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Download size: 66.13MB
Version: 5.3.0
Released: 2010-01-08
For ages: 4+


We know that renting an apartment can be stressful. We make it a breeze with the HotPads home and apartment finder app! Peruse the largest collection of available homes for rent and real estate in the U.S. Whether you’re looking for place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, or Miami, we’ve got the places you want and you can search for them on-the-go. Our rental search team of wizards work their magic 24/7 to provide the most accurate and up-to-date rental listings just for you. Quickly contact landlords, gawk property photos, explore area stats, and save as many favs to your Favorites as you like.

Some of Our Splendid Apartment Search Features

- Search Alerts: No need to constantly check up on new apartment or house rentals. Name your price on quintessential neighborhoods and our search alerts will notify you when new rentals are listed!

- Share Listings: Sharing is caring! Show off cool homes you’ve found with all of your friends (don’t be shy!).

- Advance Filters: Fiddle with the filters to find senior housing communities in Miami for grandma, student housing for your high school graduate in Austin, or cheap low-income restricted houses in Atlanta. Our filters allow you to find homes tailor-made to your exact needs.

- Listing Views: Enjoy the view? Choose between our List View, Map View, or Hybrid View to make your way home easier and faster.

Let’s get you home, today!

What our users are saying:

"I've moved a lot in the last 5 years in Chicago and I always come back to HotPads. Great app!"
“My lease will be up in a few months and this app has been very helpful in assisting me find a new place in whatever area of metro-Atlanta I want!”
“ HotPads app has been very helpful in my search for a new home rental. I actually appreciated the email updates when something was listed that matched my search criteria.”
“HotPads pulls up many more apartments that fit my preferences and budget than any other apartment search engine I have tried. I love this app.”
“Makes finding a apartment rental simple and easy in Los Angeles area. Great apps like this are hard to find!”
“Such better listings than Craigslist. Clean and easy to use! Direct contact to agents is also a plus!”

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Customer Reviews
Best App for Searching

This app is the most user friendly to use; and I’ve used them all. Put in your filters, look through the listings, which is really fun because the mobile template is done very well, and fill out a short form, and you’re done. An agent calls you to set up a viewing. Tip: make sure you click the heart to make a listing one of your favorites. It’s easier to go back to.




Love this app. I get all of the info I need for schools, price, size, and location.

Great App!

The smoothest and easiest way to find an apartment. I downloaded the app found one that was in a good location and within my budget and moved in the matter of 2 weeks.

Pretty good so far

So far this app has expedited my search for a new house.

No support to issues

I have never received a response to two emails sent for customer support.

Good App

Very good at listing houses in ur border and very organized than the other apps

These apps are not worth the time

Property managers don’t call you after you inquire. Very frustrating. After using this and other apps for a month, I only viewed three properties. One from a PM website and 2 from Craigslist.

Clean, easy-to-use, friendly interface

Loving the app. Has a clean feel, nice user experience where everything is easy to locate. Love the feature that updates the map with new locations as you scroll through.

Love the app hate the trash can

My bf and I are looking to move cross country and so far, his app has been the best. However, we have accidentally hit the trash can button a few times and we cannot seem to get those properties we liked, back.

Muy bueno

Me gusta por todo los detalles y descripciones exactas 👍

Needs fixing

The app shows me results for renting instead of for sale. This only happens when I resume my alert searches. It use to work fine but I don’t know if an update occurred that caused this problem to happen but it’s very annoying. Also I receive emails of my alert searches and I use to be able to click the links and it would direct me to the app, now it directs me to safari instead of the app which I also dislike. I’m not sure if these issues are only happening to me but as of now the app is useless to me.

❤️ Hotpads

Love this app it’s clear concise format. The only thing I would improve on is if is it is possible to have more than one “favorites” list that would be helpful. Sometimes the website features don’t seem exactly the same as the mobile app features. If you could add the ability to reduce the map size while expanding the gallery that would be helpful too! 😄😄

Very Helpful App!

Easy, well set up, and has helped lots!

Found a “pad”

Very helpful! I found an apartment in just a few days.


This app completely disregards my settings, sending me listings out of my price range and that clearly state No Pets, irregardless of the fact that i list both a cat and dog in my profile. I get emails all day long with useless properties. Also does not let me "Hide" properties that are of no value to me, and just bounces to a map every time i hit the Hide icon.

I appreciate this

It works very well and it helps on what I’m looking for on here thanks

Literally has ZERO listings?

This was absolutely one of my most favorite apps until today. No matter what location searching, ZERO listings pop up. The top info box says “(insert number) of listings excluded” even when there are NO FILTERS selected. The new update? Useless. The exact same problem STILL exists. Please fix, posthaste!

In Time oF Need💯🙏🏾

Professional 💯🙏🏾


Best way to start looking for an appointment

Roommates not accurate

Many apartments or condos for rent in resorts do not list roommate information. This must b thoroughly known before an ad is listed. I found a nice 2br apartment in Aspen for $2500 per month ... ok ... but was not inform on the add it was for a roommate. Thus, I cancelled the showing immediately and found 17 other ads around resort and towns especially in Colorado like the one I mentioned. Marketers who set up these ads need to insure the info is correct which many ads for apartments misguide future tenants. Also, it is ILLEGAL per Colo Statues to deny rent to someone with a guide dog ... federal and state law. Apartment Management can be heavily fined at both levels or even sued for denying this kind of service even when it says “No Pets Allowed” ... think people before having any ads of apartments posted! It might cost u more to list than u think. Know your fair housing act at both state and national (federal) levels.

Good but needs work

I haven’t used this newer version just yet but this is has been my go to app for finding a place. I hope to move soon, Lord willing. However, out of the apartments I did view in person in the past, several of them were shady or straight up scams. The realtor will give you one address for you to meet them, then they won’t show up. Rather, you’ll call them to see where they are, and they’ll suggest you meet them at another apartment location that’s less desirable than the one you thought you were going to see. It’s a bait and switch. I experienced that twice on thisIs there anyway for this app to filter through or alert folks to potential scam/shady activity?

If you are rich

This will be fine for you. If you are looking fir standard typical apartments in NYC you need a different app.


The only issue I have is that you have one price and they have a different price. Why?

This app could be so much better.

I like the app but I can’t imagine why the app doesn’t save my name, phone number and email address; so when I email somebody about a property that information auto populates. Really frustrating that I need to fill out the same information over and over.


It is a lovely application, except Preferences wasn’t working at some points.


Love the app. Makes it easier to check what apartments are available around your area in the map view. Plus it notifies you when a new listing that match your criteria.

Love hot pads! Wish we could filter schools

We keep falling in love with a property only to find out it’s in a low-grade school district. Please add a ratings filter for schools!


Very good application

Error Message

So far there has been great listing, but since I downloaded the app, I haven't been able to send an Inquiry. Whenever I try sending one, I always get an inquiry error message. I have tried deleting the app and re-installing it, but it's still the same issue. I don't know what's going on and if it could be fixed that would be much appreciated.

Misleading when Studio Hunting

While I enjoy the mapping feature and the commuter calculator listed right on the listing I find several other things frustrating. First stop listing rooms for rent as a Studio. You end up having to open everything just to double check. Also, pictures should be required for any listing. If I sell on the Let It Go app I have to post a picture, the same standards should be held when posting a place to live. And finally, if I use your messaging feature it rarely gets anywhere. I have to call and frankly I don’t have the time to call every listing.

Found my home here!

Awesome app! Thank you!

Needs better filters

Generally I think the app is clean, simple, and helpful. I would like it more if more filters were available: parking, laundry, etc.

helpful but not always accurate

this app helps as far as giving ideas and areas in a search for new residence; the way it calculates distance for you if that is important is especially helpful.... however, from experience i have found it is not always accurate in terms of whether the listing is actually available or not, the amenities are vague, confusing or altogether not correct at times and it tends to venture too much at times outside specified search areas and ignores filters that have been set.... but at least it has given me ideas of places i had not been aware of previously.....

I love this app

Very easy to use and also detailed!

Good app to find a rental!

I love this app so far it has found be a few properties since it first came out. I have found any listing I have contacted are real and not a scam like some other sites you might use.

Add autofill options

This is more important than anything youre working on. Why should i have to type my name email phone number multiples times?!

Good app

Many options Some of these landlords have put no energy into making properties livable - but request application fees( non refundable) and as is properties - who wants an agreement like that unless it’s month to month


So 👏🏼 Many 👏🏼 Scams 👏🏼🤦🏼‍♀️

It is a good app but...

I really like this app. But if this app lets me find by “school zone”, then this app is great! Also, I wish they update more often, that would be great. We went to the listing house, and it was already rented someone else.. we waisted our time to get there..

Hot Pad

Got “EVERYTHING WRONG “, including where I live, which is NY. The app was all crazy, nd I haven’t used it but they keep sending me notifications,.....BUT TO CALIFORNIA!!!!


Theght he

Best App Ever!

Love Love Love this app! I got an email notification from the app that a landlord had posted 2 units available for rent in Bullitt County KY & the pictures were 100% Accurate and now I can say that I’m moving into the first place I physically looked at and fell in love with next week! THANKS SO MUCH, HotPads!!! ❤️💯🙏🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Good interface.

Good info and interface. Need more properties to be listed. Maybe price is too high for connecting renters to landlords...

Great, simple, pleasant to look at and use

Amazing and fun to use app for finding rentals! Sure, landlords don’t always respond but that’s the nature of the housing search, especially in competitive areas. This app makes it easy to keep track of new properties as they pop up so you have the best chance of getting what you want.

Still waiting for better filters

I would love to be able to filter by the year the home was built or the number of floors. I want to search for a ranch style home built before 1950. No way to do that. Or if the land already has utilities. So few filters, I have to go thru hundreds of listings to read the specifics.

No calls returned

I sent several emails to different apartments and called two and not one email or return call. Is this a scam?



App Needs updating

This is a good app for the most part, however the one thing I don’t like about it is it doesn’t update very often with new listings. If this was fixed the app would get a 5 star

App great

Love the new update