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Windfinder Pro

by Windfinder

(651 user ratings)


Download size: 70.8MB
Version: 5.2.2
Released: 2009-11-15
For ages: 4+


Wind, waves, weather and tides anywhere in the world for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors, and paragliders

Detailed wind forecasts and weather forecasts that let you always find the spot with the best wind, waves, and weather conditions for your sport. Current wind measurements and weather observations, so that you can make your own weather predictions!


- Detailed wind forecasts and weather forecasts for over 40,000 spots
- Displays current wind measurements and weather measurements in real-time from over 20,000 weather stations
- Tide forecasts for high and low tides for over 8,000 locations around the world
- Superforecast, our hourly high-resolution forecasting model for Europe, North America, South Africa, Egypt, and the Canary Islands
- Windpreview: for a quick overview of the wind forecast in the next ten days
- Beautifully animated wind forecast maps, temperature forecast maps, precipitation maps, satellite images and topographic map
- Configure favorites – save nearby locations and monitor travel weather for your vacation destinations
- Measurements listed in knots, Beaufort, km/h, m/s, and mph
- Parameters displayed: Wind strength & direction, gusts, air temperature and "feels like" temperature, clouds, precipitation, air pressure, relative humidity, wave height, wave period, and wave direction
- Optimized display of forecasts and measurements for optimal readability on the go from any mobile device
- Optimized data transfer – which enables a quicker load speed and is ideal for data usage restrictions
- Ad free


- Kitesurfers and windsurfers – find that next hurricane or windy conditions either right next door or at your next vacation destination
- Sailors – plan that next sailing trip, or ensure safe passage by avoiding bad weather at sea
- Dinghy sailors and regatta racers – allows for careful preparation for the next regatta
- Surfers and wave riders – find the perfect waves and high swell
- Fisherman – help ensure a good catch
- Paragliders – find a good wind right from the start
- Cyclists – are there headwinds or tailwinds?
- Boat owners or captains – keep a constant eye on the current weather conditions and tides
- ...and anyone who requires exact wind and weather predictions!


We offer auto-renewable "Support Us" subscriptions for one year.
The subscription is a voluntary donation to support further development of the Windfinder service.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
- You will be charged for another period (one year) unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the subscription is renewed.
- You can turn off the auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase.
- No free trial period is offered
- Terms of Use: https://www.windfinder.com/contact/terms
- Privacy Policy: https://www.windfinder.com/contact/privacy_policy.htm

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Customer Reviews
The Data Is Not Consistent with Other Forecasts

I have found some other sources to be significantly more accurate with wind velocities and speeds.


Winds very inaccurate!! Giving 4-7kts when it’s blowing 20-25!!

This app needs ONE more thing.

I just downloaded this app for kayak fishing. It has pretty much EVERYTHING I need in one place. I used to go to 2-3 different apps and places to get info on tides, weather, etc. The only thing this app lacks for me is an actual tide graph. It’s much easier to look at a graph and read the tides. That is my only suggestion!

Website is much better

Windfinder.com was down so I downloaded pro. The map definition is not close to as good as windfinder.com. We use this while cruising and like to se our locations more defined.


Easy to use and reliable


A very valuable app for me. My friends and I use this app to make decisions about our fishing plans, how far off shore to go etc. For duck hunting, it tells us what we need to know to set decoys properly. For the past year and a half I’d estimate it to be 80-100% accurate.

Wind direction

Does no provide wind forecast with direction (E,NE,SW,W,etc.) utilizes arrows instead of alpha directions mentioned above.

Not great

It works but the maps are free on winderfinder.com and those ones have way more detail, you can zoom in much further.

Wind and land maps..

I would love to see the wind direction with; the aerial maps!! 🤟🏻

Love it

Best app for An accurate wind forecast

Capt. Dave

I give this app to all my customers. They can make there own decisions on coming fishing, saves me time. I use it to check the PC models, not bad......

Generally fairly close to correct

Most of the time it is real good on predicting the situation

Senior boater

Great app. Any chance of wave height info?

Great App.

Easy to use. Accurate wind speeds.

Not accurate

NOT accurate for HALKIDIKI/CHALCIDICE area GREECE. We’re experiencing completely different wind speed and directions! User of 4 days.

Best Weather App!

Wind speed, direction, wave height and frequency, tides, temp and precipitation. Finally all in one place!

It’s the best

I race on a mud puddle of a lake in Kansas, if you can believe that. Our club weather station down loads directly to the app. The forecasts are the best I’ve ever used. The features are nothing short of excellent. Keep up the good work. Bryan. Capricorn F18. Perry Yacht Club. Kansas

Fishing planner

Very user friendly and up to date. Winds and tides easily accessible at my favorite fishing places. Great for planning a quick trip on the fly.

Great app for boaters. Use it every day.


Great sailors App

Use Pro all the time for our weekend sailing races. Very helpful for our shifting inland winds

Best wind data for day sailing...!

As a day sailor, there is no better app for wind conditions. Not too overbearing on the technical data, but enough of it to know when to sail. I highly recommend it for sailors or any other sports people needing to know temperatures and wind conditions.

Wind checking

We use this In Florida and in Vermont and love it!

Love the App!

It’s intuitive, visual, and provides great information. In the San Diego area I’ve so far (last 4 months) found the wind speed and direction predictions to be very good.

Review and suggestion

Hi For me is the best app on wind forecast, even so something is missing: 1- Alarms for high wind 2-Sync with Smart Watch That would be my suggestion Best regards

Current conditions off

It seems to be reporting model output instead of actual. (which is off base also for my location — Lake Mendota Buoy). This app was useful in the past but I might as well use Wundergroound.

Great for Boating

I spend a lot of time boating and fish on Lake Erie. Always consult my Windfinder ap prior and during. Reliable and accurate.

Too much at odds with other forecasts

I tend to use this app but always cross reference against other apps and NOAA directly. Sometimes all of them are inaccurate: this one is easier to use but less accurate typically

Fowey Rocks Forecast inaccurate as of late

Fowey Rocks Forecast has been inaccurate as of late

Baro pressure

Would be allot more useful if they'd actually add the Barometric pressure corrections to be more accurate right now it's pretty much useless. The inHG is nowhere near accurate and therefor worthless

Works for this Lake Sailor!

Wind Finder Pro works great on Lake Travis, Austin Texas. We have a Weather beacon at a local park one mile away. The 5 day forecast is mostly accurate. I seldom use the super forecast feature or the fancy wind maps. (Don’t know how). Suggestion: place online documentation on your system so sailors can learn how to use your fancy features and icons. Overall, this weather app is good and reliable. Thanks! Hector

Great resource

I use this app all the time for boating, it’s my one stop resource for weather. I trust it and it gives me all the info points I need. Keep up the food work!

Fishermans report

Perfect fisherman’s weather report. Easy to operate

حسن الكعبي

يجب تحديت الموقع


Won’t show super forecast

Great App for boaters

This app is a must if you are a boater and ever venture out onto the ocean. I am ready to use it again on my upcoming trip to the Bahamas crossing from Florida!

It’ll keep you away from the lake or get you there

Some times information is seldom accurate. Although it is kinda fun to watch top shelf equipment and top help do so much to very little avail. I have been using this service for years. Hopefully I t can be made useful Jamie Mccullar lake mead Nevada

Nothing works..??? No menu. Tried reloading APP,blank????

Since the APP was changed -nothing works like it should. There are no instructions as to how to use it..tried to set up Favorites but no Menu..seems to be an assumption we know what to push and where to find items??needs a total revamp for ease of use.. Don’t recommend now, used to be best APP and system available...It wasn’t broken,,why ?fix? It... THANK YOU FOR BRINGING BACK ITEMS THAT MADE THIS APP GREAT FOR BOATERS AND CRUISERS.. THE 7 DAY FORECAST WITH ALL THE DATE WE NEED TO MAKE A DECISION TO MOVE OR NOT IS INVALUABLE.. ESPECIALLY LIKE THAT IT IS AVAILABLE FOR NOT JUST WHERE WE ARE, BUT FOR PLACES WE MAYBE GOING..AGAIN, THANK YOU..

My go-to app for outdoor activities

I live about a mile down the beach from a Windfinder location on Puget Sound, and while I don’t kite surf I do plan my day...walks, yard work, etc...using the hour-by-hour feature of Supercast. I am seldom wrong when I tell neighbors we can do something at 2:00 today because it will be dry from then until 4:00. They are amazed at “my” accuracy. I love that! We often trailer-camp along the Pacific Ocean and I use it the same way for when we can take dry walks on the beach. Windfinder Pro is AWESOME!

Good so far, but...

Just got this. Seems super powerful and easy to use! But it seems like all the information is forecast. I’d like to also be able to see real time reports from the various locations. Like what is the wind actually doing right now? Maybe that’s in there and I’m missing it. Hard to tell. :-/

Best app of its kind

All the information you need in one app. If I would recommend something add sunsets sunrises moon rises and moon sets.

Southern Salt Fishing Charters

Love the program. Each time I have a charter and need to look at the wind and sea conditions you guys are spot on !!! Huge help in planning my trips. Continue the amazing work

5.0 worse than previous

Very clumsy interface. Previous version was much cleaner and friendly


ممتاز وملاحضته دقيقه وكل شيء ب امر الله سبحانه

Current Report

I don’t like that on the very first screen winds on the varios locations shows as forecast and not actual report. Don’t understand why because last year most locations had an actual “Report”, but since 2018 started most locations show a “forecast” report.

Must have boating app!

The wind forecast on this app is the most accurate I’ve found. Spot on every time. Must have for any offshore boater

Good App

This a is good app which I use almost daily. It would be a great app if it include water temperature.


ممتاز جدا

Not accurate

I have missed SUP paddling sessions ALL WEEK ... this app is so inaccurate all of a sudden ... night b4 says no winds certain hours and next day it is the opposite and all my plans are ruined ... haven't paddled at all ...!! Terrible !

2 stars because font is too small on iPad

under IOS 11 the app is not obeying font size requests nor does it appear adjustable, there is plenty of room for bigger text. Wind speed chart is Illegible, map legend is also too small