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Released: 2009-08-31
For ages: 4+


Take it from our users: “It’s the only real estate app you’ll need.” See every nearby home for sale or draw your own custom search area. Instantly book tours of your favorite homes with our experienced local Redfin Agents. When you find “the one,” we’ll make your home-buying experience seamless & save you thousands on closing costs.

Some of Our Most Popular Features:

• Most Accurate Home Data: MLS real estate listings refreshed every 15-30 minutes.
• See More Homes: Redfin has more homes for sale than other real estate apps because we’re powered by the local MLS.
• Search Nearby: Instantly see all the homes, condos and townhomes for sale near you, and get notifications when a new home that matches your criteria hits the market.
• Plan Open House Visits: Find every open house near you and get directions.
• Search by School: Search for homes near specific schools and school districts.
• Schedule Home Tours: Book free home tours with a local Redfin Real Estate Agent right from the app.
• Get a Competitive Edge: We’ll tell you which homes are likely to sell the fastest so you don’t miss out.
• Gain Exclusive Insights: Read comments about what a home is really like written by Redfin Real Estate Agents after they tour the home.
• Search on All Your Devices: Save your favorite homes and searches to your Redfin account and access them anytime, anywhere on the app or Redfin.com.
• Share Homes: Easily share your favorite homes via text message, email, and social media.
• Sold Home Data: Get the latest data on sale prices of nearby homes.
• Save Thousands When You Buy or Sell a Home: We sell your home for more money than the industry average, and only charge 1.5% -- rather than the usual 2% - 3%. When you buy with us, you'll get second-to-none-service and save thousands in closing costs.

• Important Disclaimer: Savings vary by market and are dependent on several factors including the price of the property, the market minimum commission, and the buyer's agent commission. Representations of savings are not a guarantee or an offer from Redfin to provide a refund or savings on a specific property. Redfin reserves the right to make changes to the refund and savings calculation at any time while honoring all agreements commenced prior to any change. Refunds are not available where prohibited by law. The refund is subject to lender approval as well as possible restrictions of VA or FHA loans. If the transaction includes a short sale, additional restrictions may apply. The savings are not representative of Redfin partner agent transactions.

• Important Note: Search homes for sale in the states or metro areas of Albuquerque, Allentown, Asheville, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Bend (OR), Birmingham, Boise, Boston, Boulder, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Cape Cod, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Columbia (SC), Columbus, Connecticut, Corpus Christi, Dallas-Fort Worth, Dayton, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, El Paso, Fort Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Fresno, Grand Rapids, Greenville (SC), Hampton Roads, Honolulu, Houston, Hudson Valley, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Little Rock (AR), Long Island, Los Angeles, Louisville, Maine, Manchester, Maui, Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Nashville, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Queens, Raleigh-Durham, Reno, Richmond, Rio Grande Valley, Riverside-San Bernardino, Rhode Island, Sacramento, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Fe, Seattle, Spokane, Tampa, Tucson, Ventura County, Washington, DC, West Palm Beach, Westchester, Winston Salem, and Wisconsin.
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Customer Reviews
Best Home App

This app has been a keystone in finding our home and I highly recommend it to all.

Crossing the Mississippi

Crossing the Mississippi, is today’s equivalent of crossing from analog to digital, but how else are you going too see the Grand Crayon of Life after Fifty. inssmuch

Convenient but flawed

Convenient App, but some of the info is not accurate

It’s funny a funny app

No you got it all wrong it’s just the way it tells the story of the house I just mean it’s funny like it’s fun to use not like it’s here to amuse mmmee... it what you see it’s a fun app... it’s a big app for once an app covering all areas and fun it’s a goodapp

Great app for map view

Excellent for looking in specific locations.

Plus: school zones Minus: email to save

I switched from Zillow to Redfin because Zillow had been buggy a couple months ago. Love multiple school zones in Redfin. But it requires you to sign in to Save. Why? I’m using your app! I will switch back to Zillow because I don’t want spam emails from Redfin. For some reason companies are bent on getting people’s emails. You ought to have been happy I was a user. Update: Zillow still has bugs so I’ll keep using Redfin. Or maybe try Trulia. 🤔 Update 2: Trulia is bad. Redfin is fine, but stop being stingy with the email signup.

Overwhelming emails

My email inbox has been totally taken by Redfin. I have opted out of notifications because it is way too distracting and not informative

My home facts

I tried to update my home’s facts (which were way off) and it didn’t save them. Also tried to list renovations, but it needs the dates and amounts. Who knows that unless it was in the current year. Irritating.

Love Redfin

Absolutely the best home search app there is. I love it!

Great real estate resource.

I really enjoy viewing the different properties around the states of these United States. The only thing that I would improve is the photos of properties you can tell are an filter/lens/angle. Just a observation.


I think this is the most effective website to use and I recommend it to all my clients.

Our broker rocks - Michael Robles

We absolutely love Michael. I’ve worked with brokers before and mike is the best. Very friendly, honest, and hardworking. Thank you!

Love the Redfin App

This app makes it easy for one to look at hones for sale, their estimated values, photos, and other useful information.

Best use that other real estate app

Property valuation methods are unreliable and unable to price homes with rental units - specifically doubles - which are very common in my city. Cannot remove old outdated listing info from my own home which I spent over $200k rebuilding adding a rental unit etc. Ipad version stuck in landscape. Will delete this and come back next year and see if it has improved.

I love use Redfin .

Great tool to looking for house

Do Not Update

Horrible. They have removed so many features like the map option. If I could leave zero stars, I would. Edit:3 one star for interruptions when upgrading the server Edit 2: When the app crashes(it does often) it does not resume where you left off. Edit: Now when you change search parameters the map zooms out so now you lost whatever neighborhood you're looking at. This app has gone downhill Edit 09/2018: new update is extremely glitchy

Thanks So Much!

Thank you so much for your easy to use App. Your App makes it a breeze to search potential new homes!

Redfine app

I love Redfin using almost 25 years I am an investor. I love it


Difficult to use

The best real estate app!

I love this app. It’s so easy to use and Redfin has the most listings!

Notifications not working properly

This is still an issue: When I tap on a notification on my new iPhone I am not brought to the correct house on Redfin. Then the notification is gone and I cannot find the property. Please fix this as it has not been fixed in the last couple of updates

Update please

Option to remove homes you aren’t interested in from your feed. (Swipe left/right)

Not accurate

The current prices are way off. Like $75k to $100k off. You need to update your site.

So mad!

I was using this app for months while trying to find a house and for some reason one day, it logged me out of the app and I had to log back in. After logging back in, NONE of my saved houses are still saved. It completely cleared my history and all the work I’ve done, on top of being so glitchy in the first place. It doesn’t hold on to commute times that you enter in (even though its supposed to), the map is glitchy, clicking on a house is like rocket science if that house is directly next to another being sold. Redfin needs to get their act together because this app got really crappy, VERY quickly. Update: WHY are you guys unavailable in Medford Oregon, but work in Coos Bay and Roseburg? This makes absolutely no sense because Medford is huge compared to coos bay and roseburg.

Great info at your fingertips

A source of real estate information that provides you a sense for prices in neighborhoods you are interested in. Love the filters that allows you to focus on specific home features and prices. Love being able to quickly access information during my travels to different towns and cities, more specifically neighborhoods that spark my curiosity.

Love ur site! Winter is best time to really look at homes then decide for me!

Your site tells the truth...Thankyou


Doesn’t load all my saved homes. I click on “show more homes” and it still shows me only 3 in my list of like 15. Sometimes it doesn’t show ANY saved homes even though I can search and find them still on the market. Very frustrating.


Unable to pull up Hillside New Jersey


Home pricing unrealistic.

Search easy

Very up to date

Doesn’t get any better

The most comprehensive, up-to-date, user friendly site and app out there. It’s awesome.

App is great Redfin agents are worst ever

We missed so many opportunities because of Redfin agents who seemed to hate their work and didn’t willing to work at all. It took forever then to get all the necessary docs to write an offer and so hard to communicate with them. Basically they don’t care whether you get the house you want or not. They are very rude and often time don’t even respond at all. If you are serious about getting a house you want forget about the stupid refund just go with traditional real estate agents. Traditional agents are aggressive but at least they know and do their jobs.

Don’t understand why filters are not like realtor

It doesn’t filter as you select. It stills shows properties your not interested in

Redfin Not particularly user friendly!

The idea of an app to search for homes is a good one! Unfortunately this app is poorly designed and difficult to use! If you search one zip code and want to check another zip code it’s difficult to get to the place the zip code is entered! All filters including ZIP CODE should be instantly changeable where ever you are in the app! Also you should have the ability to list all parameters/filters and be able to apply different and multiple zip codes to them with out having to retype them! I get different results for the same parameters on separate searches from non available to a list of available homes! The app is not particularly user friendly!

Up to date information

Easy to use. Enjoy getting up to date information, and I’m not overloaded with property I’m not interested in. Great resource.

Amazing app

The app is so easy to use and has all the features necessary to do excellent research on buying and selling homes. I love it!

Next level

You could take your site to the next level by providing analysis of your data like a pivot chart of listed/sold price of homes by square foot or # bedrooms and baths and other selected filters for a chosen location or area. Show the trend over the last 6 months to 7 years.

Image is not stable , filter spinning forever

Don’t prompt me to rate.

Best Around

Redfin is the best I’ve used. Easiest to find what I’m looking for and the navigation is awesome. I actually found my home on Redfin and handed it to my agent and told them to go get it for me lol

Awesome site

Always give you a complete overview of the item being sold, including down payment option as well as school and nearby businesses

Shahida Sohail

Mini map of location on every listing is super. Very convenient to use sight. Please categorize the listing by attach or detached house. This option will save time too. Thanks for making life way easier in search of home. Please continue developing. This website really works. Every listing up to date. Great job

We found our home on Tedfin

Our Realtor, Dennis Alderman sent us a listing on Redfin. We love the home. We purchased it 8-28-18. We loved using the Redfin app to find out all the information on our home it was so easy to read and access. Dennis was so positive, and professional we were so satisfied with his care for us during our purchase.

Waste of time

Don't waste your time or your phones memory on this app. The ads are fake, homes and addresses don't exist. The idiots from the Real Estate agencies don't have a clue. COMPLETELY USELESS

Simply the best App

Love it. Very nice and beautiful and easy to use . It has all essentials real estate date you want to know about a property.

Love Hate relationship....

I used to love this app, but unfortunately, if you’ve EVER have searched on a house type, it continues to send you info about that house type, even though it no longer suits your needs. For example, at one point, we were considering selling both our house & our parents & all move in together, which meant we were looking at larger (5+ bdrms) more expensive homes. Then the plan changed and we returned to our original plan of just buying a house for my immediate family (3+ bdrms) at a much lower price point. I still get notifications based on OLD searches.


Very slow loading pictures

3D Tours

I love how Redfin has 3D tours (insights) but some houses don’t have that and that makes me unhappy

Best app for real estate search

I have been using real estate apps for over 5 years now while searching for ideal properties, and not even Zillow can top this app. I am pleased with the accuracy and quality of details that this website and app provides. And best of all is the timely updates! No one is faster at matching new leads to my searches. I highly recommend Redfin.


I just updated the app and now it crashes as soon as I open it on my ipad.