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Windfinder Pro

by Windfinder

(90 user ratings)


Download size: 53.24MB
Version: 5.0.0
Released: 2009-11-15
For ages: 4+


Wind, waves, weather and tides anywhere in the world for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors, and paragliders

Detailed wind forecasts and weather forecasts that let you always find the spot with the best wind, waves, and weather conditions for your sport. Current wind measurements and weather observations, so that you can make your own weather predictions!


- Detailed wind forecasts and weather forecasts for over 40,000 spots
- Displays current wind measurements and weather measurements in real-time from over 20,000 weather stations
- Tide forecasts for high and low tides for over 8,000 locations around the world
- Superforecast, our hourly high-resolution forecasting model for Europe, North America, South Africa, Egypt, and the Canary Islands
- Windpreview: for a quick overview of the wind forecast in the next ten days
- Beautifully animated wind forecast maps, temperature forecast maps, precipitation maps, satellite images and topographic map
- Configure favorites – save nearby locations and monitor travel weather for your vacation destinations
- Measurements listed in knots, Beaufort, km/h, m/s, and mph
- Parameters displayed: Wind strength & direction, gusts, air temperature and "feels like" temperature, clouds, precipitation, air pressure, relative humidity, wave height, wave period, and wave direction
- Optimized display of forecasts and measurements for optimal readability on the go from any mobile device
- Optimized data transfer – which enables a quicker load speed and is ideal for data usage restrictions
- Ad free


- Kitesurfers and windsurfers – find that next hurricane or windy conditions either right next door or at your next vacation destination
- Sailors – plan that next sailing trip, or ensure safe passage by avoiding bad weather at sea
- Dinghy sailors and regatta racers – allows for careful preparation for the next regatta
- Surfers and wave riders – find the perfect waves and high swell
- Fisherman – help ensure a good catch
- Paragliders – find a good wind right from the start
- Cyclists – are there headwinds or tailwinds?
- Boat owners or captains – keep a constant eye on the current weather conditions and tides
- ...and anyone who requires exact wind and weather predictions!

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Customer Reviews
Good App

This a is good app which I use almost daily. It would be a great app if it include water temperature.


ممتاز جدا

Not accurate

I have missed SUP paddling sessions ALL WEEK ... this app is so inaccurate all of a sudden ... night b4 says no winds certain hours and next day it is the opposite and all my plans are ruined ... haven't paddled at all ...!! Terrible !

2 stars because font is too small on iPad

under IOS 11 the app is not obeying font size requests nor does it appear adjustable, there is plenty of room for bigger text. Wind speed chart is Illegible, map legend is also too small


This app keeps impressing me. Just went through the lastest update and hey, kudos y’all. Semper Fi

Do not buy

Hard to add cities and figuring out this app

Completely inaccurate

This app is never accurate. I consistently check the Annapolis buoy and it is consistently way off the mark by more than five MPH.

Great improvement and now it's Amazng

This is the best wind app on the web now. Amazing amount of data for my pleasure trips on the beautiful but can be very hazardous Great Lakes. If you never been to the Northern Great Lakes you haven't lived yet.

Not very accurate

I'm very disappointed with this app, tried to get my money back but Apple refused. I would not recommend this app, wish I could give it zero stars but it won't let me so I give it one star.

Not accurate and they're not bothered

I bought the pro version for sailing because I live a ways from my boat and want to know whether to go. It is just not accurate and even in the moment, it will show current conditions really different than whats happening right now, never mind forecasting. The tide times are like 5 hours off and I emailed the app and they replied saying I was right and they'd fix it but that was 9 months ago and its still like that.

I'm glad I found it

It works for me. I was looking for a wind specific forecast app and this fits the bill. Plus it gives you some regular weather forecast as well. I'm in the northeast and use it for the Finger lakes and Great Lakes.

Windfinder pro server error

Latest version works great! Thanks for the fix and update communication!

Good app - problem with recent update

This is one of my favorite apps - I use it regularly for my sailing. But, the Mar-15 upgrade has a problem - the timeline is messed up. I see only "PM" hours - no "AM" hours. Please fix this soon!

Time scale is messed up

Time shown per interval does not make sense.. PM where am is normally and all PM

Stops Working After Latest Update

Worked great and was my "go to" wind app while boating but after this latest update it does not work at all. I've deleted it.

Worked great until I upgraded to Pro.

The version before Pro was great: since the upgrade, unable to select favorites and limited applications. Unable to get customer support. Not sure what happened?

Update makes font size too small

Love the app. Update makes text difficult to read.

Sailors be warned

If you're using this for sailing, be warned! The wind speeds are dangerously inaccurate. Regularly predicted to be significantly lower than reality. There is a big difference between a predicted 15k wind - max - and a 25k true with 35k gusts when sailing!

Very useful

Probably my favorite wind app.


Like the app so far (1 day). It doesn't update as often as the website. Been waiting over 3 hrs so far for a more recent update. Paid version should update more often. Important to me as a crane operator where wind is critical.


Constant crash, can't get a single station. Was great till upgraded OS.

Needs work

A pretty good app until I had to restore it after another effed up app froze.Favorites(only2) wiped and no way to get them back.

Don't like it at all


Great for fishing! And everything els!

This app is great next to noa but for fishing it has all the wind data, wave height, and it has a great variety of locations. I defiantly recommend this app

Please add widget to Notification Center

As the title says. Please a the widget to the Notification Center, this would be cool as I use this app a lot.

Update -Great App

Initially couldn't get the swipe left message from freezing on the screen but working fine now. Great app, amazing amount of info available.


Información compacta, fácil de encontrar los spots. La información es precisa en tiempo real.

Best surf forecast app for Egypt

The superforecast (live reports) is available in Europe, North America and Egypt. Can't ask for more.

Great for windsurfing

I use this app on the Great Lakes (traverse city) it is a very well designed app and I find the wind information the most accurate of many I use. I hate ads in apps and was happy to pay the 1.99 for the Pro version.

Missing wind direction

I was excited to get this app to determine airport wind trends. I was highly disappointed that the app doesn't show cardinal wind directions (degrees). A wind app that doesn't indicate wind direction is a huge fail in my opinion.

Best weather app on the web

Best wind weather forecasting app on the web. PERIOD.

Needs a fix

Since the last update when all my favorites are showing listed on the favorites screen all the info next to the favorites is blank. The info comes up only when you go into each favorite individually.


I hate having to do the math on the time. Can you please just put regular time in there as an option?! When you leave your wind list and go one screen over to prefs, you'd think you could just slide back over. Nope have to navigate back to favs then click on the last fav you were looking at if you're lucky enough to remember. Lots more UI weirdness I can't explain.


It works swell, information is reliable specially coming from an airport station. User interface is great. Very easy to navigate and find new windy spots around your area. However the wind alert feature is unavailable, you cannot subscribe. Please fix. -from Puerto Rico

No ipad support

Nice app, but although it says it works on ipad, it does not.

Have to pay at least 40ct for each alert

I dont mind paying $2 for this app to get a notification for wind speed but now they want at least 40cts for each alert? Come on !!


I think that it's time to update this app for the iPhone 5.

Not accurate

Don't like it to much , the measurements are not exact .. There is no way it can be 10 knots when it's really blowing 20 .. it's just not accurate .. Maybe someone help me understand it .. Observación ( not a newbie to wind sports )

Very helpful for cruise planning

We've been using Windfinder Pro for the first time this June to plan our northbound transit of Chesapeake Bay and the New Jersey Coast. We've found it a terrific help in showing real time buoy reports as well as models for future wind conditions. Our only complaint is that using the map to find stations is a little annoying in that we have to return to the home map to find each new station. Once we put all the stations in our Favorites List this was no longer a problem.

Lots of info in a concise format

Easy to get everything you need to know for any type of water sports activity on one screen by hour. A great tool.

Wind finder pro is a rip off

Used to be a great app... Now they have become Greedy. Do not purchase!

Wind finder PRO rip off

Do not buy, it's a rip off, you pay 1.99 after which they require u to pay an additional weekly mo thy or or annual charge up to 20.00. Don't get sucked in. Get the free one, it works, so you have to live with the pop ups.

Wind Alerts are stupid costly

You missed the mark by PRICE GOUGING on the alerts. .99 per alert? What a joke. The point of alerts is so we don't have to keep logging into the app to check wind speeds but at a buck a pop good luck seeing your customers go over to your competitor. Do you guys work for the oil companies?

Pretty good

Very good app but the web version presents the info in more useful and quick to use way. The predictions are good tho it would be good to have more info on the models used. A graphic that showed wave height and period would also be great. It would be good to get current conditions and recent history for local stations, tho granted not all of them report reliably. Overall very good and recommended.

Don't use in SF Bay

Wind Alert App says it is blowing 26 knots, whitecaps and we are reefed. This app says it is blowing at 8. Also, the tide is wrong. So if you want to run aground and capsize use this app, otherwise buy Wind Alert. It cost more but it works.

Air pressure

No way to change air pressure units. Add this feature and I'll give it 5 stars

What a perfect sailing app

This is now the only app I need to go sailing. Because I belong to a charter group I can sail in multiple locations, this works for even that. With wind speed, direction, wave height and duration, tide info and forecasting. Love this app!

Best thing going

There is no such thing as a real accurate weather forecast, but windfinder is as close as it gets

An Enormous Amount of Info, Well Laid Out

Windfinder Pro offers an enormous amount of detailed information, in an easily discernible format-- quite a trick on the iPhone's small screen. From my experience it is decidedly more accurate than your standard weather forecast. It has underestimated the afternoon onshore winds on the Maine coast a few times, but they're a pretty localized phenomena, so I am forgiving. It is worth the price for the forecast maps (GRIBs) alone. I check Windfinder before hoisting the mainsail every time.

Don't waste your money

The nearest station is over 100 miles away. Totally useless. No way to check station locations before you buy. Use Sailflow instead.