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Download size: 135.5MB
Version: 8.9.4
Released: 2009-12-07
For ages: 4+


When it comes to one of your biggest decisions – your future home – you need more than just technology.

You need technology and an expert you can trust.

The ZipRealty® mobile app gives you just that. It offers the resources you need – like up-to-date, accurate home information, details about local neighborhoods, and instant updates when new homes hit the market. And it helps you connect with a local real estate professional who’s ready to help you discover your perfect home.

What makes us different:
• More home information, faster: we update our listing information constantly, so you never miss out on a great home or waste time browsing outdated listings.
• More customization: customize your map view, draw your own search boundaries, and choose from plenty of search criteria to help you find the the perfect home.
• More local: find homes based on your current location, access school data, and see Walk Score®, school district, and neighborhood boundaries.
• More personal: save homes you like and searches you want to come back to. We’ll make sure you’re notified as soon as homes you might like hit the market.
• More connected: we connect you with a local real estate agent with plenty of knowledge about the neighborhood you’re looking in, and make it easy for you to reach out whenever you have a question or want to make an appointment.

With the ZipRealty mobile app, you get access to everything you need to help find your perfect home – and you get to bring your home search with you anywhere and everywhere.

You could be closer to home than you think!
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Customer Reviews
Bad site

This is a hard site to define specific areas to search, for example a certain neighborhood. Also, hard to delete old saved searches, they just keep accumulating for your account. Hard to reset search parameters without setting up a new search, that then can’t be deleted. Not sure how to turn off email notices. Just plain clunky and feels very old and non-user friendly.

Really degraded from prior versions

Not good

Would Rate ZERO Stars

Absolutely awful. The app never permits me to submit a request for a showing nor does it allow me to save favorite properties. Poor showing.

Okay app

This app is okay to use for looking but has too many bugs and shuts off without warning. Lost searches and no way to delete multiple saved homes at a time. Could you some more work and updates

Gone downhill

Used to love this app. Now it seems to limit listings that appear and the price history is missing. Have delete and moved to Redfin.

Stop asking for feedback

This app keeps asking for feedback so here it is. Cludgy interface. Database doesn’t class house by type. You want a ranch? Hopefully it’s in the raw txt. Feature buttons on map view take up so much you are always clicking them while trying to scroll. Thus app will eat your leftovers whil you aren’t looking. This app has poor personal hygiene. Until you rate this app, it will keep asking you to do so every five minutes.

Zip reality app

So user friendly, organized, and accurate info

Doesn’t work on iPhone X

Can not expand photos on iPhone X which is really frustrating. After downloading the app, if I click a link to a listing from my email, it takes me to the link in my browser and not the app. When I click the link, “open in app,” it says it cannot open in app because the address is invalid. What’s the point of downloading the app if nothing works?? Please fix these issues so I can continue using ZipRealty!

iPhone X bugs

I wish I could expand a pic with iPhone X. So many bugs. Would be great to give you 5 stars and will if fixed.

Poor Quality

I downloaded this app back in the day, and I loved it. I saved several homes. Then I got a new phone and had to redownload it. I tried signing in with the same info, but I couldn't get in. It recognized my email, so I had to change my password. Once I finally changed it I was able to sign it, but it is much more impersonal that it was before. So I tried updating my info in my account, and it wouldn't accept it. So I tried to continue as "user". But it's not even allowing me to save homes. I hope this is just a temporary bug, as I'd like to keep using the app. But if this keeps up, I'll have no choice but not to.

New update.....so slow!

The latest update runs very slowly.

If not the best home app out there

This app is one of the best, if not the best app out there for looking for homes. It remembers your recently viewed homes for your price range in a certain area you searched for, and brings you back to that same location when you click on your saved search section which is a plus if you want to recheck your previously liked homes. And it’s interface is very easy to use and scroll through. Everything is clean and bug less. Which is why I give it 5 stars! 👌🏻

ZipRealty App

This app is amazing

Great site

Love this site just needs more interior pics of property

Zip Realty

glitches. Lots of options for saving searches and saving specific homes. Tons better than the full site. Need to work out constantly having to shut down the app to load pics

Great app

Easy to use! I'm an agent, not with this company but this is my go to search app for properties. I also recommend it to my clients to browse as it makes it super easy for them to use.

Sold my email address

Signed up for this with a unique email address, and now I'm getting spam at that address. Don't give them your info.


It would be nice to have a lot more filters like if I'm looking for a pool I'd like to be able to pick that up so if I'm looking for a garage one or two cars that's all options I would be nice to pick

Great real estate site

Zip is an excellent site to check out homes.

Great App

Always updated, very informative

App Doesn't Work

I've contacted Zip Reality several times. Password reset doesn't work and search using new email address doesn't work too! This is very frustrating. I was told my account was disabled because it wasn't used. Well now I cannot use it at all!

Love this app

I love how it allows me to search my neighborhood, elementary schools and even define the exact strange mixture of streets I like.

Great app but rarely works well

This app seems to have the most current listings however it rarely works well. It will zoom out on its own or put you in a completely different area while you are not even touching the screen. It also crashes mid search a lot. If they ever fixed bugs I would give it 5 stars. Great when it works

Great app

This app provides a lot of detailed information on what ever your criteria is. It is by far better then zillow and the other apps. Trust me download and find the house of your dreams today enjoy.

best realty app ever

only gave it 5 because i couldn't give it 6, by far the best app in its field!

Best app

Love this app is way better than Zillow!!!!

Broken app

The app remains broken, failing to recognize an internet connection despite having both cellular and wifi turned on.

Waste of time

The app is not updated like the website. I would be trying to look at houses that already have been taken and are pending. Other than that the app works great. But waste of time since it gets my hopes up on a house.

Each update gets worse

Still a complete joke. Whoever writes requirements shouldn't just be fired, they should be retrained into a non technical field. Now you can't browse from one zip code to another, you have to go back to the search screen. Like they are trying to give traffic to competition. Uninstalling. This is my last negative review, as it only gets worse and worse and worse. LEARN TO CODE!

Terrible Application

This app used to be the best app for real estate in the App Store. That was before the updates. I have quit using it all together as it is so frustrating. I typically do not write reviews on apps but felt I had to on this one as I have seen it deteriorate with the continual updates that do nothing but make it worse. Please bring back the app from about 6 updates ago. Bye ZipRealty. You used to be awesome but now not so much.

Prospective home buyer

Great app! Always has the most up to date listing info.

Was a Great Program

Update: Saved properties are now only using a street view as photos. Older property photos are gone. Original Review: Used ZipRealty to purchase our house. Now use the app to monitor the local housing market. It would be nice to be able to save more than 100 homes, but that's a small flaw associated with the website.


App no longer remembers viewed properties. Also map refresh takes much longer.

Update from hell

Was the perfect app until they updated it. Now it is useless. You can't even save your favorite homes. #Delete

Needs one more filter

One more filter, "single story" would make this a 5 star app for us.

Please fix or remove the annoying graphic that covers a large portion of the screen in the center.

Please fix or remove the annoying graphic that covers a large portion of the screen in the center.

What the heck happened?!?

This used to be a good app. Now it's performance is terrible. It seems to just keep constantly spinning if you move it a little bit on the map function. It didn't do that before a few months ago when you "improved" it. Now it's almost not worth even using.

Missing some important filtering features

Single story Maximum bedrooms/bathrooms i.e. 2-3 bedrooms only Minimum to maximums of square feet, to etc Views Just some things I wish I could filter

Needs fixing

It is slow in loading. Was very good before. The coldwell banker ad across the screen gets in the way.


Fragmented search , broken map , totally useless. Used to be a great app...

What happened?

This app used to be awesome before it changed to Coldwell Banker....I HATE it now. Ugh please change it back!


The transition to Coldwell Banker ruined this app. It's worthless now.

No way to report in accurate listings

Realtors use this app as a marketing tool, as they should. But some.are completely dishonest about their pricing or home details. And there should be a way for the community to remove those listings until the realtor fixes them.

Getting worse and worse

This app has gone downhill since fall. First update early in the fall made it so that it didn't recall your last search location without enabling location on your device. I'd like to be able to keep searching my general region without having to always do that or click a search option. Just updated yesterday and now all photos will not turn landscape when you turn your phone sideways. Just have to zoom in in order to see photos better since you can't enable that feature anymore. Also when expanding details for a Home the screen scrolls up and down randomly. For example if you expand the price history while scrolling down on home details it will jump to back to the top of the screen. Take us back to your September version please!!

Terrible app

This app is the worst app ever

Fix that app! PLEASE!

It's impossible to use it after last update! Pissing me off! App is showing me places by it self, search is bad, kicking me to different states by it self, even when I search by specific address. I'm going to another app

Terrible update

The latest update is really bad. Every time I open the app and go to my saved search, it says the area is not serviced. I have to zoom out and then zoom back in to get any search results, even though I've been using this search for years. It's a royal pain in the you-know-what.

Detailed school info missing

This new version is worse than he previous version. The new version does not show detailed school information like elementary schools and the map cannot be zoomed. If you want to see the actual location of the house you need to enter the address into a separate map app. Each iteration of this app seems to get worse and worse.

What are you people doing?

For years I used this app. It was the best, fastest, and most user-friendly to view all the details I wanted to see. Now whenever you expand or contrast the map, it just goes into a mode where it's constantly searching. I know you've updated it a few times in the past couple of weeks, but what use is it when it still doesn't work.