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by 30 South LLC

(6 user ratings)


Download size: 4.77MB
Version: 1.4
Released: 2011-10-05
For ages: 4+


• places a highly accurate speedometer in the palm of your hand
• dedicated faces for mph, km/h, knots
• displays current speed with both an analog and digital readout
• records your maximum speed for a session
• ability to lock your maximum speed so it's not overwritten by
a new maximum speed
• ability to share your maximum speed with friends
• ability to reset your maximum speed in order to record a new
• high level of contrast in order to easily see in the daylight
• clear GPS accuracy indicator
• trip meter to measure distance you have traveled
• toggle a setting to keep measuring max speed & trip while
you're using other apps
• digital readout records up to 999 mph, 999 km/h, 99.9 knots


Great for the following:
• driving
• on a train
• sailing/boating
• motorcycle rides
• plane rides
• anything where you want to measure speed


Best results:
The accuracy of this speedometer is subject to the accuracy of the GPS
on your iPhone. Our GPS accuracy indicator helps you quickly see when
you're getting a good signal when the green light is on. The following
general rules will help you quickly get a good GPS signal:

• keep the unit in the line of sight of the sky
• try to stay close to the same position for a few moments
while the device gets a GPS lock
• even with a good GPS signal reading, the unit may take a
little bit of time on startup to get a GPS lock on especially when you
are moving fast

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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Customer Reviews
Hideous background image

Is it leather? Is it lava? Is it melted skin? Let users change that cringeworthy photo please. Also a rotation button would be excellent so we don't need to unlock rotation while driving to see the landscape style.

Good for racers!

This is very intuitive application, I use this even when I walk!

Now Broken

Latest version no longer works properly on 4S with ios 7.1.2. Switching to landscape completely messes up the display. Please fix.

Pretty accurate speedometer

The app is accurate but it would be nice if the dial's max reading was more than 100 mph (I check the speed of an Amtrak train and 100 mph is not enough) Also It would be nice if by tapping the Speedometer, it would shrink in size to let say .5"x.5" and I could place it in any corner of the screen of my choice by dragging it. In a mini mode it should also be transparent and have the ability to stay on top of other running applications, so I can use it as a reference while running other applications. By tapping the mini Speedometer, it should switch back to its original full screen size mode. What do you think? Can you do that?

Really cool

I love the app. One thing I would change is to have GPS set for "only when using". I am very stingy with my battery. 😏😀

Sweet App

Nice app for my golf cart. Speed was radar checked spot on!


It made me waste a dollar and froze my phone and I paid 50 dollars to replace it when it was fine

I'm lovin it!

I use it for my RC Rustler. It's perfect.


App works well, accurate and easy to use. Very cool.


No speedometer on my motorcycle, this works great!!

Very good app

It gets the job done

Seems to work fine

Been following our speed on Amtrak.

Waste of time

App does not work. Made sure location services was on, rebooted phone etc. Don't waste your time.

Very accurate

Great app to use for lifted vehicles with oversized tires. Very accurate.

Great Speedometer.

Had to use this when speedometer on car broke. Driving the tollway, it was essential to make certain my speed was appropriate. Of course the iPad had to be on the cellar data network. It was easy to read and matched perfectly the speed on the navigation program on iPhone.


This speedometer is accurate. Like put an apple on your head and let is shoot an arrow accurate. You can always trust that it will have the correct speed displayed. The only thing that could make it better would be a HUD display option!


Great for calibrating my classic auto speedometer and odometer.


Excellent !!

Accurate App

This app matches the accuracy of my GPS speed computation.

Love the app - wish the odometer didn't reset after each use

If possible, it would be much appreciated if there was an option for the odometer to keep a running tally from each time the app is opened as opposed to automatically resetting each time... Other than that the app is terrific!!!

Does not work for me.

I have a 3rd gen. iPad but I don't get a GPS signal with this app. outdoors. Zero stars so far!

Simple, works, easy to use

No flaws it's just a simple app that's easy to use without adds, keep up the good work guys.


I have tried a few of speedometer apps, this app is the best ever! Keep it up and good job!

It functional...

It's a good app. It does what it says does. It would be nice if it saved and recorded your trip mileage.

Ugly beyond belief. Needless alerts.

The graphics used by this app in vertical mode are ugly beyond belief. It is very annoying that every time you tap a button, a confirmation alert appears and there's no way to disable them. It feels like a badly written Windows 95 app. The one redeeming quality is the simple, clear view offered in landscape mode. But it can't be used for vertical. The two views couldn't be more different, another inexplicable choice made by the developer. Not worth your money.


This is a very great and unique app I have a 1994 z71 with 35 mudd grapps and it's 5 mph off it put me back on track keep the good work up thanks for an awsome app

Perfect speedometer

It's great an accurate even used it to see how far off my jeep was. 8 mph off bigger wheels and tires!

Very pleased!

My BMW 635csi 1987's speedometer is intermittent and this app allowed me to enjoy my cars mph with style and accuracy! Many thanks!


This is a great app!


I use this to record the top speeds of my minibike & gokart! Plus, I calibrate my speedometers with it. It's the best app I've ever used for these functions.

Perfect for what I need

This app helps me with my business mileage.

Very Accurate

This app is incredibly accurate at reading my speed. It changes speed a little slow but it is the most accurate app I have seen so far. Worth the money, also has some cool features too with top speed and what not.

Fair at best

Slow to update. Fairly accurate compared to other GPS based devices. It could be so much better given the minimalist design of the overall app.

Dr. Nephrologist



Matches the speed displayed by my garmin nuvi. Speed doesn't change quite as fast, but quite accurate.


Does not read my speed at all. Don't waste your money.


App would not read above 132 mph waste of money.

Great app, works fine on my ipad

Worked great on my ipad 3rd gen. Speed didnt jump all over like other apps, when i slowed a mile or two mph so did the apps speedo, so far so good, i like it.


Readings were off 50-90 percent of the time! Even one star is high of a rating for this piece of junk

Works Great; Fun and Useful App

I've used this speedometer on an Amtrak train, in cars, and on an Airbus A319 airplane -- it's worked beautifully with all modes of transportation. It's fun to turn it on at 30,000 feet and see your passenger jet doing 500+ mph. My two suggestions for improvement are to increase the maximum viewable speed on the dial display, and to be able to calculate average speed for a given trip.

Cool App!!!

Does what it said it would...


Does what it says it would do.


It worked great, even with no phone reception.

Love it

Perfect sleek good stuff

great app

got this app to see how fast I could get my go cart worked well put it in my pocket and drove and it got good signal in my pocket , used it in car and was very accurate ( when not constantly accelerating or decelarating) it would be nice if it had a line graph showing the increase and decrease in speed over time or distance but otherwise it does simply what it says

Works like a charm

After trying several speed programs to test my RC cars top speed, this one was the best with zero ads and excellent accuracy.

100% ACCURATE !!! :-)


Seems ok

Not sure how I feel about topping of at 100mph

Good app.

Helpful in keeping track of expected arrival times when traveling via a bus. Would like a landscape option.