work involved at all, I don't see how this was even approved. I would not buy this unless you want a terrible game.


pretty good game update was VERY helpful

Keep the updates coming!

I appreciate the updates. It has improved a little bit, the biggest aspect being that the jumping controls aren't as sensitive. Other things that could be done are a few park levels could be added (large ramps, rails, boxes) and more tricks. Just keep updating it until you find the right formula. This game has potential, it's all about reaching that potential. Keep 'em coming!

Alpha release

This game is nowhere near finished. The controls are buggy (random jumps and spinning) the camera is awful, there are no achievements, rewards, story/career, no anything. I honestly wouldn't mind, but these devs seem to have forgotten this game, haven't offered update news or responded to comments or concerns posted for almost two weeks. Poof, they are gone, put up 1/4th of a game in the app store for $2 and dissapeared. Should ne criminal DO NOT BUY.

Finally a great snowboarding game!

I have tried a number of snowboarding games that had horrible problems including crazy snowboard (repetitive tracks), adrenaline snowboarding (not enough content), and shaun white snowboarding (lag and crash issues along with a lack of content) and big mountain finally does it correctly. Smooth gameplay, plenty of tracks (that look different enough considering they're all snow),and tight controls. Graphics are good, but the gameplay makes up for it. You can tilt the screen to wherever you are most comfortable and play your own music so the user can have their own unique experience. Personally, I would like the option to tap/flick the screen to jump rather than flick my device, but the current option works well enough. I would also like to see either a character customization option or additional characters added in a future update. All in all, for such a low price, any extreme sports fan should pick this up.

Great fun!

The physics engine in this game is great. The controls are also very intuitive, and at only $2, the price is right. This game is just good fun. Great job from Golden Hammer... I look forward to their next game!