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In the age of every website, bank, or online store has a User id and password it is impossible to remember all your login information. Devices today will save that info for you however that is not always safe and secure. Enter PassVult. PassVult stores all your important info in the app using 256-bit AES encryption. It saves not only passwords and user Ids but also security questions, credit cards, and pins, and even physical codes. It even has a self-destruct feature that will clear all data if someone tries to unlock the app. Also, like a computer, it will automatically copy your login info, so you don\'t have to copy and paste when accessing various secure websites. PassVult is a useful and safe way to store your valuable info. EasyAppFinder March 2018
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PassVult: Password Manager

by Nik Kraljevic

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Download size: 19.56MB
Version: 1.18
Released: 2017-09-12
For ages: 4+


PassVult: The Ultimate Anti-Cloud Privacy Focused Password Manager

What is PassVult?
PassVult is a simple, intuitive password manager for your iPhone. The main goal of PassVult is to give users back the ownership of their password data by localising all of the data on an individual iDevice. This means your safe from vendor breaches of other password managers because you are now in control of your Password data!

Key Features:
The PassVult App contains the following features:
- Store and manage your Passwords.
- Store and manage sensitive secret question and answers.
- Store and manage Physical Codes.
- Store and manage your Credit cards.
- Randomly generate complex and secure passwords for your accounts.
- Use our Breach check feature to check if your email was exposed in any public breaches
- All of this data is stored in a local database which is AES encrypted.
- All of these features are also password protected by a master key set by you!

PassVult Privacy:
The PassVult app is the password storage app of choice for those who value security and privacy. All of your data remains localised on your device and will never transfer any of your personal information across the cloud or over the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I reset my PassVult password if I forget it?
A: No, while you can change your password in the app PassVult doesn't allow you to reset your forgotten password for security reasons.

Q: Will my PassVult data travel between phones and devices?
A: Unfortunately since all of your PassVult data is locally stored, we don't currently support syncing passwords across different devices.

Q: Will my PassVult records such as Passwords and Secret questions be shared with any third parties?
A: No, All PassVult data is locally stored the only person who has access to the data is you. Forever.

Q: Is there a free version available?
A: PassVult lite is available as an Ad-supported free version of the App with the core functionality (Storing Passwords only).

Q: I found an issue how do I raise it with you?
A: While comprehensive testing has been completed during the development of PassVult we understand bugs can always slip through. If you find one feel free to raise via the “report bug module” within the app.

Q: How do I get in contact with you about anything else?
A: Feel fee to contact us about anything else via the contact page on our website https://kraljevic.tech!
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