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Transas iSailor

by Transas Marine Limited

(7 user ratings)


Download size: 73.47MB
Version: 1.10.1
Released: 2010-12-15
For ages: 4+


iSailor is an award-winning easy-to-use marine and river navigation system developed for amateur seafarers.
Intended for use on boats and yachts, iSailor provides clear presentation of navigation information, electronic charts and additional content. Transas own TX-97 vector format charts supported by iSailor are recognized worldwide as one of the most accurate and reliable sources of navigational information.

The application operates on iPhones and iPads utilizing the built-in GPS or an external Bluetooth GPS.

Supported devices (with iOS version 8.x.x and higher):
• iPhone 4 or higher
• iPad - 2nd generation or higher

Available chart folios cover coastal and offshore waters of North America, Latin and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Asia, Australia & New Zealand.

All chart folios can be selected, purchased and downloaded via the iSailor application interface using its Chart Store section utilizing the standard iTunes Store payment/purchasing procedure.

iSailor features:

• Positioning system: iOS (Built-In GPS), NMEA GPS or AIS Class B (Optionally)
• NMEA Heading and Rate-Of-Turn sensors (Optionally)
• NMEA Echo Sounder with a graphical 2D echogram and water temperature sensor (Optionally)
• NMEA Wind Sensor, including True & Relative wind calculation (Optionally)
• Display of charts, routes, track(s) and user objects
• AIS target presentation. target contours and dimensions (Optionally)
• Internet AIS service (Optional subscription)
• Weather service (Optional subscription)
• Tides and tidal currents (Optional subscription)
• Sailing guides. regional marinas (Optional subscription)
• North Up, COG Up, Head Up and Route Up chart orientations
• Information on any vector chart objects
• Free cursor, Point-To-Point and Own ship referenced ERBL functionality
• Monitoring of navigational data: Position, Course (COG) and Speed Over Ground (SOG)
• Route creation by the graphic and tabular methods. “Go To” routes.
• Waypoint monitoring: Bearing to WP, Distance to WP, XTD, Time-To-Go and ETA
• Schedule information: Time-To-Go and ETA to any selected waypoint ahead
• Multiunits and multilanguage support
• Custom track colours
• Day and night chart palettes
• Alarm monitoring functionality
• Route, track and user object: export/import via GPX, KML and KMZ formats
• User object sharing via: Facebook, Twitter, iMessenger, e-Mail

NOTE: Continued use of the GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease the battery life. Transas iSailor app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life.

iSailor web site: http://www.isailor.us

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at support@isailor.us

Sincerely yours,
iSailor team
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Customer Reviews
Charts updates?

Why no more charts update?

Perfect Nav Solution!

The best navigation software available for portable devises. Profession Yacht Captain here and go nowhere without ISailor and my Dual XGPS.

All saved trips gone since “upgrade”

Have used this program for years...works great. Actually love it and rely on it. However, after the automatic update ALL my saved trip plots are gone. I now need to re-plot everything. If you knew this would happen why would you first not offer us to save our routs somehow? Very disappointed....

Terrific value, overall, but with a caveat for the tides plug-in

I have used this app everywhere, from Biscayne Bay, to the Adriatic, to the middle of the Caribbean. It can get a bit cluttered, but overall it’s great for basic route planning and tracking, and generally pretty intuitive to use. When sailing a thousand-mile passage in the Caribbean, it was great to be able to pull my iPhone out of my pocket at any time, day or night, and see our heading, COG, speed, and distance to waypoint. But... I recently bought the tides and tidal currents plug-in, in order to plan a voyage in the Pacific Northwest. The currents really rip, up there, so it’s critical to have down-to-the-minute accuracy on tides. To ensure accuracy, I compared times in the app with times on the Canadian government’s official tide tables, and found that the times were waaaay off. They weren’t event close. I soon realized that I needed to set the time zone in the iPad (I’m on the East Coast) to the time zone where I was planning my voyage (British Columbia). After doing that, and adjusting the Canadian tide tables for daylight savings time, the times were much closer. But close won’t count when crossing Seymour Narrows.

Excellent navigation aid

I’ve been using iSailor for a few years now on both my iPhone and iPad. I’ve had literally no issues! I admit that I often don’t read documentation as I should, but that’s precisely why I chose to write a review. It is a very easy app to learn and to use, which allowed effective use from the very start. So rather than studying the documentation to begin using the app, one turns to the documentation only to bring in more of the advanced navigational features as desired. Highly recommended!

Lost all my electronics

Lost all GPS and electronics on my last fishing trip 55 miles offshore in the gulf. No worries ,opened my isailor program and got out the old fashioned compass. Found my heading and got home safe . Thanks Guys and girls. William Csogi. On the phone with Garmin now for a new unit grrrr.

For serious sailors, this is a great app

I have 35 routes around Savannah, Georgia which I use on a motor boat at 25 knots. Easy to follow. I just completed a 900 nm passage from Tampa, FL to Savannah, offshore in the Gulf and Atlantic. All the planning and onboard navigation was done on an iPad with iSailor (with considerable prudent backup that was unneeded). This included three unanticipated ports of call which required rerouting while at sea. Excellent accuracy, even in tight quarters. (However, pay attention to expected GOS accuracy). The skipper said “the nav job was fantastic.” There is a reasonable learning curve to iSailor because this is a sophisticated, prosumer-level product. There are numerous app-purchase chart packs and instrumentation add-ones. If you just want to go around the lake, the app is overkill.

Problem with new IOS WiFi

Hi, I’m using this app with iPad air2. But after I updated IOS to 11.1, the AIS sensor in the app could not connect to PILOT TECH V3 WiFi AIS. So, please I want the solution for this problem. I just bought the iPad Air 2 only for this app.


I've used iSailor for several years and have never had ANY issues. I've never had it crash. It's very stable. I export my routes to my wife when she stays home. She knows exactly where I've been during the day. It's easy to use. I recently purchased the "Weather" part of the app and love it. Tells me everything I need to know; tides, wind, pressure, wave height, etc. Don't look any further, this is the app you need for boating and sailing.

Horrible customer service

I got a new phone and only one purchased chart showed back up through my iTunes, I purchased 3 for my area and one one showed back up no help or anything getting it back. And all my ais wasn't uploaded back up either. Horrible customer service.

Best price Best app!!

I bought this app when it was .99 cents! I'm still using it today! I work at a Lodge and we use it for our skiffs that don't have any electronics and it's fabulous! I've used about 10 different map apps and this is the best! Love iSailor!!

Excellent App

Use it all the time at work.


I am amazed at this powerful well designed application. It does everything I expected and more! I will give it 6 stars if I could!

Works great

I use iSailor to navigate my Alberg 35 from Baltimore on the Chesapeake. I've been using it for a couple of years and find that it's easy to create routes. I like that I can go back and forth between my iPhone 5 and iPad mini. The in app purchases (tides, AIS, marinas) are reasonably priced and the charts get updated. I've tried some other low cost navigation apps but this is the one I come back to most times.

AIS connection

I purchased the AIS sensor module, I cannot get it to connect on IPad via the Lowrance NAIS 400 transponder. Customer support team offer no help.


Very nice and easy to use 👍👍 The best application ever seen 👏🏻👏🏻

Isailor app

I also cannot open chart it's all black And cannot open create route app is crashed and closed.

Charts Will Not Display

I upgraded to new iPad and loaded app restored my purchased charts (multiple times). The chart screen remains totally blank (black) with no charts. I have tried their support email to request help. No replies. Did not have this problem before

Great App - Needs improvements

Works great. However, it needs an option to allow location access when not using. I use anchor alarm when on anchor and it won't alarm unless the app is open. I might want to do something other than look at the chart while I'm on anchor but do want to know if I start to drift. Also, MPH would be nice to see. Only options are Km/h, knots and m/s for speed.

Mr SDracer wrong!!

Check out other apps etc. !! The price is right and great support. Charts are reasonable priced and updates FREE ! Howbout that? I have been using this app for more then 4 years and very happy cruising in the caribbean and med. Actually using it! Thanks iSailor


This looks like an in interesting program. Unfortunately, one could spend well over $100 on 'in app purchases' just getting started. To bad.

Not Impressed so far

We purchased this application since it suppose to work well with our Vesper 8000 AIS we just purchased before we head to the Bahamas for the winter. We purchased the maps for the Bahamas also with the apps and there are areas that we cruise in the Exumas that are blank...no data just note (Dredging 2 meters)....these are area we sail through and use the Garmin Blue Water and Explorer Chartbooks to navigate...so seeing this blank area on the apps made me wonder if there were anymore out there. I contacted the APP maker and they validated the omission and said it would be corrected in the next release but no specific date when that would be. So overall....I guess it's a decent apps but recommend you have backup valid charts or applications.

Amazing Nav App - Why bother with a chartplotter??

One of the best Nav apps out in my opinion! I use this each time I go sailing and have no complaints. One feature I would like to see added is a depth alarm feature that will sound whenever GPS places you in water that's charted under a certain depth.

Good app but charts are off

I've been using this app for the last month now I love the UI and the functionality. I use it for rec and fishing charts on iPad Air 2 in miami. Still wish it had a few more features but that anchor alarm is perfect I love to see a real sharp graphic of where I drift. Beats my gps for a millionth of the cost. But chart depths seem to be off from my other charts and avg readings. I boat in the bay a lot avg 5 to 12 ft deep but chart avg 1 to 6 ft. I guess that is better then the other way around. Just worries me sometimes in new areas when it states 0ft when I'm in 4 ft.i wonder if it's based on a deeper keel as I drive a 23 hydra sport and not a sailboat. If so would be nice in boat settings to be able to adjust that to reflect on charts .

Great app

I don't often write reviews, but this is a really nice nav app. Easily out-features our standalone Garmin GPS that cost hundreds. The charts update frequently. I love being able to track and export routes (though an option for iCloud sync between multiple devices would be really nice). I paid for the marina data and it is fine (cheap enough that it is worth it, but could have more robust data and a feature to sort by distance). I have not paid for any of the other add-ins, but I may as I use it more. Whenever I get a new boat, I think that iSailor running on an iPad in a waterproof case will replace my single purpose GPS.

Using for years

Nice little app, quick, responsive, and has all the features I would need for a mobile charting solution. Paid for my charts once and they update automatically every year. I'm on someone else's boat, or in the cabin? All I need is my phone!


For me personally, this is the best marine navigation app I've tried, with basic features that were hard to get from other apps, the best one being the ability to display coordinates when activating the crosshairs, AND having the coordinates change as you move the crosshairs around on the map. This comes in handy when on a rocking sea and it's hard to type coordinates in. Maps are very detailed and high resolution. I love it!

Easier to route plan on than an actual ECDIS.

Works better than the full blown ECDIS models Transas makes. Lag free, with no stupid track ball interface, and I find the interface less frustrating to set up routes on (even though I'm using an iPhone's minuscule display). All in all a very good app. Even the chart packs aren't that horribly priced.

App not recommended for Professional Pilotage

ISailor App does not recognize AIS A transmitters so it will it will not work interface with a commercial vessel. Unfortunately this makes it useless in any professional capacity. Otherwise this app is great. Presentation is great and info display is great. Would highly recommend for recreational boaters.


I love this app. It's great. The new update is has made it so that my app will not open. Hopefully this is resolved soon.

Nice, easy to use

This is a good app. I only purchased it as a trial to compare with my traditional mfd which is what I rely on. I don't use the iPad because I don't trust it for mission critical processes, but iSailor itself seems to be a well executed app.


Says restore maps. Does not restore. Nothing shows up. Where are my 100$ in maps. Rip off. Useless.

Pretty easy to use and nice charts

Plotting courses is pretty easy if not quite intuitive. Chart detail is great.

Terrible Update

I'm a ship's navigator and use this app religiously as a quick reference when discussing voyages with the Captain. I have years of voyage plans stored in here that I bring ship to ship. Since the last update all this app does is open to the loading screen and then crash. If I delete and reinstall I will lose all my voyage plans and as I am on a ship will have no way to re-enter them.

A very very good app

I have been using this app for the past year and this is proves to be a fantastic addition to my phone. I use this with the iPhone 6 Plus and it works anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore. The 6+ has its own built-in GPS so it will work anywhere in the world for that matter. charts are cheap, the weather program works well as does AIS. Just bear in mind to receive weather and AIS information one has to have an Internet connection.

Very professional app

This app is the best navigational tool which I've ever seen before. There are no bugs in it, all features are well synchronized and quality is amazing. I will recommend it to my friends.

Best nav app out there

Compared to a standard horizon chartplotter and inavx (which I used to use), iSailor is a dream. My favorite way to navigate by far! I can pan and zoom so quickly I feel that in tight nav situations it's a significant safety feature. Compare this to inavx or the chartplotter where panning and zooming are slow and cumbersome and take your attention away from operating the boat.

Rarely leave the dock without it

Great app, inexpensive charts, il and the current information is great for planning trips around the golden gate

Fantastic app

I did use this app on Ipad for my sailing from Stavanger Norway to Iceland Westfjords last year 2014 it is a great software for this i did stop in Faroes and Shetland Islands and the charts where all the time very accurate,I have Navionis too but i did not use it for this trip Isailor is much better only one thing i would like to see is that i would like to see some support for Raymarine WI-Fish in the future would make this app PERFECT!!!

Inexpensive GPS chart plotter

I don't understand the negative reviews. The app is free and the digital charts are very reasonably priced, especially since the Navionics Hot Map for my Lowrance chart plotter cost me $135, at least for the NY Finger Lakes where I do my boating. The app runs smoothly and has all the features that would be needed for inland waters. I wouldn't try a TRANSPAC with just this app, but c'mon be reasonable! Good way to get started with electronic navigation. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that the small screen on my iPhone 6 is a bit limiting


AIS option is minutes delayed in busy harbor. Not worth the money. I purchased. The $15 subscription to Internet AIS. 👎👎👎

Great app for novice boater!

I've been using this app for 2.5 years and it has worked flawlessly. The charts are frequently updated and have never steered me wrong. The app has been very reliable, and, although it's not supposed to be used as a sole navigational tool, it has helped me get out of more tricky jams than I care to admit. I use it to navigate the ICWW and various channels to access the Atlantic. I've not gone "out to sea" with it, but I can highly recommend the app for anyone looking for a near-shore navigational augment.

Problem not solved but known

Ok I wrote my last review regarding this App thinking my problems were a result of iSailor. It turns out that the IOS 8.3 upgrade has a bug in it which interferes with all external GPS's. As a result when my iPad automatically updated its IOS I lost iSailor. It was NOT their fault! But I did blame them. My Bad! I am back to loving this App! Now all I have to do is wait for Apple to resolve their problem so I can use it again.

Piece of crap

I purchased the Atlantic chart. My 12 year old grand son knows more about the waters than the tiny, and I do mean tiny, amount of information on a paid for chart through this app. WORTHLESS.

Awesome sailing app!

I use this regularly while sailing in the Chesapeake and occasionally in the Mediterranean. It has been a very useful tool and has all the functionality you would expect from an expensive onboard GPS nav system. Highly recommended!

Don't be fooled - its not cheap

Don't be fooled by the cheap prices in the "in-app purchases" list. They get around that with "unlock" features. Want full NMEA support? That's another $33. AIS? Another $10. I didn't bother to see what else I would have to unlock. Delete!

Good app, only works with cellular iPads

Caution: make sure you have a cellular iPad before purchasing this app. Wifi only iPads do not have built in GPS. This app will NOT work out in the ocean with wifi only iPad. Good app otherwise

Very good app and charts

The only app I could find in the store with detailed charts of Hong Kong, so obv a major plus for that. I love the usability of the interface, they have a very good guide to get you going and then from there you can get the hang of it pretty easy. As other reviewer stated, I would like auto routing as manually doing it can be pretty tedious. That said, you can copy routes and adjust from those, plus a lot of nav apps don't do auto routing well because of depth and other restrictions fouling it up. The charts are outstanding, the level of detail and quality of information is top notch. I actually like this app better than my Garmin hardware chartplotter that I use on a different vessel and this app was a fraction of the price. Don't be deterred by the negative reviews on here. I think the developer got it right in terms of offering balance between features you may or may not need.

Works Great

Not sure what Hula Girl's talking about. I'm using vector based charts on the U.S. West coast for $4.99. Works perfectly for me.