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TheMLSonline: MN Home Search

by MobileRealtyApps.com

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Download size: 84.45MB
Version: 5.803.170524
Released: 2010-01-09
For ages: 4+


The simplicity of TheMLSonline.com’s real estate search, now on your phone or tablet!

Search virtually all homes and properties for sale in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. This advanced home search includes bank-owned and foreclosed properties, recently sold homes and more. You can search by city, zip code or GPS location.

- Full-featured map search, using the latest iPhone technology
- Instantly find homes near your location using iPhone's built-in GPS locator
- Complete & up-to-date access to MLS-listed homes for sale
- Search recently sold homes and foreclosures
- Large color photo galleries with expanded listing details
- Updated regularly with the newest homes to the market
- Search by city, zip code, price, style and more
- GPS-enabled with driving directions for easy neighborhood browsing
- Access to your personalized home search account from TheMLSonline.com
- Save favorites on your phone and share them with friends via email
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Customer Reviews
Not ideal for iPhone X.

The major gripe I have is that I can’t see the home images clicking on the map view. Very disappointing. And it’s not straightforward to close out of the app since on iPhone X it puts it on landscape mode when it looks like you are in portrait mode.


After using this app for the last week, it really helped me to find houses that I’m interested in. Easy to navigate. Highly recommend!

No search results

I entered very wide perameters to search in minneapolis. I get "no results". I watched a YouTube video to see if I was doing something wrong. It showed the user having buttons on the lower right panel that I don't even have. So I can find NO homes.

I did not do anything, why it shows CN ¥for any estimate price?

The rest is ok.

Good but could be better

Has some good features but would love to be able to use the search tools on the desktop site. Narrowing my search by city name on your online site is great! No one else has this. Except I can’t use it in the mobile app... :(

"Glitch"**and it's gone.....

After using this app with no issue for 3+ months... this morning I had a saved homes list I worked hours and hours on and even took some screenshots in map view, then this afternoon (while at a showing) the entire MLS system had me logged out and didn't recognize my account information, forcing me to register AGAIN! AND NOW I HAVE 0 saved homes.

Not great.

Price slider does not work. Only can view one zip code at a time.


Best app, user friendly and shows more houses than the competitors in my area!

Terrible app

Terrible app that can't find any houses no mater how large i make the search area

A Worthless App

I installed the app on my iPhone to look for my specific listing with a specific MLS listing number . . . No can do! This app is only for buyers who are searching for whatever.

Not ready for prime time

Terrible. Where do I start? I have an account online, but it doesn't know better to pull up my saved searches with my drawn area on the map. Map search is very quirky. House icons appear and disappear at will as if they are being listed and then sold and pulled off the market right before your very eyes. There is no option to hide a property once you have decided that you never want to see this property ever again. It makes for a very tedious repetitive search. Oh yeah been there, done that, still not interested in this house. The available filters don't nearly compare to what is offered on the website.

Is this really the old MLS listings app?

I can't get it to work at all. Keeps telling me no listings found- no matter what I enter. Useless really. Tried numerous times-reinstalling etc.. Nope!


Doesn't work! Put in zip code and nothing, nada, zero!!

Terrible app. Nothing like the website

Your website is by far the best to search homes. This app is terrible!!!! You can't view your saved searches. By far the worst home app I have seen

No good

Very bad app! Slow to update status

Waste of time

You literally cannot put in a ZIP Code from anywhere and get any listing. Believe me ....I've tried


This app has the worst user interface, very clunky. When I put an address or MLS number it gives a "not found" message.

If it's not broke don't fix it !

Why is it everybody that makes a app feels they must constantly try to change it for the better then just leaving it alone?really just can't leave it alone ? By the way what's with all the horrible pictures of some of these homesites realtors really need to know how to take photos better !

Great app!

Very easy to use and just works. Nothing bad to say because it's a nice app.

Fast and Useful

There are lots of apps that I use to search for homes for sale - but this one is my favorite! It is fast, clean and just works! Please don't ever change it...

Hate it!

Very poor app!

Is this a joke?

This update made this app useless. Worked fine until then.

Extremely disappointed with latest update

This app went from great to absolutely horrible!! The previous version was a lot more user friendly. Go back to previous version please.

Was great until last update

I loved the app until the last update. Now you can't look in one specific city in the list format, I hope that gets fixed!

My last view?

App always returns to my current location no matter what my settings are, makes it very annoying when looking at multiple properties in a different location other than where I currently am located.

Difficult to use

Difficult to use and not enough filtering options

My last map view

Doesn't work anymore. Please fix!


This is a terrific sight. Ease of use and abilities to learn about houses and neighborhoods is great. Fast, clear concise, I don't know what else they can do?

Great App

Love that MLS has an app. Just wish it had a few more of the features that the website has when it comes to filters.

Too many issues..

App shuts down constantly. There's not enough search criteria options (acres, garages, etc). Okay if you just want to browse, not so much for serious house hunters.

despite the bugs, LOVE THIS APP!!!

It occasionally freezes on you and there are some glitches… But this is the best app ever. If you like this version on the website you won't like the app as well.

Fix the bugs

Too many bugs. Could be great.

My last map needs to be fixed

Hard to use this app when ever you look at a property and back out it goes to your current location. Fix please!

Great app but needs a bug fix

Every time you look at a property and close it, it zooms out to the default location and you have to start over. It never use to be this way and needs to be fixed

Fix 'My Last Map View'

In the past, this has been a great app. With the new update, however, the search by map feature will always zoom to your current location when I'd rather have it zoom to my last map view. This makes it extremely difficult to view properties of interest when I'm searching locations away from my current location. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it; it did not help.


Recent update did not fix anything. This app does not work!!! FIX IT!!!


Last update made it unusable. Please fix it. Listings flash and disappear.

Doesn't work!!

Please fix this is my number 1 app I'm on every day and it doesn't work!! Please fix!


Latest update makes the app unusable! Needs a quick fix! Clicking on a house makes it flash, but can't look at it.


The new update doesn't work. Fix it!

7-14-14, latest update doesn't work!

When searching in the map you cant click on a house icon to open it! Fix it please! iphone 5

Great app

Like the pic & the map, easy to use

Could be great - but multi-glitches

Crashes frequently (eg enter a MLS# directly), loses settings when you switch btw apps, etc. Needs a couple more fields (eg lake home), glitch in location search when entering city, state first time. Map feature is awesome, search is good. Just frustrating to watch it crash so often.


Crashes all the time

Used to be my goto app for listings

Please update this app! It's outdated and isn't compatible with iOS7. Can't refine searches whatsoever. Was a great app when it worked and was my goto app for MN MLS listings.


Please fix this. It crashes every time I search. This app is UNUSABLE.

Loved it until...

Recent app update seems to have come with major glitch causing a complete loss of the ability to refine your property search. It's now blank for all iPhone users it seems and is really frustrating. App not even useable anymore unless you want to see all listings for all properties, all types and prices etc.., which I can imagine most people seriously using this previously helpful app, do not. Hope this bug is corrected by developers soon.


Just downloaded the app, crashes every time. Ended up having to delete it.

Too many bugs...

Too many bugs...refining your search option doesn't even work!! Argh!!