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MotionX GPS

by MotionX™

(188 user ratings)


Download size: 53.91MB
Version: 24.3
Released: 2008-12-17
For ages: 4+


#1 About.com Winner: Best Outdoor App

#1 iPhone app, Backpacker Magazine

- ComputerWorld

"The software you need!"
- Navigadget

"My favorite when I go hiking"
- Washington Post

"Favorite, hands down"
- Mac Observer


▶ The #1 multi-sport GPS app for the iPhone

▶ Great for hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, running, sailing, flying, navigating, geocaching, and more

▶ Over 5 million users, top rated around the world

▶ Most accurate iPhone GPS

▶ Best map selection: choose from 14 different sources including road, terrain, satellite, and marine map types

▶ Free map downloads worldwide! Including OpenStreetMap, terrain maps, and NOAA marine charts

▶ Unlimited map downloading for use offline

▶ Save up to 300 GPS tracks & 2500 waypoints

▶ Live Position Updates: optionally share your position automatically in real-time with others you choose

▶ Optimized for use with the Apple Watch

▶ Advanced interactive stopwatch with voice coaching

▶ Supports DMS, DM, D, MGRS, UTM, and OSGB grid systems

▶ Record GPS tracks and waypoints, follow saved or imported routes, import and export GPX files, and much more


Continued use of any GPS service running in the background can significantly decrease battery life.

MotionX is committed to constant improvement. We listen to our users and continuously add the most requested features. Thank you for the feedback!
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Customer Reviews
Excellent app with superb tech support.

MotionX is the very best gps navigation app available. It’s multi functionality and superb customer support puts it in a league all its own. I use it virtually exclusively for hiking. Bob Louthan

Love the app but...

Love this app when cycling but I’ve been forced to move to Bluetooth sensors and it seems this app doesn’t support them. Sadly going to have to look elsewhere in the future :(


My phone said MotionX-GPS needs an updated for new phone How can I do that

Was the best, not anymore

I updated to an iPhone X recently and have changed my review from 5 to 1 star. Can’t pair a heart monitor and also can no longer pre-cache maps. The latter makes the app pretty useless out on the trail. Until these bugs are fixed avoid this app!

Excellent app and customer service

I’ve been using MotionX-GPS for a few years and can’t say enough good about it. Recently I tried using the a Custom Map Download feature and with some help from customer support succeeded. Worth acquiring.

No good

Can’t delete waypoints. Can’t delete tracks. I want to simply show my position, not follow a track but the app always starts a track. I finally dumped it. I carry a handheld gps, much easier and more flexible.

Nice tracker

Does what it does very well. My only complaint is that the menu functions are clunky at best. Though, to be fair, I can't think of a way to make it more clean. It's very feature-rich and whenever I get lost in the confusing menus, there's something else they've included I wasn't aware of.

Update ASAP please!

Please make Apple Watch app stand alone for navigation when iPhone is not connected to watch. Please update for iPhone X screen. Needs an update to utilize the barometric altimeter sensor in the iPhone. Zoom level 16 for motion x terrain maps needs to be fixed/changed back to the way it used to be. Screen locks up on motion x road and terrain map. All touch input stops functioning. The only solution is to quit the app. When relaunching the app it crashes on launch. Launching again after the crash gets it working again but map problem persists. App will not let me add a photo from my camera roll. Motion X GPS does not show up in the photo privacy page of iPhone settings.

MotionX to the rescue

I lost my beloved Garmin fitness watch. I looked for an app to replace it and found MotionX-GPS. No more looking at my wrist! And the data is better. And that nice lady tells me my pace in 5 minute intervals. I have found a new love.

Extremely slow map downloads

I really like the functionality of this GPS app for wilderness hiking. BUT the download process for maps is extremely slow. I need high resolution detailed map information so I download maps with zoom level 18. And over a wide geographic area for a multi day trip. This results in hundreds of megabyte tiles which download at a rate of about 100 tiles every 30 seconds. So in order to download a big map it takes overnight, 8 to 10 hours! And sometimes there’s a glitch in the communication link which causes the download to pause and I have to resume it. Therefore, I have to start my map downloading preparation several days in advance. This is a real pain in the !*#% for an otherwise really nice app.

Seems to work great.

Download maps before heading out on the trail.

Cool !!

This Is a cool apps 👍🏽

Getting worse

I’ve been using MotionX-GPS for years. Never wants to update to the lad test versions. Always 12 months behind. It only wants to install 24.2 and not lasted 24.3. I deleted app and reinstalled it. I even had to pay for it again. It still only installed 24.2. I’m using latest iOS on a 6s+ also the GPS signal lately has taken over 10 minutes to begin syncing. I’ve even reset and lost years of data to try and get working like it use to. Guess I’m going to look for a replacement.

Motion x

Great app. I would recommend it. I'd rate it 5 stars but it needs to be an option in privacy for while using app instead of always or never. Everything else seem fantastic. It lags a bit compared to a dedicated gps device but the always on is the only real downside

iPhone X Support?

Really love this app and after all these years there still really isn’t a true competitor that’s as reliable and simple to use, would so love to have iPhone X support, this app and the iPhone X capability would truly make this the best app for hiking. A web companion site for logging would be awesome too 😉

Best app for enduro riding

Top of the class in opening and reading GPX files, as well as creating your own tracks. It could do with less sound interaction, but I haven't looked into turning it off.

Best runners app if not for watch compatibility

This has best coaching functions and saves your runs. I’d like 2 things 1. I watch compatible 2. Better integrated music function. Newer versions seem to have dropped this. Do that and it’s by far the best runners app.

Extremely disappointing

I had this program 5 years ago and it was great. I got a new phone iPhone X and the new app is so disappointing. It does not work, it is too complicated and confusing. The beauty of the old one was it was simple and easy to use but not the new version. I was so exasperated that I had to go with a different program that was simple and easy. I would like a refund because it was a waste of money, good thing it was only $1.99. I won’t be using anymore👎☹️

Always works great

I have been using this app for years and never have problems with it whether it’s a walk in my neighborhood or a hike in the wilderness it’s seems accurate and doesn’t drain my battery! Recommend it always!

Useless App

I downloaded this app thinking it had trail maps I could use to plan routes but it just tracks u. Also I didn’t realize it but it’s a recurring monthly fee lame.

Used to look nice and was easier to navigate

Too much fluff, too much stuff. Simplify the app people, this is used on the road. Previous versions were much better.

Misleading app

Does not, as the previews and help files indicate, allow tracking over topo maps

Don’t Leave Home Without It

I have been using and relying on this app a couple of years for hiking and kayaking. In summary I have somewhere around 150 miles in my hiking track log. The more I use it the more features I find. I love this app and won’t go anywhere without it. Now my daughter is using it.


This app is absurdly confusing. Tried to download a map of a location that I’m traveling to next week. Awful. Online help doesn’t match screens. Tried to submit feedback within the app and errors out.


Motion -X is probably one of the biggest reasons I have an IPhone. If they made for an Android, I might consider switching to a cheaper phone and plan. It is by far the best I have found. Between this and All Trails, from travel to hiking it is all I need.

I use this app for running and navigation

I like it

4 star performance

Use it. All the time. Plenty of room for growth but currently highly functional for me.


I bought this app hoping it would be easy for me to use. I can’t even figure out how to put in the info where I am starting or where I am going. I feel really dumb. All I need are talking directions and a list getting me from point a to b. I want my money back

Used it all over the world – never disappointed.

I’ve use this app all over the world, and it’s always worked flawlessly. It’s saved me so much time, trouble, and money with navigating in places with no Internet by downloading the maps. It’s always worked just as I expected it to. I recommended it to many people, and everybody has thought it was as amazing as I do.

Waypoints are buggy

Not worth the money or frustration. The I imported waypoints but only a few of them actually show up. Also if you import waypoints the manually enter in a few your imported ones display but not the manually entered ones.

Great for Scouting and Personal Fitness

Easy to use. Doesn’t eat too much battery on my iPhone 7.

Great app

This is great for recording hikes. You get all the stats.

GPS Lock Issue

Since update applied two days ago the app has a tough time gaining satellite locks. Locks also dropped while in use. Didn’t have this issue before the update. UPDATE: Installed 11.2.5 O/S and the problems went away. I’m not sure what version it was before but it was 11something.

Favorite app for jogging

Allows me to track and save all of my runs. Monitors my pace and incline of the terrain. Has nice terrain maps for hiking.

Love it! But I terribly miss...

I’ve had it since shortly after its first release, and love it! I’ve typically used it to record long, rural, scenic treks by motorcycle, in order to share them with other motorcyclists. That said, the remainer of this review is meant for the developer. Fullpower, I terribly miss GPS Drive. I understand that with Google Maps, and the subsequent release of Apple Maps, that you had some very stiff competition. However, Apple Maps doesn’t provide as many features as your app had, and even if SUPER SPY Google does —and it may not— I refuse to use their app except when the need is critical. I don’t even trust them enough to want to have their app on my phone. I have nothing to hide; it just gives me the creeps to feel like I have an ever present peeping Tom. As for other GPS apps, there just aren’t any out there that look to be on the same level as yours was. In spite of their star ratings, you can find many issues with them if you begin to read the individual reviews. There was more to your app than pure GPS navigation. I often used it to discover restaurants and coffee shops as I traveled, or even to discover new ones in my home city. I’m an old school developer, myself —for Windows; not iOS— and would be surprised to find that it would be a very big undertaking to update the app to be compatible with iOS 11. If you did, I believe it would still stand out among its alternatives. That said, I *am* just one person and can’t speak for everyone else. But, perhaps some will see this and submit their own requests for an update (previous users) and/or an opportunity to buy a quality alternative to existing GPS apps. Actually, it’s been long enough that I’d probably be fine with spending $5 or so just to get an updated Version 2, if you care to release it as a new effort. But that does seem likely hard to justify to other previous users, and I wouldn’t want you changing things for the worse, just to justify calling it a new version/variation. I liked it very much, just the way it was.

Best Hiking App

After several years of using this app, I am amazed at how it totally defines the hiking experience. And beyond all other apps it easily creates gpx and kmz files to use on Google Earth and other uses. Very easy to transfer files to CPU’s and apple products.

No Phone X support

Nice app, I actually bought this accidentally when a friend had recommended it and I was looking but I wish they would update the app to support the new devices, you lose a good portion of the screen real estate in its current form. Will wait to see if the app still has developer support and then update my review.

No complaints!

Somewhat cumbersome at first, but once down it’s great.

Best location app available. I’ve been using it for years.

I been looking into using GPS on smart phones since the very beginning. Motion X in my opinion is the best available for the iPhone. With that said, it’s been the same exact app for many years and it’s a little disappointing that motion X has not added any tools or features to document your journeys. I see so many companies do this and. When you’re out ahead of everyone and doing something better than everyone else in. Be smart and Capitalize while you have the advantage. New GPS apps are creeping up and getting closer in functionality and user experience. Don’t be jawbone. Start developing now while you’re still the best.

Great GPS App

This is a very versatile easy to use app. It is well worth the money.

Great for walking and listening to tunes

The best thing about this app is that it will run in the background while you listen to your tunes and walk. It keeps track of all your info while allowing you to run other apps. I love listening to my tunes while I walk and this app allows it with ease.

Sharing Tracks

I’ve had the application for years and really like it it’s my favorite. But recently I’m on able to share tracks. When trying to share the track message state unable to share go to settings. In settings it’s set up correctly but it will not share the track.

Love It

We keep track of our walks in the evening. Have plans to use this app for all kinds of things.

Great but...

Loved this app for years. Just wish they’d make a version for the Apple Watch. It’d easily buy be the best in class. U

Can not share a location

You just fixed the app from crashing when I selected someone from my contacts. But now get a message that says “share failed. Please check your share settings under setup->share to ensure it is properly setup”

Best in class, ANY class!

I’ve used MotionX-GPS for years on many different Apple devices and it has almost always done exactly what I expect it to. You can import and export to just about anything. BTW, when I say I use it, my dog and I have hiked 962 miles in the last 18 months with added difficulty of 42000 feet of elevation change in the last 10 months. It’s awesome, updated and dependable. Just like my almost 14 year-old Irish Setter!

Great App!

I've used this app for years to record 4x4 off-road trails and it has worked great. Friends enjoy receiving a copy of our trail records too.

Great app!

I've tried over a dozen different bicycling apps and this is my favorite so far. It's laid out well and very easy to use!

My constant hiking buddy

Great app. Very functional. Friendly interface. Lots of preferences. I take it with me on every hike; I love keeping a catalog of my hikes with pictures and related information. Great investment.

Works great for me. Lots of cool data collected.

Great app! thank you!