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by Rivolu Pte Ltd

(177 user ratings)


Download size: 7.16MB
Version: 2.4
Released: 2011-11-17
For ages: 4+


The one and only Tide app that you've been waiting for!. Now with retina display support, works like a charm on both iPad and iPhone. Use TideTrac daily for info on tides, Moon and the Sun. It downloads your tide data and stores them locally for later offline use. Fast, accurate and easy to use. (Note - TideTrac supports coastal US Stations only)

Not only does TideTrac tell you when a high tide and low tide event occur on a given day, it is the only app that can tell you the days of a month when the tides are highest or lowest in one quick glance with a graphical visualization.

Swipe the graph to the right and view a four day preview of tide graphs. Add multiple tide stations to your favorites list and switch between them easily. Any station marked as a favorite will have their complete tide table downloaded automatically for the entire current year and will be available for offline viewing. Great for taking the phone with you and lookup tide data at anytime even when you don't have internet connectivity.

On the first launch, TideTrac will automatically select the nearest station closest from your current location. But if you need to pick a different tide station, pick one easily from browsing the map visually!

Advanced feature - TideTrac lets you lookup tides by hour of day (currently available on the iPad version only). For example, if you are interested in visiting the beach at 7 am for a walk, TideTrac can tell you on what days the tide are lowest and highest at this hour. Plan your visits or travel using the easy lookup table.

TideTrac comes in a beautiful interface and also tells you the sunrise, sunset times, moonrise, moonset times.

Whether you are going sailing or just planning ideal times to hit the beach or interested in finding the best times for viewing tide pools or finding the best times for fishing, knowing the tide level at any given time and day becomes essential. TideTrac presents all of its data efficiently without over-complicating the user interface. It is extremely easy to use.

With the convenience of offline viewing, users can take TideTrac to remote locations and continue to view the tide predictions.

What is not included in TideTrac is information on currents and local weather. Before purchasing the app, please take a look at the list of supported tide stations from http://www.tidetrac.com/stations/


+ Includes thousands of tide stations in United States (coastal US stations only).
+ View all tide stations plotted on a map for easy browsing and selection.
+ Add tide stations to 'favorites list' with one simple touch.
+ Offline viewing of tide events & tide graph enabled for all favorite stations.
+ Lookup tide predictions until 2021 (more will be added as available).
+ View high and low tides for the selected day.
+ View tide data for a whole month.
+ View highest tides of a month & lowest tides of a month.
+ View tide graph and using a time slider find the tide level for any time.
+ Quickly shift from month to month or move from day to day and watch the tide change.
+ Requires internet connection only the first time a tide station is selected.
+ View Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset times.
+ Accounts for daylight savings time and different timezones.
+ Includes a Moon calendar with different phases of the moon displayed.[iPad only]
+ Includes a tide look up table to lookup tides by hour of the day [iPad only]

DISCLAIMER - Tide data displayed in TideTrac are based upon astronomical tide predictions and does not take into account the effects of wind, storm, rain, freshwater runoff, floods and other meteorological events. The tide graph rendered uses the predicted high tide and low tide events of the day and the segments between these tide events are approximated. Do NOT use TideTrac for NAVIGATION purpose or any other purpose that may result in personal injury or property damage. Use it at your own risk.
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Customer Reviews
Great app

Love it

Great app

Excellent app. Use it all the time. We particularly like that it shows moon rise and set time in conjunction with the tides.

Reliable easy to use interface

Such a reliable app, always works and is accurate. My go to to check the tide at the beach.

Awesome, does everything I need to know about tides, local or otherwise

Real time indication of where the tide is at my location or at whatever location I choose. Very powerful data base and SO easy to use! Only tide app I use.

Great for our needs

Day sailors. Just wanting a tide clock for planning purposes (taking dock in and out/searching for moorings/sailing in and out of our shallow water harbor in our Beetle Cat). We live 4 hours from our harbor, so nice to plan ahead. This app offers us the simple info we need.

Finally - One app with all the features

Tides, moon phases and sun set/rise all in one app. Easy to store and recall multiple tide stations and forward planning on tides and moon phases. Outstanding graph and layout. A must have for anyone needing this information. I went from using three web pages to only one app. Great job by the designers and engineers.

Best tide app hands down

Love the map feature and the next day feature. Near perfect


This app is excellent and spot on. Very easy to use and extremely reliable.

Time and depth

One can not tell the depth at any time other than present time or high and low. It’s nearly impossible to interpolate either the time or the depth from the graph. This app is nearly useless for my purposes.


Great app. Rely on it. Love the aesthetic as well. Thanks all.

Great app

Works well even for obscure tide stations.

Great App

If only it would use your location as I use on my boat in Gulf of Mexico

Great tool

Great tool

Excellent App

Have been using it for several years now while boating. In addition to the tides, i like the fact that it gives you the time of sunrise and sunset as well as phases of the moon. It’s a very good planning tool.

TideTrac- an outstanding app

The graphics make it so easy to see what’s going on; the locational, sun and moon rising & setting times and other info are great supplements. We love it for all our coastal visits.

Like it better on iPad

I like the simple informative display of this app. I am disappointed, however, that the iPhone version lacks lunar phase information in the iPad version of this app. Please add a fourth swipe screen with the lunar calendar to the iPhone version? Thanks.

Tide tracker

I use this app several times a day to check good swimming times and kayak too. My aim is about an hour after the turn after either high or low. I can plan ahead according to the spring and neap tides.


Easy to use right from the start. More advanced than I need so I will grow into it. 5 STARS FOR Ease of use. Easy reading screen. All knowledge in advance for tidal bridge fishing.

Rating spam

App keeps spamming me to rate it. It doesn’t allow me today no.. just “later”. So it gets 1 Star.


Good app but a few more stations on the California central coast would be nice

Best tide tracker in App Store

I tried of few different tide trackers in the App Store including a few paid ones and at the end of the day this one is the best. Simple layout but still gives you the information you want to see at one quick glance.

Best tides app

Really nice 😊

I really hate apps that ask for ratings

Any app with a pop up screen that asks for a rating, with no way to stop it, automatically gets the lowest possible rating.


Easy. Accurate.

Nice graphs

Good app!

Superb app

Highly informative; easy to use & reasonably priced. A wealth of information at your fingertips!

Shark tooth hunter's "must have" app!

This is my "go to" app when planning a day trip to the beach to search for fossilized shark teeth. I use this app so I can synch my beach arrival with the position of the tide for optimal hunting. Always reliable.

Great for tide pool visits

I strongly recommend this app for anyone who enjoys visiting tide pools or simply exploring. You can save time and frustration by finding out the two low tide times each day. Plus, you can amaze the kids with your nerdy knowledge 😁

Well worth it!

This is a really great, simple app. I only use it for checking the tide at my local beach. Love the clear interface.

No where near as good as the Aye Tides app.

I compare all tide applications to the Aye Tides app. This one doesn’t even come close.

Great app

I was looking for something to replace my old tide cd rom for my set net site This app has more info and more features Thx

Great App

I’ve had several tired apps in the past but this one is by far the best. It’s easy to use and easy to understand. Will use it in the Puget Sound area to plan a kayaking trips.


I'm a landscape photographer who lives on the California coast and I LOVE this AP, I use it nearly everyday. I love the layout, ease of use, visual display, all are GREAT! The only thing I really wish it had was more Moon details. This AP would be a 6 out of 5if it had The moon phases along with percentage of brightness and of course moon set and moonrise times. Something that would make this AP even more useful would be Swell data. But I'm getting picky. Are far as tide data goes it's been great, I highly recommend it!

Everything I need

My life and work in coastal Maine revolves around tides. This app is a great help- easy to use and covers the real esssntials.

Best App for fishing

The only app I use when fishing locally or traveling.

Great app

One of the best tide apps


This appears very accurate, especially for someone like me who lives near the East River and loves to see which direction the tides are flowing.

Works great!

Simple, easy to use app.

Does just what is says

I would give 5 stars except display elements appear over top of the times and height information. Can barley read when covered by shaded area indicating day time. Also reference lines go over text. Would be nice to display sun and moon rise set times numerically as well as current graphical display.

Great app

So far so good like the ability to quickly know the depth at specific times of the tide

Wonderful graphics

Unlike “just tables” depictions of tide data, this app has multiple super-intuitive graphics that allow you to easily get a view of what has happened, will happen, and the upcoming low/high differences. Very cool. Tried a bunch, this is the winner.

The best tide app by far !!

I deleted all the others, this one is all I need. It's excellent. Easy to use and very accurate.

All the info I need

This app defines what an app ought to be. Just a couple of clicks to set a nearby station. Then view a graphical depiction of times and tides. Provides all the info I need. Quick and easy. Easily a 5+ rating.

Does the trick

This sure beats looking up the tides on line or in the paper. I live in an area dominated by shallow water and oyster bars, so I rely on the tides to keep my boat afloat.

Stop asking me to review

Wake me up. But it is annoying to be constantly asked to rate the app.

Pretty close to 5

I too would like an easier way to select a nearby location, but if you are stationary and pick your regular location, it is most useful. Clear and attractive

Great app

This app is very accurate. Love it!

Useful App

I agree w CAB. The midnight cut off is frustrating. But the graphs, stations,etc are good

Great App

Just moved to the waterfront, use it all the time

Has proved to be very useful

This is the only tides app I've used so I can't compare it to others. Never the less it has been very useful and easy to use.