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Version: 10.21
Released: 2008-08-21
For ages: 4+


Trulia helps you discover a place you’ll love to live. Whether you are ready to buy a home or rent, we go beyond the typical facts about homes for sale & homes for rent to give you a feel for what it’s really like to live in a home AND a neighborhood.

We get you straight to the information you need (no more digging through piles of properties). And you get instant updates on the real estate & rentals you care about, so you’ll never miss out.

Now you can choose your new home and neighborhood with confidence.

Key Features
• What Locals Say: Learn what’s to love about a neighborhood—like whether people feel safe walking alone at night, if there’s easy parking, or if people decorate their homes for the holidays —from people who know it best: the locals!
• 34 Interactive Maps: Get a complete picture of the neighborhood with different overlay maps such as crime, schools, amenities, affordability and commute.
• Open House Scheduler: Save time by letting Trulia help you quickly plan your weekend visits to Open Houses with calendar sync and mapping directions.
• Instant Updates: Get personalized real-time push notifications when a new MLS listing matches your search or there’s a status change on your favorite homes—including price drops and when properties get sold.
• Daily Digest: Stay in the know with a personalized summary of upcoming open houses, new listings that match your searches, and suggestions all just for you.
• Affordability Calculator: Calculate the full cost of owning your dream home, including mortgage, homeowners insurance, and property taxes.
• Local Legal Protections: This feature highlights, by location, the LGBT non-discrimination laws that exist for housing, employment, and public accommodations.
• Similar Home Recommendations: From any property page, Trulia shows you similar homes you may like.
• Flexible Search: Use filters to quickly find any type of property, such as a condo, apartment, or single-family home—even a foreclosure property.
• Diverse Rental Listings: If you are searching for a rental, search a wide range of rental housing including apartments, houses, and rooms for rent.
• Historic Sales Info: Leverage pricing info on recently sold homes to spot high value properties.
• Connect with a Realtor: Easily contact the listing agent on properties you’re interested in, or find a local realtor to help you buy or sell your home.

We love feedback and requests! Send us yours anytime at iPhone@trulia.com.
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Customer Reviews
Meh -

The only okay thing about Trulia is that you find “Open Houses” list than Zillow, Redfin, Realtor etc.. However, when you’re looking to buy a house is lame for their stuff is not updated or they’re not up in the roll. So many apps out there- go crazy search because you will surprisingly find more updated houses on sale than just sticking with one app for instance - Trulia. So far the one I like is Zillow (no wonder they have million app downloads).

I love looking at property and sharing it on my social media

I love looking at property and sharing it my social media, the only thing I think it could be better is through virtual Avakin/Avatar tour maybe you could partner with Avakinlife to help bring your properties into to the future.


I’ve been using the app for a week or two and no matter computer or app I scroll through prospective homes and it will jump back in price no matter how many times I change the filter small glitch with filters great concept maybe need a update


It would be good if you guys can move faster to take down the properties that been sold, instead of having there for sooooo long.

Title Neighborhoods Better

Inconsistent titling of neighborhoods, yeah, it’s all Boston. Tell me the hood!

Awesome and fabulous app

It’s so easy for the all users!! I love this app!!

Not bad but needs estimates

It’s not a bad app but it needs to include estimates for the real house price and rent like Zillow does.


Easy to navigate, love the option of searching for crime

Search range

When I’m searching in different cities it doesn’t show me anything and says no home found in area and I change the price range to more and it still does it

Why can’t I delete alerts

I have alerts turned on. I should be able to delete the alerts. Swipe left or right doesn’t give me that option


I liked this app due to it tells you crime in the area, but I looked in an area there is a lot of crime. Shootings daily robbery’s. You can just check the news. And it says no crimes have been reported. So I checked more and more houses in same area. Still no crime rate. So if your buying a house based on crime rate. Please look into it more than just an app.

The best

We are looking at homes since we are moving soon and it is a time saver. Almost additive! Very functional and fast on a computer and mobile device.

Very easy to use

Found our dream home on Trulia! Closed on it a month ago couldn’t be happier with this app!

55 n over

Have a way to filter out the 55 n over homes available.

App needs bug fixed

My saved homes section is saying I have no homes saved even though I can see the ones I have saved in the search area.


The app is okay there are great houses but it tells me there’s over 200 houses in my area but when I do the “draw” option it tells me theres none.

Great app

Works well and is easy on the eyes.

Time Saver

We were making a move several hours away, so spending endless days looking at houses would not be possible. This app allow us to view homes and narrow down our search so that when we did make the trip, we were able to actually find the perfect home in a day! For a family that has moved as many times as we have, this was a huge time saver!


I love it it help me get to house to house hotel to hotel cause If I’m wrong I was a finding home and hotel if I’m wrong sorry

Good info

I love the updates and the pictures. Of course everything looks better on the app. So get out and beat the pavement

Great App

Trulia, I really love this app and find it very helpful! Thank you!


It’s good

$50K Increments Only

App is nice, however you can only adjust min max values by $50K increments. This is kinda frustrating as $50K is a large gap


It is nice

Nice homes

Nice homes throw website offers

Can’t sign in

Submit button doesn’t do anything. Can’t sign into account on either iPhone or iPad.

Easy to use and navigate!

I like using this app!

Excellent tool for our company

We have been using Trulia to run market comps in multiple areas. It is great to have crime, schools, amenities all in one place. Such a useful tool.


I love trulia because it is trustworthy. I can trust that the property is what trulia has listed. Trulia saves me time because there are usually pictures to view for most properties listed.

Great app very helpful

I have moved into 3 rental property with the help of this app. Now I’m looking to purchase a few homes and I’m sure this is one of the top places to look. I always recommend to everyone

Amazing app.

Very easy to use and user friendly!

Limited search options

Overall a good app, but please add the ability to enter personal search parameters on the price (or at least narrow the gaps in the preselected parameters). My max price is $325K, however I have to search on the pre-selected amount of $350K which is a big jump from $300K, and I end up seeing houses over and over again that don’t meet my criteria. I’d like for my feed and alerts to show only what I’m interested in, as it takes way too much time to sift through these every day!

Helps a lot!

I love the app! I just wish it showed the bills estimations like it does on the computer website.

Easy and accurate

I really like this app. It makes it way easier to search for possible homes rather than thru the web browser. One thing that does bother me and the reason for 4 stars is that the app doesn’t tell you weather or not a home is pending a contract. It’s made it frustrating when booking times to check out the house only to be told it’s in contract.

Updates are bad

A lot of changes were made to the app in the most recent update that weren’t that great. I regret applying the update to the point I don’t even want to use the app anymore. When I search for a specific address now I get a map boundary of the area the house could be. It’s like a game which green oval on the map is the house I was looking for. Before I could search an address and it would pull up the exact listing. The history of what you have viewed is gone. Previously you could click on a house it would turn grey and remain grey even after closing the app and reopening it. Now the app only maintains that history until it’s closed. I used this feature every time I used the app. It was helpful in knowing that anything green was new. Now I have to click through everything looking at 100 houses I’ve already looked at. The amount of detail for each listing is gone. Before you could tell the exact type of heat and air conditioning a house had, central, forced air, radiant, etc. now I get a yes or a no whether the house has heat or ac. Along with this you have two categories cooling system and air conditioning, what’s the difference? Cooling system is always yes whether a house has central air or not from what I’ve seen. Cooling system can be yes and air conditioning can be no, it doesn’t make sense.


This is the best home finding website ever it has so much information on bunches of homes-condos-apartments-studios- etc.

It’s the best site for search homes

Truly best Trulia

Right on point.

This app is very informative,tells you what you need to know about home searching.and gives you plenty of information concerning homes.


I keep getting messages from people who is not real but they want you to transfer the money! Waste of my time.

Good, want better

Good app, but I want to be able to filter ‘x miles from a certain zip code’


Love this app. Enjoy reviewing all the houses.

(SKY HIGH)* by * ★STAAR★ * " From STAAR- To Stars" * (SKY HIGH) *(2O2O)* by * ★STAAR★*

" From STAAR- To Stars!!!" * (SKY HIGH) *( 2O15)* by * ★STAAR★* on * " From STAAR- To Stars!!!" * (SKY HIGH) *( 2O15)* by * ★STAAR★* on #SoundCloud

Try Realtor.com

Whenever I spend time putting in the exact search criteria I want in my future home/property and hit apply, it's like Trulia is saying, “Yeah, I know you think that’s what you want, but, here’s a whole bunch of random stuff for you to look at while you try to fish through the thousands of properties that spent more money to be featured here to get to what you really want... so have fun. Also, just to mess with you, I’m really reeeally slow...” It is sincerely aggravating that none of the featured properties hit ANY of the not-so-out-there criteria that I’ve set. Land and a bathroom, basically. And I get a .36acre property in the city. Less than a star.

Good resource

It is good and gets better every week and every update!

Not accurate

While Trulia gives a lot of details, a lot of it is inaccurate. My home is currently listed, and under every appliance it says, “No.” However, all the appliances are included. Fortunately, my house is closing tomorrow, but maybe more people would have wanted to see it, if the information showed correctly.


The only reason I gave it four stars is because there isn’t an option to remove the house from the listing, you already viewed it.

Finding Homes to Rent Is A Cinch

So much information in one place! I love the one click feature, takes the stress of home search away!



love but issues

I constantly am being asked if I want to leave the app because the ‘more’ link is to close to the ‘driving directions’. Otherwise I love Trulia.


Used to be the best house hunting app available... Not sure what happened but over the past few months it just declined. Information is outdated (especially under “shop and eat” which used to be my favorite feature) Seems like it doesn’t know about any recent houses, locations don’t match address and sometimes it can’t locate whole towns! Occasionally necessary to uninstall and reinstall app because it says no houses are available even after cleaning all filters... Makes me pretty sad