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Sea Tow

by Sea Tow Services International Inc.

(62 user ratings)


Download size: 82.06MB
Version: 2.08
Released: 2012-03-26
For ages: 4+


The Sea Tow App is the number one boating accessory to keep with you at all times - whether you’re preparing for an upcoming boating trip, need around-the-clock assistance or fuel on the water, or encounter trailer issues en route to a ramp.

This FREE app offers hourly and 10-day Marine Weather forecasts, hourly and 7-day Tide forecasts, Compass and Speedometer functions, precise Longitude and Latitude location, and One-Tap on-water assistance directly through Sea Tow’s 24-hour Dispatch Center.

You don’t have to be a Sea Tow member to enjoy the peace of mind our app brings for safer boating and more enjoyable travel. But if you are, you can easily access your membership info and renew your Sea Tow membership right from the palm of your hand.

Fixed issue with the display of tide information
Fixed missing settings for some users


Know The Tides
Get tide forecasts, moon phases, & next tide countdown in both analog and graph format for as many locations as you would like. Let the Sea Tow App serve as your annual tide chart, forecasting tides one week in advance. Access up to 20 tide stations for each area to give you the best information that will make your trip on the water a success.

Check The Forecast
Detailed weather report available including wind/gust speed & direction. Plus water temp, wave height, visibility, barometric pressure, detailed marine forecast, UV index, humidity, sunrise/sunset times and much, much more. Seven day forecast available for as many locations as you wish to add.

Get Your Bearings
Direction and location are no longer an issue*. With the compass and speedometer functions, get your heading, lat/long, speed over ground and course over ground. Pinpoint your precise location on a map. Designed for inland and coastal use, the single map interface gives you access to the tools you need to enjoy your day on the water.

Help Is On The Way With A Tap
Have peace of mind knowing you can reach Sea Tow directly for on-water assistance in addition to your VHF Radio. Just tap to call no matter what screen you’re on to contact Sea Tow’s 24-hour Dispatch Center. Captains are standing by, ready to help. The App is designed to forward your contact and location information to our Dispatch Center so we’ll know your location, even if you don’t.**

Learn more about Sea Tow and the benefits of Sea Tow Membership at www.seatow.com today!

We appreciate all of your user feedback as we continue to look at new services and capabilities for boaters everywhere. Keep the feedback coming! Email us at appsupport@seatow.com or tweet @SeaTow.

*This is a GPS repeater so the accuracy of our data is solely based on the accuracy of your phone’s internal GPS - your location services must be turned on.

**The accuracy of our data is based solely on the accuracy of your phone’s internal GPS and requires you to have a data connection that enables the information to be sent.
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Customer Reviews
Not a good app

App is good for weather and tide info but not keeping track of your account with Seatow. The only way to keep your account synced with the app is to delete app then downloaded it again every time you renew. Can’t get wallet function to work. Not a good system.

Still needs work

This app has definitely improved but still needs more work to be equal to others with more superior tidal informal and quicker responses. In addition to shutting down when changing functions, the locator must be either always on or never on without the option to be on only when the app is being used.

Works for me

When I needed a tow, I called through the app and they knew exactly where I was without my having to tell him. They have the coordinates. I can't ask for more



It might be a hot day on the water, but this app is certainly not hot

This app needs a lot of tweaking to get things right. I noticed a lot of errors, such as not being able to use the Wallet functions, constantly asking for member update information when you click the weather underground icon, and forgetting locations that were saved. I think that they should probably start over from scratch and try to make an app that is functional, rather than just a nice piece of eye candy.

Will not update

No mater what I do it still shows me expired. I am good and up to date on web logon but unable to get updated on passbook.

Boat owner

Very good app, I try many app only this app work that what I need.

Jersey Boater

This app is terrible, can't get tides or weather in Little Egg Harbor, NJ.

Still can't save member info

Every time you try to save member information or address it kicks you all the way out of the app. It sure would be nice to have my member number when I need help on the water.

Doesn't work with Wallet.

Used to work with Passbook but doesn't work with Wallet. I asked App Support about it. This was their reply: "Thank you for contacting Sea Tow. Unfortunately Sea Tow data is not compatible with Apple Wallet. Our apologies. If you need a plastic member card or other assistance let us know." Obviously Sea Tow isn't paying for a quality App developer. It could be updated to be compatible. Sigh...

Simply terrible.

Sea Tow's services are great but this app is terrible. It won't accept and apply membership details, which is pretty essential for the AAA of the sea. Plus the app is very unstable crashing with nearly every session. Come on Sea Tow, make Capt. Joe proud and get your act together with this app.


It has great potential, but it suffers from reliability and interface issues. SeaTow is supposed to be trusted... this software fails on almost every count. Imagine how cool this app could be if someone poured some love and skill into it.

Sea tow is awesome, this app is not

Sea tow is a must have and is great, but this app is almost very frustrating. As other reviewers said, it forgets your locations and often provides wrong (stale) data. Sea tow, please correct or rewrite the app. If it worked correctly it would be great.

Sign in???

Why do you have to keep signing into the account? I don't even have to do that to my bank account? This app needs some simple updates

Deserves 1 star

Crashes and does not create wallet passport when you click on it.

The Worst App maybe ever...

This just simply doesn't work...

Love hate relationship with this app

I really like the tide schedule and the knowing if I get in trouble I can call for help. What could be improved would be the wind forecast and the ability to save tide stations. As a paddleboarder, there is nothing more frustrating than to plan your trip around the tide and wind, only to find out that the wind was underforecasted.

Tides not correct

The tide chart tracking tides is horrible

Don't waste your time

Not a darn thing worth paying anything for

Terrible app

Tide data "unavailable". What's the use??


Ditto: love SeaTow but the app leaves so much to be desired. Every time I open it I have to log back in with a password.... why???

Doesn't work, poorly coded

This company clearly considers app development as an afterthought.

R Huff

Hate the App I can't change the location from the East Coast of FL to the West Coast of FL. Why? Not helpful at all for tides, garbage if I need a tow I hope it's better than the app.

Love seatow. App is useless

Can't find information Not user friendly Every version update is worse Has forced me to find other apps.

Does not update membership expiration date

Limited utility. Does not update expiration date we one renews membership. Dissatisfied.

Simply Awful

I am canceling my SeaTow service based on their inability or care to fix what is the worst app I have ever downloaded.

Looks pretty: looks can be deceiving

I love Sea Tow. I hate the app. I agree with most of the comments. I had various sites I frequent set up. In SW FL coastal waters you deal with passes everyday. Depending upon the tides and other considerations, you select an option based upon reliable information. This app FORGETS most settings and does not provide accurate data. Fortunately I have never had to call Sea Tow via app. I think Sea Tow should get rid of this app all together and start fresh. This app is nothing if not frustrating.

App bombs

Not sure why but this app will not even run on my iPhone. Opens then just shuts down.


What were you thinking? Old version was better in all respects. Please bring it back ASAP. Everyone hates this one! No future tides! Bad graphics! To manic! Hard to navigate! Did anyone other than the designer even try it?

Unstable and confusing

I'm a big fan of Sea Tow services. Whoever wrote this app isn't. This is your AAA of the water and it is confusing, unreliable, and unstable. I keep it up to date and try to understand the constantly changing interface, but it not intuitive. This is the app you should be able to rely on when you are on the water. Seriously Sea Tow, start over, figure it out and get it right.

Crashes and wants to location "always"

Will update review and rank higher when the apps stops crashing on the tides view and changes location request from "always" to "when in use". Also, if I don't want to give you my location allow me to set a default location for weather and tides.

Wallet Apple Watch

Please display membership number on Apple Watch within the Wallet App. Nice Seatow bar code shows in Wallet on Apple Watch, but most marine gas stations that offer Seatow gas discounts are not sophisticated and do not have bar code readers. You must read off the memebership number to the attendant as he writes it down. Thanks

Snapper Snatcher

I have learned not to depend on anything the app produces. Very difficult to use.


Just downloaded and cannot open it without immediately crashing. Iphone5.

Constantly crashing app

SeaTow should be embarrassed to have there name on this junk app. Have some scruples and fix the damb thing already. Unsatisfied soon to be X customer.

Tide app is frustrating

Every time I get on the boat I turn on app to check tides, and every time the saved locations are not there. I have to go in while driving and reset saved locations if it lets you at all. 1/2 the time it just says tides unavailable. Also the Wind speeds & Gust say 0 or 2 MPH always. It can be blowing 25-30 it will say 0 or 2 mph every time. Love Sea Tow. Glad I have it , But app is worst one in my phone.

App clearly not tested by sea tow

The app constantly crashes, goes into a loop, times out. Don't waste your time...this is very disappointing for a good company. SeaTow, hire some competent software engineers...you should be embarrassed!

Sea Tow App

Doesn't include Texas Bays that I fish such as W. Galveston and East Matagorda. Doesn't provide key tide data on Texas Bays. App itself is not user friendly.

C Tow

Just ok app. Doesn't seem to know that you're a member

Completely useless.

Zero stars. Crashes when I try to log in. It can't find my location so no tide data. Pretty much crashes every time.

Completely Useless. Possibly Dangeeous

App crashes. Features would be great if app worked. Don't rely on app if you need Sea Tow assistance: have Sea Tow phone number and another app or GPS for Lat/Long position. I am looking at Boat US if Sea Tow can't fix app.

Good app

This app looks a great and is very useful. I would love to get sea forecasting and additional wave height info. Gps is very useful and I use it all the time. Easy to read and understand.

Not very good

The app looks simple but cant link my account its a round and round endless web loop... run

Sea Tow

Not very user friendly. Several glitches logging in.

MS Gulf Coast

This is a lot better now. The tides work. The marine forecast works. Good app.

Sea tow app

The app does not work after iOS 10 update

Used to be a great app

This used to be a great app but the new version rarely works. Tide data almost never displays and the interface is so off its hard to use. Too bad, as the old app worked so well, was easy to use and switch screens. Not this version!

The Old App Was Better

I had better tide/weather info on the old app. I've been on Barnegat Bay with the wind blowing stink but the app said "0 MPH gusting to 0 MPH." That's not very helpful.

Buggy & Poor UI

I love Sea Tow and I'm a paying customer, but their app is weak. It reported that my membership was expired, when I knew it had been renewed. The only way to remedy was to uninstall and reinstall, and log in again. It consistently tells me there is no tide data for my area. Turns out that it has logged me out and required me to enter my user name and password again. Once I did that the tide data was back. The next time I tried to use it, the tide data was unavailable again. Had to uninstall and reinstall again. To this day it constantly expects me to log in to access all the features of the app. No other app does this. The UI is confusing, particularly the way the "Assistance" button is lit up at the bottom of the screen. It makes it appear as though you're on the Assistance screen, as opposed to the tides or weather screen. That's not how it works. The subtle highlights on the other icons along the bottom are difficult to see in sunlight when you are most likely using the app.

Excellent App

Took a little getting used to and figuring things out , but after a while, pretty sweet.