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Julia's Kaleido

by Beijing Yihelin Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

(12 user ratings)


Download size: 0.67MB
Version: 1.6.0
Released: 2011-03-22
For ages: 4+


- By simplely touching and shaking, infinite fractal wallpapers and animation are generated in real time !
- Touch to animate structure and swing your iPhone/iPad to animate color. The longer your swing, the longer the animation. The pattern could be very simple or extremely dedicated. Explore the one fitting your taste.

- Optimized for iPhone4 and iPad screen resolutions. Further more, It would be a surprisingly rapid and beautiful mode in the new iPad3!
- The math intensive calculation involved is handled by parallel algorithm in Shading Language, resulting in the fastest Julia and Mandlebrot sets presenting in the way you have ever seen!
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Customer Reviews

Why does when I zoom in it is Low-Res?

Quiets the mind...

Amazing zoom in and out. Shake to change colors and swipe screen to change overall shape. Perfect to watch before bed. Too bad there's not a speed control, a slower setting would be nice.

Not bad

I like it

Awesome Graphics

Amazing graphics Try This!!!! I love visualizes and this is way fun


Worth every penny. I'm extremely satisfied with the options and graphics.

Hate it

Horrible doesn't let you do anything 👎👎👎👎💩


I love how fast the graphics load and I think it's a good app but I wish it didn't get pixelated after a certain point.


This is a very beautiful app at a great price! Although I can tell, you could make some improvements. I really don't like shaking my device having a toggle button would be very helpful! Thank you!


Thanks so much for this amazing app. It's a contribution to humanity.

Thank You!

Thank you for removing the ads! It is a huge improvement and makes the app much more enjoyable! I promised a 5-star review if you removed them so here it is. Thank you for listening to user reviews. I also wish there were more designs, especially moving ones, or if there was a "dancing" option for all of them. More user options would be great too. Thanks!


I don't know why people don't like this app. Its awesome!! Thumbs up, five stars!! 👍


Lol I love this app


Cool pics but it does nothing


This app is awesome one day I typed my name in the app store, julia i saw Julia dancing played and now I think it's awesome!


Love it!!! So so so much!!!

Julia dancing rocks

I think this app has some cool images and will recommend it to people who love Colleen pics.!!!!!!!!

Very high on the "Oh wow!" scale!

I'd suggest three improvements: o A "Pause" button (or maybe I just haven't found it yet) o Sound (") o More floating-point precision allowing even-greater zooming-in without pixelation.


I have really enjoyed this app! very relaxing to gaze at the colors and never knowing what will come up next. Thank you for the free fun!!!

Bad interface

I would like to zoom in on different parts of the Julia set, not just the middle.

An interesting implementation

Could use having more options like ability to do 3d and multi touch to rotate in 3d.


Terrible I hate it and it doesn't even do anything.