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Homesnap Real Estate & Rentals

by Sawbuck

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Download size: 140.17MB
Version: 5.4.1
Released: 2012-03-08
For ages: 4+

Genres:LifestylePhoto and Video

Find your next home with our all-new home search interface! Homesnap is powered by the same real-time data used by licensed REALTORS®.

“Best Mobile Tool” -REALTOR® Magazine
“Most Addictive Real Estate App” -HGTV Magazine

Snap a photo of any home to reveal home value estimates, interior photos, beds, baths, taxes, lot boundaries, school ratings and much more. Get the app to see why millions of people are switching to Homesnap.

New features to boost your home search: search for homes by school attendance zone and search open house listings by date. Plus, now you can swipe through listing photos on the map and list without loading complete details.

New map layers reveal school zones, property boundaries, and satellite imagery. Listings in the same building are now grouped to make comparison-shopping easier.

Try using Siri to send messages via Homesnap, say: "Send a message to Jane on Homesnap"

Homesnap's built-in private messaging feature makes talking about homes fast and simple. Homesnap organizes your home search so you can find and discuss homes all in one place. You’ll love how easy it is to keep track of all the homes you care about.

For Buyers & Sellers:
Search for your next home with help from the important people in your life. Talk about the listings and gorgeous photos that catch your eye. Chat with anyone, whether they’re using Homesnap or not. Every home you mention is saved and updated in real-time.

For Real Estate Agents:
Homesnap Messages was specifically built for real estate agents. For your buyers, keep track of the homes you’ve discussed in one place. For your listings, all related conversations appear on the listing page. Homesnap Pro agents can message any other agent in their MLS in a single tap.

Homesnap For iPad:
Homesnap is been optimized for your retina iPad in every orientation. Plus, full support for iPad Pro and Split View Multitasking! Split View lets you use Homesnap alongside other apps, like Safari, Maps, Notes, Photos, Calendar, and more. Open Homesnap then swipe from the right edge of your iPad to get started.

Homesnap For Apple TV:
Search collaboratively on the big screen! Open Homesnap on your TV and phone at the same time to login seamlessly. With a 2-finger upward swipe, anybody on the same Wi-Fi network can "throw" a listing from their phone to the TV.

Homesnap For Apple Watch:
Tap your wrist to reveal the closest rentals and for sale listings. Scroll to reveal home details like beds, baths, lot size and year built. Follow your favorite homes to keep track of price and status changes. One-tap "Safety Timer" for Homesnap Pro REALTORS®.

If you have any problems, comments or suggestions for improving Homesnap, please contact us at support@homesnap.com or message @Homesnap on Twitter or Facebook.

Homesnap can be used worldwide but only provides information for homes in the United States.
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Customer Reviews

Great app, especially when driving for dollars !!! Thanks Homesnap


Great app thank you

Amazing app

Just started using the app and I'm amazed at the technology. I will be snapping many homes to position myself as an expert in my community!

Lot size

If there’s a way to filter by lot size it would be helpful!

Love this app!!

This app is amazingggg for my buyers who like to drive areas they love! They snap the photo and get the info I need and it saves me as a realtor showing homes they’re not crazy about. Extremely quick response from the time you take the pic to the time you get your info!!! If I could give 6 stars I would!

Loving the easy to use features.

Easy to use

Love it!

As an agent, I really love the way of use of this app and love how it is branded to me. Sometimes, and especially within the last month or so, the data hasn't been the most up to date which is frustrating. I need to be able to know when things have gone under contract etc but overall, I love the app. I'm able to look up properties with ease and schedule showings with Showingtime, contact the listing agent in multiple ways, see agents' transactions, etc. It's great to be able to send properties in a message to my clients in the app and keep all of our chat about it in one place.

Great tool

Technology today is fascinating. I am a realtor and I really enjoy using homesnap. If I’m out with a client and we see something we pass bye the photo feature knowing exactly what is going on in that neighborhood is so valuable

More please

Great app on the I phone, need it for Mac books

So cool

Love this app. Even if a house isn’t for sale you can get history. Just snap a picture of it and presto you get the price, size and details.

Powerful features

Just got upgraded to Pro version. So many useful tips that work for agents to step up market presence, and share with clients to use. Consumer useage is easy to figure out. Can walk the property lines for little better understanding of boundaries. Quick CMA feature t9 share with client before making an offer.

Realtor Jay

So happy they finally got this out! So far it’s working great and my clients love it. Thank you again, I recommended it to many agents already.

Instant information

Have sent the app to my clients. They live it! when they drive around and see a property and touch the beacon because you are right in front of property all information comes up. Clients are now sending me clients because they see them use the app and want to look at properties also.

Nice app

My realtor friend recommended this app and I like it better than others. It’s especially good when you’re driving around and see a house for sale to get information on it immediately.


Wonderful app

Doesn’t work

I tried to take a picture of my house but the app doesn’t let me. It says “hold your device upright“ and doesn’t allow for snapshot to be taken. First impression is negative. But I’ve only had it for a few minutes.

Love it

Great real estate App



So easy to use

Very helpful tool for finding homes and calculating cost.

Real Estate Agent

My clients love the HomeSnap app.

Listings aren’t updated consistently

It’s frustrating to work with, since new listings often can’t be found in the system and open houses aren’t updated.

Great for finding the perfect house

This app is invaluable for me as I try to move across the country. It’s so convenient because it keeps me up to date on my saved houses. Also love the school rating information! Great for parents.

Best real estate search app

Love this app. It connects me to the MUltiple Listing Service just like an agent. The new listings show up here faster than any other app. I also love the ability to see what nearby homes sold for and what they are worth today. Great job

Go to

Great app, easy to use!


This app is awesome! You have to try it to appreciate it & it is so easy!

Greatest Homes App Ever

The best and easiest to use of all the big home search apps by far! Easier to search and has listings that don’t show up in the other apps. And made it easy to work quickly with our agent right in the app. A life saver when you have to make offers fast! I guess it isn’t available everywhere yet but we’re so happy it worked for us!

Best Real Estate App

All the information you could ever want on a property. Fantastic job on creating an app for house hunters.


Great service

Looks Good 👍

The framing is wonderful! Very informative!


Love this app


This may be one of the worst apps ever. It’s had a picture of the garage as the first photo for 5 days. There has been several calls as to why and how to fix, nothing has changed. Very upsetting.... this app Never refreshes and has always had issues. Can’t believe we use this as realtors.

So many functions !

There is so much to home snap - lots of great features !

Pretty cool

I really like being able to see schools now!


Very glad this app is available. Makes it easy to do business all around. Still learning how to use it. I send clients listings. I send my catering companies the listing info as well with this app. Really like it.


Awesome app! Very convenient, just snap a picture of the house for sale and it gives you all the information you need for that property. It saves time instead of calling or texting realtor about property and waiting on a response. Awesome app!!!

Kudos to Homesnap

Homesnap is the best way to search for homes. I love using it. Awesome.

Not user friendly

Not a fan. Please don’t discontinue HomeSpotter. My clients like the simple and easy way HomeSpotter works. This is clunky and has to many unneeded features.

Gaste casi 600 us en promoción

No vale la pena gastar en lead en la aplicación, pague primero unos 299 de los cuales 100 us eran para waze, nunca lo publicaron y no me devolvieron el dinero.

Finally a Mobile App that fits the needs of a REALTOR®️

Keep up the great work!

Homesnap is Great!

I love the homesnap app, it's wonderful!

Love it!

Very user friendly and absolutely useful!

Love and not so much

The mapping function is oftimes inaccurate


This is so amazing! Everything I need at my fingertips. Thank you

Great app but needs more filters

I love this app because of the real time information!! However, I as a seller and buyer need to be able to filter on more choices! Give us the ability to filter on if the house has a basement or square footage or acreage of a lot size or added features such as a pool!! These suggestions would make the app so much better! I also would like the ability to see homes that I’ve already clicked on and show them in a different color, this way I can tell what is new and what I’ve already looked at!


So cool!!

Great assistant!

Easy to use, easy to share! Clients absolutely love using it!

Keith Sexton

Great app that has so many features

Very impressed

As I began the trek of looking for homes for my nonprofit organization to house veterans, this app has been a gem for me while I explore different cities changing the US standard for us who served this country.

Best Realtor App yet!

Great app all around. This app is a lot better than the one CT Realtors are using. MA Realtors are leading the way with online technology. Great work!

Lack of Filters

I wish there would be more defined filters, especially when dealing with price and square footage.