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by Sawbuck

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Download size: 139.79MB
Version: 5.2.1
Released: 2012-03-08
For ages: 4+

Genres:LifestylePhoto and Video

Find your next home with our all-new home search interface! Homesnap is powered by the same real-time data used by licensed REALTORS®.

“Best Mobile Tool” -REALTOR® Magazine
“Most Addictive Real Estate App” -HGTV Magazine

Snap a photo of any home to reveal home value estimates, interior photos, beds, baths, taxes, lot boundaries, school ratings and much more. Get the app to see why millions of people are switching to Homesnap.

New features to boost your home search: search for homes by school attendance zone and search open house listings by date. Plus, now you can swipe through listing photos on the map and list without loading complete details.

New map layers reveal school zones, property boundaries, and satellite imagery. Listings in the same building are now grouped to make comparison-shopping easier.

Try using Siri to send messages via Homesnap, say: "Send a message to Jane on Homesnap"

Homesnap's built-in private messaging feature makes talking about homes fast and simple. Homesnap organizes your home search so you can find and discuss homes all in one place. You’ll love how easy it is to keep track of all the homes you care about.

For Buyers & Sellers:
Search for your next home with help from the important people in your life. Talk about the listings and gorgeous photos that catch your eye. Chat with anyone, whether they’re using Homesnap or not. Every home you mention is saved and updated in real-time.

For Real Estate Agents:
Homesnap Messages was specifically built for real estate agents. For your buyers, keep track of the homes you’ve discussed in one place. For your listings, all related conversations appear on the listing page. Homesnap Pro agents can message any other agent in their MLS in a single tap.

Homesnap For iPad:
Homesnap is been optimized for your retina iPad in every orientation. Plus, full support for iPad Pro and Split View Multitasking! Split View lets you use Homesnap alongside other apps, like Safari, Maps, Notes, Photos, Calendar, and more. Open Homesnap then swipe from the right edge of your iPad to get started.

Homesnap For Apple TV:
Search collaboratively on the big screen! Open Homesnap on your TV and phone at the same time to login seamlessly. With a 2-finger upward swipe, anybody on the same Wi-Fi network can "throw" a listing from their phone to the TV.

Homesnap For Apple Watch:
Tap your wrist to reveal the closest rentals and for sale listings. Scroll to reveal home details like beds, baths, lot size and year built. Follow your favorite homes to keep track of price and status changes. One-tap "Safety Timer" for Homesnap Pro REALTORS®.

If you have any problems, comments or suggestions for improving Homesnap, please contact us at support@homesnap.com or message @Homesnap on Twitter or Facebook.

Homesnap can be used worldwide but only provides information for homes in the United States.
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Customer Reviews
Great tool!

I love it. Easy to use while I am on the go. Easy to send clients properties. I love seeing the property lines. History is laid out in front of you. Great visuals. Highly recommend.

I love Homesnap

With just one click, I can access map, showing and all information without navigating Mls. It’s the MLS in a Snap!


•This app has a delay with showing newly listed properties. •HOA fees are never listed on this app for condos. •When I find a listing & message the listing agent, the agent isn’t notified what property it is.

Making Real Estate Easier!

Since using the HOMESNAP app, I have found that at a few touches of my finger make my business of real estate and communicating my clients so much easier. HOMESNAP, you help me to shine at what I do! THANKS! Pamela Pugh, Capital Structures Real Estate, LLC, Maryland


Love it

Great and fun app for clients.

This is a great app for clients and agents. I appreciate the safety functions that are built in, but have not had cause to use them. The integration with street view makes it fun for clients that are driving neighborhoods and they ability to text the listing agent direct from the app is great.


This app is horrible and very confusing to navigate. Not user friendly at all! I use Zillow or Realtor.com because it’s easier to find what I’m looking for.

I use this non-stop

Love the real-time data and mobile tooling!

WAY BETTER than Zillow

Many brokers have stopped sharing data with Zillow and Trulia etc, making their searches less accurate. Homesnap is a partner with the MLS making it the most accurate way to search. I own a real estate firm that no longer shares data with Zillow and Trulia so the mls is still the best way to search and unlike Zillow and trulia etc ...Homesnap is the only app that is a true partner and has all the data.


This is one of the best apps to get information about specific homes for sale. I love to use it when we are out and about and see different places for sale.

Real Estate with Homesnap

I love this app it makes my job so much easier. Highly recommend.


The app has been great, it does what I need it to do.

Home snap doesn't reflect all of my transactions for 2017.

Home snap doesn't reflect all my transactions for 2017.

Great New Tool!!

I love this app! I look up realtors all the time. It shows all the agents I have worked with and I love seeing the buy side and sale side for each. This app allows you to schedule with CSS and all you have to do is snap a picture to get details on any house!! It’s definitely becoming my go to app!!

No options!

Where did the old site go? This is horrible!! I need to search acreage and there is no option!


Homesnap is the best home searching app I’ve come across so far. Guy Wolcott has a winner on his hands here. ~Stephen Roche



Great Home Viewing App

Since this app is updated by MLS, I noticed that it shows when houses are under contract much faster than some of the other apps like Zillow or Redfin. It’s easy to use and easy to see all the pertinent information. I take away 1 star bc I wish they would make a few improvements. I’d love to see a notes feature added. Also an option to print out about properties. Lastly, I really like that new homes pop up immediately under news, faster than I get mls emails from my realtor, but I wish I could filter them to only pop up ones within my criteria. Other than that, I am obsessed with this app!


What a great job

Best home app

We found our new home using this app, it is user friendly and the best home app out there. Zillow and redfin app showed houses for sale that were actually long been sold. They never update. Good luck to home hunters 🎉


All I want to do is view what is for sale above a certain price point in a county-wide area. I also search current open houses. Neither of these seem to be options. Frustrating and not at all intuitive. I will use a different search method via web or other app. Don’t bother.

Absolutely terrible whatever happened to Wisconsin homes.com

This is the worst app ever don’t even waste your time go to Red fin. Great App


Quick response and helpful service.

Waste of time. Useless app.

Shows active under contract homes as active. Shows active homes as contingent. Prioritizes advertisements over info. There’s no way to show active ONLY. Open houses show up as contingent too. There’s apparently NO quality check on this app.

Not user friendly

So far this app has been terrible. Its just not intuitive at all, whomever developed it was not actually looking for a home to buy or an agent, in theory its great but too many problems. I had a client that tried numerous times to get a list of homes for sale in a certain price range in certain zip codes all she had was the zips and the price range everything else was “any” only very few come up, just not working...

Needs a few Tweaks

Would be much better if we could put clients in categories.....those who have signed in those who have not....broke down further to active, passive, under contract closed.



Best RE app

This is the best real estate app that I’ve ever used. My clients also like it and the way they can easily communicate with me.

Not good for agents

A few of my reasons that this app is way under par. Many buyers are looking for properties with acreage. There is no way to search by acreage and you would have to click through every listing in the county to find out how many acres the property is. Why can we only look at 3 zip codes at once? How do we find new listing each day?

I'm a Real Estate Agent and I love this app

So helpful and useful. When you are out and about it helps you quickly see what is going on in the area. Thank you Homesnap!

New to investing. It’s been amazing thus far

I just became a real estate investor about a little over a month ago. I went to a flipsavage real investing meeting held every week in seffner Florida. They were the ones that referred this app, it’s been a great site and easy to understand I would definitely refer others as I have Already.

Contingent listings show as active

Please separate contingent and active listings it’s very frustrating when trying to search for active listings.


Not a bad app but needs more features and the interface needs to be smoother - too many clicks to organize a simple search. - Needs a bus/train map. Many applicants look for places with a nearby commute. This feature is a must. - Need to be able to select more than one neighborhood at a time. - It would be nice if the listing indicated which neighborhood the Unit is located in. - The price adjustment has a bad design. It’s on the right and you have to scroll down from greatest to least to select your range. It should be from least to greatest. Bad design needs improvement. - Bottom line, needs to be much more smoother with less clicking while keeping it simple. It has some cool features but also LACKING a few.

Great app

I really don't know what I would do without HomeSnap. It's a personal assistant in an app


I love the app; it’s quick and easy to use.

Very useful!

Great app!

Horrible replacement to Gottrend

This app is a horrible replacement to go trend app. When it comes time to renew my subscription as a realtor I will not go with this MLS. I will find another.

It won’t load information or photos,

Please fix this issue, it’s very frustrated to use

Only shows a few

For some reason it only shows a few homes in my area and I live in Orlando !! I have tried everything to get it to show everything but even in my neighborhood shows none and there are many.

Not bad but not user friendly if you’re in another state

The filters just don’t go far enough. We’re from Colorado and looking for property in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. The filters don’t let you choose the size of the lot. Like many other sites sometimes Homesnap will only give a brief description, limited pictures and very limited history of the property including taxes.

New HomeSnap app for viewing real estate Great!

So much better. My clients and I love all the new functionality. Great way to share and dig deeper.


Hands down best app out there for running properties while driving for dollars!

Spam! Stay away if you don’t want random texts

I sent one message from this app only to a Realtor and the next thing I know I am getting at least 2-3 text messages about getting approved for a loan, yet never heard back from the realtor. Now I realize that the app can’t control the not hearing back part, but the text messages are just two big of a coincidence. So we downloaded it on another device, same story. I don’t need a loan, stop texting me!

Need a way to limit address lookups

Pretty silly that at minimum you can’t set a state let alone county within a state for searching.... start typing in an address and addresses all over the country come up. Waste of time and not efficient

Interface is good, data is bad.

I am a realtor and regularly test new apps for clients. The interface here is almost good. The search default is difficult to override. Text feature will be useful once I can attract a customer into the platform. Otherwise it is duplicative. As for the quality of the data, I do not know how they estimate rentals as they are too high and misleading. I cannot use this to research investments as I don't find it reliable.

Was good for agents...not so sure anymore

I've been working with the app for about six months as an office admin. The clients that use it love it. The app was head and shoulders above Zillow or Trulia. What happened. The app needs improvement with client invites; sorting those who accept the invite from those who haven't. Recently we’re having issues with sending messages. After sending a message and attaching a property the app hangs and the only option is to close out of the altogether. This is a crappy app lately. Not acceptable for use at this time. Need better support staff, who give out incorrect solutions, and better programming staff.

Great app

This is one of the best and most accurate real estate apps out there. To make the most of it, get an invite from a great agent like me! John Fitzgerald, john greene Realtor Naperville.


This app is a game changer!

Best real estate app

Excellent app for real estate agents and clients! Love it!

Best App for Real Estate Industry!!!!!

Homesnap gives you amazing tools to leverage your business and make you save time. Alvaro E. Marin Real Estate Professional