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by Michal Frankowski

(114 user ratings)


Download size: 15.17MB
Version: 2.2
Released: 2011-12-06
For ages: 4+


*** Featured by The New York Times on Nov 22, 2012 (Software That Shows What Your Shiny New iPad Can Do) ***
WeatherMap+ is an interactive app, which allows you to pan and zoom around a map of the world, switch various weather layers in order to get a comprehensive view of both current and future weather events.

- detail up to 0.25 degrees on land or sea anywhere in the world.
- view how weather conditions change over time for your individual area and weather around the world
- get basic overview of cloudiness, precipitation, temperature, wind speed and pressure in a singe view
- switch between available layers: "all layers", "temperature", "wind speed", "pressure"
- see the weather forecast up to 5 days
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Customer Reviews
Weathermap Review

I really like this app! I use it for every outdoor activity where weather prediction seems important. For me this includes my occupational activity as a rancher, and recreational activities including sailing, mountain biking, and negotiating mountain passes in winter. Love the ability to get the big picture, and then zoom in for the local perspective.

Provides a unique view - and thanks for the update

This is an unusual app, in that it displays model forecasts across any size region. It’s extremely helpful as a contrast to the new crop of “micro-targeted” apps that provide the same sort of information about one specific point - which are great if you aren’t going anywhere, or don’t want those kinds of forecasts tempered with any larger context. My only complaint: it’s not clear which model provides the data; it would useful to know the provenance of the information (or perhaps even to be able to choose). Again, for a point forecast this isn’t the tool, though, and while there are reasons to discount certain models for specific reasons in specific instances this is a great help as is.

Great amount of info

Great amount of information and gives a wealth of data for looking ahead. Just needs iPhone X support. Better use of the screen real estate would be great. Works wonderfully on the iPad. Highly recommended.

Now and Then

When you travel it's nice to see what's possible beyond the local forecast. That's the problem ... you're not there to see it. This app puts the world's weather at you fingertips ... regardless of where you are now and where you will be a week from now ... even when it might be half-way around the world.

Real time forecast

I orally rely on this forecasting app. Most apps simply indicate what the conditions will be but with this app you can see the conditions mapped hours and days ahead. I see why and how long the skies are sunny or whether the rain band will be short and intense or long and persistent. Phenomenal!

Darn good job! Use this app every day.

Best weather app for my use. Diving sailing and prediction

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica this weather app is the only reliable source available and I use it for my work constantly. Thanks for that.

Very lmformative

Gives me a heads up on weather conditions, > would highly recommend others purchase this app

Paradigm breaking weather app

What a great way to look at one's weather. Talk about the big picture view. It took me a while to fully appreciate what this app does. All other weather apps are constrained by the top down approach. Someone tells you about conditions. On this app you have access to the whole picture and can view temperature, pressure, wind, clouds all at once. It becomes very easy to see at a glance what it's going to be like today and what's coming--anywhere in the world. No more filling in the search box. I agree with the (minor) issue with weather box. I would like to be able to make it larger but that is, a pretty minor, issue that simply makes it a little difficult to see the hour by hour conditions. This app allows you to see both the trees (the weather variables) and the forest (the weather) this is for you.

Good app

Great program ,

Best Big Picture App Available

I've had this app for a couple of years now. It's the best long-range forecasting tool, and it allows you to see big systems and fronts brewing in time to make intelligent travel plans.

Was 5 stars, it's 5 stars again

This version restores WeatherMap+ as the top weather app for me. It's fast, accurate and easy to use. Excellent.

Great app!

This is the best way to actually see how fronts and weather patterns will be moving towards an area days before it happens!

Very good app

I have had this app no for several years. Been very happy with the recent improvements in graphics. Easier to find locations. Overall I'm very happy with this particular application and would highly recommend it

The best!

My go to weather app! I've tried most of them and I always go bacteria to this app. It's super and most of the time the forecasts are right on.

Extremely useful

I have been using WeatherMaps for years. I always open it before making a tough weather-related decision on a time scale of up to 3-4 days.

Great support for a nice app

Needed upgrade to have app fully functional. App worked pretty good up until IPhone upgrade to 10. Contacted developer who was working on upgrade and advised it would be ready in about 1 week. Upgrade installed and it's rocking again as promised. Addendum-11/29/16. The app just smashes all others when it comes to map info and quality. I rely on this map for all current conditions. Outstanding! Keep up the great work.

I use this App every day

I move boats up and down the US coast and use this app along with many other sources of forecasting info. This thing is pretty spot on! Thank you!

Good weather information

Meteogram needs to be larger. Your finger tip covers most of it. It aways opens to my location even when that feature is not enabled. Only difference is that it adds the pin. It would be nice if Weathermap+ remembered the screen location and zoom level when exiting app and starting it back up. Still a very good, easy to use weather app. Love the continuous horizontal scrolling. Needs a cloud cover overlay button. Needs to allow mixing and matching what overlays you want to use in addition to the 'All overlays' option. Plus, how often does it update? ...or does it? Only at startup? ...or does it do that automatically? If so, how often. I do not see a update/refresh button. Would it be possible to animate the overlays? Being on a world scale I could see where that might not be practicable.

Was My Favorite App

9-18-16--Rich R. I have the iPhone 7+ and the app won't load on screen.I really like this app but it hasn't been updated since 2012.If you have ios 10 all you get is a black screen.Please fix it or pull it from App Store,it's been 4 years to think about slacker.10-2-2016--Rich R.-I want to thank the developer for update,it works great again.Back to 5 stars.This is the 2nd best app for maps,beside Radar Scope.

Works smoothly

Best app for weather


This app used to be amazing. Pretty darn accurate. After updating my iPhone to iOS 10, the app can't even open without crashing. App opens to a black screen trying to start up then crashes almost immediately afterward. I've tried restarting my iPhone, restarting the app, even deleting and re downloading the app. A real shame it doesn't work anymore.

Please hurry with iOS 10 update

I now get a black screen instead of my favorite and indispensable WX app. Please update as soon as possible.

Not working on ios10

The app is not working now with ios10 please update as soon as Possible

App doesn't work

App doesn't work. Wasted 2.99. Open app and black screen.

App crashes in iOS 10

App crashes in iOS 10. Nothing but a black screen followed by a crash.

Great app

Best app but it needs an update

Back my money

This is app not work


I use this for coastal marine forecasting, along with NOAA zone forecasts and several apps that give water surface forecasts(wave height, direction). This is an excellent app, easy to use and interpret. Simple, intuitive, graphics. No special knowledge required other than understanding wind barbs.

Too Unstable

Needs attention by developer to bring it back to stability with more recent iOS versions. Crashes if you request map data and it can't keep up. It just needs some TLC.

terrible on apple tv

avoid at all costs. confusing, impossible to figure out navigation, no help.


It's good app but please update to last version of iOS It will be the best app in the AppStore

Great app

One of the greatest weather app but plz add "Kuwait city" temperature


Two years ago it was the best application and the application is now bad because of the erroneous reading of the weather must be ubdate and add more moudells.

Best forecast app out there

I'm a commercial pilot and this is my initial goto app for the big forecast picture. Excellent!

One of the best weather apps

Higher resolution would be an improvement

Bad App - Outdated

This app is out dated and not supported. You cNt even send and email to the help desk. Will not work. How do I get a refund?

The app no longer works

This app no longer displays any weather info, please update or remove from the app store


البرنامج لايعمل الان


This app has not been updated for over 3 years! It doesn’t work in the US. Do not waste your money on this until the developer fix it. Which doesn’t seem like he is interested judging from other posters recently.

Sadly, Dysfunctional with IOS 8

No upgrade since 2012 .... not good

Doesn't seem to work at all

On my LTE iPad Mini all it displays is the map, but no weather info at all!

No layers are shown, just a map

No layers are shown, just a map and I already have Google map which is better than this app.

No weather

As of March 11, 2015 no longer shows weather. Please fix!

It's stopped working

I was a big fan of this app, until recently. It simply stopped working. Nada.

Well-Rounded App w/ Unfixed Bugs

The application is great, it has all the basic essentials for weather modeling across the globe. But it does constantly crash while loading. It eventually shows me the information though.

The best application in th App Store

Very beautiful and I Why does not update program best meteorological program application

Marine weather?

Where's the buoy reports or swell direction, height, period?

We love it.

We love it. Helps us see what is coming our way. It's like getting the inside story on the weather.