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Crazy Formula

by Appgeneration Software

(93 user ratings)


Download size: 17.75MB
Version: 2.0.3
Released: 2011-03-25
For ages: 4+


More than 10 hours of an addictive puzzle gaming!

Rated #1 in 49 countries in the Board/Games category!
More than 1,500,000 Downloads, Top 10 Game in 35 Stores worldwide, More than 1000 - 5* reviews.

Ever thought of becoming a famous scientist? We have got the perfect formula for you to start with!
135 progressive and challenging levels
more then 10 hours of gaming...that is 0,1c per hour of entertaining...

The science here is for you to crack a way to make the formula (fluid) pass through all the lab tubes, until it gets to its final destination, the formulas recipient. For that, you must align all the lab tubes in the correct position (so the fluid can flow to the right side of the screen). You can also mix two or more formulas (fluid), and transform its color or effect (delay etc.).

This truly addicting puzzle/board game will train your scientist mind, and leave you wanting more!

Can you figure this puzzle out?

- 135 progressive and challenging levels;
- 15 "formula books " (levels);
- Tutorials in the key levels;
- Intuitive game play: drag tubes, mixing colors, delay flow, change colors;
- Game Center with achievements;
- Original graphics and sounds;
- Facebook integration.
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Customer Reviews
Great app!!

I love this app but it needs many more levels. I have finished all the levels and I am hungry for more!!

Great game

I like this game , good for mind exercise. True!

Crazy Formula

Fun and challenging.

Lovely break

Good to play when don't have much time for more elaborate games


Wonderful game

Fun little puzzler

At first it seems pretty simple. That's just the game teaching you the mechanics. When you get to 4th/5th books the difficulty changed really quickly and ramps up. I've had a couple that I stopped and scratched my head with. Pretty neat little game.

One of the best I've played!

If you like puzzle games, this for you...

Crazy formulas


Very Addictive

very goooood game

Good game

3 stars because it does not give you hints when you get stuck


Done it before not bad not not great

Fun and addictive

I love it!


Liked it

Fun puzzle game

Enjoyable and fun to play. Seems like it's good exercise for one's brain. At least that's how I rationalize playing it!


Only problem is I have run out of levels to play!!!


Really like game, good controls and straight forward explanations but larger/ more levels would be good- or even make/ share levels

Loads of fun...!

I think the "---For Brainiacs Only---" tags on this and the other related apps are just a sales ploy. I'm a big dummy from way back and I've thoroughly enjoy this app! Just a few of the more difficult puzzles left to tackle...

Addicting, wonderful game

I love this game....


I've already reseted the game 5 times, and I'm waiting for new levels for 1 year so far! totaly worth it




its fun and i just couldnt get away. its not really addicting just some people think it is. it depends on who you are. my Q 4 u: how many levals are there? is this a gane that doesnt let me waste my money?❓❔😒😳😧😦😕😯😶😐😮

Fun & challenging

Entertaining game and offers a good challenge at higher levels.



It's so fun;)

I like playing this game:D


Addicting.....tons of fun..challenging.


Really addictive and fun!

formula fun

alternates between easy and challenging, always engaging and fresh. runs well, no problems.


I like it.


Great addictive game. Once I started playing it, I couldn't put it down. Love the fact that you can reset the game once you've completed all the levels. Wish they'd come out with more.

Love this game.

One of the best free apps to download. Very challenging and fun to play. A must if you are looking for a free app.

I love it!

It's a really good puzzle game that I really enjoyed

I hate it

I hate it

Fun game

makes you think as you advance.

Problem Solving

This app provides a challenging exercise in problem solving and pattern recognition at the higher levels. It is also fun.

Crazy Formula

I think it is a great game.


Fun game

Miss M : P

Never bored ! Fun & entertaining !!

Crazy formula

Great brain teaser! Keeps the mind sharp and focused.


I love this app. Need more levels though!

Quite Fun

Difficult at times but always with a logical solution. Downloaded over a year ago and I still pick it up to play from time to time

Fun, kinda hard to progress...

Fun time, great time waster. Sometimes it would be nice if you could earn points toward special pieces or hints....

Fun - hard at end

Fun, got hard near the end. Good use of logic brain.


Fun game

Needs work!

Some of the puzzles seem to have no solution. Needs tutorials, hints, and help.

Crazy formula

Good game of getting a puzzle and send chemicals through pipes to test tubes

Fun and quite challenging

Little brother and I love it. Levels get really hard really fast though.

Great game

Picks your brain


Fun game.


Hard, and super!