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Sea Tow

by Sea Tow Services International Inc.

(23 user ratings)


Download size: 85.69MB
Version: 2.09
Released: 2012-03-26
For ages: 4+


Let Sea Tow help you enjoy boating!

This FREE app offers hourly and 10-day Marine Weather forecasts, the Tide forecast for the next 7 days, Compass and Speedometer functions, GPS, and easy access on-water assistance directly through Sea Tow’s 24-hour Dispatch Center.

You don’t have to be a Sea Tow member to enjoy the peace of mind our app brings for safer boating, but if you are, you can easily access your membership info and renew your Sea Tow membership right from the palm of your hand, along with access to your local Sea Tow Captain’s contact information and your local Automated Radio Check channel.


Know The Tides
Get tide forecasts, moon phases, & next tide countdown in both analog and graph format for as many locations as you would like. Let the Sea Tow App serve as your annual tide chart, forecasting tides one week in advance. Access tide stations to give you the best information that will make your trip on the water a success.

Check The Forecast
Detailed marine weather report available including wind/gust speed & direction, plus water temp, barometric pressure, detailed marine forecast, UV index, humidity, sunrise/sunset times and much, much more. 10-day forecast available for as many locations as you wish to add.

Get Your Bearings
Direction and location are no longer an issue*. With the compass and speedometer functions, get your heading, lat/long, speed over ground and course over ground. Pinpoint your precise location on a map. Designed for inland and coastal use, the single map interface gives you access to the tools you need to enjoy your day on the water.

Help Is On The Way With A Tap
Have peace of mind knowing you can reach Sea Tow directly for on-water assistance via the Sea Tow App in addition to via your VHF Radio. Just tap to call no matter what screen you’re on to contact Sea Tow’s 24-hour Dispatch Center. Captains are standing by, ready to help. The App is designed to forward your contact and location information to our Dispatch Center so we’ll know your location, even if you don’t.**

Learn more about Sea Tow and the benefits of Sea Tow Membership at www.seatow.com today!

*This is a GPS repeater so the accuracy of our data is solely based on the accuracy of your phone’s internal GPS - your location services must be turned on.

**The accuracy of our data is based solely on the accuracy of your phone’s internal GPS and requires you to have a data connection that enables the information to be sent.
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Customer Reviews
Fantastic services and app

Being a relatively new boat owner/ operator I purchased the services of Sea Tow. The first time out my batteries died and of course had to use the app. No problems at all help was there in 15 minutes. Recently last month during a boat move I had engine trouble. Called SeaTow again and like the first time they were there in no time. The Captain of SeaTow this time was Danny. He found me with no problem and affectively towed me back to my home port. I cannot say enough good about the services and app Ralph. Owner of LaFamiglia out of Jensen Beach, Florida

Needs a lot of work

Constantly crashes. Navigating the app is impossible- tiny symbols are not intuitive. Can’t enter the location you want easily if at all. Forgets you (username and password) every time you open it. Lots of info, but hard to get what you want. Really terrible app.

App clearly not tested by sea tow

The app constantly crashes, goes into a loop, times out. Don't waste your time...this is very disappointing for a good company. SeaTow, hire some competent software engineers...you should be embarrassed!

It’s Terrible

The app never remembers my membership number or password and it doesn’t recognize my location as being valid. Therefore the weather is not available. It makes me wonder if I could be located in an emergency. Don’t bother wasting your phone memory on this app.

Great Company Horrible Ap

Don’t waste your time here. Ap doesn’t function serves zero purpose. They should have a discussion with their web manager /designer. Reset password over and over only to be told exp date is a bad request . Just annoying.

Sea Tow needs to do a better job

As a new member very disappointed in the App. It crashes and doesn't function at all. I would hate to have to depend on it if o had an emergency

When are you going to fix this app?

Please do something or I will switch to “you know who”.

Not impressed

It doesn’t do anything that isn’t done as well or better by other apps. Also, inexplicably, it requires background access to location services for full functionality. So much for privacy. You don’t need this app. No one does.

Terrible App

Nothing worked. Tried to renew membership. Shows a year ago, not current. Could not update phone number. One of the worst apps I have ever tried to use.

Out of date app

App does not update weather in the printed report Has been stuck on se winds 15-20kt Gusts to 25 kt Seas 4-7’ Get your act together

App doesn’t work. Period. None of it.

The app let me login, and promptly told me my membership was expired. (Tide charts didn’t work either, nor did any menu items.) For a minute, I thought it may be true, but then I remembered , early this season I put brand new Seatow stickers with my Member ID on my boat, as well as a new Membership Card. Point is, I’m about to make a trip home from Fire Island, where I’d strongly prefer to have Sea Tow membership in effect —and I was about to renew anyway. Errors where the app developer benefits financially from their mistakes are a real concern. While I don’t want to think there is any kind of fraud involved, and have no proof there is —nonetheless, I do read the only review that says someone else was double charged, and this is a problem. I’d go right to the NYS Attorney General if they double billed, and potentially on a systemic basis, and didn’t do the right thing and resolve it with an apology. Tow Boat.us is everywhere I see SeaTow —and while my limited experience with SeTow on the water has been quite good —the need to either fix or remove the app from the app store. The bad experience and bad faith in leaving it as is is tarnishing the brand without a doubt. You guys are in a business where your customers have to trust that you’ll be there when you need them... one bad experience is all it takes to undermine that trust and take a “goldmine” customer who blindly renews every year, and really doesn’t use you (eg, no problems) and sends the directly to the highly visible competition. Please fix your app, customer services fe related to it, and keep your reputation where it needs to be... or better yet, just remove it from the app store. Too many other apps do what yours is supposed to.

App is not full functioning and crashes repeatedly

The app has all kinds of problems: unable to login, can’t get membership information to load, etc. and it crashes constantly. Thank god the actual service is great because this app would run them out of business otherwise!

Buggier than a corpse

Please, please FIX THIS APP! I have been trying to pay y’all for a couple months. Now my membership is expired because your app is buggy!

Doesn’t work

Nothing on this app works besides being able to sign in. Not worth the time invested.


Can’t even get past the login screen. I enter my username and hit go and nothing happens. Why would you send out a pamphlet advertising your app when it’s obviously not functional?

John Pierce

The app is very confusing. Keeps asking for the same info over and over. Only worthwhile part is the tide tables.

App never works

So frustrating! App is non-functional except to show where Sea Tow boats are.

App does not work

Unable to even log on to app. So yes the rest of the reviews are correct. Serious technical issues. Not user friendly. Pretty much pointless.

Nothing works

Worst app ever


Never bothered to rate an app before, but have been a member for several years and don’t appreciate that this is still such a terrible app, considering switching to Tow Boat US because of it


Junk This app is terrible Sea Tow should be embarrassed

Terrible App.

Terrible App lot of functional issues. Needs a lot of improvements.

Waste of time

I downloaded the app after the boat dealer told me I get a free 6 month trial membership. Well after not being able to access app features their tech support advised me “The app can be used by members as well as boaters who are not Sea Tow members. We do have your short term membership in our files and after that is renewed for a one year paid membership you can contact us and request that your member file be linked to your app profile so that you can log in and view your membership information on the app.” I guess that means it’s not really a trial membership.

Useless app

I signed up for SeaTow just in case and was excited to see it included an app. Unfortunately the app is pretty useless. For starters, it’s very confusing and difficult to decipher. I don’t see weather updates that include current wave heights, projected wave heights, or other crucial info like near by lightning warnings or wind gusts readings. I went to a boat show last winter and the SeaTow rep said these are common complaints that will be addressed. Well, summer is at hand and no fixes. Still a useless app.

We can do better

SeaTow should be mildly embarrassed to have this published and in use. Honestly this app runs like a beta version that was never fully completed. Numerous bugs take away from what could be a great app. Does not always synchronize membership information, billing and expiration, or tidal charts. Spotty at best but great potential.

Not supported not functional

The app has not been updated nor is it functional not sure why they have not supported a viable app.

Terrible app

One of the worst apps ever.

Totally nonfunctional wasted effort

This app does not have any function that works. I notified customer service to no avail Worthless


Frustrating to say the least. Can not create an account for an existing membership. I hope their captains are better than their software developers, else we will all be in serious trouble.

Boat US is Better

This App isn’t even worth downloading. Does not work. SeaTow Really!!!

Unreliable, Unresponsive, Useless

For two years in a few I reported numerous issues with the app. No response and no fix!

Too many bugs

Unfortunately this App has too many bugs and issues. Hope they can get it up to speed sooner than later.

Terrible APP

This APP is useless

Horrible app!

The only thing this app is good for is having your Seatow card on hand without needing the physical card. It does not allow you account or payment updates - you still have to call in for that. 😡

Lame App

Just call, don’t waste time w/ app

Useless App

Most of the time app won’t open on my iPhone

Seatow app

It was terrible two years ago when I switched to BoatUs. Their AP is fantastic. Unfortunately I moved to an area where BoatUs is not available so I have an app that I wouldn’t use. Terrible terrible terrible Joined 6 weeks and still haven’t received my card😖


Does not work on iPhone X

Needs work.

Doesn’t update if you make changes on line. For example, renewing membership never updates on the app.


SeaTow needs to get their money back and fire whoever is responsible for this garbage. Tried to get info and am pressured to download the app and create account. Done, now I cannot login, request reset and still cannot access. Never worked so hard to give somebody money....


Very poor app for a company like Sea Tow. Information often incorrect or inaccurate. Much improvement needed


I have complained over and over again about this app. I have tried this on five different telephones, of which none of them function. Absolutely pathetic

Not ready for prime time

Installed and then found app not fully functional. Entered info on my account and it couldn’t process. Expiration date screen shows as gray area (usually indicating a non active area). It did enter the expiration date but would not take the data. Hourly weather indicated as “unavailable”. As I said above, not ready for prime time.

Worked great for me

Lost an entire hub assembly coming home, one call from the app and police and tow truck were dispatched to get me home safe and sound for no charge, best Ins I ever bought


I can login from two devices and it gives me different expiration dates. With the technology that is available today, it is a some that this app can’t keep your membership info correct.


Glitchy and unstable. Had to re-enter information multiple times.

Terrible App

The boating season kicks off again this weekend. And like last year I turned to my SeaTow app for tide and weather information. While I thought the app was worthless last year, my experience this year has been even worse. It states my membership expired 4/28/2018, which is inaccurate as it was renewed on 3/24/2018 (the website has it correctly). Location services are enabled on my phone for the app, but the message on screen states just the opposite. And I have been kicked off the app 10 times this morning. I deleted and reinstalled. Same results. The app is worthless and not worth the time to even bother with. This is at least two years running.


Somebody from SeaTow should try BoatUS app, it actually works, unlike this piece of junk.

Worst app ever tried to use

Absolutely does not function in any capacity fractious every time I try to get any information sorry I paid the money to subscribe to Sea Tow this is absolutely uselessness