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Estately Real Estate

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Download size: 75.57MB
Version: 4.6
Released: 2014-01-23
For ages: 4+


Where will you live next? Find the perfect place to call home with our local expertise.
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- Get new home updates first. We're obsessive about updating our listings every 15 minutes. With instant alerts, you'll be the first to know about new homes and updates.
- Schedule a tour of a home instantly. We'll connect you with a great local agent. Only 1/10 agents meet our standards.
- Draw your search, or search by keywords that matter to you.
- Search for homes by school boundary.
- See drive time and seamlessly get directions to any home.
- Learn about your new neighborhood with school ratings and WalkScores for every home.
- Find out how much house you can get. Shop mortgages and get pre-approved.
- Easily tour open houses. Filter your search to only see open houses. Add open houses to your calendar so you don't miss them.
- Quickly see which homes you've already viewed based on the color of the map markers. See which homes you saved and trashed on the map, too.

On your wrist or in your pocket, the Estately real estate app presents delightful and powerful tools to help you find a home you'll love. Plus, it's free!
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Customer Reviews
Once they call you...

I requested the showing and less than two minutes later a friendly female called. Once I told her I didn’t want to sign an exclusivity agreement with the broker, she immediately turned extremely rude and would not schedule a showing for me. Extremely disappointed at the rudeness of the service. They should just schedule you and thats it! Not be analyzing you to get commission off a sale. If she only knew who she turned down she would actually realize she damaged her “business partners” by not connecting them with an ACCREEDITED INVESTOR. Love the app, hate the service!


While I started my search in Memphis, I have decided to branch out into Ar. And surrounding areas...as much as I would like to use Estately the site moves so slowly or not at all that I lose patience! I’ll just have to delete the site and relied on other sites

Stop the spam

I wanted to like the app. But then it asks me three times in one session-looking at just 2 houses—to give it a review. Well...congratulations, you earn 1 star for basically forcing a rating. And now I am deleting the app and going back to more friendly real-estate apps.


Thank you for bringing this app I find it very useful thank you

The best real estate app

This is the best real estate app alive... you can search how you want .. shoes all pictures in a congruent manner... you can search in all areas specifically....

Nice but not enough info

I like instant notifications and format of listings but not enough info. Never include condo fees!?!?

Great real estate app

In contract to other real estate apps for years, I barely left any review on them. I have just used this app for one month and rated this app 5 stars because it is concise to use and to read info of property candidates. Notification of this app provides timely market update. It save my time on searching.

Annoying Review Request

I love the app, but I couldn’t use it without the review request constantly popping up. It’d be nice to use it a bit before rating it. For it’s impatience, it earned a 1 Star.

Inaccurate house addresses

I downloaded this app because it was featured as “app of the day”. However, I was quickly disappointed because the house address DOES NOT MATCH with the pin location on the map. I found 2 houses on the map in Irvine and Costa Mesa that match my interest. However, upon clicking the house to view further details, I found the house address is in Corona, very far away.

Map view needs more options

When I’m home searching, I prefer map view with local infos such as schools and hospital. For this reason Zillow app is still better.

Like it!

Very up to date and user friendly.

Keeps crashing

Needs an update to fix the crashing bug.

Two, nay, three improvements

3) There really needs to be a way to silence or disable saved search notifications. Sometimes I just need to not receive notifications and I don’t want to delete the search, but that seems to be the only way to do it other than disabling notifications for Estately altogether, which I bet you don’t want users to do, because that is equivalent to death in app land. No? 1) There is maybe a glitch or abuse where listings shown in saved searches show an address in a totally different city but the map shows a different location in a different close by city. I suspect it’s either a glitch being abused for marketing purposes or your company is deliberately allowing it for payment and if so then be honest about it and tell people and show the accurate location on the map. 2) It would be nice if the notifications showed which saved search they were from either by the given name or even an icon. Additionally it would be nice if the notification actually went to the listing in the app, which seems to constantly fail for some reason.

Fast. Featured. Buggy.

Having tried virtually every real estate searching app on the store, Estately has become by go-to default to keep up with changes in a fast moving marketplace. But that does not mean it is without flaws. Here’s the breakout: Pros Near immediate (every 15m) updates on new listings. Critical in a fast-moving market. Best in class usability. Integration of walk score, school info, and visibility on condo fees (about 60% of the time). Ability to scroll map without having to enter a specific town is useful and unique (cannot do this in other apps). Cons Lots of bugs, often created after new updates to the app. Specifically: Commute Time Broken Great feature that, since 2018 updates has only shows accurate info about 20%. Condo Fees MIA Many condos only list the condo fee in the buried in home details, others right up front. Why the difference? This messes up the payment calculator values and since you cannot edit that info there is no way to use Estately for a correct payment estimator. Same condos in Zillow show correctly. Schedule a Showing Most areas outside of major metros in northeast USA simply have not Estately agent, making this feature a waste of space. Great idea, but lock in to Estately agents is clear, intentional, and (for many) not helpful. How about allow people to put their own agent contact info in place but still use the showing request capability? Locked in Image Slideshows Less frequent than the commute bug, but can often prevent exit from image slideshows, forcing an app quit to get back to standard search window.

Crashes or freezes constantly

Recently this app has been crashing and/or freezing to the point that I have to shut down my phone. When you click on maps, it closes the entire app. I was pleased with Estately previous to these annoying problems but have deleted the app from my phone.

Crashes a lot

I used to love this app because it seems to have the most accurate listings. Lately, though, it's been crashing on about every house while browsing photos.

Great app

Easy to use and fast updates. Best than competition. Highly recommended.

Love the app, but it has changed for the worse

The application is very easy to use and is fairly intuitive with clutter less interface. But over time, things have started to change for the worse 1. Used to list property listing history and price changes. Now gone. 2. There must be a filter to show pending or contingent homes. Don't waste time showing homes that are gone. No obvious way to visually filter them either 3. Saved homes are gone from the list once sold. Why mess with the saved homes. Yes, they are sold, but there could be other reasons why one saves a home. 4. Some listings are outright wrong on the map. I know it uses automated sources, but they can do better to take feedback on incorrect listings on map. 5. Why can't you also list some new homes? 6. Create a similar app for rentals or merge the two One of the best apps in the market, but they could be the best and really make it an unbeatable resource for home buyers. Still like it better than others.

Home Buyer-Beware of this App

I’m rather disappointed in Estately. I have tried to schedule a tour of a home at least 3 separate times and each time the app, and when I’m sent an email, says I will be contacted shortly and yet I never am. I don’t know where the disconnect is but I no longer trust that someone will contact me. Also, I’m cautious about the agents selected by Estately, considering that the first, and only one so far, agent that was connected with me was not great at communication nor getting in touch with me in general. It’s not until I requested that the agent be removed from my profile that I find out she was removed from Estately all together. How long had she been removed? Why was this error on my profile not corrected sooner? Would she even have been removed if I didn’t say anything? I really liked this app but these issues make it hard for me to even recommend it to anyone who is searching for a new home.

App Crashes Constantly On Both iPhone and iPad

Fire your app developers and get some better developers. The features are good but the app crashes all the time!

The best 🏡 buying App ever!

If you’re in need of a home you’ve come to the right place!

Best real state app

Love this app, the best

Nice app

I just started using this app because I’m trying to buy a new home. We are first time homebuyers and we really don’t know what we’re doing and who’s selling what. This app helps us pick and choose between what we want and what’s in our budget. I would recommend this app to anyone searching for a home. It really comes in handy and is really helpful.

Poor interface meant it never worked

Extremely unintuitive user interface. With Zillow’s app I was browsing the map in seconds and looking at property. With this one I spent 15 minutes just attempting to figure out how to get the thing to populate the map with data - which as far as I can tell means you have to build “searches”. Great, except when I go to the search page, I find no where to tap to actually create one. After 20 minutes messing with it I decided enough was enough and went back to Zillow. Which “just works” without me jumping through any hoops.

C Kuppe

Great app easy to navigate!

Better than the competition

We’ve been looking to move for a while now, but we want very specific things. This app is the easiest and most user friendly and thorough realty app we’ve tried.

Best Realty app.

This is the best, realty app, great features, crisp pictures, great tours of properties, amazing.

App crashes every time I click on a house I want to see!!!

Ever since the update the app does work like it use too it crashes every time I try to click on any house and I tried uninstalling the app and downloading it again but still does the same thing please help I own a iPhone.

New version crashing for me.

I just down loaded the app for the first time and it’s been crashing every time I click on a house.

Doesn’t work

After the recent update on 3/22 it no longer allows you to view homes. When you click on the home the app closes.

One thing missing....

Please identify a home if it’s in an over 55 community. Maybe one additional filter would be all that is needed. This is great to see all homes but it’s an important missing category for those that are relocating to retire.

Use of Estately

From all the home sale sites I use, this one is the very best. Up to date on changes. All the information needed. Quick responses.


I’m a real estate broker and I adore this app! First thing in the am it tells me what’s happening in the area I choose.

Great App!

The features are awesome! Best real estate app out there!

The Best and Most Comprehensive Real Estate App

Estately has proven to be the best and most comprehensive real estate app to date. Here is what I like: 1. They have made it their top priority to diligently in maintain the listings, whether new to the market or changes in status, right up to the minute, demonstrating they are best overall when it comes to current information, which is crucial in this fast evolving market. 2. Their filters allow you to input more specifics, making the results cleaner and less cluttered with offerings you don’t want or need. 3. Estately offers a beautiful feature that calculates the projected commute time from your prospective home choice to your desire location i.e. to work, to school, etc. 4. Tap on the map and get immediate access to school locations in proximity to the prospective home, along with “Street” view, so that you can get a virtual feel for the neighborhood, and volume of auto and air traffic breezing by your door or overhead. 5. Layout is easy to follow and details less buried. I get quick access to Listing History, Monthly Cost Estimates, and with the Home Details, simply tap on the icon related to a subject most important to you without digging through a long list to find it! And finally, I love the “Plan My Tour” option. A quick and easy tool to organizing a tour from your list of favorites. NO other real estate app has that option. (To my recollection anyway) There’s not much on the “Cons” side except to request two more features to make this app complete: + please add “Sound Score”. It is offered in the browser version but not in the app. Not sure why that is, since other features like “Walk Score” and “Max Internet Speed” were carried over to the app. + please include “Lot Lines.” Zillow seems to be the only one who has this option. Why not Estately? :) Thanks, Estately, keep up the good work!!

I️ Love it

Just overall the best app ever

Almost great but missing hoa filter!

If you add a filter for HOA fees it would make it my favorite real estate app. The area I am in it makes a huge difference. Thanks Estately

Great app!

Gives the HOA dues right up front! Nice little slide shows of properties! Well put together app with hearts intro a nice touch! Hats off to the developers!

Fantastic App!

I like Estately because it's a clean well thought out app. It's filled with great pictures, all the right contacts, and media to go from daydreaming to investing. And what's a better investment then real estate right? Nice job.

Great app

I changed my review. I had an issue and amazingly they worked to change it! This is the easiest, most intuitive real estate app out there. I love it.

Very detailed

Love all the infos the other apps don't necessarily have such as internet speed taxes and such

Favorite Real Estate App

Love it

Works great

No crashes, no bumps, no freezes. Allows good searches by county, ability to"draw" a search area, and a filter by size.


Simple & easy to use

Great app

Love the notifications!

Used to work great

But now Estately app continually crashes, so frustrating...

Best Real Estate App Yet

The design is clean and easy to navigate and the information is thorough.

Homebuyers need this app

This is by far the best app out there for anyone buying a home. The alerts a super fast and current. Thanks to this app I was was to purchase my first home. Must have app if you are home shopping. I highly recommend it.

Organized and easy to use!

Love to use this site to review real estate.