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by Windfinder

(1,130 user ratings)


Download size: 72.04MB
Version: 5.1.0
Released: 2009-11-15
For ages: 4+


Wind, waves, weather and tides anywhere in the world for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors, and paragliders

Detailed wind forecasts and weather forecasts that let you always find the spot with the best wind, waves, and weather conditions for your sport. Current wind measurements and weather observations, so that you can make your own weather predictions!


- Detailed wind forecasts and weather forecasts for over 40,000 spots
- Displays current wind measurements and weather measurements in real-time from over 20,000 weather stations
- Tide forecasts for high and low tides for over 8,000 locations around the world
- Configure favorites – save nearby locations and monitor travel weather for your vacation destinations
- Measurements listed in knots, Beaufort, km/h, m/s, and mph
- Parameters displayed: Wind strength & direction, gusts, air temperature and "feels like" temperature, clouds, precipitation, air pressure, relative humidity, wave height, wave period, and wave direction
- Optimized display of forecasts and measurements for optimal readability on the go from any mobile device
- Optimized data transfer – which enables a quicker load speed and is ideal for data usage restrictions
- Topographic maps, and satellite imaging provide a quick overview of weather conditions and serve as a navigational aid (weather routing)


- Kitesurfers and windsurfers – find that next hurricane or windy conditions either right next door or at your next vacation destination
- Sailors – plan that next sailing trip, or ensure safe passage by avoiding bad weather at sea
- Dinghy sailors and regatta racers – allows for careful preparation for the next regatta
- Surfers and wave riders – find the perfect waves and high swell
- Fisherman – help ensure a good catch
- Paragliders – find a good wind right from the start
- Cyclists – are there headwinds or tailwinds?
- Boat owners or captains – keep a constant eye on the current weather conditions and tides
- ...and anyone who requires exact wind and weather predictions!


“Windfinder” is available for free with ads. “Windfinder Pro” is paid and contains the following features for professional users, meteorologists, and weather enthusiasts:

- Superforecast, our hourly high-resolution forecasting model for Europe, North America, South Africa, Egypt, and the Canary Islands
- Windpreview: for a quick overview of the wind forecast in the next ten days
- Beautifully animated wind forecast maps, temperature forecast maps, precipitation maps, satellite images and topographic map
- Ad free!

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Customer Reviews
Great Lakes

What a great tool for navigating the Great Lakes. We are on an express power boat and have used the app every day. Accurate and a necessity for crossing the Great Lakes.


It’s a great app , I use it every day.


I refer to this app when ever I set sail

Not very accurate

Like the weather forecasters I find this app very inaccurate and inconsistent with the actual weather in my area. Still resorting to waking up and looking at the lake and making the call to head offshore for some sport fishing. Capt Paul


Love Windfinder. Excellent and accurate. Thank you Windfinder!

Love this app

Boaters need this! Doesn't seem totally accurate but in the range and really helps. Stations all over so you can pinpoint your local weather or check out conditions for travel. Hi and lo tide times and wave height too.


This app allows me to plan my fishing, hunting and shooting days out. It has made my outings more enjoyable


Updates more often needed

Wind finder

I like it a lot


My primary use for Windfinder is for wind forecast for sailing on an inland lake. Though periodically check other apps I haven’t found anything that beats Windfinder. Easy to use, good interface, accurate, and quick. It would be nice to see a charting view in addition to the tabular view.

Fantastic app

Great for fishing to find out lake wind conditions and it’s very accurate. Get this app you’ll love it.


برنامج رائع جدا

Perfect weather app for beach goers, recently bought a boat and plan on using even more .

Awesome app


Easy to use and as accurate as anything I have seen.

Boaters best friend

The best for boating

Seabridge I

Great info


Found through my continued use a very reliable marine/weather data.


I can rely on this app!



Great app

My favorite wind app !!!

Always helpful

Love Windfinder for its informative weather content. Working on the water, it’s important to know the weather, wind speed and direction. This app provides that content on a semi hourly basis throughout the day as well as showing future forecasts.

Fishing Guides Friend

I take people fly fishing for a living. I look at this app several times a day and it’s scary how accurate it is. Definitely a must have.

Great App. Great information

Great app. Great Information


The app doesn’t update frequently enough

My favorite weather app.

Good for all the places and things I do outside. Wouldn’t be without it.

Lack of accuracy

I have had this app for about 10 days. Of those days, I have been out doors all of them. I have monitored the wind predictions from this site and at best, it is correct about 20% Jim Hammond


Accurate and simple. Great for a quick glance.

Awesome improvements

Just got the update and what an even better app now. Best app for future predictions.

Easy to use; just got better

It’s an easy, intuitive interface. The most recent update in March 2018 allows you to see wind direction arrows overlying the map. I have found the predictions pretty reliable, but it tends to underestimate windspeed by 1-3 mph.

Awesome App

Windfinder provides the best forecasts of wind and waves out there! Don’t plan a day on the water without checking the forecasts over a week out right here. Thanks Windfinder!

Great app for cyclists living in Hawaii

Accurate excellent UI. Discovered from GCN best apps I ageee


Lousy app


Worst wind forcasting pos ever. Way off on direction and speed in upper Indian River lagoon. Kennedy Space Center/ Titusville Florida. And thats the current day.Horrendous.These wankers forecast for a week and a half. God himself doesn't see that far ahead. A total joke.

Crashes constantly

Much improved since bug fix.

Back to normal

Excellent app, for wind speeds just don't believe the temps very off by 10 degrees or more. But this app is so important to my RC Flying helps me plan my trips to flying field. Absolutely vital.

App is working again

Thanks for the fix. So many days without windfinder how horrible.

Doesn't work

It doesn't work after the update

Not working

Dear windfinder I just update the new version and its not opening in my phone I delet it and reinstal even not opening ( iphone 6 ) Please advise ASAP

Was working great

After the update the app will start then turn off right away....before update I could get am and pm forecasts now I only get pm forecast


Please fix


App crashes everytime you open it now! What the hell?

App doesn't work!

Relied on this app heavily. Updated hoping for improvements and the app won't even open, returns to home screen. Very disappointed.

Not working

Do not open sinse last update please fix it

More accurate than Surfcast

Wind forecasts are notoriously difficult, so I just check first thing in the am...I've had pretty good luck w/Windfinder catching the best conditions in the Midwest US. Please add a push notification that users can select desired wind speed and time of day available! This is the only thing lacking as compared to other wind/wave forecast apps.

Latest update

So I guess maps are no longer a thing. All you get is a very zoomed out, still image map, with no useful details.

I use this for sailing and kite surfing

Works well and is easy to use and find the wind.

Not Accurate

As a full-time boater, I need reliable weather reports. Compared to the Weather Channel and local TV weather, Windfinders always seems to forecast much higher winds than the others. They change their reports frequently from one extreme to the other...and neither report was even that accurate. Windfinders is not my favorite weather App. any longer.

Best app ever

This is the best most accurate wave reporting app ever it also tells the tides the swell the wind speed the weather and the wind direction!!! Best app ever made

WindFinder is Great!!

Gives wind speed and direction in my area and areas near me. The settings give you a wide variety of ways to receive information. No annoying popups. Perfect app for me!

Nice app

Very accurate!