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Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes

by Trulia

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Download size: 70.52MB
Version: 11.1
Released: 2008-08-21
For ages: 4+


Trulia helps you discover the perfect home AND neighborhood for your lifestyle to buy or rent. Get an authentic feel of what it’s like to live there with crowdsourced local insights, 34 neighborhood map overlays, and local stories and photos. Browse updated MLS listings with robust search filters, easily plan open houses, and customize instant alerts to stay ahead of the real estate market.

*Trulia Real Estate Key Features:*

NEW! TRULIA NEIGHBORHOODS - neighborhood information, all in one place
• Tour the neighborhood with original photos, local stories, and drone footage
• Get a genuine feel of the neighborhood with the What Locals Say feature, ranging from whether people feel safe walking alone at night to if people decorate their homes for the holidays
• Browse 34 neighborhood heat overlay maps including crime, schools, price trends, amenities, and commute

REAL ESTATE LISTINGS - sourced from MLS databases
• Stay updated with 100M+ new listings and personalized recommendations that match your home searches
• View maps in normal, satellite or terrain mode
• Find any type of property, such as a condo, apartment, single family homes, or foreclosures
• Filter for specific house attributes such as number of bedrooms, pool, parking spots, lot size, etc
• Connect with highly rated agents to find a home you love

• Browse beautiful photos of homes
• Calculate multiple commutes by different transportation modes
• Research schools in the neighborhood with trustworthy reviews from parents
• Leverage pricing info on recently sold homes to spot high-value properties
• Understand local LGBT non-discrimination laws for housing, employment, and public accommodations

HOUSE BUYING ALERTS - in real-time
• Be the first to know when there is a new MLS listing match, status change, or price drop
• Customize email and push notification alerts to manage information most relevant to you

• Plan and manage open houses with calendar sync and mapping directions
• Find and save open house suggestions

• Calculate the full cost of owning your dream home, taking into account: mortgage, interest rate, HOA, homeowners insurance, and property taxes
• Determine what you can afford based on your current financial situation

*Trulia Rentals Key Features:*

• Contact landlords and rental property managers on the go with just one click - it's that easy!
• Set yourself apart by easily applying with our rental resume

• Discover diverse listings in a beautiful, intuitive way
• Check out floor plans and availabilities

• Find rentals near transit and calculate commutes
• Sort for properties by whether they allow cats or dogs

We love feedback and requests! Send us yours anytime at iPhone@trulia.com.
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Customer Reviews

Simply excellent. You can get all the informations you need about buying, selling or renting for any locations you want. Amazing!!!


I Love it

Accurate information

What I’m looking for



Very good app

I recommend and will continue to use this great application. The reason I didn’t give more than three stars is that it doesn’t quite address all of my pain points as someone looking to find a property to rent. The first thing I would do is not only group all users into agent, owner, renter, buyer, etc., but go further in defining subgroups and types in an effort to understand these deeper use cases, the pain points and use deep learning if possible to help the user experience and make better recommendations. One example, is that there has been numerous times when I contacted a listing manager only to find out that the property is no longer available, maybe that can be avoided by placing the right communication/validation process with the listing agent to force them to respond to a listing status health check in the app and if they ignore the ping then the listing goes into other states until suspended. Best, System Architect


Easy to filter search results, and overall clean app. Couldn’t give it 5 stars because you are unable to removed saved homes from the app. They can be removed, but they always come back. Very frustrating.


I say Redfin has a better functions and information


Cool app!

Save your energy and download realtor.com

LITERALLY JUST DOWNLOADED 5 minutes ago. First, it’s a pain to have to sign into an app JUST TO VIEW HOMES LISTED FOR SALE. I get it. It saves you time and shows you your “preferred” results. WHATEVER. You made me go through the whole process just to boot me and MAKE ME REDO IT. NO THANKS. Get your stuff together, Trulia. Spend more on the actual app than commercials.


i don’t like the whole boundaries on the neighbourhoods, i press it by accident all the time since this update.

Wonderful App

I use this app on the daily to look at houses and have used this app to move into a home before. I like that it asks residents their opinions on the area they live in as well as information on parking, how festive the neighborhood is, etc., and that it shows the crime rate in the area of a particular house. It answers most of the questions you have for a realtor before your actual appointment with them! Well thought out and easy to navigate! The only problem I have with this app is with the houses I have saved that are no longer available or off market. I can’t remove them from my saved list. I have tried over and over but I can’t get the houses to fall off of my saved list which is irritating because then my saved houses that are currently available get buried under houses that haven’t been available for months. Other than that, I love the app!

Finding a home

I wish I knew Fort Wayne better, but this app is good. I could tell you more if I had an idea of the shopping center’s near by.

Updates quicker than Zillow

I have every real estate app I can find. Zillow is the last one to list homes as contingent or pending. They also don’t hide the foreclosures.

Best Home App

Love the app! Love the filters. Best out there


You’ll have more selection awesome


A comprehensive site. Could not help the terrible pun

Review of Trulia

A lot of information is given n that helps On reviewing the house


You can't unsave homes once you save them.

Great Site

If I could rate it higher I would. Everything you need to know about a property is listed!

Please fix saving homes!!

My only gripe so far: why is it SO HARD to save and i save (with hearts) on the interface?? There is an indication that I tapped the heart, but nothing registers on the system... Otherwise, I love this app!

Good for real estate first search. Lots of info.

Better than most apps to gain a perception of the actual real estate, neighborhood, and basic data.

So simple

This app simplifies the home search. Love it!

Faulty app

Every time I press the back button from a house’s profile it automatically reloads the list, sending me to the top of the page. It’s incredibly annoying and not worth my time.

User Friendly, Great Searches!

Your biggest achievement over any other app I’ve used is the Crime tab. It’s really great for me, since I’m looking at moving to a downtown area. There’s plenty of personalized searches, and it can be made as specific or unspecific as I choose!


I find this app much easier to use than Zillow.

Pushing stereotypes

I used to think it was on the up and up but when I recently came back into the market for a house or apartment I noticed they have a widget called “Local Legal Protections”. Trying to insinuate that if you’re LGBTQ then you might get unfairly run out of the town because there’s no state legal protection. Grow up.

Pretty nice

My only complaint is that when a house is taken off the market it still listed on the app. Other than that it’s a pretty convenient way to browse through houses and property.

Search is useless

The search on Trulia is 100% useless. The times I have tried to search for anything it never finds anything to view. It comes up 100% empty every time. The only way I can view any properties is with what it feeds me. Terrible.

Add the town to the list view

When I search in nj or a broad view I have no clue what I am clicking on.

What the heck?

I’ve tried three times to draw my (very wide) area and all I get is “no homes meet my criteria”! Toooo hard to figure out. I’ll go back to Zillow.


App is rock rock

Great app

nice visualization on map, easy to search with filters. the only drawback is that it does not stay current with status of a home in the market. what shows pending may be already sold and what shows as available may be already pending. so to that extent it is recommended to check the site from the realtors to double check.

I’m a Trulia Troll

I love it.


I don’t want to at this time!

Good app

So far it is exceptional.

Great app!

The best app!

Lost all my saved

I was signed in and saving houses for a project I’m working on and I went in to see one of the homes I had saved and it had signed me out so I tried signing back in but my password was wrong so I just tried making a new one but it took a day before I got the email to change it, but I got to change it so I went back in and all my saved homes are gone

Awesome App

My home purchase is one to two years away however, this is great for looking at comps and also alerts me when a home matches my previous searches!

Needs built in navigation

It is a great app, but we find ourselves jumping in and out of the app to navigate to rentals or properties we are interested in buying.

Love this app, except for one frustrating bug

I always browse real estate every morning, but recently I’ve found myself using other apps to do so. Every time I use Trulia I scroll so far and for some reason it automatically scrolls to the top of the list again and I’m forced to either end my search or go back through an extensive list and hope I find my place again. This has been ongoing for weeks now and is incredibly frustrating, and really makes the app almost useless.

Better than Zillow

More search options


Sweet niblets this app is like a fresh tuhmater slice sprinkled with salt and pepper steeped in basil and vinegar on a hot muggy Louisiana day.




You get a better selection of houses than Realtor.com, but I think that’s because some of them are for sale by seller. I wish they gave you better ways to limit criteria (ie highest and lowest price, pending, single family/multiplex etc).


Can be vague as I don’t know area.robm211

I’m love

Me encanta esta aplicación esta muy completa y aprendes mucho sobré Realstate!!


I love this app 👍🏻

App is not working

I used to like this app but lately my favorites are gone. I’ve signed out deleted the app added it back and still not showing my favorites or alerts. I get the notifications on my iPhone for a listing in my area but when I go to the app it’s not there. Keep freezing also Please Fix it!

Options to not like houses

I don’t like that I have to continuously go through the same photos because I don’t have an option to say I don’t like it.