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Download size: 67.27MB
Version: 5.4.0
Released: 2010-01-08
For ages: 4+


We know that renting an apartment can be stressful. We make it a breeze with the HotPads home and apartment finder app! Peruse the largest collection of available homes for rent and real estate in the U.S. Whether you’re looking for place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, or Miami, we’ve got the places you want and you can search for them on-the-go. Our rental search team of wizards work their magic 24/7 to provide the most accurate and up-to-date rental listings just for you. Quickly contact landlords, gawk property photos, explore area stats, and save as many favs to your Favorites as you like.

Some of Our Splendid Apartment Search Features

- Search Alerts: No need to constantly check up on new apartment or house rentals. Name your price on quintessential neighborhoods and our search alerts will notify you when new rentals are listed!

- Share Listings: Sharing is caring! Show off cool homes you’ve found with all of your friends (don’t be shy!).

- Advance Filters: Fiddle with the filters to find senior housing communities in Miami for grandma, student housing for your high school graduate in Austin, or cheap low-income restricted houses in Atlanta. Our filters allow you to find homes tailor-made to your exact needs.

- Listing Views: Enjoy the view? Choose between our List View, Map View, or Hybrid View to make your way home easier and faster.

Let’s get you home, today!

What our users are saying:

"I've moved a lot in the last 5 years in Chicago and I always come back to HotPads. Great app!"
“My lease will be up in a few months and this app has been very helpful in assisting me find a new place in whatever area of metro-Atlanta I want!”
“ HotPads app has been very helpful in my search for a new home rental. I actually appreciated the email updates when something was listed that matched my search criteria.”
“HotPads pulls up many more apartments that fit my preferences and budget than any other apartment search engine I have tried. I love this app.”
“Makes finding a apartment rental simple and easy in Los Angeles area. Great apps like this are hard to find!”
“Such better listings than Craigslist. Clean and easy to use! Direct contact to agents is also a plus!”

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Customer Reviews
Furnished vs Unfurnished

Can't filter out furnished units, which means this app wastes my time. Even some descriptions in the app seem upset with people contacting and requesting their furnished unit to be unfurnished.

Great App!

Used HotPads for the first time ever and this app helped us find the right place at the right time for the right price!! Highly recommend!! Thank you, HotPads!

Rental search

Love the street view , photos and utilities information all at my fingertips

Terrible! App hurt my credit

Many of the listings include incorrect information and do not correlate with the search filters I used. No one responds, and WORST of all is my experience when I decided to apply for an apartment through the service that Hotpads provides. The app advertises that they will pull a SOFT credit report and background check and then provide this automatically to any apartments I apply for through the app. (There are not many places that accept applications through Hotpads) They charged $29 only for me to find later that my CREDIT score had DROPPED 50 POINTS!! Will not be recommending.


Can’t change the bedrooms but it’s ok other than that.

The app is good

I’m unable to copy and paste words, which is annoying, but it’s an alright app overall.

No response


App is impossible to use

App takes forever to load, and it keeps getting hung up so that I cannot put in my preferences so I can search. It’s very frustrating to use. I even went so far as to delete the app and just use the website but there is no improvement. I’m searching for something better now!

The Best

I have used a lot of apps looking for apartments, and this one is the best by far. It lets you see exactly what you want and is easy to navigate without signing up for an account.

Made finding a home much easier

App did the work for me, perfect 👍


Super easy to navigate. I absolutely love this app


So far been very helpful and easy to use. Great app

Keeps losing my listing

Not happy


La aplicación es muy fácil

Very easy to navigate

I enjoyed this app.because it has an a p that pops up the property that you desire and voila you can what the cost is as well as the breakdown of costs and amenities

Love this app!

Thank you for creating such a wonderfully easy app to use! ❤️ It calculates my commute and everything! 😍 I just wish I could un-trash the accidentally crossed out ones. 😢

It’s a good app

It’s a good app. Looking to move is stressful this is a helpful tool.

Got money

Only high dollar rentals! 🤮

Inaccurate pictures and no unit#

I found most of the rental agency listings had inaccurate pics. Pictures were not of the actual unit listed and/or only pics of amenities and building. Would often find same pics for different units in same building. Equally frustrating is many do not list unit number so no clue what floor the unit is on. Wasted time waiting for agent to reply through the app only to find out they had to research for the info and the apartment was not was we were long for. Also rental agencies would try to seek their services when inquiring about one unit.

Hey boo aawwwac is r

A lot

Love this App!

Why aren’t all real estate apps as easy to use as this one? Especially if you’re shopping long distance, this almost makes it fun!

Handy Tool

This app made apartment hunting an extremely easy process. The only thing I had to was check the apartment buildings reviews on google.

Home sweat home.

One note- would like to see space rent and association dues for properties that apply. After the last update there is no HOA's or space rents on condos, townhouse and manufacture homes. Very important in deciding which homes. To bad, don't use APP as much now. Latest update and still no HOA dues, space rent that apply to a lot of the properties that I look at. A very important piece of info one would need in deciding which homes that are best for me. Don’t use the app much anymore.


Stop prompting me to download version 5.2.0 when the app is in version 5.3.0. Even if I accept, NOTHING HAPPENS.

Please fix your notification

I keep getting notifications to update my app to version 5.2.0. I've always had it automatically update. There's absolutely no reason to send silly notifications like this to your user. Especially every week. It's gotten so annoying I am considering forgoing your app

Easy to use

Since I’ve been using hotpads my searches has been quite a lovely experience. I work a full time job and I never have time to go searching online for a apartment but a good friend told me about hotpads and now it so easy to find apartments. Where have you been all my life.😀


What a great app! You guys have made it so easy to search!

If you’re looking for a place, this is the app you want!!!

User friendly, thought out, basic needs and filters make browsing easier. Connected to all the right places.


Be careful with this app. I had a bunch of places I was interested in that I favorited. The app glitches and says to log in to see favorites, I was already logged in. Than it made me reset my password just for all the places I looked at to be deleted! A waste of all my time

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This site is ok but most the time the realtors never respond to your message what’s the point of posting then.😐😐😐


Terrible App! It will not even pull the city or location I am in. I spend more time redoing the names of towns and location.




Easy to search and filter out listings. Quickly find what I’m looking for!

Pretty Awesome Site!

One of the few that actually retains information so i don’t have to continually enter it. Pet filter works pretty good, but only as good as what the advertisers enter. Sometimes their entries are vague or ambiguous, but a quick note to the manager clears things up. Really like this website! Works great!

Awesome Site!!

Love the mapping feature! Sooo easy to use!

No time

I can’t drive around. I have no time. The map shows exactly the distance between the property and my place of employment! Very time saving app

Love Hotpads

I’m always looking at apartments and this is pretty much the most accurate one… Love it

Looking for place to call home

This is the place to find a great home


Like the street view feature, could use a better commute time finder (inaccuracies) and a few other features


Every place I look up and call they say is taken. Why are you on the site if you rented out apartment


The app is okay. There’s not a lot of property owners who participate so you get what you get. The apps very glitchy and you have to repeatedly enter filters




How do you rate apartments? I don’t see an option.


The survey is extremely annoying.

Great Site

Used for all rental needs

App is clueless

App is easy to use, but information is laid out in a confusing way and app makes terrible suggestions for other properties I might be interested in: why does it recommend far-away properties outside my price range? And why does the app hide the property description below statistics about how many other people have looked at the listing? Not designed for house hunters.

Not updated

There’s to many places on here that say available but really aren’t available. When your looking for a place to rent, it’s pretty annoying when you have to contact every single apartment in your city just to see if it’s really available or not. If you get online it’s not like that though, it actually lets you know if it’s available or not.

I love this App

This App is very good when you’re looking to relocate to another state . It allows you to find the new home at reasonable price it’s great . Also to see pictures and street view before you go to the property is AWESOME!!