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American Sailing Association

by American Sailing Association

(4 user ratings)


Download size: 4.96MB
Version: 3.2
Released: 2010-09-07
For ages: 4+


The American Sailing Association (ASA), the largest association of sailing schools in the United States, is proud to present the official iPhone application for the sailing lifestyle, designed to suit sailing novices and old salts alike. This feature-rich app has four major functional tabs: Position, Log Book, Reference and Online resources.

All sailors will love the position function, which instantly displays position, speed and bearing, and can email not only your precise position, but also a link to a map displaying it to anyone instantly.

The Log Book allows users to record the details of a voyage in as much or as little detail as desired for later referenceā€”great for building a sailing resume or to preserve the details of a memorable sail.

The Reference tab contains information useful for both beginners and experienced sailors. The leading Reference feature is a set of 13 two-minute, high-quality videos produced by ASA demonstrating key sailing skills such as tying spring lines, adjusting sail trim and docking. Other features include illustrations of basic sailing knots, signal flags, navigation lights, buoys, glossary of over 250 sailing terms and an ASA Standards summary.

The Online section provides instant web access to an extensive set of weather resources and ASA Twitter and Facebook pages. Links to the ASA website are included to easily access its Store and lists of ASA Schools, Charter companies, Sailing Clubs and Flotilla adventures.

Disclaimer on compass: The indicated bearing, speed and location are approximate and should not be used for navigation.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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Customer Reviews

Logbook not linked to webpage logbook The rest of functionality unusable.

Just a bunch of links to their website

I can't believe they charge for this. It's not even an app - it's just a bunch of links to their website that make you exit to the app and load their web page. Such crap.


Great concept. I assume the hours logged are tracked by ASA officially. Not too clear on that. Unable to upload photos in logbook.

Crashes all the time

Flashed the message of accessing my location but does not work. Crashes all the time. Looking at previous reviews of older versions and from what I hear it was a good app. Obviously the head developer of the new version is a complete idiot since didn't test it on for new iPhones. Want my $1 back .... As a matter of principle

Useless app deserves 0 stars

At first it wouldn't run, so I downloaded it again. Now I get the flashing "wants to access my location" notice.

App won't load

It continually flashes the privacy notice but won't let you accept. As a result the app is non functional. Disappointing.

Apps does not work

The app has failed to open after several attempts. Deleting and re-downloading doesn't fix the problem.

American Sailing Association

Lost all my log with the new upgrade. Can't even access the app. Horrible!


Compass does not change heading when moving phone. App appears buggy.

App stuck on location

App opens with the position displaying lat/lon and a compass with heading. Cannot get to any other function/feature. Practically useless.

It's okay but it needs more

It is okay, what you should do is fix the bug for when you try and go back an change the boat type on a log. And possibly add in a gyroscope inclinometer. And add in like a gun start clock

Save your money!!

Terrible app. It doesn't work at all on my 5s and after multiple calls there was no support at all!

Half assed assembly of junk

This program (although it takes up 196mb) has pictures of how to tie 6 simple knots and the pictures of the signal flags. It's compass indicated I am moving at 2 knots sitting at my office desk. It gives you sailing info for Utah but not my state of Rhode Island, the ocean state, home of 5 of the top fifteen sailing programs in the country and the home of the Americas Cup for 100 years. Are you freaking kidding me?!!! What an utter waste of space....

Nice app

This is a nicely done app. Please update for iPhone 5!!!

I like it but it can be better still

I like the Log book but it lacks sorting and search features. It also could have an export function (to pdf and csv for example) and add a picture or two on the log book. Log book could also use the export position to create a departure and arrival point, maybe even log the gps track!

What I've been looking for

Great app for all sailors. I've been looking for something like this but couldn't find anything as good. Two suggestions for the next update: 1) Would be nice if we could sort/reorder logbook entries. 2) The light graphics are confusing-give an outline of the boat to help orient beginners.


Thank you sooooo much for the update!!! I love it!!! Helped me study for my test!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

Excellent job!

A nicely done app that will prove to be very useful. Well done!

Well done!

Complete and polished. Kudos.


This app is awesome. I have used the compass sailing and it rocks. No more searching for my log book or forgetting my knots. Love the flags for racing.

This update ROCKS!!!

The position send is a terrific new feature. Added to the other content this app is a must have for any sailor. The Log Book is another valuable feature - I transferred all of my records of cruises and races from my old written log. I also appreciate how easily the videos play now - nice fix!

Fun and useful

Digital compass and Send Position are great new features. No loading times on videos and reference tools! Essential for any sailor.

Updated version Great!

Strong upgrade! New log book and Send Position feature are powerful and easy to use. New design slicker and more appealing. Resources like how-to videos now load immediately fixing weakness of last version. Here's a sailing app to use often!


I like the send location feature. I sent my location while on a close reach outside our harbor and in addition to getting my latitude and longitude the receiver of the email could see my position relative to the breakwater and entrance to the harbor. Very cool!

Love it!

I really like the online logbook and all the references right at your fingertips!

Tremendous upgrade with new version!

The new version is exponentially better that the original. It has "apps within the app" that are very relevant and useful. I strongly recommend it!

Great Improvements to ASA App

I used the updated ASA App out on Neptune Sailing Club's 22' Catalina on Lake Washington. It was useful to have the knot meter so we could practice sail trim adjustments and how they affected our boat speed. The brief training clips are good introductions for new students as well as the description of the knots. I look forward to future enhancements. ~ Skipper Anne

Great Update

Love the new compass and embedded video.


It would be even better if we could text our position to others on the water. Also, ROW rules diagrams would help.

It's got everything a true sailor needs

This is a good app fir reviewing the basics. Not too fancy. Just the basics. That's how true sailors like it.

Great app

The weather radar loops are very handy and load quickly, pleasant aesthetic to interact with, intuitive and creative. I like the videos and that there's a button link to the ASA main page.

Helped me pass ASA 101!

Maybe the information could have been more detailed... Maybe the pictures could have been animated or interactive... But when you have not completed your study time for your 101 test, it sure did the job for me!

Very poor content, should be free for how little it offers

I agree with flashbangX. Content is poor and can be found elsewhere in better quality for free. Extremely slow loading videos. Save your money. ASA get your act together with a much better version via an update, or give your big commercial away FREE.

Worthless even if Free

I'd like the ASA to release a valuable app. Even if it costs more. This, however, is just a plain rip off. First of all the app lists 6 knots, and doesn't even show how to tie them, so for that there are much better apps out there. Second the flags, and navigation lights may be helpful, but the information is not contained in the software. So if you should happen to be on your boat, and wonder what those lights you are seeing mean, you better hope for a good cell phone connection, because this app won't work as a reference unless it is able to connect. Same goes for flags. Save yourself the $2.

Crap app!

Not worth the 1star I had to give it to warn everyone!

Not worth the price

Has potential, but as it is, I'm inclined to delete the app-even if it were free. Weak, weak, weak!

Great videos!

Great app! The best part are the videos.

Not ready for prime time

Nice to see ASA thinking in this direction. Knowing their quality programs and resources I expect they will take full advantage of the opportunities that this technology can provide. Great potential, but right now is just not ready for prime time.


Videos are unacceptably slow to load. The content is lacking. I expect much more from a highly-respected organization such as the ASA.

Not worth the low price

Limited application, poor implementation. One of the few apps that cannot be loaded directly on the IPAD. If you can sail at all and tie simple knots, you will not need this.

Not worth it

Every aspect of this app is lacking. Videos are short and remedial. Knots are rudimentary and poorly illustrated. Weather is such a broad overview as to be useless on a local level. Sailing schools ought to have some kind of review or overview. There are WAY BETTER sailing apps out there. A waste of money. I'd delete it even if it was free.

Not Ready for prime time.

I have to agree with the other reviews this app is not ready yet and there are betters one out there. So what is it missing: Lights: It is missing the complete listing of night time lighting of ships. 12 list of lights do not really cover it. Knots: Granted it has the 6 basic ones, but it would be nice if it had more knots with their multiple names. Different people call certain knot differently even in different parts of the world. Glossary: Rope: It's missing the 2 ropes that are on a boat. This one I learn from a truly old salt. ;-) I don't mean to be harsh but for $1.99 there are better apps.


Very cool and handy!!

A great tool

I'm a sailing instructor, and I'm quite happy with this new sailing app from ASA. It's great to be able to have an interactive reference for novices--it holds a lot of basic sailing information in one place. For anyone who is new to sailing or wants to brush up, this app is a great tool. I look forward to the update, but this first version is definitely worth the $1.99!

Neat app and very helpful!

I just got started sailing and this has a bunch of great features all in one place. I especially like being able to find a school on my iPhone and click one button to call the school or pull their website up. Since I'm still learning, the glossary, knots and how-to videos really come in handy. If this is just the beginning, as ASA has said, I can't wait to see the new features.

Not informational enough

I generally like most things ASA, but not the first version of this app. The app has data, but not really any information. For instance, it lists ASA standards and lists ASA schools, but it doesn't say which school teaches which standard. I can't search for schools for ASA 108. I am unsure how to use the facebook/twitter features and the vessel lights fail to include basic things like "sailing vessel under way port side." The glossary doesn't include some basic sailing terms like "ketch" etc... The glossary should be about 10x as large to be a real reference.

My expectation is for improvement

ASA has a wealth of information and very talented sailors to make this a "useful" App. Don't let the sailing community down....!!!

Don't waste your money

Save your $1.99. This app is not even close to being ready. There is nothing here that you can't get for free and at a higher quality. They need to spend less time on this and more time on getting the 103 book done. Check out sailsim and windalert day tides and whatknot for some good apps. This was like a poorly done PowerPoint.

Not ready, yet.

Compared to the usual functionality of an IPhone app, this one from ASA is lacking. It only links to a fraction of the content on the main site, and has little of use to active sailors. It lacks links to weather, member's info, and even truncates the 'standards' that were advertised. Save your money, and wait for release 2.0.